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  1. The seas were the best part of this game and you seem to be stuffing it full of crap. Cartoon blue stripes, visually horrible disks... Why!?....why?..........
  2. They have not gone on record saying anything about this being a PvE focus change yet.... I truly hope it is BUT I have been around long enough to not jump to any conclusion. The only thing they said was a "Monumental new Adventure Begins"... Sea of Thieves did just that with a big Pirates of the Caribbean crossover/tie-in adventure and nothing about that game has changed to a PvE focus. I wouldn't believe they have changed their minds or direction at all.... the poor quality modular ships are still being churned out and there is, very sadly, no communication at all to prove they are really listening to the community or bothering to change the course they have already clearly stated. I honestly hope I am wrong. Atlas has the greatest potential of any sandbox I have ever played. It feels really bad to see all the potential just being pissed away. Still I will wait, watch and try what they release till it truly sinks to bottom of the seas...
  3. That's a big text dump outside of the game. It has my curiosity piqued! I do hope whatever is coming has as much in game or it will be lost, make no sense and be pointless. Blizzard has done that for years and look how many now play Final Fantasy and not WoW! Yoshi-P is a fantastic role model for any director/producer/developer. Please be more like Yoshi-P / Square with this and not like Blizzard. Invest us in your game and world!
  4. Aye, maybe I was unclear but that is the point of my feedback/suggestion. The core design of the original ship building was/IS the better way forward. Adding more buildable parts that create possible themes and unique hulls, to expand on the three we have, and more sail options feels like it would better fit the game than the stuff they are doing now with ships.
  5. Not really understanding the new modular ship system. Wouldn't it be far easier to create more accurate looking hulls and sail configurations and then just put structure caps to keep the official server builds reasonable? It seems it would be far more cost effective, development wise, and something more along the lines of what the players of this game really want. If you really want to go the extra mile you could even create a range of craftable parts, like regular structures, that could add to ship building like parts with slight curves or profiles to fit hull shapes. Scrap those modular ships and let the sandbox nature of this game shine with more hull types, sail configurations, bowsprits and craftable parts that fit themes you would like to see A quick example is the turtle ship. A new hull type, gun ports, walls, ceiling/roofs, and a figure head would have won over more people as they could then change the pieces to make their own designs.
  6. Hello Developers, designers and all others on this project, Please look at this image with an open mind and heart then ask yourself what is wrong here. You are creating content that continues to generate mostly negative feedback and your communication with the community has all but shut down. I recall the ARK early access period. It was exciting and fun with all the new things that, for the most part, made the game better and I still play ARK to this very day! I strongly feel this pure pvp focus and the forced generic ship design are destroying any potential this game has/had. Please consider resetting your course and do what you have done before. Make an amazing game for all to enjoy! Thank you and much love. I really want to see you and this game succeed!
  7. Hiya, I'm not the most savy tech person but I enjoy dabbling, building my own PC and running a few game servers for my friends and I. I just recently got an HPE z620 dual E-5 2690 v2, 128gb @1333 and 4 samsung 250gb ssd's I was planning to run in a raid 5. Currently I run an i7 2700k, 16gb @1600 w/2 samsung 250gb ssd's. I support 3-4 servers at a time, primarily ARK with 20 mods, with a community of 10-20 players. The performance is very good and I would have to say I have done no server optimization. The reason for getting the workstation was born of a desire to run a 3x3 Atlas grid along side 4 ARK servers and at least 3-4 other game servers so my friends and I, roughly 10-20 concurrent players, can still play the games we want without having to continually swap servers around on the low core/low ram machine. I also plan to add a second array for a small home NAS in the future to the workstation. I'm just looking for people's opinions here on if they think the workstation will handle the above use case scenario without any perceivable degradation in performance as compared to the current i7 setup. I would also welcome any thoughts on the machines future viability as we move into UE5, ARK 2 and future Atlas endeavours and if you think it was a good investment at nearly £900 considering my use case scenario above. Thank you.
  8. I have read many times how the focus is on pvp and I am kind of curious why Jat? This didn't work with ARK and it isn't working with Atlas. Whilst there is and can be some fun pvp times the strength of ARK and I would say Atlas too is within their pve. Sea of Thieves does pvp and it does it well and it's steam concurrency is around 11,000. Atlas has no chance of competing with Sea of Thieves and struggles to surpass 2000 concurrent players. Whilst ARK, even during this very dry slump between expansions, easily sits above 50,000. My feedback/suggestion is Atlas should for sure keep pvp in mind and make it have a strong/stronger place within Atlas but I truly feel Atlas could flourish much more if the pve aspects were embraced and expanded upon much as ARK did.
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