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    I'm walking down the hall at the office. I pass a seam in the wallpaper where one panel is slighter darker than the other and for a nanosecond I feel I need to do a repair.
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    When I am hiking and I look at a scrawny patch of trees and the first thing to come to mind is "I wonder what kind of thatch that produces?"
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    Not Atlas related, but a few years ago I was playing a stupid amount of Minecraft. One late, late night of playing I ran downstairs to grab a drink. Halfway down the stairs I realized I had not turned on the light and it was pitch black. In my 2am-game-induced foggy state of mind I threw my hand in the direction of the wall expecting a torch to stick to it and light up my descent. Clearly this did not work, as I did not have any torches in my inventory. Decided I should probably call it quits for the night. lol
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    Haha a neighbor of mine has a bunch of freshly cut firewood in his driveway. I drove by and immediately debated in my head if it was wetwood or strongwood.
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    Have you thought of putting a map with pvp and pve areas together like a lot of the private servers have made so that small tribes can enjoy the ship pvp without having their base trashed by the large tribes and have a safe area to relax when they want to just build.
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    Dear Grapeshot, I wanted to like your game, but unfortunately in it's current state I simply can't. Every reason I came to play this game has evaporated either because of bad game mechanics, incomplete feature implementation, or just game breaking bugs. I know it's EA, but I have played a tremendous amount of early access games over the years and this particular game is on my top 10 of worst EA games I have played. I truly hope that you guys figure out how to fix this game (or at least have a plan) and make it into what was originally advertised or at least make it into something worth the time spent playing it. Perhaps get in touch with Hello Games (No Man Sky) and ask them how they managed to save a great game from being abandoned. I wish you guys the best and I will be following the forums and watching the patch notes in hopes that things will turn around. Good Luck Sincerely, A hopeful Atlas player who wants to return
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    Are you going to add anything constructive with your presence here in the forum or are you going to simply combine being a white knight with being a troll.... Yes there are games that were created from mod's like for instance DayZ, (Perpetual Beta) The difference here is DayZ didn't just cut a paste code they went above and beyond to make new content. There is nothing wrong with basing a game off of a mod, the problem is basing a game on a Mod and barely doing any development! Which these guys do a lot of! Atlas is not the only game from them that is a mess, that saw big initial sales with a serious drop off and then development went into a black hole... Dark n Light ring a bell??? Stop white knighting your making yourself look stupid!!!
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    Remember ja preparing for Ice Dungeon the Other day And we had Drinks And Food to keep all Vitamins up to maintain equilibrium Buff. Funny thing was all ate Pizza That Day And Energy Drinks. Should be Other way around tbh XD
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    Hi together, i hope to get some information about the next update. You release some Information about the new Islands, but will it realse with the next patch or a week later, what will be with the deleted Islands? The Settlers? The Claimflag? The Ressources? Is there a wipe incomming or only a wipe of the affected Island? - Alternative map layout (note: we've not yet determined whether this layout will make it to the current existing official servers) There are 76 new islands which can be found on the following grids (many existing duplicates have been removed): F3, G2, F14, H2, G14, H14, O2, I8, J8, M14 ,N1, O1, C2, M8, O8, G8, K8, E8, C8, F4, F2, G3, O3, N3, L2, N2, M3, O14, D15, N15, K15, J15, G15, O15, F15, I15, N13, N8 i hope someone important will read this, and will be able too place some real information for that! I still remember yout last video for the May Mega Update, one month later there was a wipe... and now... the PTR is online without facts for the future and my teammates are confused because of no information again.... dont let us play and invest time for new ressources, bp or tames and in 2 weeks we get a info from the wipe again.... Sorry for my bad english
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    My boss has a pet macaw. When the heat index here in North Cackalacky hit triple digits the other day, I found myself wondering if he carries it on his shoulder to keep cool. Also this is my new favorite thread.
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    Screw you and your crossplay talk. Oh and how thoughtful of you to suggest a wipe on a game you dont even play on. Nobody on PC cares if you spend your hard earned fifteen dollars on a console game, they have no interest in playing with a console. You dont even get the same maps, graphics or half the other items a PC does. ARK was the same. You get the console version special just for you.
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    My apologies, I think we misunderstood each other. I do not assert that EA and Alpha mean the same thing. Only that a game in EA is in Alpha stage, or possibly in Beta. I don't frown upon Grapeshot for not clearly stating if Atlas was in Alpha or Beta as I don't think Steam requires you to make this distinction when you put a game out in EA. My point is that being in EA it is assumed by steam, and therefore the players, that the game is in Alpha or Beta at best. -CS
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    Developers your game is crap! Problem 1) Skill tree, is terrible it creates a bunch of clones out there playing the game everyone have about 60-70% of the exact same skills!!! Where is the diversity??? Do you know what a skill tree is for??? Where are the professions??? Suggested Fix) Put in Professions make people different!!! If your a Master Shipwright because you invested all your skill points into it then you barely know how to make a campfire and your go to weapon is a hammer!!! If your a master Tamer you don't have a clue how to build a ship let alone a house!!! If your a Master Logger you cut wood like nobody's business the tree's fear you but those rocks laugh in your face as you have no idea how to get metal from a rock!!! And for the Love of god TAMES are not the end all be all of everything... They should never harvest anything faster than a human who specializes in harvesting that item! Problem 2) Why do you insist on being able to claim an entire island or put down 300 hundred different claim flags!!! Why can't you figure out that all you need to do is give 1 person, 1 claim flag that claims a SMALL area NOT AN ISLAND..... Problem 3) PvP your grandiose ideas of giant player vs player battles with No rules anything goes is a FOULS DREAM. Your style of game is a harbor a paradise for toxic behaviour, it's a place where griefers and trolls run rampant because you don't put in Structure and Rules that are NEEDED for pvp to work!!! That 1 claim flag above should be a person home there castle and it should not be a place griefers are burning down at night while a person sleeps it should be a safe location a place to keep valuables. For PvP to work you need Offline Raid Protection (ORP) Claims should not be raidable and Ships that are Anchored should not be sinkable! Lets PvP happen at Sea when everyone is at keyboard.... Problem 4) You idea of sailing is lackluster at best your concept of Sailing that bigger is better is sad and stupid. Games like Pirates of the Burning Sea and Naval Action demonstrate how Wind and sail types come together to create Strategy, was to run ways to chase, ways to make a player think.... For the love of god give us Lanteen Sails and Gaff Sails and Spritsails and (Topmast) and give us more ability to customize the hull or more hull types!!! And Most importantly a heavy Galleon IS NOT the fastest ship on the water!!! Sailing is not just raise the sails and aim the ship opposite of the wind.... Now I am going to stop this list here as I don't want to overwhelm you with issues! These are some of the Worst and most glaring if you were to fix this list you would make this game about 1000% times better but I am quite sure this like so many other posts is going to fall on DEAF ears and that's also why I am going to save my breath and cut this list short....
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    I have played ARK for more than 3 years and now ATLAS since EA launch and yes, I did come here for the building, adventuring, pvp, and taming. But there are already enough creatures to tame so I am pleasantly happy, ATLAS no longer needs any more new creatures to tame. I would like the DEVS to focus on fixing all of the broken game mechanics, Pirate-oriented aspects, and implement AI humanoids that team up with one another, gathering, hunting, taming, building, sailing, and player killing. This would liven the world up as the real player base is so sparse. Unfortunately, you seem to be steering your MMO with over 40k simultaneous player capable game into a low population and solo playstyle community, so the extra AI companies would provide the appearance of activity and offer something for us players to contend with... *NOTE: Grapeshot, you should seriously consider firing/reassigning your community managers as they have failed miserably at their job and are actively destroying your IP. We, your faithful community of players that have been with you from the start, actually KNOW what ATLAS needs to become playable and enticing to the masses but your community managers continue to ignore our posts.
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    Uses a Tier 2 saddle, actually used to pull carts.. (bulls and oxen) If you could 'Make it so!' please
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    Hey Antony. We've opted not to give an ETA on the next Mega Update yet because, let's be blunt, meeting ETA's when we set them quite far in advance isn't our strongest attribute as a Studio As it draws closer, we'll share more. Generally speaking, we have a lot we're working on behind the scenes and information we're excited to share with the playerbase soon.
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    you do realise there are 2 game modes , u want to destroy settlers time and work , u want to tax them for protection , u want to rule over them and decide who can and cant settle or build then go play play pvp , or are u too scared and just want to act like you are a big bad island ruler all safe on your non risk pve island . if u do play pvp then wtf are u even concerned about pve for ?
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    Yeah, god forbid someone who joined the game a little late actually wants to have a spot of land for themselves. News flash: not everyone wants to be a slave to the island owner who takes a share of their hard work and... oh yeah, can destroy all your stuff anytime they want. I pay a mortgage in real life, i'm sure as hell not going to pay one to you in a game.
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    We'll select questions from this thread to answer on our Livestream. Please try to keep your questions fairly succinct so we can curate them efficiently.
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    That should be disabled if on official. It is a Option to remove everything on the Island And your stuff too. Originally was supposed the clean an Island After Claiming for 24 hours. After That Timer ran out you cant raze anymore
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    1. Ship Panel from Wheel Add the ability to push F from the ship's steering wheel. Like tames, when riding them, the player is able to simply press F to access the tame's inventory and assign level-ups while riding the animal. Players should not have to leave the Wheel to level up the ship. 2. Repair All Structures Currently, NPC crew only repair the planks of ships. It would be a tremendous Q.O.L. improvement to allow these NPC crew to repair all structures including ceilings, cannons, walls, chairs, e.t.c. 3. Unseat All Crew I don't know about other players, but when I get off my ship, I unseat at least 4 crew members to ensure my ship's essentials are repaired before the next time I set off. This would be another amazing Q.O.L. improvement for the ship to have an implemented option to unseat all crew. 4. Man Your Stations Add an option to NPC crew on ships that assigns them a specific position on-board. Then add an additional option on-board the ship for assigned crew to "Man Stations." 5. Handling Sail; Reverse Allow Handling Sails to provide faster Reverse speeds. As it stands, ships can currently back up no matter what. If the Ship layout includes a Handling Sail, this ship should reverse slightly faster. 6. Captain's Deck As it stands, a Galleon is the only ship that comes with a snap-able slot for a receded Deck to be placed higher up at the back of the ship. I propose another optional Deck slot be added to the back end of Brigantines and Schooners, like the Galleons, for cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing ship designs. (The Brigantine is especially difficult to make the ceilings and walls line up with the back end of the ship.) 7. Improved Respawning @mKHammerBro Better Ship structuring to prevent falling out the back of a ship in motion. This happens often. Through Decks and through the back wall. Alternatively, re-code the Ship itself to act as a Respawn point, and change the Ship's accommodation level to improve how soon it can be reused as a respawn point. Maybe this will solidify the player's position on the boat when respawning at full sail. 8. Anchoring @mKHammerBro Increase Ship's anchor length to allow deeper anchoring. Larger ships can't get close enough to anchor sometimes. Maybe a craft-able mod or purchased at a Freeport. Additionally, stop beds and other structures from preventing anchor drop. Many can't anchor their own ships inside their own territory because of a random person's ship or raft anchored nearby. 9. Careening @mKHammerBro Introduce a new mechanic to ground Ships to scrape and clean the underside of the hull. In the past, this process was called Careening, or Heaving Down. Barnacles and other sea life clings to the underside and rots away at the wood. This could also introduce a new way to repair your ship's planks or add a temporary repair and/or speed buff to your ship. 10. Mooring @ikarirain Introduce a new item to be crafted at Smithy's from the Seamanship tree, Bollard. There are instances where a ship is too large to reach an anchor-able point, so it's been proposed to allow ships the ability to be moored in by ropes to Bollards, which can be placed on piers or shipyards, to safely "anchor" the ship in your territory, given anchoring isn't possible. Additionally, increase the amount of Bollards needed to moor a ship depending on the ship's size and/or weight. 11. Select All or Individual Sail Controls @Shakarian Ability to control all sails from the wheel, or select which individual sails to give certain commands to. For instance, all sails selected by default. But press keys similar to the cannon crews to deselect certain sails. 12. More Structures on Galleons @Vostik Vostik's Galleon is comprised so far of only ceilings, roofs and walls. and They can't even place a ship resource box anymore, yet I see a vast open space in these images still to use. Increase the structure limit on Galleons. https://imgur.com/a/Mz7F2TT 13. Look-Out / Telescope @Aristocrates It is known that being at the top of a mast gives the player a slightly larger render-distance so they can see ships and such ahead of time, but it would be nicer if there was a Telescope sort of attachment to build on the Smithy that could be attached to the top of the mast, further improving this render distance for preparation or avoidance purposes. 14. Additional Sails @Grodgen Auxiliary sails: Jibs, Mizzens, Staysails, etc: Currently we only have access to main mast sails. It limits the potential of ships. Ships have tons of sails on them, including these smaller or medium sized ones. Have them take up sail a small amount of points like masts but provide enough bonuses to the ship to make them viable. Lateen Sails: We have square sails, gaff sails, and mainsails in game right now, however, we are missing lateen sails, which were used way before the other three became popular. 15. Collidable Bowsprits / Figureheads @Grodgen Collidable Bowsprits / Figureheads: Currently they have no collision. You can't stand on them and it also limits their functionality as actual bowsprits. If you like any of these options, please reply "+1" an don't forget to Upvote the post! I'll be adding ideas posted here by others and tagging them for credit so this post gets bigger and noticed! Thank you for taking the time to read this @Jatheish! Regardless, loving the game.
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    Yeah. You should be able to pick up cannons, swivel guns and turrets - if you can carry the weight of them of course.
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    Wild level animal cap is 150 unless difficulty is manually set higher. At 2-3 I have seen level 1700 wild level animals at powertstones.
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    Economy is the key to success for atlas: -marketplaces on freeports to sell resources, items, ships and tames And serverwide connection of those stores (ex: all 4 stores in a Freeport server share the same goods etc) So people have more acces points and blocking is not that easy If this results in massive server overpopulation you can split freeports servers into 4 own server (triangles) -storehouse on freeports for companies (and private) where people can bring their stuff and store gold and from which transactions are calculated -gold generation! More ways for gold to get into the game -gold consumption! (maybe companies have to pay for the amount of crewmembers, a big safe (structure) to store money for company <= only one per comp) great for smaller ones and big company size is expensive, need for more interactions -blackboard in freeports for comps to recruit new players and new players find comps for joining or renting) This is important, finding a safe place to life should not be a long and frustrating procedure -private message ability: pigeons maybe + pigeon house where messages can be read Comes with the blackboard, people must have a way to contact those companies who offer recruitment or renting -and a tavern on freeports where you can buy Crewmember that spawn ON your ship, there is no need at all that they spawn in the middle of the island and have to follow us, especially if the freeports get more crowded. Crewmember selling guy asking on which ship you want to have them and if you buy them they will be there -if above is implemented QUIT farming events like x4 to not f**k up economy! Why? Because this is not ark, even it feels like it it got special needs to work, it's an MMO(Interaction) where the first M stands for Massive what means 'a lot' and so there needs to be a lot of interactions available (especially some not completely frustrating ones) And why economy in a pirate game? Because there is no piracy without economy.. Think about history ^^ Atm people have no reason to drive with a ship other than discovering or treasure maps, travels are long and not even exciting, encounters are rare and if then totally random. With economy you can calculate an encounter of you wish to have one, you can set traps or patrol routes of trading ships. And if lucky you will also get a reward for being a pirate! And you also have a reason to use ships which rizes the traffic on the seas because people want to get their peace of the trading cake and sell their resources or maybe they want to buy a super nice blueprint ship? Or a bred tiger! This economy change forces people to get out there for a reason, and make some money with what they have on their own island, perfect I tried to think about all the content to fit into the game as it already is so that there is no need of another wipe With those things implemented there are a lot of new opportunities even for new players and for smaller comps
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    There are two ways to use it, for items in your inventory, all you need to do is drag the soap consumable over them and it'll wash the dye off. For structures that have been placed, just have soap in your inventory, hold E on the structure for additional options and then select the 'Use Soap to Remove Paint' button.