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The ATLAS Devkit is now available on the Epic Games Launcher!

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:anchor: The ATLAS Devkit is now available on the Epic Launcher! :anchor:

It will no longer be necessary to redownload the entire devkit when we release updates!

To install the ATLAS Devkit:

  1. Install the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Go to the "Store" section and at the top select the "Mods" tab (or scroll all the way to the bottom of the store page).
  3. Locate the ATLAS Mod Kit.
  4. If you wish to install the Ocean Map Sublevels, on the installation setup click "Options". Under "Optional Content Packages" ensure that "Ocean Map Content" has a checkmark.

If you have an existing installation, follow the steps above but then to the following:

  1. After installation/download reaches 1%, shut down the Epic Games Launcher (from the system tray as well).
  2. Migrate your existing devkit files into the directory that the Launcher is installing to.
  3. Start The Epic Games Launcher.

The Launcher should start reading your existing devkit files and only worry about items that are missing or outdated.

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