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  1. Still not fixed !!! Time passes, but alas, no changes. I regret that I bought this game, I will never buy anything from these developers again!
  2. I invite everyone who is not indifferent to write a collective statement, similar to what was written on CD Projekt. Perhaps then the game developers will finally pay attention and fix the problem. The game, even in Early Access, should be playable. I paid money, not to look at the main menu of the game consisting of squares instead of letters !!! If your game does not support languages other than English, then it should be turned on to English by default and not show the players squares instead of letters, so it simply cannot even be turned on beyond the main menu !!!
  3. I have a very simple question for the developers: Are you guys going to fix this problem and when?
  4. That's why I never played this game. It turns out I bought it, looked at these squares instead of letters and turned it off, since then I have not turned it on again. It's a shame that the developers did not fix this problem for a whole year, and we are ordinary players, we just threw out money to play in which it is impossible to play.
  5. I'm a new player, yesterday I bought a game on Xbox Series X and I see squares instead of letters instead of normal gameplay. Are you serious fellow developers? Please fix this annoying error !!!
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