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  1. Devs, you seem to be pandering to the big companies in the game, which I, in part, understand. But every Big Company began with a single new start. PVE has been obliterated with this new update, so here’s my suggestion. Reallocate the pve servers to expand the PvP Map. Then let there be a penalty to those who attack the unarmed or defenseless. In the pirate age there was the fear of the Crown, so take a hint from Rockstar. Give griefers a wanted level or something. Create some sort of in-game karma so they are at least mildly deterred from sinking ramshackle sloops in dock. I’m 52 years old and I love this game, but I can’t sit home 24 hours a day and protect my little fantasy world from invading idiots. So think about throwing the little guys a bone please. Thank you
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