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  1. So not sure if this is a bug or I just didn't understand non-dedi sessions like I thought I did. I booted up the non-dedi server session xbox. My crewmate had signed off in our outpost on an island. I decided to sail our ship back to base to drop off all the cargo we had collected. I had assumed that since his body disappeared when he signed off (as opposed to falling asleep on the ground like on a dedicated server) that he wouldn't be at risk of dying of hunger, being dragged around by the tether, predators etc). So I set sail, no issue. Traveled to the next grid square over. No issue. About halfway through the next square, I suddenly get a message that he died? So I guess my question is, as the non-dedi host am I not able to sign on and play without the rest of the crew being online as well, at the risk of them randomly dying and losing their gear?
  2. So we recently started playing and after gaining a few levels decided to check out the skill trees and plan out our specializations so we wouldn't be wasting precious skill points with pointless overlap. Only to find that there is literally NO WAY to do this. The skill trees are a hopelessly tangled spiderweb of prerequisites with either no way to spec your way down any one tree without filling out half a dozen others, or requiring you to buy seemingly unrelated prerequisites to get to the skills you want. What is the point of "specializing" as a beast master to tame beasts of burden for your company if you're the only one who will be able to ride them? Why volunteer to be the blacksmith if everyone has to learn all the crafting recipes anyway in order to use the higher level equipment you make? What in the heck is the point of forcing your character to learn how to breed tier 2 animals before they are allowed to ride tier 3 animals? Why do I have to waste 9 skill points increasing my crafting speed in order to unlock stone structures? Why do I need to learn hand to hand combat before I can hand feed a chicken? Who knows!!? Please please for the love of RNGesus, tidy up these skill trees. Separate the "use" skills from the "crafting" skills, it;s redundant and frustrating to be forced to learn all of them or none at all. Let us create roles among the crew. THIS is why players are spending more time on land at their base camps instead of out exploring and pirating. They have to grind halfway down a dozen skill trees in order to get anything done!
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