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  1. I deleted and reinstalled it on both series and Xbox one and it did nothing other than cause my destiny 2 to occasionally ‘contact destiny servers’ during download lol. Did nothing for the workings of atlas. Still no bps for structures. Still blank map. Still crashes back to desktop when trying to uses the skills menu to build. It almost like it’s telling you to play another game by sending you back to desktop…
  2. Seems like it’s broken all round. I have a series x and my son has a xbone and it has the same issues on both. Only on the series it just crashes out to the Home Screen. The xbone it crashes the console. I don’t understand how they can break some much in a single update. Maybe it was their version of Halloween trick or treat. And this is a trick and it will all be fixed today… … …
  3. No map for me it’s just blank. Can craft smithy ok but it’s useless because I can’t build floors or any other house structure as the blueprints not there. When I view the blueprint in the skills section it crashes my Xbox.
  4. I understand it’s a preview but these kinds of bugs make it unplayable. I’ve deleted it and am reinstalling it currently to see if it helps any. Funny thing is, I’d played it before a while back on pc. Then recently got a new Xbox, downloaded free trial to see how it ran and it was great. (Few weeks ago). Said I’d wait and see if price dropped and it did. So I bought it again. Now I can’t build a house. Don’t know where I am as my map is blank. My pathfinder is all alone, cold, exposed and getting repeatedly eaten alive by 6 cobras on steroids. Another question: is this just affecting single player? Like do unofficial servers allow you to build a house and see your map?
  5. I’m having similar issues. I can craft smithy, loom etc but can’t do anything with them because they need to be placed on a floor. And I can’t build floors, walls etc. They don’t appear in my craftables despite learning them. I can see them in the skills section that I have learnt them. But can’t actually craft them.
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