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  1. szabog75

    Cant Connect to EU PvP Server -

    Same for me, cant connect back to EU PVE, all others servers are working,, My profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967537906
  2. szabog75

    M10 starter island

    Maybe its solved with the yesterdays patch.
  3. Hi, My ship and beds were removed from my company.. .and now I lost everything... (10 hours playtime was gone) Yesterday a lvl 4 vulture demolished all my Large boxes... now this... come on... I loosing my enthusiasm. EU PVP server, J10 area.. Company name "BDC" (i don't know the islands name) Please do something ASAP... its not fun playing like THIS... ps: I don't want to mention the extreme skill points grooving..
  4. szabog75

    M10 starter island

    This is on EU PVP..
  5. szabog75

    M10 starter island

    Hi There is no wood already on this really small island only giraffes :(