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    Guys i really enjoy my pirate life inside your persistant Atlas world. I just dont like how you absolutely focus on mega patches only for mega tribes. I am quite sure that the majority of your players are solos/small tribes/casuals. Why lock them out from fun stuff like subs and torpedoes ? One of the big advantages in Conan Exiles is the ability for everybody to gain anything solo. Not easily, but with the correct preparation and planning. Please consider a similar strategy and i am quite sure that the 50.000 players from game launch in december will be back here soon. Dont let the Atlas galleon crush into the next iceberg.
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    We've ramped up our spam protection a lot over the past few hours, so let's see if this holds. Sorry that keeps coming up, I know it's a pain we'll have it sorted out soon.
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    A new patch and seems nothing about grenades, blackjacks and puckles,the dev team really have to test this things or at least they should listen the community about what is the new meta and what is wrong about this. How about give me 200 grenades and ill go directly to 5 puckles near the wall where the puckles can't shoot(450hp+armour+food+medkit) im still alive ill use my medkit im full hp I'll throw few nades near the puckles,puckles dead, -ill use my climbing pick to the enamy top base,maybe few more puckles or not who cares less nades or more in my inventory, from the top roof of the base try to stop me when i can spam nades every second, -who cares about about your 1 wall layers or 3 or 5 (300dmg/s,18000dmg/minut,36000dmg/2min),try to kill me inside your base with a weapon when i can jump and throw grenades like crazy (450hp/good armour/food)You Can't! This was an example only for 1 person but let's think what will be the situation when is more than one. This is how the players from biggest companies dissaparead after the night,this how most of the tames are dead in EU PVP A3 A4 B4 B5 C4 C5 etc,this is how all breeders left the game and not only.Is not nice to lose all your work in few minutes not hours. What is the point to declare war and use the mortar when i have 200 "mortar shoots" in my inventory ? What is the point to Breed tames 1 month for good stats when one naked guy with blackjack can unmounted me from the tame,you know a unmounted tame is dead by the enamy swivel tame if you lose the tame control for few seconds. What is the point to spam Puckles when is enough 2 grenades and the puckles are destroyed and also seems the puckles doesnt react when the server is full (10 fps/255 ping). What is the point to spam Towers/Puckles/Ballista when the enamy cannon bear/horse have a insane range? What is the point to chase someone which is low hp when he can heal under the water with his medkit in 4 seconds. What is the point to be full gear/food when a naked can grappling hook me and drag me close to a puckle or whatever,no chance to escape from the grappling hook.(give me something) This a short list which was discussed inside a big alliance and nobody is happy how is the meta now, even the enamy are worried about how the game evolved but evolved in a bad direction and everyone is waiting for an answer. Directly from EU PVP with concerns. Easy fix: -Limit the amount of the nades who can be carry by a player/add weight/add more time reload etc. -Increase the damage/resistence for Puckles.(are no longer effective) -Decrease the range of cannon horse/bear on the land. -Fix the problem with grappling hook with a minigame so at aleast we have a chance to escape. -Fix the blackjack -Fix the problem with the medkit healing under the wather or in wather. Thank you.
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    No!! No fast travel for ships, period. Atlas is supposed to be a huge world. No one has to sail the whole map. The resources are placed where really, one only has to sail a quarter of the world. Maps? Stick to the ones close to home. Sail a few sectors away to find higher level maps in or next to your sector, if ya want. Discoveries, yes. But why the rush to get 2500 discoveries? This is not an instant gratification game. I don't think survival/sandbox games should be. Take the time to smell the roses on what should be a long journey. We rush around so much in real life, try the opposite and you may just enjoy something you would have missed. Adding ships, activities when sailing, etc. Fine. But no warp speed sailing ships, tyvm.
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    Ahoy M'artys! Your team here at https://ExploreAtlas.co.uk with another update! Yarr! We've been hard at work and brought onboard @globytheoldpirate who's made an amazing taming calculator. Together; we have made some nifty UI changes and brought everything together onto our website. https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/ As well as this, we're proud to bring in our beta version of the Imprint Calculator. This will calculate and reverse engineer any animals imprinting bonus. This will be super useful when you come to sell and purchase anything within ATLAS! ExploreAtlas is committed to bringing a one-stop Atlas resource website for your every need! https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/animal/Bear Whilst there's some work left to do to make this exactly how we want; we have now opened this up to our community to gain crucial feedback! Remember! We are still searching for iOS and Android Beta testers for our upcoming apps! Please see more information about this in our discord! Other Updates - + French Translations + All islands added from May Mega Update + Added the ability to add your company and company flag + Search function optimisations + Added animal images on search results Happy sailing! ExploreAtlas Development Team
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    This change reduces the distance at which player characters are replicated on boats. We brought the number down so it matches the values on land, out in the sea, and in the air (gliding). It will by proxy improve server and client performance, as it's quite a taxing thing. It also allowed us to tweak up NPC replication values, which again should result in both client and server performance gains, and it's opened the door for some other things that we're looking into.. which will also result in a gain if things work out Server and client performance will always continue to be something we put some time and attention into.
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    Puckles are underpowered. A guy over lvl 80 with hp build can come inside and grenade all your puckles. Crabs can also jump in the middle of your puckles and destroy them easily. Even puckles mastercraft don't do much against that. I noticed how useless are defenses against a guy mounted in a crab thwrowing grenades, can you negate the ability to throw granades mounted on a crab at least?. Because I noticed that ballistas are pretty much useless against a crab. They just come throw granades kill NPCs. Jump again then heal, do it over again and GG base. Your NPCs do nothing against crabs. The only thing that can save you as against crabs is building your base over a natural pillar and not all the islands have this type of pillars. Puckles never focus the rider over the crab, good luck trying to snipe a guy equipped with mythical stuff, full HP with medkits jumping in a crab. You do 32 damage in the head with a normal carbine if you manage to shoot the rider, well I will need to build walls over 15 high to avoid the crab coming. Let's spam more buildings. And dont say ballistas or swivels do something to them, a good crab can tank any NPC with healing, the only way we found to kill one is killing the rider somehow and mortar the crab. I think bola weapon should work against tames 100% like in ark. Or placing bear traps, give us something to defend bases please, NPCs are useless right now. Even the spikes will be fine if you implement them here.
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    For one most people play 2 to 4 hours a night and the timer goes way past that, but it does not matter....there will always be a time when a group is not on and you just have to stand their to contest no fighting, nothing, that is so dumb. Just do like EVE it takes 2 or 3 attacks on separate days within and hour or two hour window so then people can be their for the "wait for it" PVP. It does not matter anyway this bird is dead on arrival and you know why.....because if you look at some of the valid complaints on the forums you see no response from Dev's on how it will be fixed and in my 25 years of gaming, a company that does not communicate immediately has never survived, because the longer players are in the dark the more leave and in a PVP game, the more that leave the less PVP which causes more to leave until there are none.
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    hi everyone, just wanted to give a shout out and a warm thank you for the wonderful admins on the official servers, i had an issue with a glitched foundation and they fixed it within hours of me reporting it. great work and a special thanks to @Voodoofor helping me out. much appreciated
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    Would you, please, fix handling and weight sails angles? They are totally wrong and very confusing, making gameplay non natural, false. There are many pictures ans articles explaining how it works and how it should be placed, this is just one of them: http://www.schoolofsailing.net/points-of-sail.html
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    If you were to poll everyone to ever play Atlas and ask them what they think the most development time should be spent on, I'm very confident server and client performance would be #1 by a large margin. Let me preface this with saying I have absolutely 0 knowledge about coding or game engines or networking. I'm nothing more than someone testing your game providing the best feedback I can. I've spent *thousands* of dollars trying to build a system able to play the game smoothly, largely to no avail. I'm currently running an i7 8700k @ 4.8, 2080TI Founders Edition, and 16 gigs of ram @ 3200mhz. To be fair, I get 150fps out on the sea, especially in lawless servers. But the moment I approach a harbor or populated island, it drops to 20-30. Lower than I'd like, but I can live with that. It's the server latency that kills. our alliance organized a raid on B11 last night, with the server population reaching 59 in the initial attack. My latency immediately jumped to over 200, but I don't think that fully reflects the quality of life reduction in-game. Changing inventory slots took 5-6 seconds. The delay after reloading a carbine approached 15 seconds. Players and tames warped and rubberbanded everywhere. Grenades took 20-30 seconds to detonate. Playing the game felt like I jumped in a hole full of a wet concrete mixture and tried to wade through it. That was at 59 players in the grid, so I'm sure you can imagine what it was like when more than 70 were there. Eventually, the server completely crashed, which is not uncommon. The frustration of playing under these conditions would force any casual player to immediately quit. This game has INCREDIBLE potential with large-scale PVP. The mix of ground and sea combat happening concurrently, extremely customizable defenses forcing attackers to create multi-faceted strategies to overcome them. It's something I've only experienced in Planetside, and I absolutely love the concept. Most people I talk to simply say, this is how Ark was, and it was never fixed. I didn't play Ark. I refuse to believe this can't be fixed, or at least vastly improved. I appreciate all of the recent patch notes including optimizations and memory reductions, but they haven't made a dent. The lag from early days six months ago is very close to what we experienced last night. Would it help to cap the number of structures allowed on each island? Are there plans to improve server hardware? I think the team needs to address this problem, and I don't mean to patronize with my suggestion below: Developers, join a grid during wartime tonight. Attempt to play your game the same way we do, and think about your experience. Maybe you already do this, I don't know. I would happily pay $15/month in subscription fees if it allowed you to upgrade hardware or hire folks to take a look at it. Thanks for reading, and let's work together to make this happen.
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    BUGSING TRIBE SINKS ANCHORED SHIPS WHILE PEACE TIMER IS ACTIVE! These people sunk 7 of our ships while we were in peace timer. They used a bug to overload the ships so they sunk them even they were anchored and while we were in peace timer. They walked with 3000 ingots on the ships.These people are members of the tribe Free Porn which lives on the island Glue Glue on grid C2. Tribe : Free Porn (ID: 1077917378), Grid C2, Insel Glu GluPeople who used the bug:t4rtuf0 kulunguele https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960301128/Truita AmbCeba https://steamcommunity.com/id/truitamaleida/YuiChrona Amalgama https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198120057844/Amalia
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    Id rather they split the forums one section for whiners and trolls and toxic aholes and another for those that really want to help make this game better lol but yeah good idea
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    It's funny, but I remember back to allot of the original online games where lag was terrible when it came to large battles or even medium size ones. Whats really sad is 20 years later allot of these newer games don't handle it much better. Back in the day I always thought it was the limitations of a dial-up connection, but really whats the excuse these days where everything is a million times faster? And to take it a bit further, if you know the limitations of a engine or net-code....why make a game that could never perform as advertised?
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    Dear Jat/Dollie/other Grapeshot staff, The Ice Cave is brilliant, well done. Cargo racks, the harpoon and new weapons as well. I’m not into tames, but the new ones are cute enough. But let’s address the torpedo in the room. We’re all having a wonderful time loading up common schooners with one-sided 5 torpedo launcher builds and griefing legendary ships (video coming soon). But even a cursory glance at concurrent players proves this update, combined with your completely arbitrary and now-reverted bans, has mortally wounded your game. As an eternal optimist, I think you can recover if you remove torpedos and take a moment to balance them, much like you did with explosive barrels. In my estimation, this needs to happen this weekend or you’ll face a dramatic loss in game testers. You may or may not care about this, but if you do, please continue reading. The primary mode of PvP in your game is ship combat. Without it, you don’t have a game. Land combat is buggy, laggy, and generally unenjoyable for most people. If more than 30 people are in the grid, it’s virtually unplayable. The end-game objective, as far as I can tell, consists of farming rare resources, finding powerful blueprints, building a strong ship, and fighting your enemies with it. That has kept a lot of us around through the six months of testing so far. Common torpedos on a common schooner are doing 9-11.5k damage to ships. That typically means taking 1-3 planks off a ship with anything less than 180% durability mythical/legendary defenses. If more than one torpedo lands, goodbye to half your ship, regardless of quality. The resulting meta is common schooners with 3-5 torpedo launchers running at 15-20 percent weight. Most major companies aren’t letting their blueprinted ships leave the harbor because of this, as I’m sure you’ve heard on your Discord. Yes, the cost of torpedos is punishing, but quite easy for advanced companies to manage. I feel the most regret for smaller groups who can’t farm those resources and thereby stand no chance. Torpedos are an interesting, visually appealing addition to the game. With some tweaking, I think they would be fantastic. But as it stands, they’ve removed all impetus to pursue your intended ship combat advancement hierarchy. For now, we’ll take advantage of this obviously unintended and broken meta. I do hope you’ll keep your word, listen to your player base, and make the necessary changes. If not, you may as well continue investing development time into tames and PvE mechanics, as people clearly aren’t sticking around to sail the 2-4 hours necessary to find another populated grid worth engaging. Thank you, and have a great weekend.
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    Oklahoma City Dang.... I had just thought that my avatar had menopause. Thanks for pointing out that its a bug and not a feature.
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    Sigh... Can we have an answer when this will be fixed please? We cant keep on rebuilding the rebuilded rebuilds wich where rebuilded for the rebuilding of the rebuilded base.
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    Voodoo is the bestest! @Voodoo
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    they should just make it so weight doesn't matter when anchored
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    I don't know about the bear dying... But it'd be amusing if there was an RNG chance that each shot could cause the bear to panic and flee.
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    I think it would be a fun addition, presumably, they're different/special, perhaps quest-kills or with unique rewards.
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    realistically they should scale up to 40% when filled and have no effect empty...
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    Someone is cheating in the PVE NA I saw 3 bear one with a cart walking alone and killing all animals beside they path, is no one riding or walking beside just the animal alone this is happening dally. Can someone kick this cheater out pls.