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  1. just encountered this issue yesterday and searching for fixes as well. Tried a lot of things, but what it seems come down to is a corrupted save, or something like that. If i spawn as a completely new player with a new player profile, new config settings, but with the same grid saves, and tribe profiles active, the spyglass causes crash. However, starting a new game with no saves, a ton of mods, and literally any graphics settings will allow spyglass to work... looking for a type of workaround at this point and considering deleting old grid saves and seeing what that will do-- I'm in singleplayer. edit-- after testing can confirm it is a corrupted grid save issue. If I remove the last grid save i was in when the spyglass caused the crash, i can spawn somewhere else and use it. But if I delete that save I lose my ship and my tames-- so what's the point...
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