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I play A character in the PVE NA Servers Named Blight Blackflame under the Huntsmen's Wrath (company) and V15.35 is the reason I have and will continue to be writing Feedback Reports to further better the development of ATLAS, from the perspective of the consumer and someone who is generally interested in the continuation of this Game Title. 


I will list the known issues from most pending to minor annoyances.

  • The Fountain Of Youth Update


I was Personally Involved in the update the other day sailing out to the troll rumor of O14 being the source of the Fountain.

it wasn't for the fact that it was a false rumor but that it showed the weakness of the servers going over 150 for just something that would keep us from "dying" A.K.A de-buffed to the point of no point of playing.


Not to mention the majority of the populace of ATLAS has been playing since day one and have already reached the age of 90 if not getting there eventually. 

and I don't want the game to slow down for me before any of the other exciting installments come later this February. 

An easy solution would be to take age out of the game until Development can give players more simplistic ways to avoid the age of Death and it's Debuffs, like the Rebirth cycle or a way for every power stone Island to have the Fountain of youth causing less struggle on any one particular server.


  • Animal Benefits And Company Usage


Players should feel invested in using a tree that enables the use of animals to resource materials faster and making up the time of use to greater their building speed and overall ability to supply the demands of blueprints. 


I can not Recall the Patch but there was a patch update that killed the use of bulls for thatch and being that my friend went out for trade for a bull for that very reason, killed the use of bulls, we now have a bull that is "just there" and that is its use for now.  


The 15.1 V update was a little disheartening, to say the least, almost making it seems like Taming animals is going to be a waste of time if they couldn't carry more than the normal players weight capacity with the canceling of weight reduction and I would even include that the 15.3 V update only delayed the question if animals would be worth the points to spec into.


also from a strategic standpoint is the idea that a small company of players who play together cannot benefit from animals if one player specs into all ship related things, another player into cooking, another into building and then the one player into taming, if the rest of the players who didn't spec into taming can not even use them to farm resources at a reasonable speed. then that one player is dedicated to being the pack mule of the company, and I'm sure that's not an enjoyable way to play the game.

A good Solution would be to obviously revise the bull to be the thatch king again, maybe not add a full weight reduction but maybe a little reduced in comparison with a player vs tame with the weight improvements we have now, also either removing the riding mount engram from the taming tree or at least allowing all the animals with the saddles to be ridden within that company without needing the tree altogether.


  • Player Griefing in PVE with Involvement of Weight 


Personally, I wouldn't bat an eye if they did nothing to combat the Griefing but I do find it commendable that the developers see the voices in the community and respond, but the response creates more problems than answers being that you can still overweight a ship by climbing the ladder still causing it to sink, and now players who don't even mean to climb on to boats to sink them are forever stuck and lose their material and valuables. 


If we could find a way to make other players weight and player accommodations (in PVE only) non-existent so it wouldn't affect ships I think that would be the best way to defend players in the PVE servers from Greifing. 


  • Timed Events "mini-games"

Time events aren't "horrible" but it does seem to kill the immersion of the game I am trying to play, I don't want to do anything that makes me "unlock a door" or "time a punch" or "load a gun 3 separate times" and again I get it, the more skilled players will come out on top with the timing and will kill players faster because they are clicking the skill checks faster. but at the same time, it seems like everything has timed events and I don't think to add more to the game will improve anything about it personally. 


and despite the way, I listed this I think this last issue is the most important.


  • Grapeshot Studio's Self Image


I know there is a possibility they will not see this forum and despite that, I would like to include this because it is something I want to make sure is said.

I admire the studio's commitment and courage to wake up every day to come to work and try their best to improve the game in any way shape or form despite the backlash.

Being I started in a small game development group myself I understand that not everything that sounds nice on a piece of paper or even written on a form will be easy to implement or even possible. 

But to see the development team dawn their favorite pirate get up during the other day live stream shows they are emotionally invested and are happy to be contributing to creating a world inside the game they are developing. 

Just because they are using assets and Ui they helped develop for their sister studio Wildcard doesn't make them weak, they should be proud and say "yeah we helped make ARK" and "we will be using some things from ARK to make an entirely new game" 

And if they are challenged to make new UI and things like that I'm sure they will go the full distance and do it and more.

I will continue to play ATLAS and post feedbacks from time to time again and hope the best for the studio, they have earned my respect and I personally hope they persevere and come out on top in the end.  

Until then these are all the main issues I have with the game and hope you guys like them or even include onto it if you have any issues.

Thanks for reading 🙂 (add plague doctors ;p)


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1 hour ago, CraigR8806 said:

This post needs more exposure, it highlights some valid issues and provides sound, constructive solutions. 

Thank you. I did forget to mention Claim Flags [even though they have made it a small update that has decreased the timer by a small amount and made it so if it is contested the timer only goes up by the second instead of hours] but it still feels a bit broken to the point that anybody can grief and stand on the flag spot and go to sleep to disrupt it.

I think it would be good to have it only that ppl who own the enemy flag can contest your flag and that sleeping body despawns after so many real-life days.

and natural disasters like cyclones coming too close to land, the extension of how many that spawn at a time and the small tick of damage,

at this point in time I think the damage is fine for so many you have to deal with but I think if we cut down on the spawns by 80% and increased the damage I think that leaves you with a good disaster to acknowledge.

I'll try to include these in the next Feedback report I make if they aren't addressed in the future patches 


I personally would be happy if you could spread this within your peers and see if they have any more pending issues with the game they think surpass the ones I've mentioned thus far.


Thanks Again 🙂


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