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  1. I'm sorry to hear that.. I feel the same as you too when me and my friends were all died to the glitch that makes our ship looks like a Tornado.. Spinning around uncontrollably and then just break up apart.. We were just gasping all the time and shaking our head.. all the hard earned stuffs is gone.. Not to mention when we go back to our base our stuffs are also gone.. Like they literally vanished.. No damage or someone demolished it in the Log or any.. it's basically the structure itself that vanished.. I really hope they can focus on the programming section now to kill the bugs. Although we truly can't deny the fact that the game looks beautiful honestly.
  2. This is a message to the Devs team and everyone working behind.. "Thank you! For Creating This Game!". I've seen so many Bugs and Stuffs disappearing.. And my ship flipped out on the ocean when there is nothing and sunk as all.. The harshness of Taming a creature and some unfinished stuffs and things in the game. But this thread is not about that. I really want to focus on the good things in this game that I think are missed out by some of us. It's not all that Shiny and Sunshine for me as well.. My experience with ATLAS.. is full of mixed stuffs.. Positive and Negative.. and I know the Negative do indeed outweight the Positive things like so many people already wrote down on many threads. But here I am.. Wanting to put down the amazing and positive stuffs that the Dev team actually did.. that maybe some of us missed and couldn't really see it beyond all the bugginess of the game and such.. FYI I'm not someone who are trying to defend the game or so.. But someone who truly appreciate something amazing and are happy to share it with the person that did that amazing thing. I'm going to list the stuffs that I find it amazing and truly enjoy in this game: 1. The Ecosystem I am honestly amazed by this.. although I do know that some island have a crazy species like a chicken in Tundra biome or a Cobra in Tundra as well.. But the moment where me and my friends was trying to find a wolf.. we are met by an amazing fight between a Lion and a Bear .. which is made us took out our spyglass and watching it from afar.. The fight was pretty intense and soon one of my friend joined the fight too which cracked us up with laughter. It is one of the memorable things that we have here in ATLAS. 2. The Sail Collision with the Crow's Nest and Grappling Hook Physics This is honestly can be one of the overlooked details which is amazing. The sail is actually colliding with the Crow's nest on the mast (Although I know some physics and collision doesn't really work well at all like how the ramming ship aren't able to register their damage properly) But looking past on that.. it is still an amazing feature.. not to mention the Grappling Hook!.. I am honestly surprised that such things like this exist in this game because how hard it is to implement something like this.. But guys.. it works!.. I really like how we swing around with the rope although the collision doesn't register with the rope.. but hey!.. Honestly.. not many games can implement something like this.. even more in a SandBox game like ATLAS. 3. The Animal's Animation I got to say our animation as a human is even more stiffy than the animals which honestly irks me but I just laughed at that because of how amazing they animate the creature and the animals. The Giraffe shaking his ears. The Ostritch head that looks around like how birds should move their head. I really appreciated that details that they put in here. 4. The Physics of the Ship While it might not be as best as Sea of Thieves.. I can really say it can still considered amazing.. The way the ship tumbles around on high waves and how the sail really looks like flapping towards the wind! (This is one of the best details in the game) looks awesome. I love that! 5. The Tornado I wouldn't say I enjoy the times that almost 5 to 10 Tornadoes spawned just near my ship alone to wreck me up (I think there should be something be done about this) But hey.. The way the Tornado Spawn and spinning around?... I'll give it 10 out of 10 for ratings. They totally nailed it with the Visual. 6. The Islands and Environment I believe there is not a lot that I can say in here.. But wow... The islands that we visited.. Every island that me and my friends visited.. is gorgeous.. there is even this Island that have a waterfall and a lake in the middle which.. just made us looks like a kid going to the zoo for the very first time with our eyes shining with awe. Final words I believe I can list more of the amazing stuffs that I myself find it amazing.. That this game.. ATLAS have.. and others don't.. But I know how notorious the game is for almost never fixing a bug that have been there for a long time and also neglecting the communities. I don't have a high hope, but one thing for sure.. I really want to let this positive things that I found in the game go out in here. ATLAS Dev team.. I can say you still can turn this around.. and Improve the game.. You have lots of things that no other games have.. Not even the famous "Other pirate games" have. You have the Animals Taming, The Treasure Hunt, The Ship, The Quest, The Ship of the Damned, Exploration, Many many amazing Islands and the resources in each of them. You have the things already.. What you need is to Improve them. I like how this game have so many random stuffs to do even though it's buggy. I believe if it's money that you need.. Release a ship skin.. Or an exclusive figure heads.. or Costume.. I believe it's not just me that have writing that solution here. Although I do have little hope that this thread might be read by the Dev team. But if you're reading this. You guys can do it.
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