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    Amazing, i can see they kept up the high quality work Looks like a half assed reskin of a Schooner and no one bothered to actually test it before release
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    Lol couldn't tell ya what bad decisions were made being haven't made any. Devs tho that's another story. And yes you wipe turds when then been stale with barely any players the last several months better yet prolly best to take the game offline completely.
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    Increased defense, damage and rate of fire for Defense Tavers at control points made it even possible for these towers to craft them according to blueprints ... But still did not understand what a bicycle with triangular wheels is doing, no matter how you craft and improve these towers, you can to destroy even with a schooner with big guns, despite the fact that these mega-worn towers will never reach her! That's what it means when developers have autism - they just don't know the mechanics of the game they are making! You have added platforms for crabs on which you can place a large cannon ... reduced the height at which you can place a Puckle, thereby rendering ground PvP because a large cannon standing at an angle can get where you can no longer place a Puckle. But this is still the tip of the iceberg, you made it so that the buildings even the same pillar base, you can wipe from the water ... Trying to impose naval PvP you made the land useless ... Devs do you know the PvP mechanics of your own game for sure? !! You realize that the damage on the ship can be pumped no matter what percentage of dmg the guns have, all this is all the more summed up in the end ... You cannot pump damage with buildings on the ground ... This makes the ground absolutely, catastrophically, with the current balance - useless !!!
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    If your not currently invested, I'd suggest not becoming invested. All the hopes I once had of what Atlas could become is gone. Atlas has turned promise to disappointment. Expecting a wipe I now only log to feed my 20 bears and I'm not even sure why I do that. Most changes are useless or a changes for the worse. The 3 grids I live in had normal populations in the teens or 20's are now mostly empty. If they do a spring wipe they will be going against a newly released New World. I expect it will be the death roll of the game. The promise of Atlas has been squandered.
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    It’s funny that people think wipes actually solve anything, they don’t. Whatever bad decisions you made this season and haven’t yet corrected you will just repeat next season. If you open your mind and really think about the game mechanics you will find a solution to this problem just like we did. Good luck.
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