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    In what reality do you really think 1400 gold per day in rent makes player shops viable for anyone? I don’t mean everyone. I mean anyone. This seems like more evidence of developers disconnected from their own game. There is no conceivable economic model under which this is viable with a player base even 5 to 10 times what you currently have testing the game for you, and at the current rate at which gold is earnable in game as a practical reality. The most disappointing thing is this should not be required feedback. One gold per minute is so insanely over the top as a maintenance cost that it should have been immediately shot down internally as too high the moment someone suggested it, not actually put into the game, leaving the players to tell you the sky is blue, water is wet, and women have secrets. Please tell me this is a coding error. I have owned a small retail business irl and when comparing options to rent retail space my partner and I used a simplified model of seeking to rent space for between a penny and a nickel per expected person in foot traffic. This was a realistic model that gave us a fair chance to make a profit and saw us paying a fair rent to our landlord for the space. By contrast, one gold per minute would require two thirds of the entire current playerbase to visit a given shop every single day. If you want player testing of shops, reduce the rent cost by a factor of 90%, minimum. If you want them to be ignored and players to continue to wonder what you could possibly be thinking, leave them where they are. For a development studio that started out claiming it wanted to pattern Arlas after Eve, your apparent grasp of economics is abysmal. Jat et al, I hope that by now you are familiar enough with my posting history as a member of this community since day one to know that I do not engage in hyperbole or overblown emotional reactions. This is straight talk from someone who has played MMO’s since 2004, whose favorite aspect of MMO’s is economy, and who has a real world background in business.
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    When my kids set up a lemonade stand in the front yard, l like to charge them $250 a day. I don’t see the problem.
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    No, we don't need boosted weekends constantly.
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    Hey guys I sold 4 brigs this week. How much did you make? I only lost 1,000 gold this week!
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    He's fishing for people because the Empire server is dead. It was DOA. Its so dead it will most likely get wiped in the next month or so and you'll lose everything you created.
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    Attention Devs!!!! THIS!!! Here we have a company who’s claimed an island and is ADVERTISING for other players to come there. Why? Because almost NOBODY WANTS TO SET UP ON SOMEONE ELSES LAND! Your “new” claim system offers absolutely no reason at all settle on claimed territory. The only benefit is to the owner in PVE!!!!! Nice ad by the way. Except every island has resources.
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    1. Permission To Come Aboard The current setting; "Nobody but company and allies allowed on ships" feels like gauze on a hemorrhaging wound. As it stands, without allying with EVERY player who wishes to view your ship design, catch a ride to another region, or just hang out, nobody can help others. I propose a new setting which would bypass the company and alliance setting temporarily to allow individuals onto your ship, with strictly your permission. 2. Assign To Repairs / Unseat All As it stands, NPC crew-mates begin to automatically repair your ship when unseated and the ship is anchored. This causes NPCs to be free-floating on your ship's deck, occasionally glitching through and drowning or teleporting up and down getting stuck between decks. I propose an additional, man-able position on the ship meant for repairing. This should stop NPC crew-mates from disappearing or dying by glitches. Additionally, I propose a command be added to the HUD while at the wheel of your ship and through the lieutenant podium to "Unseat All" NPC crew-mates. 3. Handling Sail; Reverse Allow Handling Sails to provide faster Reverse speeds. As it stands, ships can currently back up no matter what. If the Ship layout includes a Handling Sail, this ship should reverse slightly faster. 4. Flags Create a new Flag item to be crafted in the Loom to place anywhere on your ship, preferably at the top of a Sail mast. 5. Send - To / Send - Off As it stands, Ships give players the ability to interact with their tames and "Send To Ship..." I propose another ability should be added to "Send Off Ship..." for those cases where someone's tamed animal got stuck inside of a structure they built on the ship. Alternatively, add a targeting system for where on the ship, or off the ship, that the tamed animal be sent to when interacting with the "Send To Ship" option. 6. Captain's Deck As it stands, a Galleon is the only ship that comes with a snap-able slot for a receded Deck to be placed higher up at the back of the ship. I propose another optional Deck slot be added to the back end of Brigantines and Schooners, like the Galleons, for cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing ship designs. (The Brigantine is especially difficult to make the ceilings and walls line up with the back end of the ship.) 7. Improved Respawning @mKHammerBro Better Ship structuring to prevent falling out the back of a ship in motion. This happens often. Through Decks and through the back wall. Alternatively, re-code the Ship itself to act as a Respawn point, and change the Ship's accommodation level to improve how soon it can be reused as a respawn point. Maybe this will solidify the player's position on the boat when respawning at full sail. 8. Anchoring @mKHammerBro Increase Ship's anchor length to allow deeper anchoring. Larger ships can't get close enough to anchor sometimes. Maybe a craft-able mod or purchased at a Freeport. Additionally, stop beds and other structures from preventing anchor drop. Many can't anchor their own ships inside their own territory because of a random person's ship or raft anchored nearby. 9. Careening @mKHammerBro Introduce a new mechanic to ground Ships to scrape and clean the underside of the hull. In the past, this process was called Careening, or Heaving Down. Barnacles and other sea life clings to the underside and rots away at the wood. This could also introduce a new way to repair your ship's planks or add a temporary repair and/or speed buff to your ship. 10. Mooring @ikarirain Introduce a new item to be crafted at Smithy's from the Seamanship tree, Bollard. There are instances where a ship is too large to reach an anchor-able point, so it's been proposed to allow ships the ability to be moored in by ropes to Bollards, which can be placed on piers or shipyards, to safely "anchor" the ship in your territory, given anchoring isn't possible. Additionally, increase the amount of Bollards needed to moor a ship depending on the ship's size and/or weight. 11. Select All or Individual Sail Controls @Shakarian Ability to control all sails from the wheel, or select which individual sails to give certain commands to. For instance, all sails selected by default. But press keys similar to the cannon crews to deselect certain sails. 12. More Structures on Galleons @Vostik Vostik's Galleon is comprised so far of only ceilings, roofs and walls. and They can't even place a ship resource box anymore, yet I see a vast open space in these images still to use. Increase the structure limit on Galleons. https://imgur.com/a/Mz7F2TT 13. Knots @mKHammerBro When building your ship and rearranging sails and what-not, players are asking for a way to measure their speed. To truly see which sail and sail-set-up is faster. This system would obviously be Knots, how to tell how fast your ship is actually moving. 14. Look-Out / Telescope @Aristocrates It is known that being at the top of a mast gives the player a slightly larger render-distance so they can see ships and such ahead of time, but it would be nicer if there was a Telescope sort of attachment to build on the Smithy that could be attached to the top of the mast, further improving this render distance for preparation or avoidance purposes. 15. Additional Sails @Grodgen Auxiliary sails: Jibs, Mizzens, Staysails, etc: Currently we only have access to main mast sails. It limits the potential of ships. Ships have tons of sails on them, including these smaller or medium sized ones. Have them take up sail a small amount of points like masts but provide enough bonuses to the ship to make them viable. Lateen Sails: We have square sails, gaff sails, and mainsails in game right now, however, we are missing lateen sails, which were used way before the other three became popular. 16. Collidable Bowsprits / Figureheads @Grodgen Collidable Bowsprits / Figureheads: Currently they have no collision. You can't stand on them and it also limits their functionality as actual bowsprits. If you like any of these options, please reply "+1" an don't forget to Upvote the post! I'll be adding ideas posted here by others and tagging them for credit so this post gets bigger and noticed! Thank you for taking the time to read this @Jatheish! Regardless, loving the game.
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    Dear PVE players, lets face the truth : All of the small islands that you could maybe take with your small groups are taken again. So every 30-40 point island is gone. Whats left to you ? A life as a slave to some landlords or an existance as an outlaw in lawless. So why dont you join the Empire server ? I know, you dont like gankers lolstomping you from behind while building up a beautiful pirate castle. I dont like them neither. BUT : You are really safe of these on the Empire server. You can place 150 claim flags, thats enough for even a big island. There is a lot of space for everyone, the hackers, griefers and gankers enjoy their rulor & roxxoring on the Colonies servers and are not present on the Empire server. As these unworthy griefers are way to lazy declaiming your 150 flags your assets are quite safe. Join now, and become a real pirate ! Yours Sith friend
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    just wanted to thank grapeshot for the big middle finger they are giving the NA PVE players, forcing them to play on eu server with higher ping and more lag or to play pvp with all that nonsense. so glad you keep your customer base in mind when you make your ridiculous decisions.
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    This sounds big. There’s probably a naming rights deal in here somewhere. Maybe two. How about: Bethesda presents the Boomer Inc. Memorial Realistic Auction House and Respawn Point, sponsored by Mountain Dew The kids’ll love it.
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    Why making it even harder to tame elephant , whoever in charge of balancing stuff is a true sadist .
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    There is no slavery. People need to learn what slavery is, then pay attention to changes in the game they play, and then realise their claims of slavery make them look foolish.
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    Ahoy, brothers-pirates! I decided to share my AHK. Full sails and dry sailing! Braveheart.ahk Careless Whisper.ahk Daft Punk.ahk Godfather.ahk Harry Potter.ahk In The Mood.ahk Katyusha.ahk Lonely Shepherd.ahk Skyrim.ahk Star Wars.ahk Wrecking Ball.ahk
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    While I don’t disagree with any of that, it misses the point. Ask the OP WHY they claimed an island in the first place? The answer will probably be something along the lines of they wanted to be self reliant, wanted to be master of their own fate, wanted to have the ‘best thing’ in the game (winning so to speak). People can’t claim an island cannot have those things... they are forced to settle for less. People who play games don’t want to settle for less... there’s enough of that in real life.
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    There are things an owner can do to make the island more attractive. Public Taming traps, ladders to hard to reach places that contain gems, some safe housing to get away from predditors, maps/signs showing where the resources are,, and working to keep the island spam-free. THe location he has is a primo one, temperate so can grow any crop. one grid away from east tundra, high desert and two from low desert and west tundra ans as close to polar as you can get without being in tundra., While I do not like the island ownership model, this owner is they type of owner that would make it work. more power to the OP. A friendly owner is preferable to lawless, however more owners will think they are friendly than actually are.
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    Man, you are never going to get out of that hole. Smh. Wait a couple more days and you will have to sell a galleon to break even and then the upkeep just starts again
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    Uhm, there is no need for them to put out "5000 islands"... if they would have kept some version of the old claim system, but with a limit on how many flags you can own, the problem would have been solved or at least almost non-existent... Cause there would have been a LOT more land for everyone! Not just companies with 5 members or more. As a solo player, then you could have had maybe 1 or 2 claims. Now, instead, a few companies own the whole Atlas, and the rest of the population is told to rent or go to lawless. When there was a much more fair solution that they could have implemented instead. I don't know how many times I saw players suggest to the developers to simply limit the amount of claims, and scale it according to Company size. I am sorry but this system is deeply unfair. We all paid the same amount of money for the game and should all have a Fair chance at owning a piece of land, However small it would be. I am not a greedy person, I don't need an island. Just a small claim for a shipyard, a base, but I want it to be my own, don't wanna be at the mercy of a landlord. The old claim size was perfect. It was enough for a base for a solo person or small company. They could have limited something like: 1 claim for solo player, 2 claims for 5 person Company, 5 claims for 10+ Company, and so on. With a max of maybe 15-20 claims for the larger companies. Most people would have been able to see the fairness of such a system. But instead they went with this and it makes me sad cause I really have loved this game from the start but it is getting so frustrating with this unfair system.
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    I'd never belong to any club that would have me as a member.
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    I don't want landlord on top of me in th game. what is unclear with that? Ability to set tax on you only flagged piece of land adding a bit of fun to the game. Nothing special. Example: imagine polar region and you flag the only spot with trees (they are rare there).And then you enjoy free wood resources : - ) WIth 1 pillar per person there will be enought land for everyone. Everyone will be able to own piece of land, sowe all will be equal, we all will be landlords. No slavery.
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    If that's the case then I am good with keeping that historically accurate. Besides what could be more morale busting then being sunk by one of your old ships?
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    I wouldnt put it past the designers to look at the numbers and come to the wrong conclusion. I would think "Make claimed islands better" They will think "Nerf lawless!" Best not to spread around the tales of the golden lands of love, peace, harmony and friendship that is lawless.
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    If I am an island owner, here's how I look at the suggestions - many of the small islands only have 1 or 2 good spots to build. People grab those first, even if they don't want to claim the island. That's a mistake, because whoever is paying the upkeep is going to feel they should have at least 1 of those spots. I know I would. Nobody is going to come along later and claim that island if they can't destroy some of that stuff. And if you don't want a landlord, you just build over the resources, and then nobody would ever want to claim that island. I don't know,, it looks like we are just coming up with more and more complicated systems to do something that could be a lot simpler - everyone gets to claim land with limits based on company size. With the old claim system with claims caps in place, I would go looking for land like this - 1. Do I like this biome? 2. Is there land available here? 3. If there anything awful right next to me? (Giant stone boxes, companies with racist or otherwise nasty names, etc) 4. How are the resources? And then I'd claim the land. With this new system, I'd still do all that, and then I'd have to worry about the landlord if there was one. Will he destroy my stuff? Will he let other people build stuff 2 tiles away from mine? Will HE build stuff 2 tiles away from mine? Is he going to let bunches of objectionable companies build on the island? (Sorry, but I am just not up for spending my free time hanging out with "Sexy Grandpa", or "N**erbomb"... names I have really seen in the game) If the land is not claimed, then I have to check to see if anybody else has already done any of those things, because I can't destroy their stuff if the timer's already gone off. And if I do destroy their stuff, then I get to be the mean landlord for destroying their stuff. Then assuming I jump all those hurdles, and claim land, there are the rules - you can't destroy anyone's stuff if the first thing they built was more than 12 hours ago, unless they are doing "excessive building", then you can destroy their stuff (just the excessive stuff?), and they can have a deed flag, and you can't destroy anything inside the deed. Or I do all those things and become a settler. I can build , but I have to wait 12 hours to see if I can stay, and then I can stay, but I can't expand "excessively", and I have to worry about what the landlord thinks and what he's going to do and who he's going to let build around me. It gets way too complicated. When do I just get to have a piece of land that I can control, and go out sailing and have some adventures? Why do I have to be a landlord at the mercy of some tenant, or a tenant at the mercy of some landlord when I just want to be a pirate?
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    As a solo player, it’s totally not worth the cost of trying to own even the smallest of islands. Almost all of my game time would be involved in keeping it. Even something as small as The Shinning Isles in K7 (which would barely support 1 player) costs 244 gold per day. I have been burned by other players in the past and don’t personally know anyone who owns an island ATM. I don’t see any reason to trust another company or benefit to setting up on someone else island. True, after 24 hours they cannot delete my stuff, but can still, at anytime prevent me building more. So I’m setting up in Lawless. There isn’t any reason not to.
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    so wait can one of the devs can clarify something for me? Have you gone overboard on the restrictions on PVE claim Flags? Are you telling me that because I am a two-man company that I just stayed up all night trying to claim land and doing everything I needed to to claim land but I can't because I'm a two-man company and that's not enough people. You should be able to claim at least one territory that's ridiculous I have dealt with glitched-out snakes to the point that the game hasn't even been fun anymore and I can't claim land like I was promised that I would be able to do in PVE. I have friends that I was going to have buy The Game and join me but I'm about ready to tell him don't bother. I completely understand this is Early Access and there's a lot of things to be fixed on this game but the balancing issue with the monsters is ridiculous when you can't walk for the dang cobras killing you no matter what level you are a level 1 Cobra can kill you with out a fight it really makes the game no fun cuz it's just a slaughterfest for the monsters and you're constantly doing body runs I had three Alpha cobras on me earlier so I'm sure you can understand where I'm upset and then the fact that I find out because you've gone overboard with the restrictions on PVE I can't claim land a company should be able to claim at least one territory I don't want to deal with PVP because I'm a Casual Gamer I mostly play on the weekends because I'm a single mom and it played when my child is at his dad's I can't play PVP I don't have the time to invest in that that's why I was happy when you put the claiming system back in PVE this is a big letdown