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Jib sails really need to be added

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Picture this,
You destroy a Sod and gain a Jib sail attachment.  This attachment can be placed in a newly added figurehead inventory.
The sail Jib attachments would have different abilities and be of the different tiers common-fine etc.
Abilitties would include:
----Stabilizer ....Sail straight during a storm without being pulled off course and reduce the damage the pilot takes when traveling through a water spout.
----Pivoting ....fast stationary pivoting when the ship is at zero knots.
---Backing ...faster ship backing speeds
---Slipstream ...adds % to overall speed when tacking into the wind with yellow/orange sails

I think that it would be vitally important that a common craftable one only add cosmetic Jib sails.
That all attachments would be drop only.


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