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Trade tab or linkable item or both  

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    • Only Trade tab, yes
    • Only linkable item, yes
    • Both
    • No

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This is mmo-like suggestion. In the biggest mmo's chat has item linking system. Its simple, you can share your items name and description on chats.

This would also give meaning to a new chat tab: Trade

If the new freeport shop is online a Trade tab is needed to more effective.

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the trade tab would only be available in the freeport meaning you would have to stay there to spam your wares in chat meaning no one would see it.

Trade should be out in the real world not being to buy it in cities and I honestly think very few people would do it either.

people will stop at a port and buy 1k wood so they don't have to spend a few minutes farming before sailing away again on their next treasure map but not many people are going to sail all the way to a Freeport to buy stuff when you could just farm it along the way for nothing.

the only things that will be sold in freeports will be high quality crafted goods which most people won't use anyway because you need the skill and the level ups to even use them making it kind of redundant.

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