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Make Land Claims Harder

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Make it where you have to travel to defend your claims...this being able to teleport anywhere without actually truly traveling to defend land is part of what's hurting the game. The system now alerts where and all anyone has to do is die and re-spawn where claim fight has started. Example I was on island...no one around, I put flag down, left and boom within seconds...claim removed after moving onto next island. Funny thing about this was it was on top of high mountain with no structures (spawn points IE beds)...so how they removed flag that fast is puzzling.

I was talking to a player from one of the top 10...their sole job is to watch claims and spawn on islands to remove when contested.

Anyway...I think...screw it...remove flag system period...if your not there to protect your land or unable without using beds on multiple islands...you have too much already.

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Your title isn't quite right.

You want new land claims to be easier, sounds like you are saying claiming land should be hard, but it already is. You want defending land claims to be harder.

Yes, they need to fix the land claim system. Yes they have recently given a road map in the latest captain's log a bit on how they will be changing it. 

Yes, you are like the 100th person to start a thread about this, maybe the 10th in the last week 🙂

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