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  1. When I first encountered a lion. I thought cool, that grab would be fun. But now I'm very disapointed. Why cant lions have the pick up ability in pve. When tamed? I would really like to see this. It would be more fun to be able to pick up wild animals and deliver them to your friends. Please please please enable wild dino pickup for lions on pve!
  2. You know I realize your trying to limit how much we tame. I feel this is stupid. This game you need your tames. Spending all day looking for a tame and then finding a level 30 ostrich only to have it die while lowering its health to tame it. I would never have bought this game if I knew how ridiculously tough taming is. And same with breeding. I'm an animal lover. I love to see the different animals you can tame. The way you have made taming has made it heartbreaking to tame in this game. And tough as nails to breed. I dont have the time or energy to imprint every 8 hours. Then to have your tame die. Its ridiculous. Think about how we have our own lives, our own difficulties, not everyone can stay up all night to imprint, or waste an entire day trying to find a tame. I'm about to quit. I've had thus game for over a week and I'm more burned out than u was on ark official( slight boosted) I have illnesses I have to take care of. U have dogs to care for. U have a life. I come on thus game to get a little joy in life. To have a bit of fun. At this point, I'll be burnt out by next week. May I suggest a boosted taming,breeding every weekend? Without some action. I fear I wont be playing anymore. PS you devs even read the forums?
  3. I am new to the game. And want to go into breeding animals. I find it very unnecessary to have certain regions(with little way of combatting it) that animals breed best in. This is meaning for a avid breeder. Your going to need a base in every type of zone! This is way too much work. I know theres penguins. And campfires etc. There needs to be some other option. Or get rid of the region dependence? I dont know what to suggest. But on pve. Breeding is more of a hobby and for fun than really needed. What else u supposed to do with ur time?. Please consider some change in this. Also please consider activating tribe wide imprinting.
  4. saddles need armor stat badly. Or animals need special armor to equip to them. Losing your animal you spent so much time on is tragic. And that's another thing rearing times could be lowered a tad. Or allow tribe imprinting. Thanks. Also saddle skins would be epic!
  5. I am on Boltois Cay. Theres so much berries and so little fiber here that I'm having to make trips to get it. Can you please make it so that you get fiber from any Bush or foliage that's on the ground? Even trees have leaves should give fiber. Edit. Can you also consider increasing how much damage a creature gets per point. My fiber gatherer bear gets like .10% each point. And I'm on pve!
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