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Losing unnamed tames

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Something is bugged with the naming aspect of game. Lost a dolphin and now a seahorse in same manner. They both were not named. They vanish if to close to structures being demolished. Spawning on unnamed beds is bugged. If you can't spawn on it, you can if the name is changed. There are other anomalies I've noticed associated with naming or unnaming things. Not going into detail about it, I've used these things to my advantage. This is an example of just one of many broken things in the game. Fix these things before adding more broken things. It is to your benefit so you can pin point new issues without it being an old unfixed issue that has existed for months now effecting new things implemented to the game.

Another bug is something with placing foundation structures. Lost 100000g along with resources and warehouse. Had all this suspended above water on foundations/floors. Placed a Pillar, it didn't place right so I picked it back up and floors holding up all mentioned things, that were not even close by, crumbled into the sea. I sometimes lose doors at my base when demoing things. Just the doors demo when demoing other things. Annoying and weird. Please fix.

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