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  1. Good day fellow pathfinders! I am here to try and persuade you to join my small section of the Atlas. Server name is Defiant 2x2. Obviously it is a small 4 grid set of servers that I am attempting to run. An Equatorial, Tropical, Tundra, and Desert. I did not completely boost the stats or multipliers, as I am not a huge fan of getting everything for free, so there is still a challenge. Stats all have 3X multipliers. Exp, Harvesting, and Taming are all 3X. This is my first foray into hosting a server, I have created a discord for the occasion. https://discord.gg/AVDqekE If you are looking for a good time for a long time with some good people, maybe even kill some good people because this is a pvp server, then please feel free to come by and say hi! Thank you for your consideration, DivineWolf
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