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The Freeport Fix #WinWin for everyone

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This suggestion is a small hope to read from the atlas developer in a news update.



Ayy Pirraaates

You want parking your ship in an safe mega harbor ? But then you remember,  you dont have one?

Parking at Freeport like everyone do. .... Hell NO !...


Here we have an nice update to you. Storing you ship in the Shipyard where it was born!

Yes Ship Storing you reading correctly. Now your ship is more  in an save state and we fixing an UI missunderstanding issue 🙂


Here the  Patchnotes for the Shipstorage update.

-Freeport Debuff (4hours) Ship and Tame and strucutre parking only for 4 hours. after that time everything will be demolished. 

-This Freeport Debuff goes away after 2 Hours not in an Freeport Grid. After this time you can go back to the Freeport for 4 Hours  .



-The Shipyards

-Buillimit per Player  = 1

If you want to Build a better Shipyard the old one will Demolished. (prefenting shipyard Walling yea Megas can do it but the Player will lose his "save Ship option")

In the Shipyard you can tow your Lovly Ship (like in the Build state) The Shipyard have to be Destroyed before your Ship start taking Damage.

The Shiptowing looks like this Picture But more Ropes. (yes we take the Shipyard and removed the Woodstrucures from the Ship in Build stat and added bunch of Ropes ... Done  greetings from lazy dev.)



If you Drive close to the shipyard you have an option on the Radial menu. [Tow Ship in Yard]  it Will Take 30 minutes to Tow your ship after that Timer your ship goes to the  Save State and is towed with the Shipyard. ( The ship have now Bunch more HP.... Like 300.000 from Shipyard and shiplife itsself and have the green ancor Buff)

If you want to drive you have to untow it. its takes 15 Minutes to untow and ater this you can release it and take your ride 🙂


and now here the magic happens!.



Your Ship is more save if you tow it in an better Shipyard  ! Hell yes!! this Fine ,Masterwork, legendary ...  shipyard have one more nice use! because the Myticlas shipyard is always in use 😄

Maybe we make a new Bonus effect ( reduced untow time  because ... dont know some more bonus is better than no bonus)

- UI FIX .... Better understanding what a shipyard does .... because... the whole UI is early dev mode and not clear to understand



-mice drop


ciao bey

hope it will be added 😄


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