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This dang timer is ridiculous!

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They have 

10 hours ago, [GP] Guybrush Threepwood said:

Yup something not right there, but the question is which timer actually works, as in, is it actually claimable after the 3 day timer that shows, or the 20 day timer. If it's the 3 day timer that's fine, they just need to fix the issue of the other time displaying incorrectly.

However, the thing that doesn't sit right with me, besides the conflicting timers is that the number of land claims on the picture shows -3 instead of 3. That could be causing the issue.

They have dozens of land claims though, not 3. The values are based on the number of flags a company had before the flag counter was introduced.

Basically, there are some companies with dozens of flags that haven’t placed any new ones since the update, therefore they read as 0. Lazy code

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