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    agreed , met some really nice people randomly , hell we're giving all our stuff to them and really hope to see them on the next map , Its encounters like that , which make official worth playing , sadly its the bugs and lack of any support that also make it worth abandoning
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    Get lost. I do not want to forge some allies. This goes only to prove that you can't do shit in this game when you are not the one with the larger number of players. I do not want to be forced into desperately having to ally with virtually everyone just so i do not auto lose every single encounter. I want to be part of a SMALL(!!!!!) group of skillful veterans and i want us to be able to sustain ourselves like that. Nobody should be entitled to raze us at their discretion just because they are allied with more motherfuckers than we are. This game is only for people who are absolutely incapable of achieving literally anything on their own and always rely on having 49 people at hand for whatever challenge may arise. None of the devs ever had any idea about a perspective for smaller tribes, hence there is none. We are meant to be cannon fodder by design, or lack thereof.
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    Maps have become almost nonexistent or at least near impossible to find or get to either because they can’t spawn due to walls, spam or defenses on islands. My suggestion is, move the spawn points of the maps in a bottle to the sunken ships in the oceans in each grid. Granted it’ll still be almost impossible to collect your treasures due to defenses on enemy islands but it could be an excellent bargaining chip for extra peace time during combat phases against pestering companies, exchange of resources, or exchanges of maps that are on your island or on a neighboring alleys island. ideas and suggestions.
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    Ironwood i found until now only i H11 (and not much)
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    You should be able to hook up Refrigerators/ice makers to a water source regardless of the area you are in to generate ice and store food in it at your FOB. Preserving bags should be used for boats ie. long travels, ship battles, or land PVP. fruits such as limes, berries, coconut etc should be plantable just like any other available vegetable as long as you gather the seeds from other islands and regions. these are just ideas and suggestions.
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    No it's not, welcome to the club of 40K+ players.
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    New update. We found 2 fixes for this issue. 1. Connect to your router and turn off QOS (quality of service) 2. Get new better itnternet I upgraded to 1000 down internet and my problem went away
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    same , we had issues with griefers...and nothing.. tickets are worthless , they do not respond of course the flip side is , since they obviously dont care ..you can do whatever you want to your abusers and they cant complain
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    Fuck that I want my Teddy Ruxpin air ship!
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    First, dont step on the deck, never, it resets the ~21 dayish decay timer. If you think, someone else messing with you and keep boarding that ship once in 1-2 weeks, then try to build a wall around the ship to prevent that action/trolling. After around 2-3 weeks the ship will despawn if none touches it. But, of course, first check your server settings. - If youre on official, the decay timer is around 2-3 weeks. - If youre on unofficial, then there is a chance, that decay system is disabled or the timer is modified. Ask the owner of the server about this, or if she/he is an active player, ask him to help destroy your ship with console commands (probably there is command for deleting something, or a command for adding exiting ships to your company, so you can destroy it by yourself). - If youre playing in local host, then the host probably can use those console commands too.
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    Submarines have been a favorite toy of griefers since they were first introduced, and anyone who's ever played PvP know what I'm talking about. Subs can't be hit with cannonballs when submerged, and NPC mounted cannons apparently consider submarines to be "ships". We all see the problem here, right? As everyone knows, griefers use this mechanic to drain cannonballs from defensive towers and even cause them to sink the tower owner's own ships by sitting submerged with the ships between it and the defensive cannons - this is typically done during an island's peace period, which makes it all the more broken. A couple of suggestions: 1. Change submarines from "ships" to something else, or add a tag to differentiate them from surface ships, and then change ship target options to "Ships" and "Ships and Submarines". 2. Add an AE damage effect to medium and large cannonballs that will also effect anything underwater. Yes, I know all about "disable your cannons during peace" and "don't park your boats under your own cannons", but these are workarounds to make the best of a broken mechanic. It's about time that we had an actual fix.
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    The ships health isn't related to its decay rate in this way. If the ship was damaged it would sink but as it is anchored it cant take damage. The only way for this ship to go is for it to de-spawn. The only way for this to happen is if no one boards it or interacts with it. I forget the timer exactly but its somewhere around a month I think. In that time NO ONE must board it. So if your offline and a visitor decides to be nosy and jumps aboard the timer will reset.. It can be a pain.
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    Nice video! Those Minecraft skills are paying dividends for sure!
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    I play because of the awesome people you can find in PVE. I’ll give you an example. I was racing to a 8+ sunken treasure in my zippy fast schooner and a brig smashed into me which cut the air off to my wife who was diving down. I was like, “how rude!” Then the guy beats us down to the treasure and says “Have fun in Your rowboat”. I decided then that I needed this person as a friend so I decided to sail in front of him wherever he went. Which is easy in a “rowboat” that will do 19+ knots. So after 45 minutes of telling him we are a team and asking him are we there yet, we became brothers. In the end I learned that it was actually his treasure because he blew up the SODs to get it before I got there. How could I have known? So cheers to you, Dave Buckeye Company. My big brother and Atlas friend forever whether you like it or not.
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    Dude come on, you think they could even pull that off in the first place? Lmao nah, that will never happen “Come on man” -Biden
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    I think there should be "in the ocean activities" to be added. So players would do something while sailing. From trivial challenges like randomly migrating seaweed zones, or migrating reef zone with rocks out of the water (small icebergs in tundra/polar), to... well maybe magic kind of stuff, like all of sudden some "fog of dead" appears, all go to dark purple state, and you need to do maneuvers to avoid ghosts of sunken ships around. That kind of stuff lands occasionally. And of course there should be some rewards (at least cosmetic one) for experience all those activities. And... some kind of "safe routes", where only danger are PVP players, knowing that a lot of players will run there.
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    What they should be doing is looking at how other games do it, quests maybe sail to location or drop off a shipment of supplies etc. More content to as a group which includes a group finder so you can always do them when others are looking to do it. Auctionhouse or market across all servers but this would require alot more content to be added. At the pace they are going I have no hope for the game. If there was a real pirate MMO game I'd happily pay a subscription every month but there isn't any. You have 0% chance of these people making the game anywhere near what we all thought it was going to be. Just have to enjoy it how it is. They've binned 2 road maps already I think, that should tell you everything, no direction.
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    While its not a bad idea I honestly believe they have a lot more important and very basic issues that need correcting. It seems like unofficial servers rival official population wise and we still are not able to access certain coding or have some coding that just doesn't work. Lets get that stuff out of the way first then work on QoL stuff.
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    This is actually the official explanation. There is no darkwood and ironwood. You can only get them from merchants. Source is Discord: NamiYesterday at 09:49 @soulrever911 (East India co.) Darkwood and Ironwood can only be obtained from merchants at this time.
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    kind of wondering this myself if you get a huge company they could just go round islands and block everyone from having farmhouses by smothering the place with their own. hopefully there is something to control this.
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    Anyone see this before? I'm having the same issue. It crashes every time.
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    Currently Silo's aren't able to be placed, it just displays the message of it needing to be placed on an island. Either the land on some islands isn't registering as an island (similar to the unable to build issue) or the entire region being lawless is causing this. Part of the issue may be the entire region is lawless by default, it would be great to have the option to claim an island especially for locally hosted.
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    Hi everyone, for those who want a better template for the body I have something for you. Hope it helps a bit. Have fun!
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    No, the ponds on my island have no fish at all, neither does the sea around it .
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