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  1. playing single player on ocean map. I built on an island. took a break and I come back and Im on water with animals being submerged. why was all the land removed. half my base under water and none of the island I explored is anywhere to be seen. is this what the game does if you are on ocean? it wipes out the islands? defo not playing on live and it looks like Ocrean is a bust on single player as well. my base on blackheart is still okay but that map says no islands to explore. says only one island in swamp? is this why no one is playing? I had hopes for this game but atwo years later stuff is still breaking badly. I mean my base is under water? if I were on live my animals would be already dead. I have no where to put them now as I cant carry them.
  2. how can you play without a map? I cant see where I am or where my base is or anything. lol. I guess I wont be trying the game live then. cuz I need a map. lol shame. I had high hopes for this game.
  3. Hi I just started playing the game the other day. I could see the map start to fill in when I was playing the trial version. bought the full game and now the map is completely blank. not just wiped out blank but also not filling in even though Ive been running around for hours. Should I just note that here or in feedback or in support ticket? or is there a bug form to use?
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