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  1. So i tame crabs alot in m12 alot of times i never find a squid and when i do its like 1 an hour, we need increased spawn rate on these
  2. Okay I know this is a ongoing issue for tribes that own islands especially on PVE, we pay the gold and all that to get the islands but we have no real ability to deal with trap spamming, we allow people to build on our island and have 3-4 other companies on it, yet randoms come and make traps and leave them, I have lost too many tames to these traps, we have no way to get our tames out unless we wait bloody forever to demo it. Give tribes the ability to wipe structures on their set islands, currently right now after your latest *maintance* all I get is bloody lag lag lag, my ping used to run 30-40 now it's 75+, lagging into traps has become more common.
  3. So my tribe plays PVE NA, Gorgons Gaze, we own an island on M11, we have foundationed our base, even so cobras still spawn rapidly, it's common to have them spawning inside our town and killing our tames. Idk if this is a bug or just a thing the devs wanted, it's stupid, I have lost so many tames, many times snakes simply run to the water dragging any animals I put on neutral and as soon as they hit it they stop attacking the cobra, I have watched as rhinos have died by this way, level 40+ rhinos to a lvl 3 or lower snake, Need base defense ideas, tried swivel guns, but even with food silo food spoils rapidly, put 5k berries in it a few hours ago and already gone
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