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  1. Looking for general and specific information about seaforts. Taxes/Collecting: Do I collect taxes from the bank itself that I placed on the fort, or do I collect them from the flag? (Console players cannot be within about 8-12 meters of the bank without crashing the game, then needing to log in about 67 times “on average” for their character to die or waiting for someone with a grappling hook to pull them away) Also, it was possible to demolish one of the walls on the seafort to access the flag and its inventory until this past week. Do I have to blow up the wall every time now to access the inventory? Spires/Towers: (Buffs for ships) I placed a SOTD tower on one of my forts and when I went back about 2 hours later it was gone along with all of my defense towers, and nothing was in the company log regarding any destruction of anything on the fort. Now when I try to place any other tower or spire It shows up blue like I’m able to place it but then goes back into my inventory. Is there something I’m not doing to allow them to be placed or is this a bug?
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