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Athena Starbuck

Maw causes the game to crash

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I play PVE. I finally got all the 9 gems. I play with mods. When I get to the center grid, the game crashes. I still play with original ships, no modular. I did research, I know I'm also suppose to go underwater and find 9 essences? I think that's what they're called. I have not created the industrial structures or the doom/dead structures. Also in my research, when I get to the center square, I'm suppose to fight a huge kraken. Since one of the updates, the caption changed to large whale.


Is my version of Atlas outdated? I'm always seeing the update screen show up. So I should be updated. Has one of my mods caused an issue? What is suppose to happen if I enter the center square without the gems, surely the developers don't just allow the game to crash. 


I thought I'm suppose to fight the kraken, then go get the essence, then go to the ice dungeon and kill the giant snow beast. Once that's done, I can create the dead/doom/Egyptian temple/doom temple, etc. Also, about a year ago, I saw the signs for the stargate looking portals. I followed them, but there was nothing there. Then weeks later, no more signs. Was I suppose to download the game again? Was I not affected by the wipes?


I spent 3 or 4 years playing this char. I don't want to lose it. I posted a message on the forum about creating a second char, so I can start from scratch and finally get to the maw, but no one replied.


Anyone have a clue why the game crashes when I enter the center square.

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