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Suggestion - Keeping a claim cost gold, The more claims you have the more it cost.

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The claim flag system needs a little update.  I think that gold should be needed to keep a claim flag claimed. 

So for example a claim flags will need 200+ gold a day to keep a claim.

Claim will only be able to be claimed for a max of 7 days.

For each claim placed more gold would be needed to be paid for every additional claims.

So for example 1st claim would be 200 gold a day, if two claims are made then the gold for each claim is increased by 100 gold, So each claim would cost 300 gold a day for a total of 600 gold a day. If 3 claims are made then it would be increased by another 100 gold, so for 3 claims it would be 400 gold a day for a total of 1200 gold a day.

If the 7 days become depleted, at which means you have 12-24 hours before you claim is deleted and STRUCTURES in the claim are destroyed (NOT THE SHIPS).

This will help prevent build up of bases and claims. it will help to clean up idle bases or stop island takeovers.  Let me know what you think.

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