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    Hey depth. If you’re pointing a message towards me, make sure it is correct. When the game came out and it was complete shit, I defended it. When they implemented the new claim system people were still very critical but I defended it & when they did the SoTD change, everyone was bashing and I, again, defended it. After that last update, it went dark because they wanted to bring the game to xbox. And when they brought the game onto xbox, the two main people of Atlas, Jat and Dollie left this game to work on an ARK DLC without ANY notification towards the Atlas community. The project manager left aswel and to top it all off, the community manager did nothing but ignore the community for more than 7 months on end now. You think that it’s all rainbow and sunshines - but it definitely is not. If we look back to december 2018 and july 2020, what exactly has changed in a large perspective? Hmm, we’ve got different sizes of SoTD, another claiming system and trenches. Woohoo. That’s some progress in 19 months right there. Ever since the devs stopped working on this game (november-december) I’ve been critical. Am I allowed to? Yes. Does that make me an idiot? No. I have spent hundreds of hours in a game, reporting any bug there was to be found. Then finally we get something from the devs, and it is once again a huge disappointment for anyone that feels close to this game. The devs have lied to us, once again. A ‘new world’ would be here, which is nothing but a remake of a map which made it even harder for smaller pvp groups and even laggier for pve servers. All for the ‘sake of the game’ - aka their money pockets. Jeremy or Jat said in Nov 2019 that they would pull the plug if the Atlas project wouldn’t work out as planned. Having 2K players in population, abandoned by project managers and ignored by the community manager, it would surprise me if Jeremy or Jat would call that ‘as planned’. Don’t quote me as if I’m some new kid on the block, I’ve been here all along listening to the shit of the community because the devs were ‘failing this game’ - well, now that they’re actually are, I will damn sure open my mouth about it.
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    Yeah this ain't it chief, these are definitely not the questions people are currently asking.
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    this is it? jesus takes you a whole year to do this much?
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    You’ve single-handedly managed to screw over the community (probably one last time). I mean I’ve got to hand it to you, it was a great troll. Making the community believe that you’ve actually implemented new content with a ‘new map’ which is the old map, just rearranged - with ARK berries in it though. This update once again made us 1 step closer to the complete downfall of this game, or what’s left of it. I sincerely hope that Jat and Dollie can still look themselves in the eyes in a mirror since they’re the ones threw Atlas in the toilet and then flushed a few times. For everyone enjoying the game: good. But please, do not get your hopes up. I’ve defended this games for months on end because I believed this was a game that could last a decade - sadly I was wrong. Some new ‘devs’ and a community manager won’t change that.
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    clearly cutting 60% of an alpha game in production is the best way to add content! but they added cats that fish for you...that for some reason will not eat the fish they catch and starve to death.
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    I entirely disagree with you, for me its a very welcome addition that i can focus on building my base and my ship instead of endless gathering, this is not farmville, if you like gathering so much farmville could satisfy you more than ATLAS.
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    this is a joke not only do you not manage to improve the gameplay but you also make the npc cheaper for spamw more in the island than bigger disappointment and I am not the only crazy person who thinks that it is not enough
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    All the snowflakes saying, "Is this it?" You all make my day . If you don't like it you can go play another game bb
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    Why would you remove islands from the build when you clearly know it will force unofficial servers to wipe, what is there to be gained by removing them? Honestly this just seems like an attempt to force existing unofficial servers to wipe, and force the players (that have been responsible for a good number of the sales the game has generated) back to official maps because they'll have no choice while the unofficial admins rush to fix issues caused by this. An obvious insult to the unofficial community, and I suspect just so Grapeshot can shout about how awesome numbers were on the launch of the new map. I imagine alongside this we'll see a delay to the servergrid editor being updated so that unofficials have no choice but to wait, or produce custom mods using the old build to add islands back in. That'd be the icing on the cake.
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    Title speaks for its self. Stand up and take this game back from the Glitchers and Exploiters! Great work on trying to fix the yeti cave. Keep it up. Lord knows there is a laundry list of things to be fix. But the major thing that needs to be fixed is the punishment system. This is a great time prove yourself to the community that you are serious. The only point the last Devs made is we will Ban you for Racist speak. You wont lose the megas like previous devs thought. We will always progress faster then casual gamers because of team work. But the rate that they have progressed since the wipe is game breaking. Blackhole, CSTG, SDC, Uganda, etc. are done leveling for the most part and are going to start rampaging in the next few days. This will kill the populace. The average player level for legit players is around 35-40 at the time of this post. Highest in our company is 56 and we are a Mega. The Exploiters are well over 100 at this points... Normals and Xbox cant compete with that can they. Aftter this free warning you move to banning. Fun thing about people that get banned they love to buy new account to keep trying to play. *Cough* Felon *Cough*! There is a super easy fix for this anyone over a certain level say 60 gets reset to level one. You will make your point. Moving forward remove any XP from the yeti cave till its actually fixed in PTR. By the way Kraken has the same issue so you might wanna turn off the XP on that to. Some companies have become so brazen they even admit it in open chat. Now is your time to stand up and prove yourself. You can do it!
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    Why stop with lasers?!? We have cyclones! We have sharks! I’m not a programmer but I bet it’s super easy to have some shark spawn in and fly out of a good old fashion Sharknado!
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    Atlas is a game without a clear direction, it was presented as a pirate game built on the Ark engine where you and your crew could sail around and go on adventures, fighting at sea, and it had some land bases. What we got was a ground based game with a few ships, most combat took place fighting over islands with absurd mega-companies dominating everything. Literally locking people off the server because they brought so many people to the fight. Ship tended to be used as mobile spawning points and artillery platforms for specific bombardment of areas. You send in a crew that could grapple, fly, or climb to an area, and take out the defense crew in an area, then use ships to hit the walls to breach them with large cannons from long range. Mostly when people were offline and your company was online. A small group basically could do nothing because the Megas controlled most of the islands (Not all but most) and even controlled lawless islands. If you got too big, you got trampled upon because you became a threat. the "join us or die" mantra was repeated a lot. So they were like right, the pirate thing isn't really working, so lets lean into the "magic punk" aspect and add more mythical creatures, submarines and torpedoes, but still have people be at the mercy of the wind. They allowed you to get fantastically overpowered ships that could take on multiple normal ships with ease by literally one shotting normal ships even ones with a few upgrades. Because balance? Whats that? How about we just allow mega companies to control all the resources they need to be able to make OPed death machines that no one has a hope of challenging because "they worked for it" and changing the game isn't an option, we have to keep that in because the megas, will get mad when they cant use their blueprints to be able to destroy everyone and leave, since they drove everyone else away from the game, that would kill our game. Things they should change: Nerf blueprints to a 2% bonus per material used beyond 1. 2 material 2%, 3 material 4%, ECT. Hard cap company size and alliance sizes to a much lower number, total numbers of players in alliances instead such as 150 total players, that way many small groups can ally up, but it handicaps megas. I know that Mega's will still work around this, but make it harder for them and it will also cause more drama for them when they constantly have to sort out. I do not know how to sort out the material scaling, where when you are small and in the stone age, it takes forever to get anything done, but when you are a mega, it takes minutes to build ships. Maybe limit resource respawning on islands by a lot, 12 hours per tree and rock or something, so that they cant clear an entire island of resources, then do it again as soon as it respawns. This prevents megas from spawn clearing entire areas every 30 minutes or w/e the absurdly low time is. Also, limit the special materials to rare spawns and have generic versions be the default to limit blueprint usage. have "metal" and "rock" and a generic "alloy" for generic cannons and rifles. I still think they should add factions to allow people to have a "safe" haven that they can somewhat rely on to be more friendly, so they can build relationships with people around them instead of instantly distrusting literally everyone around them, to be able to build up. The New player experience is rather abruptly ended at level 8 with your next step being onto lawless islands where you get murdered instantly. You haven't even built your first hut yet and you are being murdered by guys with guns and you are still working with basic spears trying to figure out how to build things and where resources come from. I think factions would bridge that gap between freeport and OMG EVERYONE IS AN ENEMY. I just lost the ship I spent 3 hours figuring out how to build, and now I have nothing after being one shot by a rifle and do not know what happened. Uninstall. I am a long time player of ARK and other games similar to this, most people aren't on that level, and will quit because they do not understand what happened.
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    Was a question not a complaint however your answer was neither helpful nor useful. I'm simply looking for the logic behind this decision if their emphasis was going to be life at sea over land. Why the bigger reduction on land then at sea? So far doesn't sound like it's been a positive change
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    the whole taming system is a collection of bugs/poorly developed features
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    But.. nothing has changed?
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    still feelsbad though. - Head-Bobbing is unreal. yes, i turned off head-bob and melee-camera-animation, and yet, melee-weapons just take control of my crosshair. - Vitamins. Get rid of this bs, thats not how eating works in the first place, and shouldnt be a thing in games. - Weak-equipment. My stone-axe broke from 100 to 0 whilest fighting a bee ! let that sink in. - HUD. the HUD is attrocious, just like in ARK. but at least that was toggleable, to see how much stamina i have actually left. - Copy-pasted islands. yes, why ? cant you setup few more pieces of land ? honestly... so many exact copies of islands. not only is it confusing for new players, its just straight up lazy development... - finally, my char died of dehydration after few minuts of gameplay. wish i never bought this, because these Devs just dont seem to get a thing right..
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    i think the systems are ok. its just the balances that are waaaay off. i would love to see some of these developers grocery bills. kill a 5 ton elephant? yeah, that is about 5 kilo of meat, which is about what a light snack is... i get thirsty and need a gatoraide walking from my cubicle to the bathroom so....if im running around an island i would obviously need 300 liters of water per minute. when Bob lowers the office thermostat 1 degree i get sooooo cold. i bet a 5 degree change people would freeze to DEATH!
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    Sidenote the starving cats were so ridiculous i just spilt my coffee reminiscing... Lol... Not to mention i could place some on a wet rock and theyd catch more fish than a sponsored pro bass team lol... Jus sayin...
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    I just logged out and there were 80 online in 1 zone.. The atmosphere in there was a bit... questionable.. people being idiots for the sake of it, killing tames while others were taming them for lols and giving each other grief even for asking questions. Guessing the kids came out of hiding. But mixing 2 regions into a smaller map is going to have people living on top of each other. And that's going to put people's backs up over resources and space etc. People were spamming foundations all over beach fronts which I get if you want to expand to that point and reserve your land until you build on it but sometimes spamming way beyond what you'd need and where it clearly isn't necessary. Bugs have turned up which didn't exist before like farming fibre for instance. Resources seem strangely spread out. Like in some temporate zones there are strawberry's EVERYWHERE but not much of anything else. Seems this game just took a really big step backwards.
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    Yep. They literally the bed. I knew it. All they did was make a new map that isn’t really that different. Megas will always be Megas(losers), but I am starting to think they just used this map as an excuse to give the Megas something to do aka destroy all the new companies. I won’t even bother with the game this time around or as they call it “season”. Pretty sad when they say season but what they really mean is we wiped you again. Season 4 everyone Yeah just sold me on not coming back lol thank you for going through that so I don’t have to. You have my gratitude.
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    why are all console users so disconected with reality? the game has been scheduled for yesterday's wipe for over a week now, you should check the home section of the forum more often, so yeah you have to start all over, yes the map is smaller (one tenth is a huge exageration, they went from 15x15 to 11x11), yes there is more people now (as every next day after a wipe), yes most land will be taken and the sold to players by mega companies, welcome to ATLAS
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    Don’t get my wrong, I did noticed they put a cute little ring of island in the center but the powerstones are still spread out. they went from a 15x15 grid to an 11x11 grid. You guys realize they just cut the crust of a piece of bread right? no wonder there is less discovery points, you cut out 104 servers so of course there is less discovery points. I gotta hand it to you guys, you can really word things well. Bad people but good talkers. I see a career in politics for you guys.
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    Like I say, there is only so many times you can rearrange furniture, before you realize you need a new house.
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    Is that it? All this hype for 12 lines of changes? Trailer video that was used at the launch of the game with literally 2 new scenes saying NEW MAP and SEASON 4?
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    @w4stedspace I'm afraid so too. We unofficial will have to wait again. Wildcard has not learned to communicate properly with Ark so far and Grapeshot makes exactly the same mistakes.
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    When can we get the devkit updated? It hasn't been touched since last October and is missing many, many updates since the update that made cats availble. Now, with the Int32 mod id issue (Ark just resolved it), no new mods can be created and used on unofficial servers. So, it's really broken now for any new mod development. When can you fix custom mapping in the devkit and unofficial server? It just doesn't work. Some have tried to do part of the work in Ark and port it over but nearly everyone struggles with getting it to load into a custom map. Even the example map extension isn't even in the kit anymore. Just an empty folder. Are there any plans to improve communication with the modding community? If so, what can we expect? Are there any plans to offer a sponsored mod program similar to Ark? Are there any plans to improve communication with the unofficial server admin community? A significant % of active and loyal Atlas players in the community spend their time on unofficial servers. It's been more than official in the past 6 months. If so, what can we expect?
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    Amazing, a 3 question pyrate Q and A ? Where you pick and choose what questions you answer ? To make the player base feel like they are included ? And you're serious ? Mr Anderson, we have a problem.
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    This. I guess they had to add in some made up questions (or at the very least picked the easiest questions to answer) to distract us from the failure of a patch they just put out. You guys realize your "ground work" patch broke the game more, right?
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    Dont stop there! Put the lasers on the sharks!
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    Maelstrom update now spawns you in ocean. Any tips of how to save myself?
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    I am getting more and more convinced that this game was exclusively created to enable sociopathic dictator assholes behaving like sociopathic dictator assholes.
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    Submit a ticket on here but don't get your hopes up on it being removed as they take no notice of tickets most of the time. This is the problem with this game, no Admins to oversee these things in game. Personally I'd like to see the Moderators who play the game be given privileges to actually look at reports and go in and remove whatever it is or if necessary ban the player and remove the whole lot. There is several people on the server I am on that has blocked gems, put walls under the water so you crash near shore, it's stupid. This is the result of doubling the players now with only having 1 PvE server but they never thought of that did they.
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    Just a little note for today: 08 - Handling sail position. With this angle like on picture below, my handling sail should just break my ship, not moving it. So the angle of this one should be different at 180*. We were writing about this one since EA started, but no one cares.
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    The ping was not the main point, what you have pointed out the overcrowding and the hacking that WILL go on is what I was and am ticked about, it sucks, no two ways about it, you either bend over and play the pve eu servers or,not at all, I know already I will be remembering this screw up.
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    EU PVP i10 NE island Many resources when you press H on them say one thing but when you harvest them you get a totally different resource. For example when pressing H: Sulphur - you actually get gems and crystal Silver - you get iron Tellurite- you get flint and stone This is a common occurrence across the entire island.
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    I have been hosting the official 15x15 project on my unofficial server pretty much since launch. The guys playing on my server have enjoyed it immensely and have bases set up all over the place. The, all of the sudden, with very little warning the devs decided to delete islands and only notified unofficial server owners just hours before the patch was scheduled to hit. Not sure why the islands needed to be deleted from the game entirely, when they just could not have used them in the new 11x11 project... So now I have islands missing in my 15x15. The problem is not all of the islands listed in this post were deleted in game, but if you use the updated islands.json file they are removed from the project entirely. I am trying to preserve my clients bases, so using the islands.json is out due to the fact that it removes all the islands on the list, not just the ones removed in game. For example MNT_H_CP_D is still in game (found in 01 in 15x15 map), but removed in islands.json. CAY_C_EE_B is removed in both (found in J8 in 15x15 map). Not happy about the piss poor communication here, as morale on my server is not so great right now. Not happy about the totally unnecessary island deletion for unofficial server owners. Not happy about not having the 11x11 json provided in an updated SGE git download. Basically feel like unofficial server owners got shafted here.
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    I just tamed my first bear since the wipe. I dread it every time. 10 deaths. Bed hit reset timer a few times. Elephant came over and stood on the bear's head. I think it would be mostly okay if the feeding mechanic wasn't so boned. Tames sometimes just rotate on their own. They are cool feeding from a certain angle, but you use that same angle next time and they bone you. Why do we have to piss off and nearly kill the animal, then bola it, and expect it to let us feed by hand? Even by drunk pirate terms that's idiotic. Can't we just have like food on a stick or throw food at it? Maybe a feeding trough to drop down in front of it? It doesn't seem terribly hard to implement and I don't understand why they've left it the same for so long.
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    The tax doesn't affect you at all just FYI. It's not a reduction of the resources you take but an addition to the owner of 30% of what you harvest. You still get the same amount of resources. Just wanted to clear that up. It's one of the few things they did right.
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    i see, so it must be the biome specific fiber that comes from those purple flowers. same here, i tried to play yesterday i was lookig for a place to settle but i realised i cannot explore properly without a tame so i went tundra, cold killed me 4 times before i could even put down a campfire, tried tundra freeport, it was bearable got a ramshackle sailed to the island, got attacked by sotd, survived but lost my bed, i was still fleeing but close to shore, cold killed me again, no bed, back to square 1, closed the game and had fun playing league of legends instead xD
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    It's not super bad in 1440p, but 2160p I struggle to maintain close to 60 fps sometimes. In a built up area, forget it. We're talking 30-40 fps depending on exactly how built up. I just set my temp to 80 degrees C in Afterburner just so the fans aren't revving their nuts off all the time. The area I set up camp in is not built up at all yet and I can usually average 60-70 fps in 2160p. If it starts to get built up at some point I may switch back down to 1440p.
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    Lol updates been out lil over a day and everyones crying. No wonder the player base is so toxic. You ppl literally cry iver EVERYTHING!!!! Spamming the forums with pointless and non sensible rage make zero sense. Ive literally watched the forums be raided by crying children for over a year. Yet you are STILL here so grow the hell up. You ALREADY know how the games going to progress. Post your dam bugs and complaints in a manner beffiting of a mature human being and POSSIBLY just POSSIBLY the community devs might be willing to update you. If i was the developer id give 2 fucks abt this community. All you have done is bi#%h and moan for over a year bashing the very company creating the game YOUR crybaby a$$ ppl are playing. God help me im surrounded by stupid!
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    Atlas has a lot of things right already. Glad changes weren't drastic. Upcoming content sounds interesting.
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    I decided to jump on and give it ago on PvE, got to a big island on lawless and the spam already is unbelievable. Could not even put a shipyard down, sailed around and all blocked. I just don't know if I have the motivation anymore to sail island to island. Soon as I entered the grid chat comes up with "why are you blocking my path?" "it's not your path, we build where we want" "why do you have to spam like this?" it was all just deja vu for me. I think with them forcing NA onto a smaller map with EU is just going to get worse, I hope I'm wrong but from what I seen I'm not hopeful. They did say it would bring more conflict and battles, not wrong there.
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    FINALLY! Well done @Chismebeard @Namiand @Gortok
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    agreed, taming for me was simply not my idea of fun, i find it not only overcomplicated but overall and insane time sink (all of that gone when glitches/bugs happen), still i did it because in some not very bright person's mind a bear should from the very start gather way more mats than a mythic quality tool so i didnt have a choice, i dont dislike having pets as a feature (tho it needs polishing) but taming them miself could prove to be very annoying.
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    I can be called a lot of things, but "new" ain't one of them. Besides, I enjoy stating the obvious, and occasionally poking the bear.
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    JSON file now available (topic post has been edited with link to file) and server owners should be able to make edits.
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    Yup, and they also fit well with the words I used such as indefinite and 'leaving the option open'. We will all have to wait and see, but as I said in my comment my point was simply that I wouldn't personally wait for something that could be many months or more away.
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    Hello Pathfinders! Welcome to Season 4: The Maelstrom! We’re excited to launch The Maelstrom, which was designed to intensify the pirating and seafaring experience! We looked at player habits and reshuffled islands and resources to align the map to encourage more interaction though both conflict and cooperative gameplay. We’ve also made a number of balancing changes to improve the initial gameplay experience and make other strategies for gold more viable. This is just the first step in the grander scheme of new changes coming to Atlas. There are many under-the-hood (or should we say, under-the-deck) improvements and new features coming down the pipeline. This new patch is just setting up the foundation for it! You can’t build a ship without a proper frame in place after all. We’d also like to thank the community for all of your support and patience! We are excited to continue on the renewed Atlas journey with all of you! Below you’ll find detailed Patch Notes for our latest update, v406.7. Released Patch Notes New Map created Centralized Golden Age islands for a clearer path to completing the compass. Centralized high-density servers to reduce the distance/sail time between conflict areas. Updated mineral foliage on islands so its no longer tied to plant biomes. Removed most unique discoveries to reduce the grind of getting to the max level cap. Economy Balance Updates Army of Dead on Golden Age Islands gold drops reduced by 62% Island Claim upkeep costs reduced by about 75% NPC Crew upkeep costs reduced by 84% on land NPC Crew upkeep on sea reduced by about half. Other changes Army of Dead Treasure Guards has been made significantly easier for low-quality treasure maps. Updated early game XP curve so you don't immediately level. Moved skill point gains to be more generous in lower levels and level off in later levels. Army of Dead on Golden Age Islands XP rewards reduced by 60% Custom Servers Season 4: The Maelstrom introduces a new map update in which islands have been reshuffled, added, or removed. Server owners, please see the lists below for more details. Custom Servers using any islands that are no longer in the build may see errors and it is recommended that server owners perform a wipe and swap out these islands in the ServerGridEditor. An updated JSON file for the islands is also available here [http://cdn.atlasdedicated.com/islands.json] for server owners to drop into the ServerGridEditor\Data folder as shown: Islands no longer in the build: Cay_C_EE_B Cay_G_CL_C Cay_H_WR_E Cay_I_CL_C Islet_A_WT Islet_A_WT_B Mnt_A_CH Mnt_A_WU Mnt_A_WU_B Mnt_A_WU_C Mnt_A_WU_D Mnt_AA_CU Mnt_AA_EU_B Mnt_AB_CP Mnt_AB_EU Mnt_AC_EU Mnt_AD_CP Mnt_AD_EU Mnt_AE_EU Mnt_AG_EE Mnt_AL_CU Mnt_AM_CU Mnt_AQ_CU Mnt_C_CH_B Mnt_C_CL_B Mnt_C_EE Mnt_C_WU Mnt_D_CL Mnt_D_CP Mnt_D_WU Mnt_E_CH Mnt_E_CL Mnt_E_CP_D Mnt_E_WU Mnt_F_CL Mnt_F_EU_E Mnt_H_CP Mnt_H_CP_B Mnt_H_CP_C Mnt_H_CP_D Mnt_J_CP_C Mnt_J_CP_D Mnt_J_WT_E Mnt_L_CH_E Mnt_L_CL Mnt_O_CH Mnt_R_WU_B Mnt_R_WU_C Mnt_T_CP_B Mnt_T_CP_D Mnt_Y_CP Mnt_Y_CP_B Mnt_Y_CP_C Mnt_Y_CP_D Mnt_Y_EU Mnt_Y_EU_C Islands added to the build: Cay_E_ET Cay_N_ER Cay_O_ER Mnt_AC_EE_B Mnt_AF_EE_B Mnt_AF_EU Mnt_AM_EU Mnt_AN_EE Mnt_AN_EU Mnt_AO_EU Mnt_AP_EE Mnt_AP_EU Mnt_AR_EU Mnt_AR_EU_B Mnt_AV_EU_B Mnt_C_ET_C Mnt_C_ET_D Mnt_D_ER Mnt_F_CP Mnt_F_ER Mnt_G_EU Mnt_K_CP Mnt_L_CP Mnt_U_ER_PVE Mnt_Y_WU_PVE Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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