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Making the game world feel more alive

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I would love to see them make the game world more dynamic and in general feel more alive. The game world feels static and Ark is the same way for me. I love Ark, but as we all know it has some of the worst ai out of any game you'll ever play. It however is completely functional, it just isn't what I would call immersive or fun. I think adding more unique interactions between animals, players, and npcs will go a long ways. They could have nests and baby versions of creatures which was very popular in the Ark modding community. At this very moment in the game the creatures really are not that unique at all. Making them behave differently than other creatures would be a good start. Most creatures in real life are not hyper aggressive or hyper passive. 

My main complaint at the moment is the lack of immersive npcs. The human npcs could really set this game apart from Ark. I would love to see settlements, camps, pirate hideouts, etc. You could then raid, trade, or recruit them to your crew. This not only makes the world feel like a living thriving pirate simulator, it gives people fun distractions other than just killing "noobs". Having npcs that could wander or potentially even raid your base would be so engaging to me. The original bush people mod for Ark had a feature that allowed them to raid you and it was epic when it happened. As it currently stands npcs are very limited in their capabilities and it's a shame as I think it was supposed to be a highlight of the game. I think they have a pretty solid foundation, but I really hope they plan to expand and improve this. The freeports especially were disappointing. I expected something much larger than what we were given. 

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