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  1. Island Claim: Why? (Needs input) I have read from other posts that it will allow control of the building of other’s on the island. To what end? (Needs dev input) Is this the actual purpose of this design/feature? I would like some input from a dev or mod on what the actual explanation is. CONTEXT: Day 4268, 19:31:21: ServerAdmin Message: (Edited) - You have built so close to your neighbor that they aren't even able to repair their own structures as well as placed structures beneath their ships. Day 4268, 19:51:37: ServerAdmin Message: In short, give your neighbors a little room to breath, and don't be guilty of the very same kind of thing that you reported them for just a few days ago. Day 4268, 20:32:58: ServerAdmin Message: These messages can be found in your Crew Log if you did not have time to read them entirely while on your screen. Day 4268, 21:09:11: ServerAdmin Message: I will be checking back tomorrow and expect to find no more items that either of you could report the other for. Have an Island claim, they littered the entire island, and blocked our ships. Removed the litter with the island owner demolish (took 2 hours roughly), then reported to have ships moved to allow ours passage again. The ships were moved, however they were only moved far enough for us to sail again. Which happened to be right over a gate we placed to protect our space for a marketplace. The base of the settler was established, it was quite small. Now there are large walls acting as a perimeter far outside the bases boundaries and because they cannot extend them any farther, we are now the problem. The option was available to remove the walls however we seen no reason to if that is what their intentions were yet now we are the target. of note: what prevents anyone from repairing besides lack of materials? I have never had a structure limit my abilities to perform repairs. So if an actual dev or mod can please explain to me what the point of island ownership is if we are to be threatened by admins for something that from what I’ve read on the forums is the purpose of island claims to begin with, it would be appreciated. (Have opened tickets, no response). (Being on a small island on xbox was nice, however now we have claim to an island in name only as it appears the settlers are the true owners).
  2. Wild tamed 40-44 are 100g imprinted range from 250g-500g (Elephants, and Giraffes) have giraffes however no bears of merit. Just low level tames.
  3. If you don’t use console you won’t know that two of the controller combinations for cannons actually don’t work. I had this happen when I first built my galleon (first ship I had progressed far enough to that I put cannons on), the d-pad up (rear/back guns) and d-pad down (right side guns) default to two banks of cannons and do not allow you to issue commands and open gun ports to fire. After reassigning the cannons to a new controller combo I actually had the option to select them and open/close gun ports and to fire.
  4. I had that issue, I think it’s the controller button mappings... possibly a bug? My work around was to reassign the cannons to another combination I used the lb+a,b,y,x a for front b for left side (not savvy on the port and starboard yet x for right side y for rear of course you can use what you like but have zero issues once reassigning the cannons, however you have to do EACH cannon
  5. I had this happen with an Elephant I tamed. Playing on console can be very laggy in some places. One “work around” for me (I tamed an elephant), was to go tame a low level pig. Put my bear off to the side made sure it was on passive so it didn’t follow me into the trap. I rode the pig into the trap and put it on aggressive, and unclaimed it. Lured some other small pig’s into the trap for the unclaimed pig to kill and my elephant eventually used the corpse’s of the pig’s to “walk” out and free of the trap. Reason I tamed and lured was to fill the base of the trap with a lot of corpse’s so the floor would be artificially raised. Had a ticket open, got my elephant out before I got a response to the ticket. I had attempted the out on follow and leave render, as well as wander and leave render. None of which have ever worked for me. Hope you get your tame out. server should flag creatures mobility (when it cannot travel), and auto unstuck what certain conditions are met. Since traps won’t be disappearing anytime soon make smarter critters... which would also possibly lead to landlocked creatures not suiciding by jumping into the ocean...?
  6. Elephants: have several for sale on Crossmeda Island (Region E8, SE Island, SE tip of Island) Look for a purple lighthouse, blue lights. wild tames level range 39-44 imprinted level range 44-49 levels unspent in them (level ups available). Also have a couple that are leveled. price ranges from 100g-250g
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