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    Thank you for another Q&A update that was completely worthless.
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    When Season 4 began, we were hesitant to return but hopeful at the promises of new changes and active Devs. For the first few weeks we were really impressed! It felt like a completely different game compared to the horrors of Season 1. We reached out to old friends and were able to pull back many who had completely written off the game and everyone was having a lot of fun. We were encouraged by the Devs transparency and action with dealing with cheaters and exploiters, the balance improvements, the quality of life improvements with the farming grind... Atlas finally seemed to be becoming the game we had all initially hoped for. Then... you brought back barrels and literally killed the game overnight. The game transformed from a thriving sea based PvP game with engaging ship battles, into an endless assault of barrel bombs everywhere you look. No one wants to bring their ships out to sea anymore. What's the point if they can be deck cleared by a single barrage? With less and less action on the seas, the only way for anyone to get some PvP was to try and land raid, which after a few days becomes a discouraging pain in the ass. Pretty much everyone has now quit and you can see from your player stats that nearly every grid is empty. Sad to say you blew it with barrel bombs and I'm not sure many will be willing to give Atlas another chance considering you didn't listen to your community when they begged you to revert the changes. I still hope that Atlas can become something great, it has bones to be amazing but time and time again your community has spoken loudly that they are seeking more action on the seas and until barrels are removed or balanced better, that will not happen.
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    Barrels need to be completely removed from this current iteration of the game. This is going to be your biggest contention point for any type of PVP player. They are just too powerful. They do way too much damage. There is no real way to mitigate barrels right now in this game. Barrels should only be able to be used from Catapults. Or placed manually and lit. They should NOT be able to be fired from cannons. Full stop. Barrels should not be able to remove a row of planks from a ship. Either make them incredibly heavy, or make the materials excessive. They are too easy to make, too light and too disposable for the amount of damage they can do to not only ships but player structures. You say you want this to be a sea focused pvp game. Barrels have made it so you can no longer leave your harbor because you're too busy trying to defend the structures it took you weeks to build and get destroyed in under 5 minutes. This is ridiculous and you need to change this if you ever hope to get any player base back into the game. Limit the number of catapults on a ship by ship type. Remove the ability for cannons to fire barrels. 0 on sloop. 1 on schooner 2 on brig 4 on galleon. Reload time on catapults on animals should be 10+ seconds.
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    I know you see the complaints, you hear the issues... I know you are in the game and checking on things. I know you see the carnage of barrel bombs, I know you see the farm houses are not working, the SOTD are broke, submarines are glitching when you drop them and pick them back up, sunken ship frames are stuck in the water... I understand this is prerelease and I need to expect issues, but at least let us know you hear us, you see the issues, you are working on something... Anything? You have a patient community, but we need to hear something from you.
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    When will we see some news that is actually news not just some platitudes about how hard you are working?
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! The upcoming patch will be more focused on fixes and balance passes as we continue to look into combat and also develop the farmhouse and warehouse system. SoTD issues among other bugs have also been fixed. We’d like to thank our community for all of your feedback thus far. As we continue to engage with the community, we’d like to introduce a survey to help us better quantify community sentiment regarding certain changes to our patches. We would be grateful if you could fill out the survey for v.410.2 here: https://forms.gle/tvcdYcDqhBPP3bRY7 The Patch is scheduled for tonight, 9/01 at 8:00 PM Pacific Time Zone. Please see below for the detailed Patch Notes of our latest update, v.410.2 Released Patch Notes Combat Shield bash can no longer be used while in the air Bug Fix: Soft Spots Feat now only affects Two-Handed Mace Bug Fix: Brass Knuckles no longer affect shield bash damage Construction Structures can no longer be built on tables Grills, Crop Plots, Water Pipes, Paintings, Flags, and Buoys can no longer be built in Freeports Crafting Cloth Armor and Simple Bed may now also be crafted at the Loom Waterskin may now also be crafted at the Tannery Wood Wall/Floor/Ceiling/Roof, Repair Hammer, and Storage Boxes (including large) may now also be crafted at the Smithy New Skill added to Artillery Tree: Captain of Renown As a master of both crew and artillery, your exploits as a pirate are known far and wide. Recruits seek you out allowing you to craft artillery that comes manned for an extra bit of coin. Requires BOTH Gatling Studies from the Artillery Tree New Crafting Recipes added to the Smithy: Manned Cannon, Manned Large Cannon, and Manned Puckle These recipes cost the same resources as their unmanned variants plus an additional 10 gold coins Crew will spawn at them after 30 seconds and man the station Explosive Barrels Explosive Barrel projectiles that don't explode on impact can be defused Explosive Barrel toss distance increased by 50% Tossed Explosive Barrels no longer stick to players, creatures, or the sides of structures Catapult reload time for Explosive Barrels changed to 2 seconds Bug Fix: Barrels placed or tossed onto ships will now explode when their timer expires Bug Fix: Explosive Barrels shot out of cannons will no longer instantly stick to the water Golden Age Ruins Creatures (Fire Elementals, Rock Elementals, and Cyclops) XP awarded after creature's death instead of per hit Damage dealt to ships increased by 100% Damage dealt to players decreased by 20% Ships Increased the range of Ship Ammunition Container from 30m to 40m Bug Fix: Ships no longer leave behind their frame when destroyed Bug Fix: Ships of the Damned should now behave normally Submarines Bug Fix: Horse cart weapons can no longer be fired from submarine Bug Fix: Grenades can no longer be thrown from Submarines Tames Cows can be ridden by equipping a Tier 2 Saddle Warehouses and Farmhouses Reduced exclusion radius for placing Warehouses from 2km to 800m Increased the weight limit in the Warehouse from 50,000 to 250,000 and increased max inventory items from 40 to 100 Added 'Transfer All,' 'Transfer Half,' and 'Transfer Amount' option to Warehouse and Farmhouse inventory, similar to how stacks may be split in player inventory Warehouses, Farmhouses, and Stone Farmhouses no longer use Wood or Thatch as fuel and instead use Coal/Oil, which last 60/120 seconds per unit Warehouses now transport Wood and Thatch Warehouses no longer transport Oil or Coal (This solution will be iterated on soon) Bug Fix: Warehouses and Farmhouses no longer have crafting inventory section that falsely implies you can craft in them Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    almost 6k hours in game, i can honestly tell you the current ability to add cannon and ship leveled points to multiplicative values of barrel damage is WAY WAY WAY TO OVER POWERED. You need to remove them, or reduce range by 50%, Reduce damage by 50% AND (not or, this is all 3) remove the multiplicative damage on ships, from Cannon % and Ship levels multiplying the damage of barrels. This current iteration has reduced sea combat DRASTICALLY we cant get people to bring out endgame boats to fight us because 1 volly and those sails (those .001% to drop handling ENDGAME sails) are gone, 394% defense wont mean F all if i have a 200% cannon and 174% dmg in schooner lvl's, they would be gone. Is that balanced? hundred hours to find end game sails to my LUL schooner? that is unfair, and i do it to people. Its wrong, NO ONE WHO PLAYS asked for this, NO ONE who is playing wants it kept. THE PLAYER BASE IS BEGGING FOR THIS TO BE FIXED You don't address it. you ignore this GLARRING problem. FIX BARRELS!
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    yep, barrels killed the game. I have gone from a daily player to signing in once a week and going meh can't sail anywhere without someone one shotting your ship with barrels. no point in having mythic ships and planks if one barrage of barrels sinks it in moments.
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    I have played this game for years and never have i had a season like this one. The admin support is shit and that is putting it in the nicest way I can. Please either wipe the whole server or fix the damn thing. Get rid of all the blocked sunken treasures, broken army of the damned ships, broken submarine, broken grids, sperm whale spawns, battleeye issues, painting animals... and then the stupid block count.. Figure it out or quite your jobs and do something else. You are loosing players...
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    Stopped playing about a month ago and just coming to the forums to see if they are actually trying to fix the game. Apparently not. So sad to see this game fail so hard. It has a ton of potential if it just had a Development team that would listen and focus on fixing problems rather than trying to balance PvP and add fluff to entice a few more people to purchase the game.
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    Having a fuel cost period is just stupid. This isn't fucking ARK with tech generators and autopoop collectors and distributors. They should be manned by an NPC. Period.
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    BARRELS ARE GARBAGE. There is no other way to put it. Fucking take them out of the game. Whatever dev has this "grande vision" for this game is fucking blind.
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    I'm pretty sure devs want ship pvp, BUT people don't want to bring out ships bc a bp-ed ship can be raped by a common barrel ship. Even worse if the ship is also bped and damaged pumped. Barrels are like bugs. Devs like em. We don't. Get rid of bugs- I mean, barrels. There's other balance issues, but the barrels are the ones that screams out the most attention for balance. Quit buffing it. No one asked for barrels. You think it's a good idea. But it's not. Put the barrels back in the trash. The recycling bin is too good for em.
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    So if I regularly eat at a restaurant and have average meals then one day without telling me they hire a new cook and my meal is poor it’s my fault? Sorry but the game before this last wipe was better than it is today. I agree with @Jaster. Except the money part because 1300hrs for $25 is fine with me.
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    When are you going to bring back the NA PVE?? The lag gets sooooooooooo bad when you get in a lawless area it is hard to do anything at all when you take 2 steps and end up back where you were over and over...I was able to understand that taking it down so you can use it for testing was needed but to shaft all of the American players and say deal with it is killing the game... If you think it is easy to play when the ping is 150 to 250 all the time in lawless you need to grow up... You were not able to get things right when you just had to rework the map like the polar and tundra are reversed Tundra IS colder than polar like you had it last season.. If all you want to support is the PVP end of the game and say fuck you to all of us PVE players you have killed the game officially before you even release it.. You ask for input from players and the only ones you even take questions from are the PVP guys and avoid us PVE guys... You cherry pick the questions that are easy to answer and shun the real questions that people want to know...
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    Submarines have been a favorite toy of griefers since they were first introduced, and anyone who's ever played PvP know what I'm talking about. Subs can't be hit with cannonballs when submerged, and NPC mounted cannons apparently consider submarines to be "ships". We all see the problem here, right? As everyone knows, griefers use this mechanic to drain cannonballs from defensive towers and even cause them to sink the tower owner's own ships by sitting submerged with the ships between it and the defensive cannons - this is typically done during an island's peace period, which makes it all the more broken. A couple of suggestions: 1. Change submarines from "ships" to something else, or add a tag to differentiate them from surface ships, and then change ship target options to "Ships" and "Ships and Submarines". 2. Add an AE damage effect to medium and large cannonballs that will also effect anything underwater. Yes, I know all about "disable your cannons during peace" and "don't park your boats under your own cannons", but these are workarounds to make the best of a broken mechanic. It's about time that we had an actual fix.
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    Companies.....yeah....let me throw this out there..... There are obviously good companies and bad companies.... Good companies want you to invest in their product, whether it be a game (this case) or something else, but they ALSO read/acknowledge/respond to customer (us in this case) feedback. They appreciate what you say, whether it's criticism or a heart felt compliment. They act on what you say, taking your feedback seriously to improve their product. Bad companies just want your cash. That's it. Just your cash. They change their product according to what THEY want, with little to no regards to what their customers actually want or suggest. Feedback of all kinds, good or bad, gets ignored 99% of the time. When they just so happen to get something right, which would be rare, they act with "See? We listen to our customers" .... So.... Which category does this company fall in? You decide....
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    Atlas isn't even currently in the top 200 of top games played. The fucking cartoon pirate game, Sea of Thieves, is even in the top 100 games (#59). That's pretty terrible. Hell, Even Raft has more players and is sitting at #149 and it only has like 20 total hours of playable content right now but at least it has competent Developers and non-game breaking bugs. 242. ATLAS 1,597 4,539 1,874,509 Source: https://steamcharts.com/top/p.10
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    Real talk tho, 4k hours in. Barrels NEED to be removed in order for this game to last. The mention of needing it for future content, well bring it back with that future content if it can be used. They are as cheap as nades essentially, do damage equivalent to the old torpedoes, and can be stuffed into mobile cannons on tames and boats.....remove the fricken item until its fixed
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    Thank GOD. No more shuffling resources into my personal inventory just to craft the simplest, most common things.
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    Guys you were really close to fixing the warehouse and farmhouse, but then you made it worse making it so they need to be built near coal and oil (which isnt on every island) to remain functional without player interaction. If the goal is automation remove the fuel cost, but if you have to program in some sort of fuel just use fiber in the mean time.
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    Please just remove barrels from catapults and cannons, thanks
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    survey gets hung up and wont load past page 9. can you do anything right? use your brains boys! last patch created more issues and broke more aspects of the game than you fixed and improved.
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    This is literally your job. Your job is to give the community information from the devs, and give devs input from the community? So what...your message to us is that you are done doing your job because we have legitimate complaints, concerns, and frustrations. Oh, and I saw that Dischord message you sent another player where you, Chismebeard, stated that you guys were not going to investigate or take action on any CoC violation because the focus is on developments and improvements. So you're not listening to the community, you're not addressing concerns which the community has, you're not dealing with people who violate the CoC, you're not dealing is ppl who exploit, and now you're not going to give us any info. I feel inclined to ask, what the hell are you gonna do? I mean, besides kill off a promising game and alienate your entire player base.
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    Chism don't take it personal. You are coming in late in the game. I've been here since day one, and the game has been through a lot of ups and down. Your team IS coming up with great stuff, but it just seems rushed to me. We are a great community and have lots to contribute (even if mostly snark towards the devs). Test test test!!! I was always part of the PTR group and happy to do it. When the Farms came out, it introduced some obvious bugs (not to mention blowing away all unofficial servers). Then throwing the warehouse on top, all of a sudden the game is SERIOUSLY broken. Should have been rolled back instantly (in my opinion).
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    Sorry all. I'm usually only logged into the ATLAS account, and not my personal account. I also don't usually chime in because there is nothing for me to say. It doesn't seem the Q&A questions are satisfactory, so we may discontinue them for now, and only post when there is a definite timeline for things.
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    I want to ask why the barrel bomb update. It resulted in overcrowded freeports, common schooners killing mythic galleons/brigs, pretty any ship that gets the first volley of barrels off. There was a reason barrels where taken out of cannons in season one. I would like to know why it was decided to return to this mechanic ?
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    I figured I would put this here instead of the Discord since it seems the dev's have gone silent in there for reasons. Reasons this game is broken right now: No updates from dev's in over a week about an explosive topic. This is a really bad look for any gaming company. Barrel Bombs are OP as fuck. There is no way to defend from them right now without spamming pillars completely everywhere. They are the new land/sea meta in a game that was by the developers own admission needing better ship pvp. Barrels fired from a boat will instantly deplank anything below a galleon from a single barrel. If you salvo barrels, its bye bye ship. Not to mention they clear a deck completely if fired from height. There's almost no ship battles happening any more due to this. Barrels on land make honeycombing completely useless. With the amount of splash damage that barrels have walls don't even really matter anymore. I'm not quite sure what the theory is behind an explosive surrounded by wood being shot safely out of a cannon by an explosive is. Either the cost per barrel needs to be increased exponentially, the weight, or the reload time needs to be increased 10 fold. They shouldn't be able to be carried at all. If they are, they should have a placement timer. IE, 5 seconds to set it down and set the fuse. This will hopefully stop/slow suicide runners. Barrels that are "thrown" on land should be destroyable the same way as a "placed" barrel. Either by melee or defusing. Right now if a barrel is thrown by hand or from a catapult and it hits land/water it is not defuseable/destroyable. Warehouses are pretty much useless. You can only place 1 effectively on an island. Doesn't matter what company. So the first person to put one down wins. They don't collect wood at all. Their gather rates are incredibly slow. They have very little gather range even though their placement range is HUGE. SOTD's are broken. They spawn frozen in place, with bright red flags and don't move and take little damage. You can sail right through them. They don't drop loot/give XP and block spawns for real SOTD's. Cannon mounts are able to get into a submarine and shoot from inside a submarine. You can also throw grenades from inside a submarine as well. The reason the community is upset is because this was an unneeded change. Barrels were introduced in Season 1 and everyone thought they were terrible then too. Barrels just need to be removed from the game until they find a proper place. What they are now is not it. Test Server... what happened to this? There have been test servers for previous seasons. This needs to be a thing that is done for any kind of major game-play mechanic change such as barrels. This completely changed the way the game was played, and it would have been more useful to find this out in a test environment before putting it on the live servers. You would have saved your community a lot of grief, and a lot of players would likely still be playing right now. The BIGGEST issue right now is the clear lack of communication from the developers. This happened the last 3 seasons. It's why people left this game in droves. And it's already happening again less than 2 months into the season.
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    Get lost. I do not want to forge some allies. This goes only to prove that you can't do shit in this game when you are not the one with the larger number of players. I do not want to be forced into desperately having to ally with virtually everyone just so i do not auto lose every single encounter. I want to be part of a SMALL(!!!!!) group of skillful veterans and i want us to be able to sustain ourselves like that. Nobody should be entitled to raze us at their discretion just because they are allied with more motherfuckers than we are. This game is only for people who are absolutely incapable of achieving literally anything on their own and always rely on having 49 people at hand for whatever challenge may arise. None of the devs ever had any idea about a perspective for smaller tribes, hence there is none. We are meant to be cannon fodder by design, or lack thereof.
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    Hello everyone, This game needs to decide what it want to be and how the future should look. We can all agree that freeport is broken right now and loosing your stuff constantly to griefers is pretty bad. You could ask your self why fire arrows are even allowed on freeport. I want to go a little deeper in to the system that is set up right now: You have freeport which is supposed to be safe for everyone but your ship decays insanely fast even if anchored and boosting the resistance of your ship stats. Then you have Lawless that allows you to play in a world where company's can not own the island and there is no offline protection. Last you have an player owned area that is essential another Lawless area where you have to serve a large company to have your stuff protected in island peacetime or get destroyed by large zergs. The question i have is, where can you be a pirate and keep your stuff safe? I have tried this now four times in four different pvp seasons and i am sad to say that you have no hope of living the pirate life in this game! It pains me to say this, it really dose! Because this game could be soooo good and that is why i keep coming back There is a bunch of factors that works against you here! You do not have a safe haven, you will get offline raided, the big companies have blueprinted ships that are insanely overpowered and the loot system is not really giving you much if you manage to sink a player ship. Then you also have the player island where more often then not Lag form building blocks is part of the defense. This is my suggestion to solve some of this: I will take inspiration form EVE-Online and Last Oasis. I know that this might be a sore spot for some people because those games also have there own issues but i do believe that taking the best elements form those game might be able to solve a lot of the issues in this game. I would suggest making it so: In Freeport you can still pvp but you have a high security status in the grid that will make the a Freeport navy try to stop conflict. If you break the code of conduct in the Freeport grid then you will be punished with a bad security standing and the navy will start hunting you. This system would have to be worked out in detail! Lawless should be changed so it has a lower security status where you can fight on open seas with out the Freeport navy meddling but if your security standing is bad enough then the Navy will still hunt you. However some island should have NPC Governors that have a unique standings that can be improved by doing stuff for them. Those island have safe harbors that allowed you to keep you ship and loot safe for a gold price. This is where it would make sense to have a out of game lobby where you ship can go when you safe log for the night but again it needs to have a gold price per day. Last the player owned islands should be changed so when you take a island you get a fort on ground level where flag is in a predetermined location. This fort is build by using gold to upgrade and can be upgraded in steps fort, fortress and castle. The upkeep keep rising the more you upgrade your buildings. You can do the same ting for the harbor but it might be better to create harbor buildings for free build. They would need to be big building blocks, so they create less lag. Change the island limit to be determined by upkeep instead of island points. There is a bunch of other issues that need to be addressed! Take beds for instance, they make your ship act like a clown car of unlimited respawns. You have to limit the amount of spawns you have available on your beds by creating bed charges. I am not sure if this should be a gold cost, water cost or a food cost but least use gold for this example. You put 10 gold in your bed and then you can spawn 5 times, when the gold is gone the bed stops working as a respawn point and the bed need to be refilled. Distance aka spawning on a different island in a different grid should be more expensive to do. Then we have zoning while getting attacked in ship combat. If your ship take damage on it's structures you should not be able to travel to a different server! There should be a cool down on you ship that prevents you form jumping to another grid for some time. I would say that the cool down should be between 5 to 10 min. If you take a chance and it does not work out then you should be punished for it. What do people think about this? I am sure there would be a lot of problem that would have to be worked out. Yes, i understand that these things are changing the game but hopefully people understand that i want to change this game for the better I did leave out a lot that could be expanded on later like bounty system that is integrated with the security system and raiding governors trading ships in lawless and so on.. Devs, if you have any questions, just send me a message and i will be glad to explain in more depth Best regard Jack Shepard
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    Same as everyone else, I'm not really having too much faith right now. But still.... building a little base, making ships and arming them, doing testruns with them, sail to freeport for crew. Next to some taming, wich is pretty obsolete now for the farmingpart and treasuremaps/sunken ones, also the caveruns (nekked with pepper up my pegleg) are too much fun not to do. Even playing solo it is doable (PvE here btw). Exploring islands, making friends (some foes along the way) that's what's counting for loads of players. The thing which most of us keep on trying and hoping what eventually , again with loads of hope, happens; Fixed bugs. All those bugs from "Season 1"(Still can't get used to this season thingy), after each wipe still not fixed. Want to build trust among players? Live up to your expectations. This is a pirategame ffs, not a zoo. We want way more action at sea. Bigger battles, more skills in the skilltree so we do not need those bp's anymore. We want to be a trader or an outlaw, blacksmith or perhaps farmer to build our own trade/kill routes. Bp's are getting way too much attention, this should be diverted into skillpoints and more gold to trade. Let us start out as 1 of those and dive into the trade you choose and expand knowledge. Farmhouses should be way more limited as well, 2 or 3 per company/island. Let us start out with a basespot on an island as a soloplayer. When we want to team up, let us buy an island and REALLY manage it. And pretty please, get rid off lawless. Oh, and 1 more thing... Add lasers.Those bugs are getting pretty annoying.
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    I really don't understand why people are still playing this game. It's in the worst shape it's ever been and that's even taking into account the release which was the WORST game release of any game I've ever played (that's 20+ years of gaming). I've been playing Fallout 76 and Red Dead Online and both games are tons better than this game. Hell, I've even been playing Grounded with my kids and that juvenile game is better than this current game.
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    Exactly, everyone should literally just stop playing this game and teach these fuckbags a lesson.
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    Hard to support them if they do not return the favor of acknowledging their players, as far as the hours one has put into games is ones own time spent the way they wanted to spend it that being said, it should show some support IMO at 4k hours but one can only take bs for so long in any situation, I have supported Atlas myself up until the change of wiping us yet once again ( being lied to when they said they would not wipe again ) not crying just pointing out a blatant lie, I don't hide from them like so many others like to do nor, do I act like it didn't/doesn't happen maybe I am more compassionate about the people who actually play the game and who put in all of those hours, yeah, that is most likely the way my mind works. Either way, I still have not gotten an answer to my question, only a smarta$$ reply that he never ever follows through with any explanation of what he means when he makes the simplistic statements ( not referring to you the poster, referring to the obvious one that only posts to have his numbers go up ).
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    I was jus wondering why Atlas feels that random boxes and other player structures like signs need such a long decay timer compared to a players base.. We own an Island in A3 on the PVE server and have had a few companies quit playing long enough for their base to be demolished.. Yet random boxes and structures such as farmhouses have ridiculously long decay timers on them. Wouldn't it make sense that if they were gone long enough for their base to decay that their owned structures should follow suit. Anyone else agree with that thought? It always annoys me when I see an island littered with signs and random boxes that really serve no purpose other than to impede current players from building or navigating the island for no reason
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    To all the people crying about barrels shush up its annoying barrels on cart and catapults i get....but the reason they added them on boats are so the solo player who cant get mythical galleons in a day built has a chance at survival on the open seas....if you opened your eyes and used your head for a second you would realize they are helping small player companies survive and even give them the ability to raid larger companies so please shush up with the crying and lets see where they take this barrel rework (and i have been playing since season 1 so i have experience in the game and its all in pvp) and the addition of warehouses and farmhouses were amazing and now addition of auto manned artillery is amazing grapeshot you guys are doing some good additions and cant wait to see what you bring
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    After the this patch at the moment game is unplayable for me. Only I can gather resources as for ammo I only can craft bullets. Second game crashes, items also disappeared from hot bar then I use bed. I just forgot to take them out. Please fix this issue asap. And in future you have to rewrite code so when you add features or fixing bug it doesn't brake current game state. With updates should work way better but not like your fixed one but other stuff broke (like crashing when you try search recipe on skill tree, like you can't craft arrow or items disappears). Many thanks
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    why in the heck did they keep barrels shooting from cannons it needs to be taken out.....................
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    Yeah, we dont have more boat fights, we have barrels in every way fight... Game got screwd after that update... Should just remove barrels and thats it! Back to pirate game! I appreciate what you guys bein doing with the game... After season 3 it got revitalize. I was really excited.. But now with this barrels i already have people giving up on the game cause its not a pirates game anymore. Its just a barrel game... Miss the boat fight so much... =/
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    Oh great!! Yet another "patch" to "fix" things...let's see how much further we can put this game in the grave... Guys you've already dug the hole, just lay in it now, sell the game to Blizzard and let them (with their massive resources) fix the game. Just fix what you have, stop worrying about extra garbage, the warehouses and farmhouses are just going to cut even more players out of the game. Because if you've got an island with 20 residents, they aren't all going to be able to use farms/warehouses.... you want us sailing.... the oceans are not sailable, its not worth the aggravation. Why am I going to attempt to sail only to get fatal error-ed out of the game, or hit a zone where the lagg is so bad you rage quit and play a different game?
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    Thanks Pooter I didnt realize that the SODs and the ship skeletons were all my fault. Sorry guys for messing up the game. My bad.
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    It sure feels like years lol
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    just create a patreon account so we can give you more money for development. A game for thousands of hours costs like a few hamburgers. Perhaps this will help. No money = no honey, we know.
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    This is the first real quest I have seen in Atlas.
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    Can someone tell the dev's to make a small company server like come on who would disapprove of that, the only people that would be against it would be the claim obsessed mega tribes on the official servers. Make it just like Ark Survival Evolved, only 5 company members in a company and no alliances allowed. All the non-mega tribe folk (atleast 80% of us lads) would flock to that server and have a jolly ole time not having to deal with those power obsessed peeps. There'd hardly be a server where you'd get 5 fps from just entering because of the dozens of gallons docked uselessly at sea. upvote so the dev's lords can sea this- yours truly tht0n3pirate
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    They have always had issues updating patch notes. They don't know that it needs to be updated, they just occasionally update it, maybe if somebody asks them to. They probably forget how to even login to the forum half the time. edit: Oh, and they never respected their players.
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