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    I said it a long time ago, that a game like this, needs to have a reputation system, with penalties for doing bad things. This is not easy to do, because you DO want people to be doing some bad things, but you don't want them to do a lot of really bad things. Let me explain. You do want people to raid, right? So just raiding, and taking a little bit of loot, would not really hurt your reputation too badly, so long as you do certain things. Doors/gates/hatches when destroyed, for instance, would not count as much to the negative direction of your reputation. Destroying walls and foundations would count much more to the negative in your reputation. So you would want to raid, but not wipe. Taking things counts against your reputation in a negative way, but this would only encourage you to only take things of high value. You would not be encouraged to popcorn people's resources. Doing so would really add up to a negative in your reputation. Killing passive tames would be really bad, but to make that fair, you would need to make it such that only food, and or specific items could be retained in the inventory of a passive tame. I think resources would be fine, and general items, but no gold, maps, or blueprints. No items made from blueprints, etc.. It should not allow you to put them to passive until those items are removed. In short, you use the reputation system, as devs, to steer gameplay in the direction you want it to go, and away from actions you do not want to see. Of course, you would also need some penalties for those actions, and you would need to have an individual's actions weigh on the company's reputation. It would take some serious trial and error to get it exploit proofed. I myself would even put in the TOS that exploiting the system is cause for getting wiped, and or banned. Let's face it...people know when they are exploiting. Sure, they whine and cry when caught and punished, like with the guillotine, but those guys knew what they were doing, and knew it was an exploit. Punishing exploiters keeps the community healthy and strong, because it gives the legit players more confidence in the game being fair. You would also need the war declaration to be able to have a waiver on the penalties for excess destruction. With the war declaration, you could wipe somebody with no hit to your reputation. I would like to see that have a way to seek a parlay. In other words, war has been declared...you know you can't defend against those who declared war, so you seek to pay them off.
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    Ahoy m'artys! An update from us here at the Explore Atlas development team! We have recently put live our Beta version of the Player Tracker & Player Search. This will allow you to see how many players are in each ATLAS 'cluster' and server (Region). https://exploreatlas.co.uk/ On top of this, we added the ability to view which players are within the specific region you are looking at. Or, alternatively; you can search for players directly in our search bar to view which region they are in and how long they've been there We hope this helps when you're finding your way around ATLAS! Should you have any suggestions for us; please don't hesitate to come visit us at discord or catch up on one of our social media! https://discord.gg/s3Kr7mp https://twitter.com/explore_atlas https://www.facebook.com/exploreatlasgame/
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    The problem is not the PvP because nobody PvP all wait for you to be offline, to steal and kill the animals and break the coffers, they do not care about the loot just want to break things, because the game has NOTHING to do. And they're always going to be big guild players that take you out over 30 lvls. ALL OF YOU ARE COWARDS, in real life on the street YOU DO NOT HAVE EGGS You can either close the thread or ban me, it does not matter. developer, you are cowardly trash, PUT MECHANICS IN THE FAIR GAME AND WITH HONOR
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    Yes, if you own a single island it will only display there. Once they enter the "green" circle surrounding your island it will display. Depending on the arbitrary system Grapeshot put in place that can be waaaaay out where they are cursing you for not putting up buoys marking rocks and sandbars, or right next to cliff faces. The only people that will see are those that are interested in coming close. The other option is to rename your island with what you want to display. I have seen some that are called Copper/Agedwood/Gems or variations so it displays on the Atlas map if they have island names toggled.
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    Would you, please, fix handling and weight sails angles? They are totally wrong and very confusing, making gameplay non natural, false. There are many pictures ans articles explaining how it works and how it should be placed, this is just one of them: http://www.schoolofsailing.net/points-of-sail.html
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    Sounds like you may have been better off on PVE or a private server community. They are better suited for two lone players. The PvP servers can be a bit toxic
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    I appreciate the advice, but we are out. The trailers of the game are deceptive. Once I tried ARMA III, until I realized it was a game for military, police, paramedics etc ... we are just normal people, normal civilians, although games like Overwatch or Fortnite are games for minors , ATLAS seems to be a game focused on a community of criminals, I really do not know if they are playing in prisons and obviously we do not want to have contact with those people.
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    30 seconds to take out 230 alloys.Raiding is incredibly easy, one of the reasons i quit.
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    “By Dollie 06/13/2019 We have implemented a fix to stacking cannons in gunports. This fix will not apply retroactively to legacy cannons placed in this way. More than one cannon/launcher in a gunport is a build method we regard as an exploit and, with that in mind, players with cannons/torpedo launchers placed in this manner are on notice to cease actively using them in PvP and to remove these structures within the next 48 hours. Beyond this 48 hour grace period, ships running this build will be susceptible to enforcement action. Thank you.” I am at a loss, why are the same people that have exploited every other aspect of the game being allowed to make changes vs being actioned with consequences that might merit a change? Has this “Billy I told you stop Billy. Do not make me tell you to stop again Billy or I will tell you to stop again” method not taught you anything? It has taught those that exploit the game that the good graces you show them can be taken advantage of with no recourse for their repetitive actions. It has taught them that they can ruin the game for hundreds if not thousands and Grapeshot will continue to cater to them. It is beyond understanding why Grapeshot has not found a way to police these people from what is a fun game and by simple lack of real action has shown to be complicit to the steady death of this game. Do something tangible, other than to action the people that point out this inaction.
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    I want them to make it so if you have a lighthouse up on a friendly island NPC's will auto sail to it. Basically it will disappear and then appear near the lighthouse X time later. That way you can prepare attacks and send resources to areas you have some control under. lighthouses would have to be built in anchorable water. you would set up anchor points and be like go to this anchor spot. The lighthouse would be like a larder resource chest holding food and gold for boats and could be set to feed all your ships on the island or just the ones coming to the island. In PvP you blow up a lighthouse and it sinks the boats going to it. This would create wrecks in the area where they roughly would have been. Sailing was meant to feel kinda epic and it does give you a sense of a massive world but once you are used to it sailing does not give challenge or anything it's crap work to go here get X go here get Y sail for an hour bringing it back. ~Lotus
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    I'm all for the decay timer on ships and structures and the claim timer on animals. But I have to question why we can't see those timers on our own stuff. They had changed it so that we can see the decay timer on our own structures, but to see what the claim timer is on our animals we have to have someone from another company come over and tell us. There's no good reason for that. Similarly there's no good reason we shouldn't be able to see the decay timer on our ships. Feels like a lot of these issues could be avoided by just being allowed to know this information. It would also help us to give better feedback if something isn't working as intended, before bad things happen to people rather than after.
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    I read that article too. They did it to themselves, most of them. Game development used to be funded with the expectation that player sales would give a return on investment, By the time a game is presented to paying players, it should have a business plan, a project plan, a defined theme and some structure in place for support and communications. Many of them don't. In an attempt to get as many bucks as possible, they've made the players the investors and pitch the game to as wide a market as possible to get the dollars flowing in. When you charge people for a game, you can scream EA all you want, but if you haven't even defined your genre fully, have little to no support, and show no signs of any real plan to develop the game, then sure players are going to jump into that arguing for what's most important to them to try to influence direction and get attention to bugs and cheats. Hell, sometimes we know so little about how elements in this game are actually supposed to work we can't tell if it's bad code or bad design we want to complain about. There's no spec. But we do complain and push our ideas about how the game should be. I do it. You do it too. We're all Joffrey. So if you're tempted to put his picture up, be sure to apply that to yourself as well. Some companies don't do this. If you buy Resident Evil, Civilization, or Grand Theft Auto, you know what those games are about and what the major features will be. OTOH, if some company bills a game as The ultimate survival MMO of unprecedented scale with 40,000+ simultaneous players in the same world. Join an endless adventure of piracy & sailing, exploration & combat, roleplaying & progression, settlement & civilization-building, in one of the largest game worlds ever So that's going to mean 100 different things to 100 different players. And when some of them come in here wondering why the hell there's no piracy or roleplaying, or civilization building in the game, and why people keep saying that statement means the game is built specifically for mega guilds, it's pretty unfair in that context to say the players are acting like King Joffrey. The problem is that the development is acting like they're flying by the seat of their pants, and it's pretty clear by now that there is not some grand design that handles all this, because nobody has ever said so in any coherent and formal way to the playerbase. Gaming communities are normally pretty rambunctious, but when you try to pull something like this on them they get crazed. They don't have to give every individual person exactly what they want, but they DO have to spell out what it is they are going to give and how they expect it to work. If you don't want to deal with King Joffrey, a dev team acting like responsible professional adults who communicate fully with the players goes a long way toward preventing that.
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    Why do you all bring arguments to "counter" something that have nothing to do with the actuall text? Where did I as example say anything about content being not achievable for small groups? But still nrly every response is a bashing that everyone that does not want to play with 74 other person wants everything on a silver platter served. NOBODY ASKED FOR THAT. Just stop bringing the same arguments all over again. Grapeshot promissed for weeks a server for small companies. Again and again. I know many people that only started with Season 2 because of this promisse - and they are gone for good now. If you all don't care at all about the "few" people that despice being forced in huge groups, why do you bother reply? Let us all leave and be happy we are gone - since apperantly we are completly wrong and only people that want to play with 74 other people have to right to enjoy this game.
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    im pretty certain this is the answer a week or 2 ago while going to buy npcs on a freeport i encountered a Sotd in the freeport right in front of the harbour… i couldnt shoot at it cus obvious reasons lol but it just started hammering me… i wrote in global wtf this was doing here and a new guy told that it have been there for hours and had sunk both hes sloop and raft… i kited it out of the grid and returned and gave him resources from my ship repair box to build a new sloop… but this wasnt the only time... in the last 1-2 weeks i encountered them 3 times in the freeport only the first was directly at one of the islands.. the 2 other they where sailing around near the boarder... so either ppl kite them to troll or they jsut follow ships they have aggroed..... i ofc cant say 100% thats what happened here but it could be an option