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  1. Asherris

    Ship stuck

    Ship stuck between A6 grid rubberbanding unable to spawn on it, instant time out
  2. This is what I haven been seeing for the last 48h+ with all the "patch fixes" there is no point fixing stuff in game if ppl cant enter the game, characters are being stuck and deleted, everyday is a tryout if u can join the game and leave the freeport just to be stuck on the next grid. I got my character the deleted 3 days ago, i made a new one after playing for 1h after that it crashed ofc and im not being able to log in for 2 days now.........
  3. Asherris

    admin Character deleted?

    Okay im trying this again looks like someone deleted my post, My character is stuck at M11 before that was stuck on J9. I got instantly killed at M10 by bugged eels, when I try reloading, I only got option for cr8ing a new character can i pls get some support? My character is Asherris Aeris lvl 22
  4. Asherris

    Character deleted?

    Before the patch I was getting timed out I got stuck at J9 EU PVP server port, my character Asherris Aeris lvl 22. After some clicking the rejoin button I got a list to chose to spawn at different port at this was a list of ports on the server like in the menu not like in the game and I clicked M11 and I joined the game and I instantly died to some eels that were stuck at the spawn water area about like 3 times, than i tryed reloging and rejoining again, now I tryed to select again from the list but now its only giving me an option to cr8 a new character. Is now my character gone? Why dont we have an character interface to show our char and lvl and server like in anyother mmo where u can chose between character like we only have that rejoin button and to relay on it, how can I get my character back?
  5. Asherris

    EU PVP M10 seems down

    @Qehulbecause when I wanted to rejoin I got a server port list option and when I clicked on M10 I got ported to the sea with 10 jellyfish instantly killing me and than I got timed out And right now when I tryed doing the same thing now I am in new character creation I hope, my character isnt deleted, like i dont understand what kind of ui interface is this where u can select between servers and characters u just have a rejoin button that isnt working and now they rejoin button is stuck at cr8 a new character gg
  6. Asherris

    EU PVP M10 seems down

    J9 was down than i moved to M10 now thats down also im not playing the game for 5hours now can u patch ur update already and fix the server issues, stop applying patches only at evenings based on NA time, EU ppl cant play on their evening while u sleep at mornings
  7. Asherris

    “Host pending connection time out”

    They should of made a possible option to change port outside of the game if ur character was stuck, like im w8ing 20 min now i cant join the damn J9 port i wanted to go there because of only 5 ppl but now we are all stuck
  8. Asherris

    “Host pending connection time out”

    I tryed going to port J9 and now im stuck I cant log in!