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  1. Noting a few issues with Atlas Nitrado hosted game for Xbox. 1. Experiencing client-side game crashes constantly after last update. About one or two per hour on Ocean, about 5 times per hour on Blackwood. They seem render related. 2. Higher quality items do not retain hotbar location after logoff. So for instance my masterwork pike has to be reloaded to the hotbar every time I login. Worse is that it will not load into the former position unless I put something else there first. 3. Issue where repair notice on structures does not go away. This happens mostly when using repair hammer, less often when using manual repair. So you're never sure if it got repaired or not. 4. Windows ! Birds keep flying into my house! Can we get some glass windows please? 5. Crew Resource Silo only takes berries. 6. Swivel gun still targets wild even if set on other targets. I am enjoying this game immensely even with the bugs. I like the theme, the game mechanics, and graphics. Superior to Ark in many ways in my opinion.
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