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  1. Hi there, Just had this issue too, ship was anchored no shipwreck.. Seems like it left the dinghy behind to decay. Hope next update march update is fixing itor at least explaining what happened
  2. Hi, 1. When I want to put a floor next to another having a door, I have to open the door or the area is obstructed. This is not the most understable step.. 2. I didn't test today but last time I wanted to switch wood door wall by a stone one, the door was removed too. It would be nice to actually keep the door since it will occupy the same place 3. Not related to doors, but it sometimes is impossible to replace wood floor by stone floor. Maybe because they are structures on them, but since a wood floor is able to exist I think it should be possible to replace by a stone one without removing what is already on. Thanks for your work!
  3. Hey guys, I thin it is a bug, but.. there is a ship of the damned who spawn near our land and started destroying ships with lowered anchor and ships in contruction in the shipyard. If it is not a bug, how are we supposed to deal with it since a ship can be destroyed by the environment while we are not log in.. or while we are building it? Thanks for you reply
  4. Hello brothers and sisters of the storm! I was just able to depart from my island and then this status as been captivating me.. What is this distance percentage? And what does it indicates? Even those who don't know are welcome to suggest!
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