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pvp EliteArk NEW AutoStartProtection PvPvE CUSTOM MAP NA/EU Grids 5k+Discord NA and EU GRIDS! ##Custom DIscord STAT bot##

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NEW pve/protection System!
-Everyone starts off as PVE.
-To activate PVP, Tribe OWNER types /pvp which activates entire company to be pvp.
-Once pvp, you cannot switch back to PVE
-PVE cannot damage PVP and vica versa.
-PVE Cannot claim any pvp flags and vica versa.
-To check a companies status, type: /check COMPANYNAME     or    /check <look at structure or player>
-Admins can switch tribes from pvp to pve and vica versa for various reasons. AKA, you got wiped as pvp and need rebuild time.
***This gives us two incentives:
Gives people protection time who join later in wipe cycle or simply just join for first time and prevents them from getting wiped day 1.
Gives Pvers free roaming instead of grid restrictions.***




With our 3+ years experience of being at the forefront of Ark: Survival Evolved, we have now delved into the world of Atlas to bring everyone the experience they know and love from our other games.

Our first server consists of our very own custom 7x7 Grid that contains PvP and PvE zones. With players from all over the world already playing with us we can guarantee that there is always something exciting for our players to experience. Our dedicated admin team are committed to serving our members by upholding rules and reviewing any feedback.

Map Info
Our incredible map is consistently being developed to bring new updates every week. With locations within NA and EU, players from across the world can play here knowing it'll be active at any hour of the day. The main features of our map is currently:

-Increased max Tame levels and wild dino levels

- Increased Player (151) and Ship (71) levels
- Increased Rates for Gathering/Breeding to 15x
- Increased Skill Points per level
- Custom Stats
- PvP and PvE zones
- NA and EU servers
- Offline Raid Protection
- Stack Mod
- Power Stones
- Merchant & Ghost Ships
- Consists of all islands found on official servers
- Claims are visible on atlas map
- Points/Lootbox System


Community Info

Our community is the most rewarding part to what we do. With over 5k members currently within our discord it's an ever growing family that all have one thing in common: Gaming.  With frequent contests with in game prizes and rewards for extraordinary community members, this is one community you can be proud of being involved in.








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Ronnie has been hosting ARK servers for some years now and his services has always been of extreme quality. EliteArk was ranked top#1 several times and is always among the top ranking servers. His Atlas map is unique, with unique plugins, and a very active community. You will not regret your time here.

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What's there not to say about EliteArk? Ronnie has been around forever since Ark was released and players running around in cloth armor. You can tell he was able to move his experience over to Atlas and knock it out of the park. He knows his stuff and is always smashing the ranks in top servers. Friendly and active admins are always around to assist the players. Come join the fun!

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Very active & responsive admins and also a very active healthy community. We have been here from the start and never had an issue that was not taken care of in a fair and reasonable manner.

Ronnie is always on top of any issues the Game may have. A Very Solid Server for Sure... 


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