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    as someone who hasn't done the yeti once i find it very annoying i will be loosing 34 levels we got our levels from legitimately killing kracken multiple times we farmed it and now we are getting punished for a exploit we didn't even do gg Grapeshot punishing people who didn't even do the yeti caving in to people whining again
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We appreciate all the feedback we have received, whether written by hardened sea dogs or those still getting their feet wet. We’re monitoring the waves in the Forums, Discord, Steam, Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Even when we hit rocky shores, you’re there mannin’ the sails. We’re excited to answer some questions that have popped up during our new journey in ATLAS Season 4: The Maelstrom and we hope you’re looking forward to all the new content that will be released in the coming months, like Trade Winds, Farms, Warehouses, 'n more! Below are some questions & answers regarding the future development of ATLAS, straight from the seahorse’s mouth: Developer Q&A Question: I guess my main question would be about new PVP official servers. When you claim an island, is it safe for you or is it possible to be raided? I don't mind PVP at sea, but base raids suck. Just curious. Thanks. Answer: Atlas is intended to be a game about pirates, and while our land-based combat is deep and rich, the new energy behind Atlas is to bring that depth and richness to sea as well. More interesting interactions with the oceans and ships is where we are pointed and we'll be making a host of changes to drive more player energy in that direction. Look for our future development to lean towards creating opportunities for greater rewards and higher risks on the water with more opportunities for opt-in conflict. Question: So, I believe that this is the first time that you've acknowledged "seasons". Are you guys considering regular wipes to ATLAS PVP? In many hardcore PVPers opinions, there should be, in order to keep the game fresh. It seems to drop off about 3-4 months in. Maybe a server to test out having regular wipes? Answer: We agree that it's important for the health of a survival game to have energetic competition over resources, but we want to have our cake and eat it too. So, we are looking for ways to keep these struggles fresh without completely tossing out player progress. We think that coming at it from both sides and wiping when necessary while at the same time helping players hold on to their progress will lead to a vibrant environment of continuous conflict without stagnation. Question: Will ATLAS be available on PS4? Answer: For sure, we want Atlas to be accessible on as many platforms as possible. We are considering whether that means trying to go to PS4 at the end of its life cycle or holding out for the PS5, which is not far off. Until that decision is made, we are focusing on bringing all the new features to our existing players. We hope that answered some of your lingering questions. We have many more questions out there in the deep, and we plan to have Ask a Pirate Day regularly. Feel free to drop questions here or on our other social channels, and your question might get picked the next time around. Also, be sure to hashtag your screenshots with #PlayATLAS and tag us for a chance to be featured on our forum posts. Here's a screenshot by bombtrackbart on Twitter. Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame View full article
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    Elder Scrolls Online does this, and that is what I love about that game. I can play in a huge MMO environment safe in the knowledge that I can play without being griefed. Yet, if I chose to I could enter the dedicated PvP areas of the map.
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    Grappled a flotsam on the fly while sailing 20 knots,... Once Felt like MJ for 30 seconds lol
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    I found a lvl 15 shipwreck clipped into the ground. Spent like an hour trying to get that damn treasure but there was no way at all. The flotsam they should either buff the gold or get rid of them. I just run them over rather than stop. I've tried grappling them as well just as a sort of fun mini-game while sailing but its nearly impossible at speed. Hell even stopped with the waves moving them up and down.
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    So, why is it that solo players get screwed? Because you can’t play pvp without some douche killing you. What fun is that? It just me and my homie and we can’t catch a break. All the claimable islands are taken, and clearly lawless island are a non starters. So does that mean I have to go to Blackwood to have fun?
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    To all the complainers, Has it been forgotten by many players that this game is still in Early Access? EXPECT WIPES EXPECT BUGS EXPECT LOSING ALL YOUR PROGRESS OR PLAY ANOTHER GAME This is an Early Access game - NOT a finished product.
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    "Ark resources are in the game on lawless instead of ATLAS resources"
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    Ok i just played for 15 mins. Ark resources are in the game on lawless instead of ATLAS resources- we can't build anything. RIP -- this is why you need to do public test realms devs. its like common thing to listen to your players and work with them on upgrades, not keep them in the dark and mess up a re-launch.
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    Why at the start of every season do I have to run around chasing power stones, discovery points and dragons one time for myself and then 4-5 times for other people in my company just so we can be competitive in PvP? I don't give a shit about killing kraken, chasing dragons and hydras, its not fun, its not challenging, its just a pointless time sink i have to get through to pvp. The irony of it all is that PvP at level 50 is actually fun and makes sense. At level 50 there's depth to the attribute and skill system because you have to pick and chose what you want. Where as level 100 you have capped your hp at 300, your stamina is over 200, you have every skill that you need and everyone you fight will be the same. The devs in their wisdom decided to buff the sword and the mace to stop the torpor cheese tactics, but they never touched the ranged weapons so they just get outscaled by the hp at higher levels. We have this super one dimensional end game where everyone have the same skills, the same weapons and the same attributes. The devs need to stop treating the game like its a korean mmo from 2003. The way things are now you have to wipe every couple of months because x amount of hours > skills and tactics, theres no way for new players to fight back at established groups. The disparity between new players and someone who's played 100s of hours is just to massive, you basically have to wait for a new season to contend. My suggestion would be: Stop giving attribute points and skills after level 50 Add different attributes to the attribute system so we have more options of developing our characters. Give us more ways of generating pvp content then attacking someones base. My idea would be to lock certain resources to just one grid, lower the build cap and npc limit on that grid and dedicate a server to it. This way we have some strategic objectives we can fight over, if they cant spam npcs and buildings left, right and center it will be less laggy and companys have to put up an active defence to hold it. We need a proper economy, a shop in a freeport isn't doing it. We need more tools or an auction house on some trade hub or something. Pudding and Grog needs to be addressed. Grog reduces incoming damage and increase melee damage in reality all it does is nerf ranged weapons which is already in a terrible spot. Not to mention time to kill overall is already way to long before you add these buffs. Can we just get rid of the shield? Do anyone use this thing for anything else then cheesing and chain stunning people into a coma? I don't see what it adds to the game. The swivel should be reverted to its old values when its on a boat or on a cart, it really fucked with land balance. Atm you achieve with a common swivel what you needed a legendary for before and its made ship boarding a nightmare. I really enjoyed ship boarding after the glider nerf and the swivel buff boarding became almost non existant. I would also suggest adding negative effects to short and skinny characters and positive to tall and fat characters. I think at the very least if you are skinny you should be more vulnerable to ranged attacks and if you are fat you should get a resistance to ranged.
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    All new games start with the honeymoon period, and it seldom lasts before the cracks appear. I think if a decent pyrate game get's released that is dedicated to the subject, with devs that stay the distance ,then yeh Atlas would be pretty much be over. Tbh the problem as I see it is Atlas still hasn't broken properly away from being an ark dlc, Hopefully they will eventually do this and it will become a stand alone survival game in it's own right. For a lot of us that have played from the start it certainly needs more content now to bring the interest back. But I would like to add that the devs in no way deserved the torrent of abuse and toxicity that they got when they used to regularly post on the forum, I don't suppose that it helped them to remain upbeat and positive.
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    Also, I have to point out that this might be the worst paragraph ever written on this forum. Periods, and commas are left out, making the majority of it unable to be fully understood. But the part about people leaving Last Oasis...if something BETTER, does come out, I am sure they will. The key word there being, BETTER. This would be 100% normal and expected. The question is, why did they leave Atlas, for Last Oasis? I mean, I am literally running into Atlas Mega, after Atlas Mega, now in Last Oasis. And another question is, would they come back, if Atlas became a BETTER game than it is currently? One reason that Last Oasis isn't likely to lose a large amount of players, is because it is very very attractive to most players that they don't risk what they don't want to risk, in most circumstances. In fact, I can load up my crafting base into my Walker, and upload the Walker, and then go to bed KNOWING that it will be available to me when I log back on. In fact, since I can store an amazing amount of stuff in that base, and it doesn't count against the weight limit of the Walker, I can even keep all my resources safe from thieving clan members. The reality is that Grapeshot didn't pay enough attention to how much people hated their stuff being destroyed while they were offline. Grapeshot should have had a better plan to make the game more focused on ships at sea, and less focused on base defense. I absolutely love that the focus is not on base defense in Last Oasis, and in fact, it makes no sense to invest tons of resources into a base because the tile you would build it on, will eventually burn up. It's not too late for Grapeshot to create an Atlas game that is attractive to a wider audience, but that time is quickly running out. To get a large audience back, they are going to need big news that is appealing to them. A ship vs ship server, would be just what the doctor ordered.
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    Ah yes, there's always one, "well why are you here, then?" Because I have many many hours in Atlas, on Official, and a lesser amount on unofficial. There are aspects of the game that I love, and aspects that I hate, and many people hate, and it drove them from the game. I am here, because I would like to see changes made that make the game more fun for more people, so that we can once again, have a healthy sized player base in Atlas.
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    You say it is antithetical, and then you go on to explain why it is not. First, games need balance. Would you pay to go see a sports game between Pros, and children? I mean, would this be considered good competition worth paying to watch? Of course not. Why not? Because there is no competition. Even colleges are divided into divisions, to offer more fair competition. Same for high schools. What makes a game fun for anybody, if one group can just run roughshod over another group? Who is that fun for? It's certainly not a recipe for a healthy game community that will stick around for a while. Honestly, how long do you think most players will stick around for games when they get wiped. How many wipes in a row does it take for the average player to leave a game? I have seen people quit after one. I have seen many more quit after two in a row, and even more after 3 in a row. Why do FPS players log into a game, day after day after day, when they get repeatedly killed in that game? So long as they are experiencing something close to even success and failure, they will continue to log in. If they get killed, but never get kills, they would not log in. The idea that wipes are needed for a PvP game to be fun, is just absurd. That is only fun for the one doing the wiping. If the goal is to drive players from the game, then wipes are a great way to do it. I've seen many people quit because of wipes. The problems you describe, are people trying to avoid the pain of being wiped. In short, it's like speed limits. When you put up radar detector and it shows that everyone is driving 10 mph over the speed limit, people are voting with their foot. They are letting you know they don't like the speed limit. In this game, people are showing that they don't actually like the wipe mechanic, and are doing everything they can to avoid it. Cheaters used under meshing to avoid it. Why not just come up with game mechanics that allow everyone to avoid getting wiped, and yet creates reasons to PvP? Seems a more reasonable solution.
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