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    Ahoy m'artys! Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard on the Explore Atlas V2. The aim of this was to bring all of our code base into one language as we previously had two. This meant maintaining two sites essentially which was not ideal. Now we're under one roof, we can concentrate on bringing meaningful and powerful updates to the community! For users who are new and don't know who we are, welcome! - Explore Atlas is a website that aims to deliver a convenient and resourceful way of finding creatures and resources throughout ATLAS. We also have sections for Taming calculators! (Similar to Dododex if you're familiar with ARK). One of our more recent features has been the introduction of Unofficial servers to map their resources and creatures! Check it out - https://exploreatlas.co.uk Back to V2 talk... V2 also meant we could re-write the code from the ground up. This allowed us to ensure that we increase speeds drastically throughout the site. Especially with the introduction of XBOX; we needed to ensure that console browsers & other devices could load the site quickly. We would like to share some of the enhancements to our Unofficial Servers section of the website. We're thrilled that the door has been opened to allow both XBOX and PC players to share the same seas and lands. To accommodate for this; we've completely re-approached the way we look at data for Unofficial servers. Checkout the new front end and admin management screens https://imgur.com/a/xuNbRYu We can't wait to see you in the Atlas! Fair winds ExploreAtlas Dev Team
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    Please ad Jib sails to the game! My suggestion on how to introduce Jib sails beyond the cosmetics. Once a Jib sail is crafted or looted, (maybe have the blueprint found only in sunken ships) ....the player adds it to a box on the ship like a saddle on an animal. You can have different abilities for different Jibs. - Stationary pivoting Jib - Backing Jib - Storm stabilization Jib (keep your ship going in a straight line in a typhoon) different tiers of these give better performance. And complete the look and feel of our ships.
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    Yes but we’re making a puzzle for 10 months now and it’s 14 months from being finished, as of right now I think that they will way more underwater stuff. Is there really anything to do underwater? No not really but that’ll probably come. Is it smart of them to make it this ‘hard’ to reach a sub, no. But it’s still wildcard we’re talking about, they’re not the most clever people on this planet. They can change something that will only take affect couple months later. We’ll just have to see. Maybe they’re experimenting with how fast people can build subs to know if it needs to be changed or not for the upcoming cool ‘underwater’ update. I do agree that killing SoTD should give more than the trash they’re giving now. Even leaderbords like Black flag had is a step in the right direction. Next to that mythos bonusses given when you kill them. Now we’re talking about it, I got damn hate the SoTD group formation stuff. When we all started playing it was just going around the map with 2 ships, one killing them other one taking in the loot and just go on and on for days. When I’m killing them right now it’s just no real fun. The spam and the accuracy is way too high. It needs go be more realistic, maybe even add in ‘flying dutchman’ ships as an event, they give extra bonuses. Those are the first steps in getting more into ship battles etc. Don’t know who the hell thought that packs of ships would be a good idea. To me it feels we’re being trolled with them since literally nobody asked for pack SoTD’s.
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    It is on android, thanks I found it!
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    No, you don't lose the island. If for some reason you were to lose the flag, you would not be able to plant another in the same spot till you had enough. In the beginning they gave too few points, now they give too many as a base for a single player imo.
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    I believe it now runs on Mythos.
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    Eh, is this the bad ATLAS streamer Felon trolling people? They kick ya out of TPG for consistently getting all their boats sunk and accidentally streaming base locations and defenses and company chat? hahahahaha
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    Don't worry about a perm base or a cosmetically pleasing base initially. Also, you can re-spec skills at anytime so don't feel like you are locked in. You'll get the occasional free re-spec via leveling, and you can take some gold to Freeport to buy a re-spec. * Pickup bottles on the beach and keep the maps (typically spawn in evening) * Start on an island that has Bears, or Ramshackle travel to one from Freeport * Start on island that isn't limited in one of the basics (Wood, Fiber, Rocks, Metal) * Push your limits early. Try and lose your tames and ships. Everything is replaceable. The worst way to play this game is in fear of loss. Goal 1: Get spear & bow as quickly as you can. Kill animals for XP. You can get the first dozen or so levels fairly easily this way. Stops being efficient after that. Goal 2: Get a smithy and advanced tools (metal). This will greatly help with harvesting, which you do a lot of in general. Considering getting the first 2 levels of Hand Harvesting Goal 3: Get taming and a tannery. Get a bear. Cannot overstate how life changing this is. Goal 4: Get skills to build Sloop/Schooner. Use bear to help harvest fiber/thatch (some islands have this), and to help haul wood. Goal 5: Do treasure maps with your Sloop/Schooner & bear. The XP from maps is HUGE. Keep an eye on quality of map, better maps means higher lvl undead (can overpower your bear) Once you get mid-30's in level, you'll feel like you have access to quite a bit of things and the world will start opening up. You can really start doing whatever you want at this time. Don't wait to long to build your first cannon Schooner/Brig and take on the Ships of the Damned, can be a lot of challenging fun.
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    My tips: 1. Put fortitude at 30 to help with environment 2. Do not use tame pens. They make it easier to hurt and bola your tame, but the structures tend to get in the way of feeding. 3. Use a bear to hurt the potential tame and then bola in the open. PUT BEAR ON PASSIVE. If you do not you'll learn quickly why you should. RIP lvl 30 elephant 2 days ago because my dumbass forgot. 4. Best to bola tames so legs are facing downhill if on a uneven surface. Takes some practice. 5. Always feed from belly side of animal. Inch up to tame and stop right on border of feed range. If done correctly the tame will never hit you. 6. Use grown foods whenever able as it lessens the time needed. It is usually around twice the tame percentage as wild grown. 7. If its your first tame for a given creature then low levels are fine. They tame quickly and can be used for farming. Once you are established you can get pickier about what you tame.
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    Hello Xbox Players and welcome to the Atlas, i am Zottel from the Company Fairy Tail on EU PVE and i will try to answer some frequently asked questions about Atlas, and will also respond if you have other questions. - How to get Gold? There are many way to earn Gold but i will list the most common ones for you. - Shipwrecks: You can find procederly generated Shipwreck which contain gold and food etc. I recommend using a Diving Platform on your Ship to loot these. - Whaling: While PETA wont like this method,it is still an easy way to kill the monstrous Sperm and Bluewhale in order to get some Gold. The easiest way would be using a Schooner with 3 Ballistas on the back manned by NPC crew. -Treasure Maps: Treasure maps are awesome and bring loads of Gold,but you first need to find those glowing bottles on shores and beaches. As the common ones are quite easy i´d recommend doing those at the start,while Journyman and higher require you to have atleast a good tame you shouldn´t try those without atleast a decent Bear. Where do i build? This question will define how and where to settle and should be choosen wisely and considering what suits your playstyle at most. Own an Island: Sure owning an Island sounds great, but you need to pay an upkeep every 12 Hours and if not payed you will lose your island. While you can generate Taxes from Tennants and also stretch the payment period up to every 19 Hours, Tennants are a good start and will help you alot if you both Co-exist. Be aware of the fact that the 20% Tax are additive and your Tennant will still get 100% of what he farms, while you get additional 20% into your Flag/TaxBank. You can demolish stuff build on your Island within 24 Hours,after that you need to wait about 30 days till the decay timer destroys it. Lawless islands: As the name suggest, there are no existing laws. It has a rather fast spawning resources but you will also need to deal with neighboors and if unlucky end in a Foundation spam War,as this will be the only way to secure Land there. Living as a Settler: If you dont mind living for free on someone elses island,this will be your choice. Be aware of the Fact that the Landlord still can demolish your structures within 24 Hours after beeing build. But if you communicate with the Landlord you will most likely find a nice place and friendly people to get started with. Tames: To Tame a creature you will first need to learn taming ( Tier1 Tier 2 Tier3 ) to tame the creature of your choice. First prepare some Bolas and bow and Arrows, then find the creature to tame and dmg it till ~20% HP and you are able to use the Bola on it. Now feed them their preferred food till the Bola runs out and you need to dmg it again. i would recommend to wear Plate Armor and use a taming pen,as those will make the whole process alot easier. Seeds?: In Atlas you can get many different kinds of Veggies which you need to tame Creatures or for cooking some delicious pirate food. You will find those seeds by collecting the "wild" version of it and need to plant them with some poop in a crop plot. Be aware of the fact that it needs to be watered, fertilized and be in the right biome as you cant grow all Crops in all regions. How to sell or buy stuff: Most Blueprints item,etc. will be sold via a Discord server. But you will also be able to set up or find Playershops on Islands where you can buy or sell your goods. Ships and level: The level of ships is defined by the quality/ durability of the shipyard you use for the shipsceleton. For common shipyards the max. level of a ship is 42. If you do treasure maps and find better shipyards with high durability you can raise the max. level up to 52. From 100 ~120% durability your ship will still be max. level 42, but every full 10% more durability will bring you one more level to your max. level ships. Max level of tames: The max. wild level of tames is 30. If you dont loose any taming affinity and use the prefered food you can get them up to level 44 after taming. Bred tames can have a way higher level at birth if the stats are combined and im not sure where the limit is, but the highest we had was 120 after birth. The max. Level a tame can reach is defined by its wild level ( level after its been tamed ) x2 +30. A perfect tame ( level 44) will be able to reach level 118 that way If you have any further questions feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/EYC7epU or write in the comments and i try to answer your questions as soon as possbile
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    tame a pig they are poop machines.
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    This has been an issue for a long time in this game. Even more so now that SoTD travel in packs. And it's not just a slow PC that can cause this, slow internet speed can cause long load times. I found that releasing the wheel when zoning seems to help. My ship doesnt seem to stall as much going across the zone border so if there is something on the other side I normally push thru. This IS something that needs to be addressed. There are several great ideas to resolve this problem. 1) 30 second no agro buff to SoTDs and whales when zoning. Or 2) some type of mini game with the spyglass, similar to the sextet, that shows you the location of all SoTDs and whales in the 8 grids around you. Then you can see the danger across the zone wall and sail accordingly.
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    There is not 501 types of fiber. edit? I didn't even really bother reading your post properly tbh, i got to the 501 fiber bit, then skimmed through to the "new players will be confused wah wah lol".