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Recruiting for my server it's a 4x4 gird on our own custom map has all the resources plus every boss like hydra snowman kraken ghost ship and dragon all the power stones and every animal type we have a 10 man company right now hoping to grow it there is ranks in the company which put you in charge of a certain amount of real life players the server is very rpg oriented and we have weekly full company meetings where we hand out promotions and higher class weapons come join us and become a general be in charge of your own squad of guys who help you do everything I'm not talking npcs if we can get enough people into the server we will split the tribe and become to massive alliances were we will be pve most times but occasionally have gigantic ocean ship battles or full island raids and make this game what it should be like if your interested message sacred unleashd on xbox that's my gt look forward to hearing from you

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