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  1. Do you follow the devs around look at their internet activity? They don't have to post to see what the community is saying. Do you look at the devs internet activity? That is a very important lesson for you. I don't care about player base numbers. Grapeshot should be the ones updating the info - not the player base I'm not about talking about maps you crazy monkey! I'm talking about leveling, percentages in skill to crafting blueprints, the finer details that are not documented anywhere. Terrible answers from you @George of the jungle. Why you acting like the director of the company? I'm not taking this information.
  2. How do you expect players to figure this stuff out in the game? A lot of what I have learned is by word of mouth, and a lot of the time it is, "I don't know" responses. Even a Google search doesn't produce much. PlayAtlas subreddit, Steam Discussion. A lot of it is outdated or no replies to questions on how things work. If someone from Grapeshot could reply on why they aren't maintaining a Wiki with what they are developing? You would think that if they cared about what they are working on, and they want players to enjoy the game they would have something current and up to date?
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