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  1. hi guys what DifficultyOffset and overrideoffical you running be nice to see what config people running DifficultyOffset=1.000000 OverrideOfficialDifficulty=4.000000
  2. hi im wondering someone could help me we increased DifficultyOffset=1.000000 OverrideOfficialDifficulty=4.000000 any level 171 dino cant get xp wondering someone could help me we tried OverrideMaxExperiencePointsDino=90925000
  3. hi does anyone have a 10x10 servergrid template?
  4. hi do anyone know where the ban file is stored? i ban my self by mistake and can not get my self unbanned i went in different user did showmyadminmanager unban my self then i joined fine then i moved grid and now im banned again ? does anyone know where the ban file is ?
  5. DOES anyone have a working SHIP STRUCTURE LIMIT CONFIG to increase the structure limit
  6. hi im wondering if someone could help me i died in game and all sudden respawn but locked into died screen so i disconnected since then i can not log back into my server i treid removing cache checking files restarted my server and still cant even get in my own server i know it not a server issue due to their 50 people currently on it .
  7. hi im wondering if anyone know the command line to do a message of the day so when someone connect they get a message on their screen for 10 or 30 secs ? do anyone know the code to put in the .ini file or the batch file
  8. h9ii im wondering if you could help me on our server we seen th be having -30 engram points not sure if you know how t fix it ?? shootergame .ini https://pastebin.com/wN8Q6RHd screenshot https://gyazo.com/71cac91c0f3473366f80d3717dc64e75
  9. hi we having few issues thinking it server side when we load into the server we stuck on primal gamedata_bp ??/ does anyone have a fix for this #
  10. hi we currently building a high performance cluster with a 10gbit dedicated server with high performance ryzen cpu we currently looking for a few people to come join our community and be apart of it . our plan is to build 6by6 server or even bigger . we looking to do few areas for pve to keep peope safe our goal is to build something differerent and looking for few people to come join us and help us and be apart of it . really would like people to know basic of atlas server config and how they work with maps ect if you interested and got any ideas what you would like to do please feel free to add me on skype joshhopey or steam crazyxRascal every server went on had massive lag so why we creating our own server with 10gbit uplink connection !! with nvme storage cluster for super fast speed to reduce lag .
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