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pve EndlessRPG - PvPvE 5x5 Dedicated Server

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Launched on 7/6/19

Our PvPvE server has 16 grids dedicated to PvE and 9 grids dedicated to PvP. We have all quests implemented and over 200 discovery locations to explore. PvE zones use standard vanilla Atlas rates to prevent burning through content too quickly and PvP zones have 3x harvesting as an incentive exploration and risk. All PVE quest islands are located in PvP zones with the exception of one.

Companies are limited to 10 members to prevent large companies from dominating due to sheer numbers.

Some islands have boosted rates and spawn levels, so players are encouraged to get out there and explore the world!

We have an active group of core players and generally have anywhere from 6-15 people online during US evenings. We also have players in Europe who keep to their own schedules.


You can find out more about our server at http://www.endlessrpg.com/atlas

Our Discord server is at https://discord.gg/rD4Jggq


Thanks for considering us!

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