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    26 ships in 6 total classes (each class require a skill in skill-tree): 6th: Tartan Barkas Weak, small, cheep for begining and local journeys. 5th: Barque Sloop Lugger For scouting missions and delivery small valuable cargoes in few grids. 4th: Schooner Barquentine Brigantine Brig Snow Fluyt Gathering resources, trading, small local battles. Standard choice for solo players. 3th: Caravel Pinnace Carrack Galleon Corvette (my all-time favorite) Xebec Polacca Fastest ships here for longest travels, for around the world trading. Biggest cargo holds there. Nice firepower also. 2nd: Navio East Indiaman Heavy Galleon Frigate Heavy Frigate Best for any epic battles in seas. 1st: Warship Linen Ship For most epic battles in squadron (not solo due to lack of speed and maneuverability), and for siege shore fortresses. CANCEL ALL FREE BUILD DESIGNS on the ships. Screw all shotguns, louver designs. No more square roof/ceiling armor. Just ships as they are with GUNS IN JUST GUNPORTS (with top-deck (open space), nose and stern gunports introduced). Limit all choices to sails, gunports/planks, boat-docks, paint, cosmetic, and the folowing: Introduce the "BOXes" for ships insides. With uniqe design, and cosmetics. There will be: Crew Box (beds for crew, without one, you can't hire the crew) Cargo Box (with spaces for resources, and all cargo) Captain Box (without one - cannot use commands for crew, also contain treasure box for gold). Supply Box (resources for maintenance, food and water supply, cocking spot) Armory (ammunition supply) Workshop (smithy, and all other stuff you need) Bestiary (place for tames with food for them) Fridge (for rare fish, meat, food etc. for sale) Guest-room for VIP-NPCs and other players. Each ship has limited space inside and only we can decide - will it be battle machine with guns, firepower, armory and huge crew, or just supersonic cargo vessel with beyond imagination cargo volume space inside. And one more thing. We loose our ship - means we lost all stuff inside, all crew, all we have in boxes. But then we can find ghost of this ship in freeport and rise it again. Empty. With no crew but the same level, design and paint.
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    If you want to see what kind of "fun" this age quest adds go check it out for yourselves but I for one would love this thing removed from the game as it has no place in an online game as dying isn't entirely under our full control...server lag, players using exploits, crashes, buggy code, erratic and broken AI, getting stuck in the mesh, falling through the mesh, player ping deferential, desyncing, etc... Eating balanced meals and watching out for predators is one thing but why should we get punished for the kinds of deathly events that happen consistently and beyond our control? I play video games for fun not for toil and punishment!
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    Salvage cargo attachment can we add another craft able attachment called the Salvage Rack something that will Drop to the bottom of the ocean and we can use in my Dive Suit to salvage my lost Ships and help with being overloaded and the glitchie ladders on the Ships and hoist it back to my Ship and drop the salvage cargo back at my player built dock that has a Couple of Cargo Hoist attachments we can assess from land
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    Fast travel aka teleportation should never be a thing in atlas... honestly i kinda have a problem with even bed spawning (i feel like spawning in after you die should have a much greater timer than 2 min) or even bed hopping for discoveries... but when it comes to sailing, i believe if you want to find a new place you need to sail there manually. exploration is a huge aspect to this game... i mean shit... it's fun.. you get to see what others have built, find new pvp targets and you get discovery points that advance your max lvl... what's not to like about that... but when it comes to hauling materials, its super time consuming and makes it almost impossible for small companies to compete and stay relevant and therefor stay in the game without getting completely stomped out wherever they go (trust me, ive always been in a large company and see small groups being extinguished and forced to merge with someone they dont want to or quit on the daily)... when it comes to an economy, there really isnt one. player shops are either just holding spots to store gold for respecs and cosmetics or are always almost empty or filled with raw materials you still gotta ship back anyways so theyre worthless to buy and would be farmed up in minutes in a nearby grid so what is the answer to that? there really should be an automated sailing and/or trade winds ( high windage routes) that fallow grid walls. automated sailing being where you can put an npc on the steering wheel, hold e on the npc and select "select course" where it pops up a map where you can put in your turning points (grid corners) all the way to the eventual destination grid, at a high gold charge rate. the devs should make a special skill line or rank option in companies called logistics managers that get notifications of all automated ships navigational progress and if its getting attacked by pirates.benefits of such a system1. More time doing what you actually love instead of spending all your time sailing resources around.2. Pirate content - a constant supply of trader vessels to pillage and steal for your own company3. Small companies now have a chance of finding and obtaining the materials it takes to build BP gear and stay competitive where before they didn't have the manpower and time to do the hauling manually. 4. The chance to actually build a real economy. With the supplementation of materials and time allocation comes the building of BP's (supply and demand). where before you would just find worthless stacks of raw mats in the occasional mostly empty freeport store, now you will find premade BP's gear and parts. Gold will become more valuable and used. Int crafters will become renown and more coveted. 5. being that turn points are the corner of grid and the paths are the grid walls, manually sailing thru grids would still be much faster, cheaper and less risk in getting found by pirates than automated shipping therefor manually shipping would still be a viable speedy option for anyone doing so.
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    So I've been a 5k + hour player in most of all the ARK genre games and honestly without a doubt this is the most deaf and mute studio I've ever seen. I typically stay off forums as these days most posts are just troll but since there's time due to network outages with no explanation I figured fuck it why not make a post. I love their games but their community involvement is absolute shit. All the way back to the Early Ark days when we as testers in Beta were on a single Skype call, they've had problems being in touch with their community. So FFS can you please take one minute to update your community when shit hits the fan on your networks / games. How long does it take for an "EMPLOYEE" to type we are investigating the issue and then to get back to the community when there is updates. We rarely have a clue what is going on with the game and most information is well after the fact. I can't imagine how much more profitable your games would be if you took a minute to just engage the community that obviously loves your games but hate the way you treat them. Wake up Wildcard / Grapeshot / Snail / whatever the hell you are calling yourselves this week. Your community is trying to speak to you! So feel free to vent your frustration here as well or throw your praises because it's highly doubtful the Dev's are listening so don't expect any type of response either way, but if it makes you feel better to rant or rave about the game, might as well do it because right now NA network is down...
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    Could we have some more new tames added, would be nice to see it as varied as ARK is tame wise and also could you spawn in more colourful varities of animals. -- Buffalo -- Camel -- Zebra -- Owl -- Maned Wolf -- Lemur -- Gorilla -- Otter -- Cheetah -- Chimpanzee -- Kangaroo -- Jaguar -- Okapi
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    When we die or are coming into base port from sailing, our game either crashes or sends us back to the main screen.
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    I can not use the emergency ladders on any ship. It will not let me climb the ladders. I tried 3 different Ships and it will not work. All ships were mine. It gives me the option to climb the emergency ladders, but will not let me actually climb it. Aside from this issue, I have not come across any other issues. I love the game and I think it will be a big Hit!! The graphics are amazing, smooth game play, and the music is very catchy!
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    Oh and SAILS. What I would love to see is: 1) - You build your ship. 2) - With planks, steering wheels, decks - you also create 1 piece of SAILING EQUIPEMENT. Just 1 for each ship. 3) - You put it on, and see all masts, saiyards, ropes and cables and ladders appeared on a ship (you DO NOT CHOICE where to put it, like deck. Just one right spot). 4) - Depending of ship (from my list above) masts have some sails spots. 5) - You go loom and create sails with some types to choice. Squares for fast speed, or triangles - for greater wind angles. You can create all squares, all triangles or mix as you like. 6) - You put sails to sailspots. So NO MORE limo-ship with 6 (7, 10, 40) masts.
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    Do they have NPC Raid camps.. are NPC Pirate factions in the game that on In trade routs something i can attack and pillage if could master the wind to find the trade routs
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    Might add that "only" 10 More Level adds up to 40% more dmg or 80% resistance which is alot for PVE And even more on PvP
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    Are you using a wooden sign or taming pen? I think that the E will appear but won't work if something is in the line of sight to the taming area on the creature. It was put in to stop people taming through walls. Try Taming with a bear in the open and have the Elephant go down on flat ground. When it runs away, just wait for it to come back. This always works for me.
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    Not even a full page in and everyone is arguing about crap that has nothing to do with the op.
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    So, I haven't seen this information around, and I thought I'd ask here to see if the community knew at all. 1) Does a single crew member repair a structure every X amount of seconds? If so, do we know what the tick interval is? 2) Does the number of NPC crew members available for repairs effect how fast repairs are done? For example, 1 crew member repairs a structure every 10 sec, so 2 crew members mean 2 structures are repaired every 10 sec etc. I ask because I have a gally, and am wondering wether if it's worth dropping more points into crew cap to have multiple repair monkeys.
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    I understand that. I take that into account. It's not about EA, it's about the same mistakes being made over and over, and the fact is, these types of games tend to attract a lot of interest in the beginning, but die off very quickly, and that is for multiple reasons. Why do people buy these games? Something in the trailer made them believe it was going to be a fun enjoyable experience. They greatly overestimate how well they will be able to do in the game. They might not have experience with these kinds of games, but something made them try it. Their friends talked them into it, or their gaming squad decides to try it. Why do so many people who buy these games, leave the game in a short period of time. They aren't having fun. Their clan is constantly getting kicked around. (Nobody will stick around for that, for long.) They quickly learn that this type of game isn't for them. Their friends weren't having fun, and left. Why might they not be having fun? I can write a novel on that. Suffice it to say that this kind of game attracts a lot of people who also like single player RPGs. A game like this is trying to mix RPG elements, into a PvP experience, and frankly, that JUST DOES NOT WORK SO WELL. Many players have this strong sense of entitlement to have advantages because they have been here longer. But, those advantages equate to the game being so imbalanced that a newer player, or somebody who doesn't have half the hours to game as another guy, will be at an insurmountable disadvantage. For instance, we got raided. I play as much as I can, but it's not enough to keep up with the guys playing all the time. Such that I was mid 40s level when 6 players invaded that were 90s level. Their time in the game made it such that I had zero chance against them. Include that I was spec'd for getting things done for the company, but these guys were spec'd for combat. Add in that when they attacked, they had all the goodies...alcohol, pudding, etc... They were also carrying an absurd number of grenades. In short, my defeat is hard coded into the game. They had many more achievements, giving them more bonuses, and their higher levels gave them far more health, stamina, feats, etc... A fight with one of them ends just one way for me. There is no getting around that. When that raid happened, it took the wind out of my sails. My thinking? What's the point. Why even bother. All I am doing is providing fun for somebody else, while experiencing nothing but frustration myself. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, my Star Citizen group did a 25 vs 25 ground combat event with another Organization, and we won both rounds. The first one was close, but the second one, we literally only lost one guy, but took out the entire opposing team. The first round was close because we used the same tactics, leaving it up to random chance and shooter skill. The second round, we made better decisions, which allowed us to get to the objective first, and so we had the defender's advantage. And yet, everyone on both teams felt like it was a lot of fun, and want to do it again. But then, the set-up wasn't that we were in heavy armor, with them in light, and us using heavy weapons, while they used SMGs and pistols. In other words, we had basically the same gear. It was equal, it was fair, and this allowed the first round to be very close. Even the second round was fun. We were getting hit, but had better terrain to work with. The winner wasn't decided before the event even started, but in Atlas, when you have a Mythical Ship vs a Common, or even a Masterwork, it's decided before the shooting even starts. When one fighter on the ground runs into another, and one is level 90 and spec'd for combat, and the other is level 45, and not spec'd for combat, the end is decided before the fighting even starts. Then you add in how you can work for months to get a base built, resources gathered, BPs gathered, maps gathered, ships built, tames tamed and bred, and in one day, a stronger Company can wipe you out, leaving you to start all over again. I have seen that take the wind out of the sails of many people. It has come to the point that I realize that our company is still on the island it is on, simply because the bigger companies just haven't decided they want our island yet. In short, the game just isn't fun. And when you have to deal with long standing bugs, like putting foundations down, and then one just won't snap, saying it's blocked, or tames disappearing off of ships for no reason, etc... I could care less about new content. I want bugs fixed, and better game mechanics. Mechanics that make the game more fun for everybody and put an emphasis on skill, not time in game. The good news for me is that Star Citizen 3.8 is very close to being finished and it has a ton of new content and bug fixes.
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    Shadowbane did it right. Make all owned islands fairly crap when it comes to resources, make lawless rich in resources, and have declarations of war for when you want to raid. Your own island will be crap but bases/green anchored ships unraidable (not players immune to damage like it is now), and you'll need to visit lawless to get good loot (lawless don't need to be right outside freeport either but it's not terrible). This will spur lots of movement and ship combat and transport, and will make those islands you want to take actual fights. Most of the land fighting will be done on the brutal ruleset of lawless as people try to secure good loot spawns for themselves, and when the pressure builds they will go to war with the group pestering their spot. Lower the cost on war declaration too, so it's frequent if necessary (after the 'cooldown period'), but also costly to the attacker. Beyond all that, the game has 1000 bugs and annoyances that should be fixed too. At least the game is in a great state and feels so much fun playing it again.
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    All recorded and saved. This game is not even fit for beta! Build a schooner by hand and solo on official pvp. Got large speed sail and crew, a new rhino tame and set sail. That's the point isn't it Grapeshit? Sail the sea??? My ship then starts barrel rolling taking 2228 damage everywhere in the ocean. I then become air born and land near a island.. I anchored my ship and repaired everything, all panels were intact and repaired but it was then glitches saying its leaking everywhere rapidly. Checked for leaks and repair everything then boom, my anchored ship in sailable condition sinks. No reason! Just sank. Days of learning and grinding this game out to be met by trash. Uninstalled and getting refund. 0/10
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    Ahoy Pathfinders, This Captain’s Log will be a catch-up following our Xbox Crossplay release along with a couple of announcements regarding what’s on the horizon. News from the Cabin We’re going to batten the hatches and retreat to the cabin for a little while. We’ll still be around, collecting bug reports, monitoring your feedback and addressing any critical issues that may arise but you will likely see the frequency of patches slowing down for the immediate short term. With the Xbox version of the game now out and stable, the team will be taking a deeper dive into our planned Phase 1 efforts (quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and performance increases) and that will require some work behind the scenes. With these phases, there will be a decrease in patch frequency as we are aiming to have more items bundled together and get out changes in batches rather than piecemeal. A quick note on Halloween and other holiday events, this is something we would like to support in the future with more fun-themed patches, but given our current timeline and recent focus we aren’t planning to do a specific Halloween-event this year, however we will be fundraising for Extra Life with our sister-team, Studio Wildcard, so you can expect some fun and bonus rates there ;). We’ll be participating in Extra Life this year, a charity event to help raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network benefitting sick kids across the US. We welcome the ATLAS Community in joining us in celebration of what we can accomplish together via games and giving with our 24 hour Community Stream Event commencing November 2nd at 9am PST. Tune in as we get together with our sister Studio, Wildcard, in our Seattle Headquarters to bring you entertainment, giveaways, prizes and (most importantly haha) embarrassment for our team as they compete in challenges. In the spirit of the event, we will be enabling boosted rates for all players on our Official Networks. These rates increase incrementally as various fundraising milestones are reached. The rates will each scale independently and have unique caps. Last year we were ranked as the 11th team globally, let’s make the top 10 this year! For those wondering how you can get involved, it’s simple! You could either tune into the stream on November 2nd at 9AM PST and show your support, either by watching, participating or donating to the cause! Additionally, you could sign up to our Extra Life team and fundraise with us! Join our team using the link below: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.team&teamID=47725 Once you register as a Team Member, you can direct your Community to donate via the “donate” link at the top of the page, then select you from the drop-down menu. How will we support your stream We’ll give you a shoutout on stream and, in some cases, via social media and share your stream url. Provide you with game codes and other giveaways to distribute on your stream during gameday. Giveaways beyond codes will be on a case by case basis. Goodie bags for awesome content creators who meet fundraising goals! Games keys are limited so get in quick and sign up on our Team Page Xbox Roundup What a ride! We are so excited to have Xbox Crossplay launched with few explosions and close to no frazzled Devs running out into the streets. On a serious note though, we’re thrilled to have our new Xbox Community onboard and we’re humbled to hear that you’re enjoying yourselves. We’re also proud of our veteran PC Community for being welcoming and showing newer players the ropes (or sometimes the “pointy” end of a cannon). You’ve all made the launch a hit. You’ve all been amazing with reporting bugs and issues to us and we are confident we’re making some good headway into smooth sailing. Welcome to our new players and welcome back to our seasoned scallywags, we look forward to the voyage ahead! Updates to our Code of Conduct The ‘Misconduct’ section of our Code of Conduct on the Official Network has been updated to reflect taking action against players for things said and shown during broadcast and videos associated with ATLAS. You can see the aforementioned change within the ruleset here: Behaviour, Chat, and Interaction With Others Behaviour and interactions through text chat, voice chat, during broadcasts and videos associated with ATLAS, and in-game signs or paintings must adhere to the rules below and you cannot use alternative spellings to circumvent restrictions. Ensure that you do not: Offend - this includes but is not limited to language or behavior or use of art and assets which is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive. Post Personal Information - belonging to someone else in the game or any Official Platforms related to the game. Harass, Stalk, Threaten - such as sending repeated unsolicited or unwelcome messages to specific users/Companies. Disrupt the game - such as intentionally causing the chat screen to scroll faster than other users are able to read, or setting up macros with large amounts of text that, when used, have a disruptive effect on the normal flow of chat. Promote - do not send messages which are advertisements for inappropriate topics, including scamming, hacking, exploits or the sale of goods and services unless trading within the game for game specific resources Real-money trading (RMT) - items, creatures, or services must only be exchanged for other items, creatures, or services within the game. Trading for real-world currency (real money) is not an accepted form of trading. And if you’d like to refresh yourselves on our full Code of Conduct, please click here We’d also like to give you another reminder about the comments you’re making in game. Unfortunately, many of our recent Misconduct bans have revolved around racial/cultural and/or homophobic/prejudistic statements. These will not be tolerated on our Official Networks and will result in a permanent account ban. Please abide by our Code of Conduct when playing on our Networks if you wish to avoid such action. To be clear, PvP-related trash talk is fine however there is a clear difference and we trust the vast majority of our players know the difference between that and the type of talk which will likely result in enforcement action. Finally! Freeports, creatures, and boats. It is intended that anything kept on Freeports is invulnerable. We want players to be able to dock up to an island, access the relevant NPCs, gather the base materials and head out on there way. A side effect from this is that players have been using these locations to effectively store their boats/creatures/items without fear of being attacked, whilst this is unintended we recognize it as a side effect of the system and will be exploring ways to resolve this explicit case - whether that’s through more aggressive days, or new systems entirely (whilst still maintaining the support for casual groups). However, something that has taken place recently is players finding ways to exploit the game in order to destroy another person's boat/creature on Freeports. This behaviour is not acceptable, and going forward we will be taking enforcement action against it. Consider this your heads up Official ATLAS Discord Our Discord is a space you want to watch as we roll out information and communication throughout ATLAS’ development. We’re also known to chatter with our Community there from time to time. We’re also grateful for the players who frequent the Discord answering questions and steering people in the right direction if they’re in need of help. We have recently added new roles for our Xbox players along with a specific bug reporting channel for Xbox. You’ll also find new channels for Content Creators and a channel for Community screenshots and various media. We’ve enjoyed these new channels greatly and it has become a habit for us to check them daily to see what players have been up to. You can join the Official Discord through this invite link: discord.gg/playatlas Look, if that isn’t enough to get you there, I’m just going to leave an example of my incredibly nuanced artwork documenting cycles of ATLAS here. I'm shocked I'm not on the art team too. If you want the opportunity to bear witness to more of this quality art posted to Discord, you know what to do. Live Game Patches For those not familiar with this section, it’s where we round-up our recent patches. Sometimes those may include some explanations, other times it may just be reiterating the updates that have gone into the game for those of you who aren’t regularly following our patches but do read the Captain’s Logs. As it’s been a while since our last roundup, this one will be a little larger than usual -- and for those of you who have kept up with our releases, you can skip this section ;). Current v400.58 First things first! For those of you living under a rock, we recently launched on Xbox as a crossplay game preview title. This required a major game update and allowed us to change various elements of the game, including the world layout, limitations for structures, creatures, tames and updating core low-level systems. The patch also included a ton of new content! Xbox & New Content: Enabled Crossplay New world map with improved biome layout (and a new biome type) Over 70 new core island templates, and many polish improvements to existing islands Over 20 new cosmetics and sail cosmetics Improved client and server performance Full Gamepad support "Wild Pirate Camps" option for singleplayer and non-dedicated sessions (enabled by default): take over each island across the ATLAS by attacking and claiming procedural enemy pirate camps, guarded by cannons, pirates wielding all sorts of weapons, and even powerful pirate ships! New Multi-shot Hydra Pistol Cats (with hats!) The serpent boss, Anacthyon, added to Blackwood Hardmode Snowman Now for the balance changes and quality of life changes. We covered quite a bit of ground here so we truly recommend reading through the notes to see what has changed prior to the Xbox launch. There were quite a few things we wanted to tackle. Some of these changes are just an initial step until we can flesh them out more in our later stages of development, and others despite their early stages have been quite impactful. The first thing we want to discuss is the state of the Intelligence (INT) stat prior to these changes. Formerly, the end game was about whichever player or company had the best INT. The loop generally worked as so: They find a BP, craft it, get a better INT item, use that to craft the next BP, get a better INT item, use that to craft the next BP, etc. It's a continuous power-creep by the strongest players. By removing the INT stat from armour we prevent this from happening. The INT bonuses will come from capped sources that do not grow infinitely (such as player stats, crow, and the dolphin) and we're able to identify the average/highest INT players have. We believe this change also reduces the gap between the larger and smaller groups, as the game is less reliant on how high you can scale your BP with an INT crafter and instead based on the BPs you find out at sea and your skill. We're looking forward to seeing players searching, stealing, and trading for the best BPs. On a final note, we want to mention that these changes will allow us the opportunity to tweak the end game more without having to worry about huge power creep. Secondly, the next aspect of the game we wanted to address was Ship Scaling balance and also opening up the option of players treating ships as their homes should they wish to do so. We wanted to tackle how strong ships could get through scaling, so we reduced the amount of points they could put into their damage and defense stats. There were additional changes made to ship stats and items which we hoped would lead to new types of builds and players being able to do more on their ship through the weight changes. On the topic of ship balance, we also changed the way harpoons work. We felt that they had become too strong in the meta to the point where they dominate ship PvP. Whilst this change may not perfectly address all situations, we expect it will encourage more planning when harpooning along with additional risk and decision-making whilst also opening up options to the harpooned ship. This is a work in progress and we have some ideas to further improve harpoon’s place in the meta in the future. Finally, there were a bunch of other general balance changes and quality of life improvements, it’ll be quite cumbersome to go through and explain each one so please read through the notes to get an idea of where the game is now versus a few months ago. To end, please remember, these changes you see here aren't always final, they can and may be adjusted in future updates. Balance Changes - Applied treasure gold multiplier buff to: floatsam/aodloots/shipwrecks - Enabled Revolver reload mini-game - Changed salted fish stack size from 30 to 50 - When harpooning another ship, the aggressor (ship shooting the harpoon) will have it's cannons (large, swivel, and regular) disabled until the harpoon attachment has ended. - Increased Net Fishing speed threshold by 25% - Wild elephants now have 3x resistance - Plague can no longer be spread via cough, touching, or poops. - AOE has been increased for plague debuff when shot via catapult by 70% - Fishing rewards have been increased by 2x - Added prime fish meat, fish oil, and fish skin to the fishing rod loot table - Dolphin Buff now lasts for 600 seconds - Scissors now snip at 2.5 dura per snip instead of 5 - Increased blueprint scaling of shipyards by 20% (easier to get higher durability BPs) - Prevented enemy pirate NPC's from fleeing - Stone Wild Pirate Camp doors are now wooden - Increased mortar damage against ships and ship structures by 30% - Lanterns now last 20% longer - Rifle shooting range now correctly matches view distance - Increased fish-catching speed by 15% - Make musical buffs last 50% longer - Throwing knife damage increased by 30% - Crop growth speed increased by 25% - Increased durability of hydra revolver by 30% - Increased durability of grapple by 20% - Reduce crafting times of intermediate materials (alloys, paste etc) by 20% - Icebox thermal insulation increased by 33% - Increased pike damage by 25% - Map spoil time increased by 3x when in bookshelves (this means they take longer to spoil) - Explosive Barrels now sink 50% faster and for a total of 6 minutes (increased from 5) - Unthinkable Delicacy cooldown decreased to 2 hours - Keratin farmed per minute on cat reduced to 10 (from 40) - Whale hitting XP increased by 10% - The rate at which ice is consumed in an icebox has been increased by 10% - Icebox insulation distance increased by 20% - Ambient temperature required to make ice has increased to 0 - Reduced blueprint bonus weapon damage and durability by 25% - Target Soft Spots and Target Weakness can no longer be used when wearing a Pike - Swords and Pike now pierce armour by 4x the previous amount - Reduced blueprint bonus armour resistance scaling by 40% - Reduced blueprint bonus armour durability scaling by 55% - Reduced blueprint bonus health given by armours by 40% - Reduced blueprint bonus weight given by armours by 66% - Removed health bonus from rejuvenate buff - Health has been capped to 300 and players have been given a free-one time respec - Large Cannon Damage buffed by 10% - Reduced shark team notify radius by 15% (how far they can call other sharks for help) - Claim Flags can no longer be placed underwater - Prevented grenades from being thrown when a glider is equipped - Increased the slots of tannery from 120 to 150 - Cooked fish now stacks up to 50 - Removed the INT stat from armour - Doubled creature INT (Dolphins and Crows) Ship Changes Brigantine: Extra Weight per level increased to 400 Extra Crew per level increased to 1 Extra Beds per level increased to 1 Extra Sturdiness per level increased to 4% Schooner: Extra Weight per level increased to 200 Extra Crew per level increased to 1 Extra Beds per level increased to 1 Extra Sturdiness per level increased to 4% Sloop: Extra Weight per level increased to 100 Extra Crew per level increased to 1 Extra Beds per level increased to 1 Extra Sturdiness per level increased to 4% General changes: Extra Resistance is now capped at 396% Extra damage is now capped at 252% and adjusted to 4% gained per level - Reduced the weights of the following ship-related items: Ship Weight Reduction to 1: Rope Ladder Wood Ladder Chair Table Grill Cooking Pot Other weight changes: Water Barrel (1 when empty, 19 when full) Steering Wheel weight reduced to 12 Quality of Life - Added missing ceiling when building ramshackle sloop with vendor in Freeport - Enabled multiple client-side options for players to disable HUD/UI clutter - You can now fill water barrels directly from waterspouts - Right bumper now cycles between two inventory UIs - R3 now toggles use states (for example light fires) again - Lawless Servers now check for structures (at a small radius) before spawning folliage to prevent trees/rocks/bushes from spawning inside bases. - Added HUD callout on handheld map to re-center on players - Reduced non-offensive structure crafting times from 5s to 1s - Setup loot table overrides for DevKit - Action Wheel toggle for Yell and Whisper Modes for gamepad (PC) - When claiming a Wild Pirate Camp, the flag will now show the company flag painting - Painting a wild pirate camp flag will set the company flag painting - The cursor is now kept in place when navigating full folders - Level limit no longer applies in Freeports on non-dedicated session modes - The last search-strings on all Inventory Menu search bars will now be saved - Fixed the ability to use emotes whilst dancing - Added one more crew by default to a sloop - Increased non-dedicated tether range - Non-Dedicated Servers will now allow you to receive resources when demolishing structures on an anchored boat - Increased collision size of dropped bags. (You should now be able to pick up bags more easily when they are dropped on top of a bed etc) - Presssing Y on gamepad when an editbox is highlighted will now clear the editbox - Enemy pirate ships now display a sink percentage - Added a new "Tutorials" menu tab, which provides details on many of the basic mechanics and concepts of the game. - Modified a couple of snap points for the ladders on the brig to be climbable - Added warning that shows up in the company log 48 hours before a shop is destroyed due to not being accessed within a 21 day period - Changed meat stack size to 50 for all meats Boss Fight Changes Next up, Boss Fight changes! When the Snowman Boss was first released, we received a lot of positive feedback about the experience and how much you guys enjoyed the fight. With this set of changes, we aimed to make the fight a little tougher, fix some exploits, as well as introduce a new difficulty. Snowman Boss Revamp: Regular Snowman Changes: - Tweaked explosive damage from 1x to 1.125x - Reduced arena timer to 30 minutes - Reduced ice breath speed debuff from 8 secs to 6 secs - Tweaked various aspect of the Snowman's movement to prevent it from getting stuck and frozen between various attacks - Snowman can jump when receiving damage to prevent it from being gunned-down and allow the onslaught of minions to catch up and be more involved - Increased kill XP to 750. Hard Snowman: - x2 Health, 2x Armour, 1.5x Melee Damage - Reduced cooldown on Ice Breath attack by 2 secs - Increase number of health/armour states from 4 to 5 - Reduced interval between shield reactivation from 45 secs to 35 secs - Explosive Damage adjusted to 1x - Increase base minion spawn from 5 to 6 - Increase base minion kills for cooldown from 8 to 10 - Arean timer is set to 60 minutes - Kill XP set to 1500 - Visual changes: red eyes, and commander hat with an eye patch. Regular Yeti Minions: - Tweaked no buff fire damage adjuster from x0.33 to x0.5 - Increased Kill XP to 10. Hard Yeti Minions (Empowered Yeti) - x1.5 health, x1.5 melee damage, x1.15 speed increase - Increased move around blockade distance. - Tweaked no buff fire damage adjuster to x0.25 - Increased Kill XP to 15. Arena changes - Updated lever to select difficulty via multiuse. - Removed mid columns at arena entrance for better AI navigation. - Filled some holes with blocking volumes to prevent players getting stuck between some meshes. - Added some extra geometry and overrode walkable slope angle at entrance side steps and select small meshes to prevent players and creatures getting stuck. - Added two more minion spawn points closer to the entrance. - Added falling icicles. Camera shakes, tremor audio plays and icicles fall from above the player. On hit grants a shorter speed debuff of 2 secs and a 2.5% impaled bleed buff that lasts 12 secs. Used to combat players who may attempt to take shelter and kite the Snowman in difficult to access areas, as they will have less time to move out of the way due to icicles falling a shorter distance. Bug fixes and Optimzation And last but not least, a whole host of technical changes including performance improvements and bug fixes! - Fixed hundreds of issues with levels from covering holes, adding collision to decor, removing floating folliage, waterfall post processing, resource overrides, island points, discovery zones, and reducing the amount of natural fog on some islands. - Ship of the Damned now point to their correct loot tables. This means that Galleons will provide more and give better loot than Brigs, which provide better rewards than schooners. - Fixed multiple client side crashes - Fixed Vultures not being able to mate on Equatorial islands - Fixed various descriptive errors with skills - Fixed tamed bear from randomly playing its growl animation when attacking targets - Fixed not being able to replace triangle floors with different tiers of triangle floors - Fixed being unable to place wood ceilings on a deck under a diving/dinghy platform - Fixed being able to use orbit camera to look through half walls and doors - Fixed lamps not being able to be turned on when underwater - Fixed the wrong amount of XP loss displaying when executed or hung - Fixed a bug which prevented players from seeing the ammo meshes loaded into catapults - Fixed Rope ladders not being able to be rotated when placed on catwalks - Fixed some cosmetics causing the steering wheel to turn invisible - Fixed cheat giveengrams giving -40 stone arrows - Fixed a bug which allowed crew to be knocked off of puckles using a blackjack, even in peace time - Fixed alcohol buffs not persisting through grid transition - Fixed a bug which made it impossible to escape the left claw of a crab - HDR mode for Xbox One X now enabled - Optimized ship position callouts for Wild Pirate Encampments - Fixed a bug which would cause Non Dedi clients to get into a broken state when fast-travelling to a bed in stasis - AOD Armor icon colorization fixed - Atlantean cloth armor icon fixes - Atlantean heavy icon colorization fixes - Cyclops heavy icon fixes - Implemented a fix to resolve islands where foliage cannot be harvested - Fixed broken IBLs which caused some trees to emit a light source - Fixed a bug which prevented silos from paying/feeding crew on Lawless Servers - Fixed a bug which caused ground clutter to flicker on Xbox - Fix a bug when you use the map camera while piloting ship, the compass wouldn't hide from view - Added missing Forest dye craftable to grill - Moved pipe engram into pipes folder - Lawless regions on officials should no longer show any "island points" on the map. - Beds on cooldown are now visible (it will indicate when a player can spawn on them) - Fixed a bug which causes your map to be black with HDR enabled on Xbox - Volumetric fog and ground clutter improved and enabled for Xbox One (and Xbox One S) - Fixed a bug where the shift key would stop responding on Xbox - Fixed a bug which would cause the camera to always be selected when pulling out your map with a gamepad - Fixed a bug which causes your map to be black with HDR enabled on Xbox - Improved Army of the Damned animation on Xbox One and Xbox One S - Fixed a bug which made navigating between rows in two separate inventories reset location - Fixed a bug where some fantasy creatures weren't tamable on Golden Age servers - Fix to destroy sunken ships when last structure is removed - Fixed a server-side crash for Modded Servers which have modified their loot tables - Fixed structure tiling textures. Structures (such as wood walls) lined up near each now have the correct textures. You'll see slight differences in their pattern to prevent repetitiveness. - Fixed a server-side crash - Items caches will no longer be left behind and removed the drop-all on items like founders hats - Fixed a bug which would cause players to be unable to level up certain stats when highlighted over them - Fixed being unable to scroll up/down on the Company Log using gamepad - Fixed being unable to assign Company members to groups with gamepad (Xbox and PC) - Fixed a server-side crash - Updated Gamepad controls screen to reflect new gunport and anchor controls - Fixed Atlantean heavy helmet colorized icon - Fixed Atlantean female medium shirt colorization (added region for emissive) - Cyclops Heavy Boot and Hat Icon Fix - Hydra Hide Glove Icon Fix - Commander outfit torso colorization - [XBOX SPECIFIC] Fixed a crash caused by vivox/parties in non-dedicated servers - [XBOX SPECIFIC] Fixed a bug caused by vivox/parties which would cause the fps to degrade over time - Fixed an issue where searching for remote inventory text would then populate that saved text in all search fields after opening inventories twice - Fixed issue where players no longer gained EXP on freeports - Fixed a spelling error on the Plunder Skill description - Fixed craftables not showing in folders in the hand-craftable view of the UI - Double-tapping A on any item in the Trade UI will no longer open the cancel UI - Added attenuation distance to Dive-Into-Water sounds - Net fishing sounds adjusted to only play locally - Fixed various stalls on Xbox and cases which would cause the Xbox' FPS to drop and the game to stutter (we are still looking into more cases of this) - Removed the range-limit on voice chat for non-dedicated sessions - Fixed a stereo audio bug which would cause players not to hear each other - Server ping 0 now hidden when you are the host - Fixed a bug where the targeting cursor wouldn't disappear after your ship was sunk - Removed the speed stat from speed sails to avoid confusion. This will be revisited further during Phase 1 of our development cycle - Fixed the description of skills (target soft spots and target weaknesses) - Disables gun crosshair colour change unless the server is using the new Game.ini setting: bAllowWeaponEnemyTargetingCursor (we'll drop a new server build for this later) - Fixed some rare client-side crashes - Session names on non-dedicated servers should now correctly appear in the sessions list - Red Target Cursor will always display in SP and Non Dedicated mode - Numerous Anti Cheat Updates - Fixed a bug which caused waterskins to be lost on spouts - Fixed a bug which caused the Raider of the Deep quest to disappear - Fixed a bug which would cause structures to have the wrong health points when replaced - Lighthouse can now be found in the Structures/Misc folder of the smithy - Fixed a bug which prevented cannons from being placed on certain gunports in Galleons - Fixed company logs not updating properly (or taking hours to do so) - Fixed beds not updating properly (or taking hours to do so) - Fixed a client side crash related to weapons and the tutorial system - Fixed a crash related to low memory mode (caused by fog of war) - Fixed the bug which prevented players from putting berries inside of their claim flag - Fixed a bug which would cause structures to sometimes float when placing them - Fixed an issue where distance field fonts would show invisible characters for certain characters, they'll display boxes for now. - Fixed an issue where servers would not correctly update their concurrent player counts when players would log off or move to another server - Fixed an issue where digging for water overrides were not functional on the server which would stop spouts from appearing when digging - Updated voice chat systems to Vivox in order to support Crossplay - Updated Waveworks to latest version, improving both client and server performance and quality of waves - Preventing building outside the galleon by moving up and shrinking height bounds box (so top of height is still the same) and added a volume to block building where the collision on the galleon is bad, making it possible to build outside the ship - Tweaked ocean trace so that it doesn't create floating ocean shops - Fixed an issue with stone walls clipping through the floor when placed in wood half walls. - Increased leniency in dismount sockets and lowered acceptance for placement on the Puckle (NPC's should no longer dismount with legitimate builds) - Limited the slope campfires can be placed on - Disabled throwing water on thermal structures to avoid exploit of infinitely throwing water on fire on a sinking ship - Modified offsets for unboarding the Tortuga so players don't get stuck. - Fixed mortars shooting through ceilings that are one wall high - Fixed placing large cannons on the back gunports of a schooner - Fixed an issue where being mounted on a swivel cannon and pressing M would bring up a floating map and compass - Fixed armour pieces floating in view when equipping them whilst mounted on a cannon that is on a bear/horse harness - Players can no longer knock out enemy NPC crew manning puckles using the feat "Target Soft Spots" (also applies during peace phase) - Crew can no longer be dismounted from puckles using a blackjack even though they are immune to melee damage (also applies during peace phase) Well, that was quite a lot to get through, our next recap will be a lot easier to digest! For a full list of changes that have happened since ATLAS launched into Early Access, check out our patch notes thread: Community Content We’ve seen some awesome screenshots and builds created by the Community lately. Check out some of our favourites: Globy City SouthernReb D2 Inara Globy Erza Nick Vampish Senpai Well, that's it for this mega-Captain’s Log. We hope to see you all on the 24 hour Extra Life Stream on the 2nd of November. Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    It's not the damage, the nerf was because people were luring AotD on golden age ruins islands to the coast and leveling up ships by killing them with ship mounted weapons. But rather than nerf the XP gained from mounted weapons against AotD, they made AotD immune to a whole host of weapons.
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    The international standard for the presentation of latitude and longitude coordinates is Lat then Long, and has been since 1884. Further, numbers increase eastward of the meridian and southward of the equator. That's a lot of people who're already trained in reading maps and giving directions. Since this is a game that revolves around ocean navigation, perhaps we could have some of these real world sailing conventions in the game?
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    Excuse what behavior? Calling nonsense what it is? There is nothing at all inflammatory, or immature about the post. This isn't a bug where nobody knows it exists. This is a problem that still exists to this day in ARK. It's not new. At some point, games need to be polished, and have persistent bugs fixed. If there is an exploit that they are trying to stop with this...fix the exploit, and remove this old, crusty bandage that was used to cover it up. There is a problem in games today, where no professional testing is done anymore, and we, the players, run from one early access game, to the next. By the time the game gets even close to being polished, the player base has largely moved on. Some because they got tired of the half finished game, and others because they just player it so much, they are now bored with it. They are now playing the latest early access game. It's a never ending vicious cycle. I wish gaming would go back to the way it was when you didn't download, so everything had to be on the CD...the game had to be polished before it shipped. Then, in these early access games, the only way things get fixed is to make noise about what you don't like. A silent player base is assumed to be happy. I would love to be able to just go in and play the game, but it's broke, like every other game these days. Like how the eff do you mess up Mass Effect Andromeda? How do you take a winning formula and just trash it like that? I haven't even gotten to the cheating that goes on, in this game, and so many others. But, we should at least be able to make proper structures that work. The number of times I run into this NONSENSE where a things just won't snap in, or say they are blocked, or appear to highlight where it will snap in, but jumps to another snap point, over and over and over and over. Shall we talk about how gates will only snap inline to an existing wall, not perpendicular to an existing wall, and won't snap inline, or perpendicular to an existing gate? Shall we talk abut how the book case is visually small enough, but physically too tall for a one wall high structure, forcing you to find a work around or just say eff it when there is too much above where you want to place it...too much trouble to demolish something like a resource chest, or several storage containers, just to be able to remove the ceiling, so the book shelf can be placed. How about the fact that a wood ladder won't snap into a hatch frame that is one wall above a floor? I am not being unreasonable. I am not crying over something like the unpolished way that structures snap into the ships, leaving unrealistic, and unsightly gaps, etc... I fully understand that this is something new, and needs time to be polished. I am talking about issues that have been a part of this game engine for years. It's past time for this to be fixed.
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    Want to know the funniest thing about raising bears for me? We had a lovely base in a western temperate and every bear we tried to raise there died of overheat. We moved our "breeding base" to the northern side of the same island and were able to AFK 30 bear cubs with ZERO temperature problems. It was just a matter of moving to the other side of the island for us .. pretty funny right?
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    Heyas Grapeshot, FUCK YOU!!! I am no longer wasting any time promoting this game and trying to stir up interest as you have repeatedly shit on your fans. First, you have a freaking debuff for being 100years old but made the process to remove that enforced debuff a fucking joke of a quest to try and complete, so I am forced now to just accept that debuff. Thanks, assholes! Second, you decided to make it where there is no real adequate protection against ship sinking griefers, so I never can have a ship to experience the ocean-related side of the game. Third, the last and final straw was to make stone harder to craft and at the very same time you made stone much easier to destroy. As a direct result, I was utterly destroyed. All FOUR of my honeycombed, three-layered bases were all destroyed by the same company. So ya know what, I am just gonna go back to ARK. At least I know I will get butt-raped there but it will have lots of great and fun features to distract me the whole way. Screw you and your crappy game!
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    Rage quit on, yes. And you are a troll and can suck it.
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