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    I've bought the Majestic Kraken to test it out. Basically i thought i would never do this but i got lucky in some points. 1. I got a market and warehouse so i tested trading in general and earned about 200k gold now.(My main reason to reinstall the game) 2. I used my only Brig to do all Power Stones Solo and defeated the Kraken.(Never done this solo before) 3. I used the submarine to discover the Depths and get the first Essence of Power. While doing so i killed 7 Squids and got 60 squid legs as well as i used the squid meat and tamed 3 crabs Lvl 28 that passed my way. 4. After testing the Dolphin taming with the shark terminator(submarine) supporting me i thought about what to do now(Solo on PVE) 5. I remembered that i have 60 dried squid legs that i could use to make some testing of the Majestic Kraken pre build ship so i went to freeport to buy it. costs: 22000 gold and 50 dried squid legs The ship itself: You get a ship with 200% quality from Vendor which means you can level up to Level 60. The ship starts with 2000/9000 weight and two large Speed sails. This is enough to reach about 16 knots speed with strong wind(no storm) So the Kraken is about 4-5knots slower than a empty Brig. All shipparts show weight 1kg... no matter if it's the gunport, or the castle or the deck... that's quite weird. But you have 12 cannons on each broadside in two layers of each 6 which makes a total of 24 small cannons. The ship starts with 22 Crew capacity. Each cannons weight is 40kg when gun ports are closed so this makes about half the weight of the standard ship - 960kg. The masts weight is 100kg. I also tested 3x small handling sails with each 1,7 sails points(max 6 points) but that got very slow about 11 knots. You can't place 2x small and 1x large as this would be 6,1/6,0 points. So i ended up with my favorite 2x large handling sails which speed is than about 13-14 knots. Light brigs are about 2 knots faster. The ship has the same length like a Brig but is much higher and has less width. You can't customize the ship so you basically need a storage for some repairs and a bed to respawn. You can place a ship storage box for crew gold. NPCs can repair the anchored ship without the need of repair kits or repair resources. You do not need any spare planks as you can't replace the ship parts so far. The ship has only a few parts that can take damage... some ship parts do not have any health. I guess some parts just do not take any damage like the decks. The masts are only placed on the upper deck. On the cannon decks there is no Mast because you could not move between the cannons(closed gun ports) and Mast like on a Shooner. You have 12 gun ports which each consists of two cannon ports. You can't remove cannons and you can't replace them. Each gun port has 7500 HP which is more than a Brig but a Brig has 2x 6000 HP instead. Also Brig Gun Ports crafted can have about 15000 HP on official servers. You can't repair this gun ports from the deck... so you have to go on each cannon deck to repair them. For Solo Player this is a massive Pain! Also to repair you need a Repair kit -> in your inventory!!!111. So if you have a repair kit and a repair hammer you can hit the gun port and repair it for a fix ammount of 1000 HP each repair kit. But the repair will take 3 seconds and you can#t do anything else during this time... if you go away from the part you are repairing the repair will not finish. So to repair one part that got 5000HP damage you need to stay there for 15 seconds... But at least each 1k repair is instand healed once you finish waiting 3 seconds. I don't like this system... in 15 seconds you could hit like 10 planks of a brig that repair automaticaly up to full life! To repair this ship system is zero fun! and you have to do it after every combat with a SoTD. Also not to mention the costs of the repair kits. It's 100 fibre - 200 wood and 120 thatch -> for repairing 1000 HP of one ship part. A common complete medium plank cost 400 fibre - wood - thatch which is rughly 2x the ammount of wood of the patch kit. So if you want to go fighting some SotD you may take 100 patch kits with you that stack up to 10 and each weight is 3,5kg made with 56kg resouces. So this is a hugh weight reduction or the patch kit crafting resource amount is totaly broken. For a kraken fight solo with my brig i needed 1000 wood to repair the ship over 45 minutes = 5 patch kits = 5000 HP ????????????????????? So if i take 100 patch kits with me it's 20000 wood !!!! THat's enough to craft 1,5x the planks for a shooner. Also the ship consists of a front castle castle with 15000 HP that you only can repair from the top deck. In the mid deck there is a front part that does not show any HP as well in the bottom deck where there is also a front bottom part with no HP shown. So damage will may only be received by the front castle. In the rear you have also 3 parts. The big rear castle on the top deck with 15000 HP including the railings and the deck stairs. The mid rear part with 10000HP including the first stair case. And the bottom rear part with again no HP including the bottom deck stair case. Front as well as rear castle is only 1 part so you do not have left or right ship side on this parts. So far i tested it the ship has a health indication. If parts get damaged you can see this as a 100% or less value in your bottom right screen. THe parts show holes and look damaged but there is no water entering the ship. So you can't use a bucket to keep the ship alive and this health % is not the standard ship health value. If you have two much crew on board the standard health value moves down like the old ships... but again no water and no bucket... so you better not exceed the crew limit on this ship. I will test next what happens if a part gets damaged to 0 HP... i guess it can be repaired and does not get destroyed/removed from the ship. If all parts reach 0 HP the ships should be destroyed. So if you have a repairs man that repairs the last surviving ship part every 3 seconds by 1000 HP you may not get sunk. But i also heard about bugs that some ship parts have critical health and once they are 0 the ship will sink. Quality of Life on the ship: The overview with two sails is good. You can't place additional robe ladders so you have only the rear one - that is placed very stupid on the rear and you will drop several times from it's top. Getting up with the hook is difficult if you do not hit the railing from above... to hit the masts is difficult becuase of the height and the railing. You may often drop from the railing while climbing the ship. The Stair case is very bad and even with my PvP size character(very small) i have to crouch at some points. You do not have much space for beds and boxes... not to mention food storage(for the crew) and you do not have space to place a workbench or simmilar things. The ship is only constructed for minimalized PvP equipment. You can not place diving attachment, dingy dock or cargo rack. You can not place cover above/around the steering wheel. Ship optics: I like the basic appearance of the ship... but the kraken design is ugly. The front kraken has collision with harbor structures and ships unlike the figure heads optical parts on old ships. This ship could have a place between the Brig and the Galleon but also between the Brig and the Shooner... because... length = Brig... width = Shooner ... cannons double of a Brig... handling like a Galleon... weight between Shooner and Brig... you get the point this ship has no place where it can shine... it feels like a worse part of all ships. Only 2 large Sails so larger than Shooner but smaller than Brig. My first impression after killing some SotD green and yellow up to Galleon: The ship turns much slower than a Brig and feels much more like steering a Galleon. I guess this is intended due to the height of the ship and it's small width. While you are turning the ship at high speed it does not roll to the outer side so you can't increase your small cannons range by this move. I tried to zick zack before a yellow SotD Galleon to shot it with both broadside but i got everytime into it's range and took damage. So I guess for kiting SotDs without taking damage the ship has too less maneuverabilty and is too slow even with Handling Sails(I use blue 110+110%). When i put Crew on all cannons(24 x 40kg + 2x sails) and take 100 patch kits with me(350kg) + right now 830 cannon balls (17xxkg) i have a ship weight of 5300kg andwith open gun ports 6800kg(max 9000). So far i think i will have to skill full 300% resistance to make this ship work and also add some levels to weight.(increasing only by 200 each point) So the damage of the ship will be low... repairing a pain... skilled fully on resistance to have less repair.... speed is lower than a Brig... you can't remove weight besides less ammunition. I guess it's impossible to do Kraken fight with this ship... if it survives Golden Age farming and gets up to Level 50 i may try this one... PVE: There is no reason to play this ship. No weight. high costs. Huge maintanace effort. No customization(besides Sails like all ships) You can't make a whale hunter out of it. There is no reason to transport tames with it. PvP: No reason to play it as well. Repairing is a pain. Speed is only a little competitive with Speed Sails(vs Handling Sails) and only use would be to use bar shots with 12 cannons broadside if you can get a decent angle on the enemy which is unlikely.(bar shots have less weight than common balls). What should be changed to make this ship competitive for PvP at least? The ships strength could be to be a fast frigatte type ship between Galleon and Brig. It has a very long shape but a small width so it's terrible to turn as it could simply roll to the side. But it should be faster than a Brig. So you would have a fast ship that can use the wind to get in a position where it can work with it's broadside mainly to cut sails with the 12 cannons shot. Currently Brigs are often build with only 4-5 cannons on the boradside to reduce weight... some may only use 3 cannons to be fast enough to win the speed race. So the Majestic Kraken would be only that fast mainly using Speed Sails as Handling Sails have no real influence on the turning speed. This would be a very special propose of the ship but enemys with handling sails could escape pretty easy by just turning their ship fast in another direction. The 24 cannons currently have no purpose to be used by PvP Players. The health system and repairing of the ship should be adjusted. Currently it has low HP compared to a brig and even a BP crafted Shooner. The repairing should be one hit consuming an amount of patch kits or resouces like old system and increasing the heath over time. To have a player look 15-20 seconds on a ship part to repair it if it's high damaged is pretty stupid. The auto repair on current ships is working well and consuming a decent ammount of resources. To heal fix HP with the patch kits feels pretty worse. The repair costs/crafting patch kits have to be reduced !! 26 crew on board will never be the case on a PvP ship... their weight is to high even you make them nakked. If PvP Players could they would remove cannons from this ship to safe weight! This ship testing is a very sad feeling. If all new ships get this system the fun on the seas is pretty much over. Even if you can place some modular pieces in the future i don't like this ship at all. My Brig behind can be a multi purpose ship. I can go farming and add 2 cargos without getting supper slow. I have the submarine attached and also a diving attachment. I have cannons below the Deck to fight the Kraken as well rear cannons to fight easy SoTD. I could place Balistas to hunt whales. I have a work bench and tannery on board so i can craft or tame if i see a target on my way. Yes that's all for PVE content but i fought lots of PvP battles in Season 3 and ship combat did not change besides the current use of rear catapults for barrels.(no fun) I could turn this Brig in the background into PvP playstile in less than 10 minutes reducing the weight to easy 3500kg.
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    So i checked out the holes in the hull and unfortunatelly it was only this one gun port left that i had to repair... So quite bad luck that the 3 seconds green bar did not fill up completely when the ship reached 0 health. After sinking this ship part is showing 0/7500 HP while it had 1300 when I repaired it. But this shows other then i guessed that the ship can sink even if only one of it's parts is damaged to a leackage. So you only need to do 5000 HP damage to one gun port and this ship is sinking. With this repair system it is not usable in a PvP fight at all. Even expirienced repair players can't keep up saving this ship in a decent way. The total health status of the ship is pretty much useless because there is no toal health of the ship. It's still like the old system in regards of how to sink it. Also I would recommend for everybody who is testing not only to skill resistance but also to reduce the sink rate. Other than that you may just park this ship in your harbor to let others know you can effort it. LOL. I don't hink i will try this ship again. Also i don't think i will hunt 50 rhinos when living in thundra to get the ramming gally. Also very bad that the health of the ship parts is only shown on a few points of the specific part... so you have to search some seconds before you even know how much health the part has...
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    So i took my common ship to have a look at the ship wreck. Also I have to mention that no animals where hurt during this episode. Only some casualties of NPCs. But i managed to swim on land and most of my crew kept up to me. The Majestic Kraken was not dropping to the ground of the seas... instead it was swimming like a submarine and it looked quite healthy.
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    So some minutes after further testing this is what happened... i was swimming with the sharks xD So I leveled up to 272% of resistance and attacked a Galleon Level 26 which is quite a decent enemy if you have to get close. So i zick zack kited it very good without taking too mutch damage but i wanted to test out things. So when it was down to about 25% HP i turned full broadside into the Galleon and sunk it with using all Captain abilities. But I received two full broadsides of the Galleon. This was already enough to not destroy or zero out gun ports but i got the message that my ship is sinking. The sink rate is pretty fast. I think i had 3 leacking gun ports that dropped below ~2500HP... but i really don't know because the leakage symbol is not shown on this ship! So after searching number one I repaired it looking 3 seconds onto it and i just wanted to go sure and repair twice to get above 2500 HP. Same repairing the second gun port. On the opposit side of the Galleon fight i found another leakage... while repairing the first 3 secodns the ship life is down to 5/100 and water is floating inside. When hitting it second time and watching the green bar to fill up the ship broke appart. I don't know if there where more than 3 leackages but i was not able to repair 3 of them. ( Less then 1 minute to sink the ship) I had no chance to check 1 cannon deck gun ports but there was maybe also leackage on the deck below which i couldn't check in time.
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    Well, you not coming back is a definite reason to keep pve servers running for eternity! Bravo!
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    How can devs design games in a way that changes nothing or takes nothing away from their vision of what the games potential is while removing some of the hoops to grouping up? i wonder. like can you join a clan get kicked then lose all your stuff? i have no idea. if that did happen i would imagine that i probably wouldnt join another thing. do i need teemspeak or discord? how tf can i be apart of a thing? no matter. i will now brutally harvest this turtle.
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    I used to think that it was mainly reasonable adults posting on this forum, I'm beginning to think I was wrong. There is no pve vs pvp conflict, as both play styles atm are played on completely different servers. There is also a single player mode which is pve too. They are just the different play styles that we all bought Atlas for. Both pve and pvp have a right to complain about the current state of the game imo, early access or not.
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    Get Rid of Gold Ship Costs so we can Have wars at SEA Currently its Keeping The Current state off the game alive The Future of the roadmap looks Bleack with the addition of more USELESS TAMES MAKE SHIT WE CAN BUILD IN SHIPYARDS FUCKING PEOPLE
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    Pvpers would have to pay if you expect PVEers to provide product. This makes a far better economy than this silly warehouse gold printing machine. (100% broke until you get a warehouse, then you're rich) That means pvp actions needs to pay. Such as every player ship sunk drops gold and gear just like an npc ship but more. An amount worth adding to the value of the fight. Like half the cost of building the ship plus some of it's gear. Every claim tower destroyed pays x amount. Every enemy player killed pays x amount. Then PVPers can sail back to the safe zone where us barbie playhouse PVEers have everything for sale they need to refit and stock up for their next run to the combat grids. Just like RL pirates back in the day. The war zone should have reduced resources. PVPers may spend days at a time in the war zone but then if they are going to be away for a few days, they can sail their ships to a safe zone dock yard... to not get Off-lined while away. Off line pvp is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Others may fill a mid level risk jobs like cargo runners, from the safe zone to war zone bases. Factions could be the English and the Pirates.
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    Why are these ridiculous trash mode servers still up? Remove them already! Do not cater to players that are too baby to play a pirate game. Ur splitting the community by allowing servers for little cry babies. Im not comming back to Atlas as long as the stupid "PVE" server is still on.
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    (Official pve) Unless they do something with h11 monopoly on twigs, I sure as hell would rather use a giraffe to collect them than by hand. Or you can buy them at 250g per 1000 from lotus and mess around with setting that up. Maybe you can fill me in on a way to trade with them via market trade. Or "renting" one of their farms. On 5x harvesting I friggin load up! Point being there is a time and a place for tames. There is an economy based on tames and breeding. I've interacted with more people due to tames than any other element in the game. Taking that away is taking a pillar of the game out. This game is huge and has depth. There is so many things to figure out and utilize in this game. To be short sighted and want to only sail around and shoot things from your ship seems elementary to me. Don't get me wrong, it's a pay off from hard work but to have the best stuff to do that with, you need to utilize the tools provided in the game and tames being one of them. How quickly can you get to the ocean floor on the back of a crab? Almost instantly. If you're freezing, jump on a wolf. If your over heating, jump on an ostrich. Instead of beating on rocks like a cave man, do it in style with a rhino. Gathering and moving materials without tames just makes the game more simple and more of a tedious grind. Tames bring a whole other large element to the game. Why wouldn't you want them in the game? Its more enjoyable collecting materials imo than fn around with that damn market. I have 10 collecting and trading and funneling materials to a central base and I spend more time turning on farms and traveling to them so they don't decay and messing with trades than just playing the game. I'm losing more and more interest in the game messing with them because it has turned into a job. Tames are fun and useful. Bottom line. More so than these dumb pre-made ships. Leave the tames, lose the pre-made ships imo!
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    I also took the survey and found myself typing, "give these pre-made ships value. They don't offer anything i can't get from building my own" for 80% of the questions. I can build an all mythical ship that repairs itself when anchored. Why would i want this other crap. The fun is in getting the mythical stuff, getting high lvl crows, getting dolphins, using maxed out components and designing it to fit my needs. Pre-builts are overpriced, boring, slow, un-customizable, worthless floating toilets. And on top of that, even at 50% more damage on common cannons, it doesn't compare to the mythical ones I've built that are 150%+ more. That renders the kraken perk useless. So all you really get are no pros and all cons.
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    Sociopath? Really man? Smh yeah nobody wanted most of that stuff but as far as Xbox port? Yes pvp definitely wanted that. Numbers were already low and they most definitely wanted it. I remember Xbox players complaining it being crossplay and the pc players saying to deal with it and being excited about it, so bother bother with your BS on that one lol. just goes further with our first disagreement on how much of a failure this game is. They added tons of stuff nobody wanted, never communicated in any kind of professional manner. Kept wiping the game even when it wasn’t actually needed. Basically lied from the beginning, and broke something every single update they have ever made. Let alone missing update marks(don’t bother say other companies do too lmao). This game doesn’t even deserve the 314 spot you talked about you literally just gave multiple reason why. I am glad we agree on the dumpster fire at least.
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    The fact remains that the devs think they are giving the pvp community what it wants. And the pvp community have definitely been the biggest complainers. Though I will admit a lot of the time for good reason, as in pvp you have a lot to lose (or gain) whereas in pve you don't. But really both communities are being royally shafted here, as neither party seems to be ending up with a game they actually want anymore.
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    Everything is PvP focused? Really? You are saying the pvp players asked for a fucking Sea Horse or The squirt camel? Grand Tortugar? Dolpin? The eastern Biome? Xbox port? Yeti cave? Eastern Tundra Biome? cow saddle? Blackwood? Pirates NPC on single player? The cosmetics and all other shit i can't think of on the top of my head? Me saying they are not catering to PvP does not mean they are therefor catering to PvE. I have no reason to blame a group of players on the server for what the devs are doing and if thats your stance you are a clearly a sociopath.
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    I love PVP in some game! I have arena titles in wow. I play more Warships than Atlas. I have spent some time on an Atlas pvp server. I have 100% of ZERO interest in Atlas pvp. I will not be going to a pvp server. If Atlas no longer has a pure pve option, so be it, I won't be on Atlas. I like a lot about Atlas but I will live without it. So if all these grids are on their own server (I don't know if this is the case) why not just have a portal between the two grid clusters. People could sail between the rule sets at will. Or, if you like factions, ok, two factions, 100 pve servers on each side with 100 pvp servers in the middle. Each faction has 100 pve grids and as many pvp grids in the middle as they can take and hold. PVEers can do their own thing and support the war effort without all the BS. PVPers can go in and conduct war in the middle war zone grids. So you have 3 grid clusters with one portal between each faction's pve zones and the war zone grid clusters. Player could live in their factions PVE grid cluster or held PVP grids. Everyone can have just what they want. Each factions portal could be guarded but super npc cannons. Once you make it to and through you are safe. Once to go out and through you are under pvp server rules. And we could all enjoy the kiddles sailing to the pve grids clusters screaming foul comments about the rest of us getting on our boats and sailing to the pvp grids. Maybe once in a while we might.
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    Yeah I guess they are too dense to realize that simply adding factions would still be a sandbox. I think it comes down to them lacking the skill to pull it off rather then them not wanting to go in that direction. I truly believe lack of skill is the driving force in their decision making and it really shows.
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    I don't get all the hate on this forum from the (elite) pvp'ers against the pve players. For one, Atlas made over half of it's money from the pve players, who I might add stayed around while the early pvp players quit in droves. Also pve is just a different playstyle ,in the same way as people, we have different personalities. And as for telling pve players to quit all the time, I think pvp players forget that they are not the only ones who paid for Atlas and was given the impression that it would be a better game than it actually is. I pvp in most of my games, and I enjoy it cos i'm good at it. But I accept that pvp is not enjoyable for everyone. Especially if your playing as a family, cos pvp players can get really abusive when they lose eh! If they merge pvp and pve together you will lose a lot of previously loyal players , and the one thing Atlas wanted to be was an mmo, which it won't be if it loses a massive portion of the player base. The most successful online games similar to Atlas are pve with pvp zones, not the other way round. Or games with separate pvp/pve servers.
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    Yeah man, I feel you. The “game” isn’t the problem. The dev company always has and always will be. The decisions they have made and all of the bad business practices as well as unethical behavior is just simply unacceptable. quick note though when you said “new claim system”. It’s really just a remake of the first claim system so in all reality it is just them coming full circle. the only point I will disagree with you on is the “bringing back the old map” part. I don’t blame you for thinking that way but these guys aren’t making any money(their own faults). They simply cannot afford to have that many servers. They didn’t make the map smaller to be “innovative” or “create more interaction”. They literally can’t afford that many servers anymore. once they cut off one full pve server(which led to a downfall in numbers) they saved 225 servers worth of money. Making the other 3 remaining clusters smaller I think they saved another 100-150(can’t remember the exact number) server costs. their decisions have led them to bleed money and resources and even if people think they are “loyal” customers, they really don’t care about that. I know some people want to feel special because they are loyal but I usually just pity those people. This is a business and money comes first. The unfortunate part is this isn’t a good company so money will not come in. don’t worry about what the OP says because they won’t just get rid of pve completely because if they did(they can’t be that stupid) the remaining 1100 people playing would easily drop to 500 or less. OP just wants more people to play with but that isn’t going to happen. He will slowly realize that the numbers will continue to go down regardless. Best example is the steam charts. People here try to hang on the words “numbers are low because a wipe is coming” which is so obvious I am embarrassed for them for even saying that. The main thing to look at is the drop in players before the wipe and then the increase after the wipe. Every time a wipe happens the increase gets smaller and also the drop off before the wipe gets bigger. this is a two year old game that wasn’t all that successful even in the beginning. After two years of the same thing people just get either bored or tired of it. They didn’t listen when factions were requested. They didn’t listen when pvp and pve could combine(some safe servers) that way a real economy could start. These guys just did a horrible job. I sure hope they are ashamed of themselves, because any other feeling would be unjust at this point. literally the only saving grace would be safe servers or factions(and you have to be part of one of the factions). But hey, if they want to stay in the bottom 100 as one of the worst games we can let them.
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    Well this is atlas so it all makes sense.
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    @George Catcher Fugget, at this point and with the game in this condition may as well make it a 10x event
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    https://antihax.github.io/ This is the link to an interactive map which shows the Hydra/Dragon spawns, route of the ghost ship and traders ships. It shows the amount of every single resource you can gather at a island as well. The pictures of George with the Hydra Spots are from this map.
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    I still think this post should be pinned up to the top as it is very great wiki for peaople who struggle or even never try this quest. So I used one weekend to do it myself on the PVE server. I was prepared with a Brigantine leveled up to Lvl45 with 220% resistance and 200% damage skilled and placed masterwork planks 130-140% and masterwork cannons <140% 5x to the rear and also 4 mystical 175% cannons on my broadside for the kraken fight. Most Hydra Spots are pretty worth to kite it to the ship. I finally ended up killing her 7 times in E7 which was pretty easy. I also prepared carabins but i found out that you reload to slowly solo. So i switched to a bow and after that it was very easy to lure the hydra to the ship. So i needed about 2 hours to get the remaing 7 stones and about 1 hours to drive to all cages. Yes i know the way to reset the expire timer which is only 2 hours. So my advise as George also said make all Hydra kills at E7. I needed about 150 cannon shots for each hydra kill. Some shots miss and you need sometimes some salves to make hydra follwing you when she looses agro to early. Also i burned 3 times running to the stearing wheel or climbing up the ship. But with a quick respawn(only PC) you have the chance to agro her again before she turns with the ship cannons. Hydra respawns when you harvest her body but the spawn can change to another one. I did not find a way to make her spawn always on the same spot but E7 they are all very close and there are no wild creatures to worry bout while searching her spawns. Cyclopse and Stone Elementals can be lured away with 2-3 respawns and then you are safe in your Hydra killing. Due to the buffer overflow i was not able to kill Kraken on day 1 because i could not log in to the server for about 4 hours. Luckily my ship did not get sunk by SotD during this time as i crashed while crossing borders into a bad server... but it did not have a red wall. So after completing the mentioned ship build above with master work large handling sails and some more broadside masterwork cannons on the left i went over to Kraken grid the next morning. My NPC crew had all over 500HP lvl 120+. I placed all NPCs under deck to the broadside cannons and did not use the rear cannons during Kraken fight. My plan was to drive always clockwise using my mystical cannons. it turned out that my 200% damage skilled ship with 175% damage small cannons only needed two bullets to destroy one tentacle. Tentacle HP is 1500 and the above mentioned cannons did close to 800 damage. I had 1200 amunition and with this build it was a lot of spare amunition left. With a 6 cannons broadside common 100% and no ship skill on damage 6 bullets do about 6x200 dmg so it's not enough to kill one tentacle in one shot. As i was solo i got a lot of damage to my rear planks and had to repair them... actually two times i had water leaking in but i did not loose a plank. This is also because i got bugged one time into a tentacle and was not able to destroy it as the 40+ SotDs following me surounded my ship. So i had to sink about 10 of them and use all my knowledge to get my stuck ship turned into the tentacle to destroy it. I also endured on lightning attack of the tentacle during that epiusode so i was really close to loose. But with prepared healing kit and improved healing skills + monkey for healing buff i survived that one^^ So it was quite a task and in the end my 1k wood/thatch rep resources was completely used. My rear facing cannons where not destroyed but the wood celings and some of the cannons where down to 200-300 HP so it was more luck that they survived that one. Biggest failure or issue is when you stop your ship because the bolts than hit your side... i was close to loose some of the below deck boradside mystical cannons as well due to the one time i got stuck. When you drive the Kraken lightning bolts hit only the rear of your ship so you only need to repair the upper rear plank. Bolts damage to planks is low but if you see damage numbers above 1000 they are hitting your cannons or wood structures. Beds etc. should be placed in the front of the ship. You can also cover them with grills. i got two times more into the lightning but i had set the curse of my ship correctly and my man already targeting the tentacle so while i was healing they destroyed that one. Conclusion: For unexpirienced captains the Kraken fight solo can end up in a desaster... even with some luck they may get trough it in the first attempt. I was a little unlucky especially in that one moment but with about 2k hours in PvP and lots of sea fight expirience i did now how to stear and repair ship solo. Also i had set up/prepared everything corectly. If you do mistakes in preparation you will fail this fight most likely.
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    Lulz... i just did not check the forum for 2 weeks now and nothing happened. The wipe does not come so far... now it's announced that it will not be wiped until end of April. Some weeks ago there where huge ship battle videos on youtube because PvP Players started to get rid of what they had crafted in this season. This new map must be awesome and i guess all islands templates will be reworked... we will get a complete new Atlas... i am so exited!!!! 1111 (well Maelstorm was just a changed layout of the templates where you look on a former coal rock, hold H and it shows a crystal but you farm a gem) Well so yes Devs take your time and surprise us with a new map that you tested and which will have no main bugs. I don't care if there will be some issues with the ground/surface that you can fall through it or such things common in the unreal map engine. I am also very exited to see if you can fix/improve the lawless land claiming. If you can fix that decay timers will be shown correctly. If there is no 12 hours decay time on structures anymore. If you will fix gathering building BPs work as intended(increaed farming rate and not stopping at common weight when this is increased). I would appreciuate if you could set/choose the farming rate of the different resources in a farmhouse. I also would appreciate if a compnay would only have 1 farmhouse per island which would include the warehouse and alllow more players access to this one due to this change. I would appreciate if you could improve the markets QoL and adjust it that there is no need to demolish the market once you have send more than 90 trading invitations. I still don't have trading logs since the lawless claim patch and the buffer overflow issues... where is the hot ifx? I could talk about Dolphin taming but i found out lately once you have a submarine you can kill all sharks around and than grapple the Dolphin for a wild taming ride. Got 4 of them so it's actually working. But Dolphins can't swim backwards so for fish farming i am using a bear instead of a dolphin because you can't harvest the fish after killing... All my Dolphins are parked under water in a shark safe cage but due to their turning radius and only forward swiming i can't place them up in the water. Luckily they don't need to breath. So this are only bugs about the latest updates that are not getting fixed or improved so far and only considering the PVE part... so not to mention older bugs which list is still very long for example BPs Drop rate and quality... i spend about 40 hours in Golden Age to get an improved ship for Kraken fights but i ended up with a masterwork ship... no legendary or mystical parts(and if found some with no worthy stats better than my masterwork) but all resources for crafting available. But yes, I am exited what you can show us after another 1,5 month of silence. Btw. some where you posted that your Community Managers will not log into their forum accounts after they did the first post @Nami@Chismebeard... so maybe you log into the Atlas Developer Account and answer sometime here and just simply putting your name below the answer?
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    Ok, there will be a wipe SOON™ and it means - this is a chance for new players to establish their trading stuff. Last week with great help and advises from @Nacona buddy, I was trying to test trading stuff and get along with it. Right now I have 2 farms (just a windmill and lumberyard), one warehouse, and one market. I get tons of different resources and most important 4000 - 12000 gold everyday!!! I just wanna share my trading experience, and write what I found so far. 1) - Build your trading chain. You need at least 1 farmhouse. 1 warehouse (build on a shore) and 1 market built near warehouse. (The more farms are better, but I'm not sure if you'll get any profit from like 5-6 farms. I have 2 and my warehouse hell full of famed stuff). Note that usual farmhouse (this windmill house) with 100% efficiency full itself within couple of hours and stop working. 75% efficiency - will get farm working for like 5-6 hours until it full. So if you not near, you better get it to 50% (2 buildings alongside). However my lumberyard with 100% efficiency works 24/7, as long as it have fuel. All farms and warehouses consumes around 500 fuel per real life day. 2) - Get yourself started. First you need to wait a while and check - what your farms brings. Like check my farmhouse: I've got: - Cotton. - Obsidian. - Resin. - Roots. - Sandstone. - Softwood. - Wetwood. What I do, is I go my market, and set for trading: - Cotton for generic fibers. - Obsidian for generic flint. - Resin for generic saps. - Roots for generic thatches. - Sandstone for generic stone. - Softwood and wetwood for generic wood. And DONT ADD ANYTHING ELSE YET!!! Don't worry. You wont get those generic resources back (i mean those you get at freeport or by demolishing stuff) Choosing one will brings you back ANY RESOURCES THIS TYPE!!! 3) - First tradings: - Name your market something like 1x1. - Push: "Find New Trading Route". - Check if there are 30-income routes available. - You can check what guys offers you by pressing cogwheel button and then "View Trading Offers". The left column of wares shows what other player offer you for exchange. Right one - shows what do he want. Like on the picture above @Nacona ready to receive from me any wood (I've got softwood and wetwood), thatches (I've got roots) and any fibers (I've got cotton). (Btw we've got like 103 ships running right now!!! this is insane). Send trading offers to 30-income guys, with as many resources he wants from you as possible. After I established my first couple of trading, I found that woods and thatches are most popular wares here. That's why I decided to add lumberyard to my trading chain. 4) - Maximizing profit. After you established your first routes, wait a day or two. Then check what wares you've got for your trading. Like check this one, I've got for trading tons of BARK thatches every day!!! So you if you see some wares that appears in your warehouse a lot, then you go market and SEND THESE WARES back for trading!!! I personally have lightwood, barks, rushes, hemp and more stuff I receive a lot and trade it back. As for my trading with Nacona I send him wetwood and softwood and get lightwood for exchange. After that I send him lightwood back and get my wetwood and softwood : )) Same with cotton for hemp and then hemp back for cotton. Sounds weird but it generates gold anyway : )) This one is optional, but you can also establish one or two trading with guys who ready to exchange different resources. So check new routes, view offers. Like check this one out: Keep you trade routes updated (some1 might cancel one, or some1 can send better offers). Make sure your farms and warehouse have fuel (I have 6 nitrite nodes around so I fuel my farms with coal-type of fuel). Make sure your warehouse have free slots (it can maximum have 120 slots wares but once I suddenly saw like 135/120) so if there are like 10 slots of same resource you can transfer 6 to you storage box (I use resources boxes for that). Any additional info is welcome here : ))
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    @George Catcherthank you for trading with me further on. After i demolished my market you are simply the only trading partner i got so far but we are permanently running about 200 trade ships so gold income is great. The start of our trading was not that good until i explained that you can trade for all types and that you can set up a circle shipment of the resources instead of taking out my lightwood from your warehouse to safe it on your side for example.(only gold generation trading) You get the parrot eggs, ingots some wood type and gems by default when your ships encounter some generic event during the journey. But after the last patch the trade log is still not available = no hot fix by the Devs. But this works well as you trade in circles but you get additional resources and gold from this events. Like you get dark and iron wood which would be difficult (the old effort) to collect it yourself and transport it yourself. And this is the main issue i see so far. I log in daily 1-3 times to start the farmhouses.(in the morning as i am working in homeoffice xD) But Devs did have plenty of time now but again there are no fixes to implemented stuff... but they all working on the new map layout starting with the known bugs again. I use 2 stone farmhouses myself and they are running on 0,3/0,4 speed. They stop after max 4 hours already but they are also collecting berrys and herbs... my lumberyard is out of the range of the warehouse... so i have there a chest with 400k wood and thatch... My lumberyard is a BP but even i have increased capacity it can only farm up to 10k weight -> BUG I even think it does not have an improved gather rate either... but i will not test this. So basically after testing lots of trading and seeing still plenty of Bugs and no improvements to the farmhouses and warehouses i am like all PVE Players just simply keeping up the stuff doing nothing in the game = i am not playing this game^^ Well at least i did the Power Stones and Kraken v1 with a masterwork Brigantine solo in 2 days. Oh i just remember that i got 3 crabs and also about 60 squid legs so i could buy the Kraken ship to test it out.
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    Chukiki why do you make post after post being a troll? Go be a productive member of society and stop wasting your time.
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    Yeah, she's clearly on the spectrum. All her useless posts are garbage at best at gibberish usually. Devs, I have revised my previous positions a little. I think it of the utmost importance that we maintain a PvE server.
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    So they are supposed to cater to cry babies like you? We all know the real problem you have with this. You really aren’t any good at the game and can’t hold your own against all of the other companies, so you want someone you can easily defeat because they are casual. I mean it’s pretty pathetic to say the least but hey, if you suck I really don’t blame you for trying this. btw, you are making yourself sound like a bratty kid running to his mom because the other kids don’t want to play with you. Suck it up buttercup, you aren’t getting your way.
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    Well in that case, you'll be gone for a loooooong time! Cya! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
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    Get over it dude. You don't know what trash is, if you did, you'd climb in a bag curbside.
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    I wouldn't mind playing pvp but I've been offline raided enough for it to be a waste of time. Fighting is one thing, having your base raided while you sleep is for chukiki's. No thanks. Pve is overrun with people and pvp needs to be downsized due to lack of players playing? From what I'm hearing, the devs are catering to the minority? No wonder this game is upside-down. The game needs to combine pve and pvp aspects into one game. Having both available. Having to pass through pvp area's to get resources or something to that effect. Not necessarily forcing pve players to combat, but rather, "if you want the good stuff" you'll have to run the gauntlet. That's real pirating. Pirates derived from stealing cargo from ships. If you want to transport resources, you run the risk of pirates stealing your shipment. The series "black sails" gives a good portrayal of how it was. Pirates weren't murdering psychopaths. They made a business of stealing and selling cargo. Buried treasure was hiding gold from others. A pirates bank or cash in the mattress. There is a solution to the pvp vs pve discussion. Devs need to get creative. We can all agree that offline raiding fits neither in pvp nor pve. That is a trolls survival tool. You know who I'm referring to.
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    Unfortunately, this game is lacking mods. They do put up rules and a Code of Conduct but do not have the resources to back them up. I have personally messaged the Mods in the Atlas Discord without ever getting a reply. The Discord channel seems to have been overtaken by a bunch of trolls who insult and taunt anyone who comes in looking for help. I have suggested that Grapeshot actually recruit some of us players who have been playing the game from the start to help out admin the servers for rule infraction. So far, no reply. If there were even just a few admins in the game to help answer the tickets it would help things run much smoother and stop many players from being forced out of the game by others.
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    why would they wipe now? its not ready.
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    The game files seem to contain a promising new ship-construction related feature that might be coming soon that will please you very much, I think. I won't spoil it for you, but you'll probably be really happy about it. But in the meantime, how about this? Paying coin to build YOUR OWN ship makes no sense. Especially for even a small ship like a schooner. But requiring blueprints to make more advanced ships wouldn't necessarily be bad. It already was the case for mythical ships and such. My suggestion would be to have the following options. Freeports Buy pre-made ships for coin Player Shipyard Build entirely custom-made ships with resources Build special ship modules (like the ram) with rare resources and blueprints Construct advanced ships and ship components with blueprints/rare resources Some ships and parts would require blueprints (for coin or by salvaging). No blueprints required Dinghy Raft Sloop Schooner Brig Blueprints required Galleon Ramming Ship Submarine Other (new) specialized ships Specialized ship parts Ram Torpedo launchers Secondary gun decks Specialized cargoholds etc.
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    The game has a big problem losing characters! I know at least 4 cases of loss of access to characters in the last few days for unknown reasons related to errors in the game. I am surprised that the developers are not dealing with this problem. Developers do not want to recover lost characters caused by errors in the game. Dear developers! You must understand that a character is not things that appear or are lost in the normal course of the game. A character is a very significant part of the game, the result of a lot of time spent on killing animals, searching for treasures, searching and handing over stones, killing bosses, whales, searching for mermaids, searching for new discoveries. The loss of characters is a big disaster, the reason for players to leave the game, the reason for the appearance of very negative reviews about the game on various forums and Steam. Who wants to spend time on a game in which you can lose everything at any time? Three days ago (10.27.19) on the PVP EU server for unknown reasons, I lost my character. During these 3 days my island was completely plundered. Buildings are destroyed. All my animals are killed. And on the island the flag of another's tribe was set. Due to the loss of the character, I did not even have the opportunity to stop them. At the moment, I have lost everything that I have achieved and aspired to in the last month of intense play ... I think that the developer must have a simple and streamlined mechanism for returning players lost as a result of game bugs. Why further develop the game, introduce new game features, if the characters for unknown reasons are reset to zero without the possibility of their restoration ?! I think that the problem of losing characters will be relevant for a long time to come. And the main direction in solving this problem should be a mechanism for their rapid recovery. The easiest option, as I see it, is to create a daily updated database of players with all their parameters, achievements and binding to Steam account. The base must contain data of players for a period of at least 2 weeks. And to be able to copy the parameters of the players from this base to any newly created character. Such a tool must be. What can accelerate work in this direction? Maybe several hundred negative reviews on Steam with a description of this very urgent problem? I am sure that I will be supported by the whole alliance and a large number of other players.
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    Господа разработчики проблема таже. После смерти персанаж исчез нет места респа, есть только возможность создать нового
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    Yes, this is really a problem. The character just disappears from the server, and you need to create a new one. I would like the developers to find a solution to this problem. Or developed a character backup system.
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    I did not change the computer and operating system. I did not install the game again. The file integrity check did not reveal any problems. Restarting the game and rebooting the computer does not help. My characters and acquaintances disappeared when teleporting between regions. For no apparent reason or error: you teleport to a neighboring region, the game returns back (teleportation does not occur). You exit the game. All. The character is lost. When you re-enter the game offers to create a new character. On other servers (like PVP NA), my characters load seamlessly.
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    Some of these guys must not see the value of adding an extra 17% on top of 250% damage mythical cannons. Maybe if they saw what 18 300% damage cannons do to a hydra, they may change their minds.
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    Atlas is broken on Xbox,every time I try to log in it says Network Failure Message, Outgoing reliable buffer overflow. Because of this I have not been able to play atlas for 11 hours. I play on the PVE server, please fix your game..
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