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  1. I've been having a problem since last weekend and I'm hoping others have encountered this issue and found a workaround. When I try to update Atlas via SteamCMD I am getting the following error: No matter how many times I try the update, it always fails with the same error at the very end. I have tried the following: - Completely deleted the steamapps directory and all contained information in the install directory to try a clean install - Deleted the SteamCMD folder and re-downloaded and installed a fresh version of SteamCMD - Tried doing the download on a completely different machine, failed with the same error - Downloading the full Atlas app via SteamCMD instead, which also fails at the end of the download No matter how I try, the updater will not complete. For background, I've been running dedicated Ark servers for over 4 years and have been running an Atlas 7x7 for 3 months, so I have plenty of experience managing and configuring these types of servers. Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice
  2. I don't think this is the issue for us. I placed one down fresh and built a schooner in a few minutes and it stopped leveling at 4. No amount of driving it around or using commands to add exp to the ship made it gain that 1 exp needed for level 4.
  3. Really? No one else has seen this? Or is the community just this dead?
  4. Launched on 7/6/19 Our PvPvE server has 16 grids dedicated to PvE and 9 grids dedicated to PvP. We have all quests implemented and over 200 discovery locations to explore. PvE zones use standard vanilla Atlas rates to prevent burning through content too quickly and PvP zones have 3x harvesting as an incentive exploration and risk. All PVE quest islands are located in PvP zones with the exception of one. Companies are limited to 10 members to prevent large companies from dominating due to sheer numbers. Some islands have boosted rates and spawn levels, so players are encouraged to get out there and explore the world! We have an active group of core players and generally have anywhere from 6-15 people online during US evenings. We also have players in Europe who keep to their own schedules. You can find out more about our server at http://www.endlessrpg.com/atlas Our Discord server is at https://discord.gg/rD4Jggq Thanks for considering us!
  5. We have a few players who are bugged and are showing they have completed the Treasure Master achievement but were not granted the corresponding skill. Does anyone know if there is an admin command to grant a specific skill to a player? Thanks in advance
  6. We've discovered a bug where ships made in dockyards created from blueprints are having their max levels capped at whatever the dock would add to the server cap for ship exp, instead of the ship cap + dock quality modifier. I'm trying to find a way to edit existing ships created this way so I can increase their cap. I really don't want players to have to rebuild loaded out galleons just because they hit a level cap bug with their ships. I was able to get the entity ID from the rdis db, but there is no data in rdis for the ship cap. I'm guessing it is stored in the actual ocean.atlas file. Does anyone know what editor to use for these files? Thanks in advance
  7. We have noticed a potential bug on our unofficial server. When ships are created from a shipyard built from a looted blueprint their level cap seems to be lowered to the amount of levels that shipyard would add to their natural cap. Example: A galleon made in a journeyman shipyard capped out at level 4. It is .1 exp from level 5, but will not gain any additional experience. Sailing around, looting flotsam, smashing Ships of the Damned, nothing seems to allow it to gain exp. A schooner made in a mastercraft shipyard capped out at level 11 with the same issues as indicated above. Ships created in normal shipyards, or ships loaded by the spawn command do not seem to have this issue.