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  1. 2 hours ago, Shoo72 said:

    this shows once more u have your priorities set so wrong its starting to look like a benny hill show., keep this up and u'll loose whatever player base u have left faster then the previous incompetent devteam. it also shows again that u have no clue about your own game because u don't play it yourself.

    - fix your garbage servers, your game lives or dies with solid foundations, one of those foundations is are stable servers that doesn't become unplayable the moment it crosses 50 players. y're pushing sea play yet u cant even do sea play properly because of your garbage servers.

    - fix the SOTD (no explanation needed) if u do see the tip at the bottom.

    - Clean up lawless, allowing people to build sky scrapping pyramids or walls that donald trump even can dream off is what makes it impossible for even xbox players to login on there own base is a joke. (PvE C7 f.e) 

    -U decided to reduce the map to 11x11 and put NA and EU together for , (whoever came up with that one should be fired on the spot) at least put a limit on islands owned per company to 1 so more people have a chance on there own island and not forced to live on lawless wich is resulting in lawless being unplayable and a mess.  having 1 island per company is more then enough. if they need resources or anything from other biomes they can sail for it,  helps achieve your agenda for more seaplay aswell 😉

    -  fix your farmhouses/warehouses, even tho its ecstatically pleasing to look at they really don't do/add much other then being used as a griefing tool on pve. for island owners they only should be placable by themselves or allies., for lawless limit it to 2 per company. best is to get rid of both at all cuz they don't add anything to the game.

    - lit a fire up those behinds who are your so called support ticket team, reports being closed instantly with solved without even being looked at is a joke.  remember, those reports are for u to make the game better!

    -stop adding new stuff and fix the tons of issues first. with every update u do u breaking the game even more.

    -  tip: make a character and start playing the  game so u get a feel about whats wrong with your own game. 



    Every thing they said I love this game but its getting unplayable!!!

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