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    @Darkwave Glad to know i could help. Now show me some love and hit that like button fugger.
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    Hi Ranger, My main cash stream has been treasure diving for ages. I haven't tried Whaling as the cost in skill points for Ballista and catapults would prevent to many other skills I need as a solo player. I may have to rethink that soon, as I am getting seriously bored with most areas of the game I use to enjoy. The Minecraft building thing is to easy now. Any dickhead can build a huge base to keep their chickens in. Taming the big three is now such a pain I really cant be arsed with it any more. Sailing a ship above the sloop is to risky, crossing zones is so risky I wouldn't risk it in my dreams. One little glitch (or Galleon of the Damned on the border) and between 10 and 100 more Treasure dives (Probably 2 weeks of work) to build a useless schooner. And I really do not want to endure teaming up with people, I know this makes me sound like a grumpy old man (I am one) but I have been online gaming since the days of Everquest and ran Guilds in the past on games such as Eve, WoW, WoT, Planetside, Everquest etc. and I don't want to get drawn in to that or get involved in any of that shit ever again. Plus the wife would definitely divorce me this time
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! To thank everyone sailing along the EA journey with us through thick and thin, whether yer a new shipmate or a seasoned Captain, we're activating 2x Gold, Taming, and Harvesting now until 11/30 11:59 PM PT. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! View full article
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    Today I found fertilizer farm. Looks very... smart I guess
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    you need to remove this stupid idea altogether, do not draw alternatives where you do not need to make them
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    Are devs actually planning to make Atlas a dead game? 5000 for schooner? schooner is the simplest useful ship to start enjoying and experiencing the game. its not even that easy to build! you need to still put time for it. if it was 5000 to buying a schooner all made, it was good. but paying 5k and then building it by ourselves? How does that even make sense? we should farm 5k with sloop? one person even cant manage to carry that much of gold. Who even we are paying that gold to? its really ridiculous idea. its a pirate game. C'mon devs do something about it! you guys cant see the game is already losing players...
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    Could you cite and give example of all the support and people reportedly loving "Sloop Wars"? Because both in game, here on your forums, on Steam forums, and on social media... Nobody likes this.
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    3k people playing on PC hope the crowd is large on console because your killing your game on PC there were more people playing before you did your "Trade update" which i will refer to as the solo player killer update (cost of the ships put them out the of range of a solo player) so good job i will use your game as a reference on how to kill a game to its player base and to never do early access for any game and to avoid any game from wild card and grapeshot games
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    Sad part is the schooner still gets damaged and sinks the same. If we are going to need to pay that kind of gold just to build the thing. It should be able to be a stronger ship and can take a better beating
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    PS @Garfi catch a good run of whales and/ market starts producing that schooner might not feel so expensive. Best wishes
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    Well, i actually did a whaling sloop after this wipe. Few pointers. 1 EVERY ship point has to go into weight, dont try adding ballistas before level 15 2 i ran 3 ballistas, so 3 balista npcs, 1 sail npc and me driving, perfect since standard sloop crews 5 3 Seek safe harbor when the wind isn't cooperating under 7 knots is the real beginning of the danger zone 4 Even 2 ballistas may suffice 5 Diving platform on boat is fine 6 use a carbine to aggro the blue whales 7 I exclusively use the handling sail, so 1 medium handling sail 8 just a bed, resource chest, ammo box, small chest, diving platform, 2 walls, 3 ceilings ( i did 2 as catwalks) and add side rope ladders then 2 to3 ballistas. Only carry like ~250. Bolts 9 the boat WILL probably get sunk eventually so have a second sloop built or in a box ready to go lol Good luck
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    Ok, thanks, i will set private when the partners are online, so we can correct if need. Probably when the system will use more grid than the local one, that will help reduce the lag a lot, youre right. Atm, my grid we have only a 8-10 warehouse only, but the ping is alwas 220-255, unplayable and with rubberbanding, the sailing is off the table too.
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    If you scroll down to my post it may assist w market issues or It may annoy ya since ive rebuilt the market several times. Also, as a person who plays solo often i recommend ya look into whaling, treasure diving and get 2-5 bears for mapping, also consider occasionally teaming up w others to do more difficult content. Hopefully this is helpful PS your bit about the parrot eggs, cannonballs & being a pirate is hysterical.
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    Considering that they originally said the early development could last as much as 2 years, I think the 10 year estimate is a bit optimistic.
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    The way I see it, it's actually something to do. Before I was just making brigs and galleons because I was bored. At least now I can more appreciate the ships more having invested actual time and gold into obtaining them. If you're solo\small groups chances are you're not going to be able to get an island anyhow. IMO lawless is better because I don't answer to anyone on what I build or where as long as I am not starting a feud with the neighbors.
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    What is the deal? I know for a fact this has to be happening to others, and I think it should be on the top 5 list of things to be addressed and quickly. Now with the ships costing gold to produce, a change I very much agree with and applaud, as it makes your ship have more value. As all us players know, the best way to make gold is from treasure bottles, and to complete the treasure map inside. Now back in the day at launch the treasure map system had its issue's with 90% of the time the location to dig up the treasure was always at some unreachable location at the top of a mountain etc. etc. This has been addressed and for myself and the 100's upon 100's of treasure maps completed, i can say it still has issues but its nothing at all like before *Applaud* HOWEVER - The issue at hand is - many many many of times, i will run up to a bottle go to collect it, and it will just vanish "poof" like a fart in the wind. I have done alot of testing and spent many of hours trying to understand the bottle spawn system and rates. As you all know bottles will spawn from 22:00 - 3:00 every in game day. The amount is random and each island has it own bottle spawn system, much like the mob spawner. I have cleared the island each day and each night I will run laps for maps. Next time i will video record for proof for the dev's. During the night, I watch as the bottles appear from up top a cliff, I run down to nearly spawned bottles, go to collect them and each one after pushing "E" just disappears, for no reason. And its frustrating to see a few 18.0+ just go poof. We need the gold to get our ship, we get gold by doing treasure maps, players cant do treasure maps, if we cannot collect them. I know others are having this issue, please voice your concern and your stories and lets hope for the best.
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    Why is this type of behavior allowed in the game and why does it go unreported for so long? Why is there no action among mods? This company besides the offensive boards, participate in blocking off portions of entire islands and walling others who build nearby.
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    Hey, yeah, something is wrong with G3, its really hard to reconnect since the last night (around 8-9 hours ago), and the battle eye is started working strange. But only when i log out then wanna relog in to G3, the other grids are fine.
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    That's a new one to me. I'd file a ticket with loc and time. Devs would need to check the logs to see what happened.
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    When I first read the title I saw “your cool schooner here“. Since complains about price of schooner literally flood the forum.
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    Thread provided as an example... @eeeceee Some responses to your trolling and blatant lies... 1. You ask, quite absurdly, "Did you pay to play an EA game? Why would you pay to help a game...." Let me correct your pigeon-logic RIGHT there.... I paid to play a game that looked fun. Period. The EA side only became a significant issue to me after the abrupt NA-PvP wipe. 2 Continuing on you blatantly lie stating "and repeatedly state you don't want to help unless you get paid?" Ask @Ali_knight, @Darkwave, @jmurph, @Gomez Addams, @Whitehawk, @Xantria , @Chucksteak, @Nacona... Theres more i just listed some of the few easy to recall. Ive either helped some of these fellow forum members directly or engaged in topical discussions about solutions to problems. I've been both supportive AND devils advocate. You know why, (get your dictionary out) because theyve be helpful also and some even RECIPROCATE. Also because they're HONEST about their opinions.. I HAVE stated I'd like to be a part of this development team. So what? I like games, i like brainstorming and Im confident in my ability to be useful. I give ZERO fucks about your opinion or dimwitted, circular thoughts regarding this. I HAVE stated that i have a novel approach for improvng this games features and that I have been cautioned to remain silent regarding it since it could produce an enormous windfall AND is applicable to ANY MMO. If your unsure of how i feel regarding your thoughts on this please reread the previous paragraph. I'm sure you will feel the need to respond to this thread. Don't. It's not a discussion w you, its an explanation and a defense to your blatant trolling and lying. I have to go now, ..to play Atlas,... The game you stated several months that you unintalled. Bye
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    Missing an option there imo, ill take 2500 for a schooner, 10k for a brig, 25k for a frigate, and 50k for a galley. They really need to add a customizable ship thats sized between the brig and galley and used large planks.
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    Here are my suggestions to make Atlas great again: 1. Run Development Decisions by the Community First This could be in the form of a forum poll, or some other interactive medium. I specifically propose that it is of the format: Here is what we want to accomplish Here is why we want to accomplish it Here are our proposed solutions Here are the top player-proposed solutions I think this is important, because it is not always clear what the developers are trying to solve in any particular experimental mechanic change. Often, the developer completely destroys multiple well-working aspects of the game while attempting to solve a pre-determined problem. The player base (especially the majority who are enjoying the game and not vocal on the forums), suddenly reacts in force with negativity. This in turn leads to bad press / marketing not only here, but in the Steam reviews and forums. (Ahem, barrel bombs. Ahem, gold costs in ship building). Perhaps the developers could better accomplish their goals with outside-the-box suggestions from the community, if the community knew what the problem was in the first place. From a player's perspective, the dev decisions just look like they're being made by people who neither play nor care about the game. 2. Get away from the direction towards Arcade Play This speaks to the point above. Many of the decisions which are being made to get more players on the ocean, can and will damage some of the intricate and fun parts of the game. For example: The idea towards releasing 'whole' ships instead of hull classes and parts. Sure, this would reduce time building. Many players enjoy the building and customization aspect in the ships. The amount of time invested, consequently makes players feel invested in their ships. This investment in a time-intensive asset increases the risk / reward feeling of combat. The tiers of parts / blueprint system, and the varied rss types needed for advanced components, is a huge driving factor in the Atlas economy (and also the player's need to move around the map to acquire these resources.) While I won't knock the trade system / warehouses/ farmhouses until we see how it finally ends up, I think all of these things should be taken into consideration before gutting these mechanics. Afterall, if Atlas' goal is to simply become a naval combat with no underlying effort, then what exactly does Atlas offer over a title like World of Warships? Nothing. The latter does the arcade thing better. 3. Improve Your Marketing This game needs a professional marketing department in the worst way. If you really want to breath life into Atlas, stop spending time breaking the existing mechanics, and instead introduce new content that works with the existing mechanics. Market it. Create a buzz around it. I'm not sure you can do DLC's while in early access, but DO SOMETHING. Make it make an impact on social media. Work to bring more players into the game. 4. Keep Yourselves Afloat I suspect you really could use some more revenue. This is the type of game I'd pay a monthly subscription for. That ship has already sailed though. So you need to be thinking of other ways to generate new revenue for Atlas. Whether it is content, or even some minor pay-to-win mechanics. I don't mean cheap cell-phone game mechanics. Look at what Eve Online does. In game assets are easily tied to real world money. The constant wars, loss, etc, creates a vacuum in the game which makes this viable and not unfair. I must stress this especially: Don't focus on punishing players who put the work in to succeed in Atlas, but do give the option for the lazy or busy players to buy into some resources and components. (If they don't know what they're doing, they'll lose it to the players who do, so no harm, no foul.) 5. Increase the Map Size Atlas was much cooler with the larger map. I realize the downgrade was partially I financial decision / shrinking player base. If you do succeed and getting more players on the water to fight over local-water assets, then relying on cramming everyone towards the golden-age ruins will be less of an issue. And if you succeed in some of the other steps above - an increased player base may necessitate a larger map again. I realize all of this is easier said than done. But there are many players out there that love Atlas, and would support you more, if you gave them reason to. Cheers.
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    Hey there! Thanks to @Ranger1k, I read some other info and established trades with like resources. (e.g. silk for silk) That seemed to do the trick and trades were working. Awesome! Thanks for the info! Thanks to @PiszkosFred for getting setup with some trades--passive income is great!
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    Let me get this straight, you say that I DON'T have a clue yet you then go on to describe PvP as lacking PvE? Of course PvP still has Players verus Environment. Lions, tigers, bears, snakes etc all the fauna still exists theres just different rules regarding player engagement. This is possibly the dumbest thing said on this forum. Like ever. Like EVER, ever..ever Actually i suggested he consider joining an existing company. I would take it a step further and say that you intentionally reworded the statement in a futile attempt to "win" an argument. Furthermore anyone whos familiar with my posts knows i have knowledge regarding the game on both PvP AND PvE. Anybody whos familiar with your posts knows that A. Your a troll B. You claim to have uninstalled this game long ago THAT was my response when I realized OP was definitely referring to PvP. I even put a *disclaimer* in the first post that my "tips" may not work or require adjusting for PvP. I played PvP for about 90% of the 4th season half the time in a company and half solo. I didn't enjoy playing as a solo-pvp-settler because of all the additional defensive structures I'd have to build and maintain to have a CHANCE of defending against being offline raided. Also this was BEFORE the schooner cost 5k. Therefore i took a break the last few weeks, played something else, and came back this season on PvE to check out the new mechanics. Regarding the rest of your nonsensical, blathering drivel and intentionally twisted qoutes I'll just do what i normally do w your nonsense, ill ignore it. Eeeceee you ARE the reason for the advice not to play checkers w a pigeon... It goes like this... Person 1 "Ya know why you should NEVER play checkers w a pigeon?" Person 2 "Why?" Person 1 "Because no matter what move you make, the pigeon will just step on the board, shit all over it and then strut around like it won" Buh bye E To OP, @Ali_knight, i tried messaging a friend who owns a PvP island to see if he would accept a random solo settler or a recruit that I've never played with and he never got back to me. He asked me to join his company on PvP, i declined, so i dunno if he's grumpy w me, adverse to accepting randoms or just missed my message. Many companies (not all though) in PvP don't accept randoms, only recruits that a member is clearly willing to vouche for. I've never played w ya so i can't vouche for ya, sorry. I DO appreciate your thanks and i SYMPATHIZE with your complaints regarding startup costs. I have some posts in Announcements that states every player should begin the game w a free schooner, then possibly pay 5k if it needs to be replaced. If you agree w the idea or have something to add then bumping it, liking it and/ or quoting it may get the devs attention. If you don't like the idea thats ok also. Also one of the Devs most recent Q & A posts (in Announcements also) states that they relize the games current mechanics are driving away solos, small companies and casual players and that they're looking into solutions. Time will tell. Have a nice day everyone. Time for some turkey and playin Atlas now that I'm done playing checkers w EEECEEE.
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    And it’s broke again in G4. I have decided that this makes me frustrated. The only way I can get it to work when it gets clogged up is to demolish it and start it up again. This is supposed to be the culmination of all the work the Devs have added to the game in the last 6 months. The Q & A has all the promises of an improved game and think that will happen because the only place to go is up. Our other company members have a Market set up in G3 @PiszkosFred and @DarkwaveI’ll try to get it working.
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    Pillars have no collision with boats. The other day we had a brig in lawless doing a treasure map, we were off the boat for 5 minutes and when we came back some chinese guy was trying to build shipyards around the boat. I would not spend 5 seconds but i know of more then one lawless lowlife that would...
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    Hey Sea Dogs! From last night, we already estabilished a trade routes and as partners 2-3 ships already made some gold for both of us (im from The Valentines, Alafil Atoll in G3). The trick is - at this state of the trade limits -, to create an offer with those materials what you can harvest in the grid, with 1:1 ratio. Its better, if the input and output is same, for example: strongwood for strongwood, fronds for fronds, copper for copper, etc, because when i send you 3000 wood, you will send me 3000 wood, so the demand and she supply will stay same, the material wont run out. You can mix these, strongwood for copper, or fronds for strongwood, but in this case make sure, you will have enough material to keep this for long. At this moment its better to make a few and simple offer, instead of mixing materials with different ratio than 1:1. We already made some golds in the last few hours, so if we keep this up, its a nice passive income for the next days/weeks.
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    Nah I'm firmly rooted in reality. Although i must compliment ya on bustin my balls VERY politely, lol The devs clearly state that, in its current form Atlas is a mishmash of ideas and needs a stronger theme. I agree 100%. I think you do too hence the "headless chicken" reference. I didn't start until season 3, although I've watched some videos of previous seasons gameplay. Perhaps theres a nostalgic time prior to my arrival that your fond of? If your statement about 2 steps back refers to the variation of the old claim system that it sounds like they're going to potentially revert to, then, on that particular mechanic I think we agree its likely a bad idea, correct? I'd lean more towards a mostly lawless system similar to @Chucksteaks vision. I actually have THE solution but as i mentioned in a previous post, i believe it's a completely novel approach, applicable to nearly any mmo, and I've been cautioned to refrain from discussing it at this time. Side question do you agree that at level 1 each player should begin w the schooner i recommended?
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    i think you played the role as the devil's advocate a bit too long. kinda hard to find your way back into reality, isn't it ? they had a nice game that, i admit, had its flaws here and there (still can be found in-game as they never got fixed) but it's Early Access. If they would have heard to a wider spectrum of the community and not just hand selected pvp players and streamers there maybe would have neen no need to change the dev team and no sailing the Atlas seas clueless east to West and North to South like a headless chicken. read the initial post again and you'll figure that they make one step forward and two steps back ([]sic] we plan this but it might end up being what we had back then [sic]). point is: they have no idea where they're steering with someone on the helm who possibly will beach the ship
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    Are you serious. I can't even go to my boat with 3-5 FPS in my base. Before market I had 30-50FPS. I even ripped that market away. But nothing changed. Thanks for the fix. If it will come some day. I will not be here to say that. Going back to ARK and cuddle with the chibis.
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    WTF are you talking about? (Sorry couldn't resist) If I park my car behind others in a parking lot, I block them in. They can't just push it away. Same story here. Only takes someone 15 minutes to park their ship somewhere to blockade you and become an unmovable, unsinkable object. The recourse is some revised mechanic of stealing said vessel. If it only works at your own island/claim territory that's fine, but people will use it offensively (known as "turtling"). Don't get me wrong, your suggestion is awesome.
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    How you can say that "The ATLAS is a pirate game" ? instead of giving new content for ships (even decor), you give submarines (and who knows, tomorrow maybe spaceships) torpedoes (maybe tomorrow and nuclear missiles) 50.000 was thinking the same in the start (a pirate game), how many left now? Its mostly one ARK with ships where the most iportant thing is to "inbreed and sell bears" .Also you support this by makin bears the only way for players to make maps becouse fire weapons not work on dmn soldiers (just one exable of your pirate gaming style) ,and you Still getting feedback from the few remaining people where they like this style of "disneyland" , you cant see that the 95% of people is not in the game anymore and "cant" give feedback? When all the players who wanted a pirate are gone then the remaining few who have no problem with the existing game style will lead you to the cliff.
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    "As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support!" you have not listen to us in 2 years of Early Access why start now?
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    Honestly it took me probably 14 hours whaling on NA PvP to get my 5000 gold for a schooner, while that is a long time it also means that my schooner as a solo player is immensely more valuable compared to my schooner before. I have a level 42 schooner with 150% dmg cannons currently so by no means is it impossible to scale up in this game as a small company but it does take quite a bit of work to start this game considering 14 hours to start doing anything meaningful not to mention the probably 6hours getting a few levels and supplies to make your sloop. Also I'm pretty sure they are going to make earning gold easier in the future which may help alleviate this pain the small companies have currently cause remember this game has died a few deaths and I think they canned the dev team and brought in a new one that is completely revamping the game cause it still is in EARLY ACCESS.
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    this game is already dead its have less than 2k player its actually dead the game need a good rework on tribe system for strong tribe and weak tribe to make sense and another problem is ship coins its horrible i think the developers doesn't care about game
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    Enjoyed the update, thanks. Also I've noticed improvements specifically during treasure dives, only 1 so far i couldn't get into (or I'm just having really good luck ) 1 thing though... No fog of war please. or If it is implemented please provide a LARGE viewing radius as we move into unexplored territories. Third possibility, have a vendor sell a "map" that, when purchased, lifts the fog. Fourth possibility, make it removable via a skill Woops, 1 more, also please consider returning the map to a cold North/South pole and incremental warming towards the equator. I enjoyed this post a great deal. Thanks again.
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    Thank you for the tips they surely help. but the matter here is the time you are gonna spend for a ship that doesn't worth it. its maybe come good in PVE servers because there is no matter of offline raid or sth. but in PVP, everything changes...
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    Treasure maps are the best part of the game for me, I love doing them. All the time the bottle will just vanish after trying to pick it up! Sometimes I do a little dance for the bottle and read it a story... and maybe play it the accordion and stand close to it long enough to earn it's trust and it might let me pick it up....
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    How to destroy your game the first step is not to listen to the community They have not even thought about small groups
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    It people like you that sit back and do nothing you got 721 posts and that all you got to say at least some people what to try
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    You know, all world explorations are not just seeing what DEVs prepared for us. But also - what players do as well. Mostly players do not do anything special. Just square box bases and thats it. But sometimes its totally unexpected and surprising! Like yesterday I was in I2 (pve official) and I saw a THEATER! And guy on a stage was practicing to play accordion! : )) That was fun!
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    Yeah... I mean, sometimes bases are made really good, but sometimes, errrr... let's say, way too creative Oh and my grandy pathfinder was drunk as a skunk and she tried to look through spyglass. Something went wrong
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    I just wish they would key the settler message for when someone actually builds something. Then you have the location and can just go there and look.
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    It's the 5th icon down on the left side, looks like a closed book. Called Toggle Abstract Items.
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