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Setup a Blackwood server, configured and all is well.  However, no one can go above 301 in health.  Once you get to that magical number, it looks like you can give more points to the attribute but nothing happens when you click it.  There is like a limit and I can't figure out where, or how, it was set.

I've deleted and remade characters, started brand new characters on different computers and accounts, others report the problem too.  I did set PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player values (at 3 for various stats).  I removed them and still everything is locked at 301.

I haven't been on a public server in a long time and didn't see any patch notes saying there was a limit so I'm at a total loss what is stopping everyone from adding more stat points to Health.  So far, no other attribute seems blocked.

EDIT:  After some playing around, I see that there is what looks like a cap on health as you level?  I max leveled a test character and as he leveled up he could add a point now and then to health until he hit 703 (or something like that) and from then on, no more points could go in health, even at level 150 (our server is set this high).  Am I missing something, an update note or a setting for stats?

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There is some limit on the Health Attribute, I can't seem to find a limit on other attributes.  I changed the PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player value for health to 10 which allows everyone to have a better pool of health but as people level, they hit the cap for the level and then have to wait a couple levels to apply points to Health again.  It works, in case anyone else runs into this, though I'd really like to know what the limit it is and how to change it.

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