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  1. Have a server cluster with Talon's Ridgeway 2x2 map set up. Everything is working great except A1's discovery zones are having some issues: Discovery Zones in the home server (A1) are not triggering when you enter The yellow text which should read "Discovery Area: ??? Make landfall..." in the upper right corner is already displaying the discovery name even though the discovery hasn't triggered yet The corresponding discoveries for A1 are all still locked inside the discoveries tab in the atlas even though as mentioned above you see the discovery name already displayed when your character steps into the zone Discoveries in other servers (A2, B1, etc.) are functioning normally, they display the "Discovery Area: ??? Make Landfall..." text and the discovery triggers as expected when you set foot on the ground This server cluster was wiped and I redeployed the 2x2 Ridgeway map. One issue I had during testing was that treasure maps were not getting picked up. When I deleted my local maps game folder inside steamapps, the issue was resolved. Question: Is there a corresponding local folder/cache file for discoveries? Could a player's previous discoveries from a wiped map be interfering with the new map? Note: The maps are the same BUT, if there is a local discoveries folder/cache file that is causing the issue, that would not explain why the other servers (A2, B1, etc.) have working discoveries. Workaround Attempt #1: I saw a youtube video where the player got a discovery to trigger by placing a chair and sitting down. This did not work for me. Workaround Attempt #2: I used a bed placed on an island in A1 and fast traveled to it to get the discovery to trigger as suggested in other posts. This also did not work for me. Question: What would keep a discovery from triggering while causing its name to be displayed to the player without having been triggered in the first place? Googling for other forums and posts has not yielded a similar situation that I've found so far. If you have any suggestions thanks in advance.
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