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    This is Horrible, wake up you are killing what is left of the game. Really 5K gold to build a small ship?
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    How about a standing ovation to the world's most incompetent Dev team R.I.P small companys
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    Who asked for all this shit? This isn't listening to your community.. and are you fucking kidding me with the ship prices??? Noone wanted to pay for them in the first place, let alone that bullshit. You talk about launch but at this rate you wont make it there with no player base left...
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    Are devs actually planning to make Atlas a dead game? 5000 for schooner? schooner is the simplest useful ship to start enjoying and experiencing the game. its not even that easy to build! you need to still put time for it. if it was 5000 to buying a schooner all made, it was good. but paying 5k and then building it by ourselves? How does that even make sense? we should farm 5k with sloop? one person even cant manage to carry that much of gold. Who even we are paying that gold to? its really ridiculous idea. its a pirate game. C'mon devs do something about it! you guys cant see the game is already losing players...
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We have set up the Sea Forts for route control, the Markets for Trade configurations, and now Trade functionality is on the way with the next patch! As a reminder, it is currently scheduled for Tuesday 11/10 at 7:00 PM PT and includes a Wipe. The first iteration of Trade functionality will introduce virtual shipments only, meaning no tangible NPC Trade Ship will be created and all Trades that are started will reach its destination Market after a certain time. Players can still blockade Trades via control of Sea Forts, in which case a Trade will not start if there are no routes it can take to reach its final destination. The automatically generated Trade Ships that players will be able to impede and attack are still undergoing testing will be implemented later. We are also introducing Random Events to Trading, and these will appear in the Trade log when they occur. It’s wild out in the Seas, and you never know what can happen. Perhaps your ship sailed into a group of NPC pirates who took some of your stock. Or maybe you got lucky and ran into a treasure chest, gaining you extra gold! Maybe the amateur cook on board accidentally set your ship on fire so you lost some of your cargo - but inadvertently gained coal! Random events can be negative, neutral, or good, so be sure to keep an eye on your Trading Log or you’ll be caught by surprise! Multiple Random Events may trigger, and all Random Events are virtual and do not get resolved until the end of the shipment. The weights of several resources have been adjusted in relation to the Trade System as well. Economy The Trade system will be the main way for players to generate gold. We will be starting with very conservative numbers with the gold generation rate from Trades, and will adjust the numbers accordingly. With Trade Functionality now in play, we have increased the cost of building Ships. Players will need to Trade consistently and/or control Sea Forts to build income for Ships. Acquiring top-tier Ships is going to take some work and we are expecting to see a lot of Sloops at the beginning. The first Schooner, and subsequent Ships should feel like a big deal and a job well done! Whales, Ships of the Damned, Shipwrecks, Flotsam, and Treasure Maps are other avenues for gold as well. Re: Upcoming Wipe As noted, the next Patch will include a Wipe with the introduction of Trade Functionality. The Wipe will also resolve some previous issues such as interference from the old Sea Fort structures and problems with claiming Sea Forts on Lawless. We also received some questions about whether the Wipe would change the map or multipliers for the new “season.” We would like to start off by clarifying that with our recent change to our direction in development, we are shying away from defining official “seasons” while we are still in Early Access. In the Summer, we announced that we were renewing and essentially resetting the ATLAS development journey. Since then, we have come to realize that we cannot expect to have “seasons” while we are still shaping out the core gameplay mechanics. At this stage, we will be rolling out changes continuously and wiping whenever it becomes necessary. Meanwhile, we will consider how we may want to run seasons when it makes sense. The upcoming Wipe will not introduce any map or resource distribution changes, at least not right away. We are still looking at how we want to change and balance the distribution of resources. We like the idea of having Hot Spots/contested locations and want to bring more of that into the gameplay. Once the NPC Trade Ships are in, it will also create opportunities to attack the Trade Ships that are carrying rarer goods. The changes to resource distribution will be happening later in this cycle. This means that the value of certain locations can and will change until we strike the right balance, and it will mix up whatever the current circumstances at the time may be. Base multipliers/rates will also remain the same. There are no planned changes at this time, although we will likely look into readjusting them later down the line. Private Servers A wipe is not necessary for Private Servers, but it is recommended as there may be outstanding issues that a wipe would resolve if you had already added the original Sea Fort structures to your map. Be wary that adding Sea Forts now may cause unintended changes as well. Sea Forts are also not necessary to enable Trading on your server. Trading is set up so that if there are no Sea Forts in the server, it is considered an open route and there is no tax when passing through. If the origin or destination market is on a server with no Sea Forts, the trip will be virtual. In other words, Trading is allowed for everyone if there are no Sea Forts on a server. Unless you desire to add the gameplay surrounding Sea Forts, it is not a requirement for the Trade System. Tentative Changelog *** Please note that this is only a preview of the next patch and may be incomplete. Final Patch Notes for the Live build may differ and will be reposted once it goes live. Crafting Reduced the output of crafting Gunpowder from 2 to 1 Reduced the output of crafting Blasting Powder from 2 to 1 Market Updated the Structure Settings on the Market to be Reinforced Stone This results in increased damage resistance Bug Fix: Added back the ability to connect Markets to Warehouses via interaction wheel (they should still auto connect if placed near each other) Resources Adjusted weight of many resources Reduced the weight of Gold Coins by 50% Reduced the weight of Gems by 75% Reduced the weight of Wood by 40% Reduced the weight of Sap by 60% Reduced the weight of Crystals by 60% Reduced the weight of Metal by 33% Increased the weight of Oil by 2x Increased the weight of Fiber by 8x Increased the weight of Flint by 2.4x Increased the weight of Keratinoid by 5x Increased the weight of Gunpowder by 1.5x Increased the weight of Organic Paste by 2x Increased the weight of Fire Gel by 2.5x Increased the weight of Blasting Powder by 2.5x Sea Forts Reduced the radius inside Sea Forts for claiming from 2.5 to 1.5 meters Increased Max Tax rate for Sea Forts from 30% to 50% Ships Increased Gold cost for crafting ships Schooner: 50 → 5,000 Gold Brigantine: 250 → 25,000 Gold Galleon: 500 → 50,000 Gold Warehouse Reduced Placement Prevention Radius of Warehouse from 800m to 600m This increases amount of warehouses that can fit in an area by about 75% We're looking at how to best allow multiple companies to have warehouses nearby in the future Reduced Transport Radius of Warehouse from 500m to 450m Misc Increased the max stack size of Cannon Balls from 50 to 100 Bug Fix: Explosive Barrels can no longer deal damage in Freeports Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    how much to but the rights off GS and find some who fucking cares?
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    And here I thought nothing could kill the game faster than barrel bombs (once again) as projectiles. I was wrong! It's making a medium sized boat cost 25k gold to build. I hope all small companies had fun playing the game, because they'll be stuck using shit-tier sloops for the whole season.
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    congrates, on killing the game Devs, give your self a pat on the back for that one
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    As previously mentioned in my Feedback for Fishing/Digging for Gold Changes thread, you removed any means a new player has to earn any gold starting out on a Freeport and I have yet to see the dev team address or even acknowledge this glaring mistake. Additionally with the new vision for gold, economics, ship construction, and trade, I have to ask some serious questions about future gameplay. 1. Again, how do you expect a new player, especially one who has never played Atlas before, to make their starting gold on day 1? 2. How do you expect most companies to even participate in this new economy when you have restrictions like, "Markets must be connected to a nearby Warehouse to function," and "the Warehouse must be connected to a Farmhouse for full functionality," and "Warehouses must be placed within 30m of the shore," and then the warehouse exclusion of 600m and the farmhouse exclusion of 200m? I can't speak for PVP official, but for PVE official most companies (like 9 out of 10 in my opinion) weren't even able to place a single farmhouse or warehouse where they settled. 3. Have you considered how far down the skill point tree someone has to spend in order to even participate in the market system? I think it's 37 skill points to craft a market. You basically have to travel all the way down the Construction & Mercantilism tree to reach it. That is a significant skill point sink to even begin to play in. I know free respecs come easy in the early game, but that's quite annoying to have to skill point hop between taming, building, ships, captaining, etc just to do stuff.
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    Not gonna lie, I'm literally going to go out of my way every single opportunity I get to prevent people from paying for a game killed by shitty devs
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    I like the steam punk idea and hope at some point this leads to floating zeppelins as well as submarine battles for a true 3 part ready of battle. I think a good way to get small or solo players involved might be a sort of 3-5 man stealthy type of sub that could change battles and provide some smuggling options. Air show could be balanced by being faster but not as good with weight. Also, please don't stop us from customizing boats, by being able to build on them if you only go the route of premade boats. I for one enjoy building a boat out fully so I hope this doesn't go away entirely. I think you guys seriously underestimate the want for more PvE action as well. Boss ships or a 3rd faction of pirates and more sea creatures would get people on the sea. I also think you guys really need to consider mixed maps with pvp grids interspersed between pve maps. If you guys can make this game something more meaningful than playing for a few weeks and leaving from boredom I think you might be on to something. Also, encourage the modding community. This costs nothing and has a huge impact on the game.
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    I haven't really played since season one, and the lack of a core theme is one of the primary reasons I haven't come back. I remember one time looking in on the game's progress. I saw a crab jump hundreds of feet into the air with a rider on its back; I NOPE'd right out of there. "I'll check back in another six months." For myself, I hope you settle on a theme that puts realistic-seeming boats (not architectural monstrosities) at its core. Focus on the boat in the same way Star Trek focuses on the Enterprise. There's space and all it contains. There are planets and their inhabitants. Adventure found with both. But everything comes back to the ship. Any feature/mechanic that diminishes the focus or supremacy of the boat should raise a red flag. As for an element of fantasy, I can certainly envision ways it could work. Again... augmenting what matters most rather than becoming what matters most. Have any of you read Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series? The main character, of course, is blown to fantastical heights. But, rather than dominating the experience of the commoners, the fantasy element simply makes it a richer, more interesting experience. I'm not familiar with the proposed Tradewinds feature, so perhaps my concerns have already been addressed. But, in my gaming experience, allowing easy travel commonly leads to some very undesirable outcomes. Dominant factions can project their power over greater distances, and those who choose to harass others are more able to do it without repercussion because they aren't a known quantity to those they harass. I.e., they can easily travel far afield and harass people who don't know who they are or where they come from. Similarly, just as more than traders can take advantage of tradewinds, large companies can take advantage of mechanics intended for small companies unless they are, by design, prohibited or disincentivized from doing so. I wouldn't mind seeing Freeports extended into full-fledged NPC-controlled territory. Companies could lease designated plots of land with strict construction budgets (assets) in exchange for tribute and/or service (e.g. coastal defense). If you live there, you live by their rules (e.g., no piracy). In turn, the government provides some defensive advantages in terms of infrastructure (e.g., protected harbors with "parking spaces" assigned to leases) and automated coastal reconnaissance. Through short-term leases, this territory could provide refuge for those recently displaced as well as long-term leases and a livelihood for those too small or who simply don't care to constantly scrap over territory. These NPC-controlled territories can also be tools in the toolbox of the devs to affect happenings in the world they feel need to be addressed without resorting to a heavy-handed approach. The actions of the governments can be adapted to fit the circumstances. For example, NPC authorities could issue Letters of Marque against specific targets or impose tariffs on trades between residents and specific non-resident companies. Resources, services, and protected sea lanes within these territories are examples of features with the built-in large/small company bias I mention with the previous quotation. These territories would be the Santo Domingo, Havana, and Santiago of the Spanish Main contrasting with the players' efforts to build their various little Tortugas. The life and livelihoods in these territories aren't the same as elsewhere only with an NPC landlord. It's a different piece of the puzzle built to complement and balance the experiences of those who choose to fight for land of their own. I hope you'll take a moment to read my end-of-Season 1 post on creating beachhead mechanics. I elaborate on an idea with what you propose here at its core.
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    Devs, I can save you a lot of effort. Reduce company ship limits (1-3 per person). Make green anchored vessels immune to deal or receive dmg, or just cap it at .01% dmg if it has to have a value. Add a gold upkeep to ships like NPCs and it draws from the chest onboard. Its not a big deal, Sea of Thieves gives you a new ship every time yours sinks. There nothing wrong with me having to sleep on my boat and keep gold in it to keep it safe 100% when I'm parked. Less lag, less effort, more friendly to solos and small groups. Your welcome.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We want to start off by expressing our gratitude to the community throughout the launch of the Trade System. As we sail along the development journey, some seas may be rougher than others, but we are still making progress and we would like to extend our thanks to the community for their patience in joining us on this ride. Although we had to consequently disable Trades last week while we worked on a solution, we will be enabling them again with tonight’s patch. Patch 515.17 is scheduled for tonight, 11/18 at 7:00 PM PST. Harvest Rates will also be returning to normal. EDIT 11/18 as of 11:30 PM PT: We are working on the Trade Functionality and ping spike issues related to Markets. Trades are not working at this time. We hope to have a fix by the end of the week with Trades enabled again soon. If anything changes, we will let you guys know. Thank you! EDIT 11/18 9:00 PT: Note to Private Servers: Private Server Admins may need to run the following command to clear Market Logs and get the Trade Routes running again: cheat CleanMarketLogs 0 Further Developing the Trade System The ATLAS Trade System is an ambitious undertaking that we want to make into one of the core pillars of ATLAS gameplay. Even with the initial iteration of Trade Functionality introduced, it is still very early in the development phase. We are continuing to develop the system in a step-by-step process. Early Access gives us the unique opportunity to roll out the system in phases to see how it performs live, allowing us to also make changes and improvements based on community feedback. It is to be expected that while the Trade System is still in its early development phases, we may have to regularly enable/disable Trading as required to fix any bugs that may occur - although we will do our best to minimize this possibility. For players wondering if this means we will have to perform a wipe, the last wipe was necessary for us to clear any withstanding issues from a previous implementation of the Sea Forts. The Trade System was implemented in a way so that we can disable/enable Trade Functionality server side without requiring a client update or a wipe. With that being said, depending on the issue and how it affects gameplay, sometimes it can be necessary. Trade Shipments will remain virtual for the time being until the system is more stable, and testing on the tangible NPC Shipments continues. Survivability As a survival sandbox, the gameplay surrounding the risk of losing your stuff is part of the appeal. However, there is a balance to it and we recognize the need to introduce some elements to help with survivability. One of the first things we’ll be introducing are Armored Docks, as seen in the preview image, to protect your hard earned ships! With tonight’s update, players will be able to build the first one - the Large Armored Dock, which can be found in the Seamanship Tree under the Expert Shipwright skill. For 1200 Alloy, 1800 Fiber, 6000 Stone, 2000 Thatch, and 2500 Wood and a daily upkeep cost, players will be able to build a Large Armored Dock to park and protect their ship in this 300,000 hp Armored Structure. At this time, the Large Armored Dock can protect all ships. However, this large version is intended to store Brigs and Galleons, with smaller version(s) to come out later. The long term goal is that larger ships will need a lot more support than smaller ships. Please know that this is still the Alpha version of the Armored Dock. Future Patches will see bug fixes, balance changes, and more polish to the Armored Docks. We are not quite there yet, but with further balance and changes, we hope to see this as one of the first of many changes that will also help solo Pirates and Small Companies. Community Feedback We would like to thank the Community again for their continued feedback and support throughout the ATLAS development journey. The reintroduction of Explosive Barrels was meant to bring back an old mechanic and create a space and balance for it. We have spent a lot of time observing the gameplay surrounding it and we have been paying attention to your feedback. While we are still going to be introducing changes with Barrel gameplay in mind, we do hear you! In 515.17, Explosive Barrels can no longer be fired from Cannons or Large Cannons. We have also added an 80 Gold cost for crafting Explosive Barrels. Thank you to the Community for your part in helping us to shape and define ATLAS gameplay. Released Patch Notes V515.7 New Structure: Armored Dock The Armored Dock is a structure built in shallow water to dock a ship inside of. It must be destroyed before the ship can be damaged. This Alpha version of the Armored Dock is still in progress and not fully functional! Be warned! Smaller Armored Docks are coming in future patches along with bug fixes, balance changes, and polish. Added Large Armored Dock to the Seamanship Tree under the Expert Shipwright skill Has 300,000 health and is an Armored Structure, giving it increased resistance to explosive damage Costs 500 Gold upkeep per day (This will be reduced to 150 gold in the next patch) Explosive Barrels Explosive Barrels can no longer be fired from Cannons or Large Cannons (may still be fired from Catapults) Added 80 Gold cost for crafting Explosive Barrels Sea Forts Duplicated some flag interactions onto the Sea Fort Tax Bank Fixed some stuck interactions with the Sea Fort Tax Bank Structures Increased resistance to explosive damage by 40% for Large Stone Walls, Large Stone Gateways, and Large Stone Gates Weight of placed Catapults increased from 120 to 150 Trade Log Fixed issues where Trade Log incorrectly reflects what was sent and received Fixed an issue where sender and receiver were swapped in Trade Log Added resources received from Trade Events to Trade Log Fixed some scrolling issues with Trade Log Trade Shipments Fixed an issue where resources were received twice from one trade Fixed multiple issues where incorrect amounts of resources were received Fixed multiple issues with Shipments getting stuck, eventually causing performance issues Fixed the amount of Income (Gold) generated by Trade routes. It should now correctly reflect the route's length Updated some virtual shipment server settings Market Markets must now be within 22m of a Warehouse to connect Fixed an issue where Markets and Warehouses could not connect Fixed some issues where editing Trade Offers would create mismatched information between the server and the client and break those offers Added new Trade Route statuses to replace PENDING: SENT: Trade Route requests you have made that are pending RECEIVED: Trade Route requests other Markets have made to you Cleaned up some Market interface interactions Misc Removed XP reward from all Golden Age Army of the Damned Soldiers Added 10 second cooldown to gliding after crossing server borders Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    If you read their post concerning the price for ships, they said they heard “a lot of noise”. Like we are pests or their ex’s. I love abuse so I keep playing Atlas.
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    I've uninstalled the game and truly don't think they keep it with just ridiculous priced ships. Such a waste for what started out to be a very potent game.
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    Finally the patch I was waiting for! I have been asking and asking for months to make it nearly impossible for me to build ships in a SAILING GAME. I can’t wait to have so much fun trading sheep for wood. Hurray for Settlers Of Atlas. This makes me ill after 2 years of EA. NO DEV IS LISTENING
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    Truth!!! Devs are like...lets make it a boat game. Okay. Then lets make it equal for small companies (barrels) Then: FUCK EVERYONE
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    Haha. Good one.. This is a joke right? Where's the real patch notes?
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    BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS Do something about BARRELS. You obviously see the barrel problem by the 90% damage reduction you made against your new towers damage. Now how about everything else.
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    What is the deal? I know for a fact this has to be happening to others, and I think it should be on the top 5 list of things to be addressed and quickly. Now with the ships costing gold to produce, a change I very much agree with and applaud, as it makes your ship have more value. As all us players know, the best way to make gold is from treasure bottles, and to complete the treasure map inside. Now back in the day at launch the treasure map system had its issue's with 90% of the time the location to dig up the treasure was always at some unreachable location at the top of a mountain etc. etc. This has been addressed and for myself and the 100's upon 100's of treasure maps completed, i can say it still has issues but its nothing at all like before *Applaud* HOWEVER - The issue at hand is - many many many of times, i will run up to a bottle go to collect it, and it will just vanish "poof" like a fart in the wind. I have done alot of testing and spent many of hours trying to understand the bottle spawn system and rates. As you all know bottles will spawn from 22:00 - 3:00 every in game day. The amount is random and each island has it own bottle spawn system, much like the mob spawner. I have cleared the island each day and each night I will run laps for maps. Next time i will video record for proof for the dev's. During the night, I watch as the bottles appear from up top a cliff, I run down to nearly spawned bottles, go to collect them and each one after pushing "E" just disappears, for no reason. And its frustrating to see a few 18.0+ just go poof. We need the gold to get our ship, we get gold by doing treasure maps, players cant do treasure maps, if we cannot collect them. I know others are having this issue, please voice your concern and your stories and lets hope for the best.
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    Frankly, building my own ships was the best thing about Atlas. Now that's gradually disappearing it makes me glad I quit.
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    this game is already dead its have less than 2k player its actually dead the game need a good rework on tribe system for strong tribe and weak tribe to make sense and another problem is ship coins its horrible i think the developers doesn't care about game
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    Enjoyed the update, thanks. Also I've noticed improvements specifically during treasure dives, only 1 so far i couldn't get into (or I'm just having really good luck ) 1 thing though... No fog of war please. or If it is implemented please provide a LARGE viewing radius as we move into unexplored territories. Third possibility, have a vendor sell a "map" that, when purchased, lifts the fog. Fourth possibility, make it removable via a skill Woops, 1 more, also please consider returning the map to a cold North/South pole and incremental warming towards the equator. I enjoyed this post a great deal. Thanks again.
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    70% of the treasure map bottles cannot be collected - especially the high end ones! WHY? How are we to generate gold to pay the ridiculous prices to craft ships? WHEN will you BALANCE the resource spawns? Come on Guys, FIX THE GAME!
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    Sad part is the schooner still gets damaged and sinks the same. If we are going to need to pay that kind of gold just to build the thing. It should be able to be a stronger ship and can take a better beating
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    How to destroy your game the first step is not to listen to the community They have not even thought about small groups
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    Anyone else feeling like the proposed gold costs to build ships after the wipe is a bit excessive?
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    Crazy idea... remove farmhouses and markets, theb combine all the functions into the warehouse. Give the warehouse the ability to farm ALL resource types on the island at the speed of 2 stone farmhouses. Limit the warehouse to either 1 per company per island or 1 per company per grid. Think that about covers it and kills the farmhouse spam to boot.
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    Broken trading, 20% of bottles give a map. Most are worthless, the rest are on player operated islands you cannot get to. That leaves dives, if they aren't in the middle of ghost ships with a tiny sloop. Game needs to be monitored, maintain ed.
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    And no fix for the markets, it is painfully slow to get the gold for ships. I could really live with them not generating the money, but with 80% of bottles poofing, not yielding maps, getting gold is a shitshow Somehow i think the fixes to market were only on the patchnotes, i wonder if they will ever work in this wipe. How they passed QA in the first place?
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    PVE is a big adult cafeteria with lots of tables and sometimes a real slob will sit down next to you and they will smell terrible and spill their food all over the place your already at. Complaining to the management won’t help (usually) because they aren’t interested in reforming a disagreeable customer. Move to another table until their are done. PVP Is a high school lunchroom where if your a slob they will punch you in the face and steal your lunch money so you won’t eat there anymore. That’s why all the slobs end up at PVE.
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    Before wipe I was traveling around the world and saw like huge monstrous bases with 15-20 lvl-1 Galleys parked around. After I wipe I saw same huge monstrous base with like 30-40 lvl-1 sloops parked around... so it's not big difference for me : )) But anyway. I do love the idea that ships should worth something, so players could buy one, care about it, use it, keep it safe. So expensive ship itself is NOT a problem. The game is. If player able to set his trade route - it's fine. If not - it's just same Atlas as before with only difference. DEVs force player to sail sloop, and sloop is just bad. You need to get honey and bear, to make it possible to do treasure maps (same problem with no alternative to tames). So you have to sail for them. Then maps. Higher maps - is farther travel, and sloop is just not designed for that. You can barely put anything you need for far travels. Storage box, resource box, bed, grille, mess table, barrel, smithy, steering wheel... and of course you need to put bear somwhere. Size of a bear is around 1/5 size of a sloop. It will be very cramped and uncomfortable. Then it goes 11 knots downwind when it's full wind and 6 knots when it's calm. So that means if you go for map around lvl-10, the ONE WAY sailing will take around 3 hours. And there were a lot of words about current fascinating sailing. All problems are here as well. Empty ocean. Low distance SOTD rendering. Whales and SOTDs camping borders. Fog that affect only player. Stupid pacman game with 100 tornadoes. It's actually a bit worse than before, because due to lack of Brigs and Galleys around - no players are clearing the areas. And of course dodging SOTD with a Schooner when you ride 18 knots are way different from when you dodging them at 9 knots Sloop. And of course with Schooner you can catch a wind and get to your desire destination. With sloop you won't make it in time, wind will rotate and you'll anyway experience calm and counterwind (3 knots sailing is FASCINATING!) Also with sloop there is just no resources gathering. Because it just can't carry em all... Players just need to suffer for some time. And that's it... IMAO in good pirate game, all ships from small to big could serve their purpose. Tiny boat for local purposes, some fishing, earn money for bigger one. In Atlas you have to use tiny one, for all you should do with big and fast and that's WRONG!!!
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    It's funny, in this tweet they want people on less landlubber duties and more time out at sea, then they put on ridiculous gold requirements for ships, meaning more landlubber duties. While I agree that something needed to be done about the ship spam, personally I think it is ridiculous that a schooner is 5k gold and a brig is 25k gold. These changes make it almost impossible for a casual player to get a ship, or anyone that doesn't start out right away and get themselves an island. As a player that started late last season (returning after a break from the game), I can tell you that this change will make it next to impossible for a late starting player to get anywhere. The numbers for this game seem to keep dropping, and it is poorly thought out ideas such as this.
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    I really appreciate bonus level sarcasm.
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    paying for a ship that I build in my shipyard from resources I gathered is just ridiculous. It's like paying for my meal that I cooked and ran the errants to get the ingredients. Ship spamming might be a massive issue here and there but trying to turn it off by making you buy your self-made ship is just evidence for the fact that the Devs lost conntrol of what they created (or effed up with numerous brain dead patches). Maybe a ship limit per company either per capita or ship types is more desirable. There's people out there especially on PVE who pretty much don't spam ships and don't feel like grinding for gold to get a better ship just to cruise the atlas. bad decision in my eyes and a major blemish to official servers.
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    I am very sad to see the dev team move in such a direction. the new trade system you are imposing is not the way to go. I would have been cool to have a spot set up were ppl can in person deliver goods and sell them. I must say, you are using people to purchase your game, and you don't even have a vision for it. the way you have set this game up, we are actually paying you to build a game. that if very amateur. you should have built this game on your own dime with a vision. it just shows that you guys have no idea what your doing and your actually stealing from your fans. you moved all pve servers to one. all pve servers are laggy as hell, just like your already established game Ark. you obviously are not listing to the people paying you to build this game. so really why are you doing it?
  42. 3 points
    Well I guess there is only one thing left to say... SEE YOU BOYS ON SKULL & BONES
  43. 3 points
    I think the person on discord with the conspiracy that devs are planning on selling gold microtransactions are coming true.
  44. 3 points
    Cheap right/// You just 100% confirmed why i'm not coming back after the wipe. In fact A LOT of the long time players and big companies aren't coming back. You'll notice your player count after the upcoming wipe lol. The ship prices EVERYONE disliked and asked you not to do! you just raised and made 50 thousand times worse. 50k for a Galleon, your out of your minds. The only way this even works is if gold is handed to you on a plate in which case makes it worthless. Simple economics. How is a solo company expected to make 50k while you remove gold making opportunities. For the love of god do yourselves a BIG favour and reverse that decision. You just killed your own game. Gratz. Implementing changes no one asked for and adjusting things no one cares about. 50 cannonballs stack to 100, NO ONE CARES! It made zero difference to anyone's life. All I can do is laugh at this point because this game has turned into nothing but a joke lol. I've been here since the 1st roll out and enjoyed the game but you've lost your way.... You should seriously reconsider this "Tentative" change... I mean seriously LOL
  45. 3 points
    Everyone they will push this content on us more and more because they think we will come back to there game. Even though a major part of the player base has left the game and will not return as long as they are pushing the new trade system. The only way for us to make a statement would be to not play the game anymore tell they listen to us. I have read some vary good suggestion's for other players that have been logged on the forum, but still they don't care. The new dev team has done little other then disappoint the player base with the map shrink and the trade system, that no one wanted. I have lost faith that this game will ever be the game that Jat and Grapeshot games (Wild Card) sold to me at this point and say we should show them what happens when you don't listen to your player base. But they have already let one of there games die a slow and painful death.
  46. 3 points
    You completely lost your mind with those prices. Play your gofdamn game for a week and then make changes. Peace.
  47. 3 points
    D&T won't be returning in force for season 5. Devs have still never shown any interest in any community input, just one bad change after another.
  48. 3 points
    It's unbelievable how far this game has fallen. What started out a great concept has just been burned to the ground by insane devs. This isn't progress. This is the devs trolling anyone who still plays.
  49. 3 points
  50. 3 points
    I dont generally complain about much, I have a high tolerance for bugs especially with an EA game. I dont mind change, as long as the direction makes sense. I get we got a new dev team, that is struggling to understand what little is left of us ea folks. I get it. I am pretty patient. However. I am gonna speak my peace and be done with this roller coaster ride. Devs can read or not read, doesn't matter. We had a 2x event this weekend. Game was unplayable at times using map. No big deal, except didn't really get to enjoy the 2x, expected them to be like hey, we will fix this crap and extend 2x. Did not happen, no biggy right. Wipe coming in 2 or so months so who cares about that. Seaforts have potential, but it broke sextant if you trying to check it out, thats cool, who needs sextant buff anyway. Lag and other stuff seems to have gotten worse since whatever ya'll did last week. No big deal, it's always laggy most grids anyway with 500 galleons that literally no one EVERY sails. Farmhouses and warehouses are great, but hard to place with all the retard spammers who drop them and never have them running. That's also no big deal, I dont mind farming the normal way. I enjoy it actually. But made it hard to get island owners to let you build because they dont need your taxes anymore. No biggy, a nice French company gave me a lovely home. Markets look like they may be cool. Hope that works out for ya'll. But, payinggold for ships you craft. I just can't. I honestly, truely, genuinely can't. You need ships to acquire gold. Period. Whatever these markets are or if a change in gold being easy with no ship needed as a new player, IDGAF. I have gold, so it isnt a current issue. but for new players and with each wipe, it will be. Of all the things we have endured as the literal masochist (we really must be, i have no other explanation) players who have stuck through this sinking ship even when there was no one including devs, this infuriates me. Here is why: that change alone tells me ya'll dont play the game you are trying to develop and I can't simply can't anymore. EA is not longer an excuse for what seems to be half assed effort and what is now becoming extremely obvious that this should not be EA. Bring this ship down and go back to blank. Devs, play this game like we do and you will figure out what we need. In the meantime, I wish those who are left the best of luck it remaining steadfast to help the devs learn to walk. I am sure when I fast forward through the future and see how things are going, its going to be great. But it is not today and though it pains this nerd to say it, I don't think it's going to be 2021 either. Playing since first day EA, many wipes and hard times loving a game even when I hate it, because thats what gamers do when they believe something could be great. Shadowlands is coming and I have to go deal with that "working as intended" life so a choice in investment has to be made and im 12 years in for WoW. Being a pirate will have to wait until some game maker finally gets it right. I have to be honest, I never thought one little thing would be the reason I finally said fk it to a game I have enjoyed bugs and all, but that one change spoke volumes of the devs understanding of their players, this game and what it means to hand build a fking a ship you now have to go rob grandma to get gold for as a new player. For those left, I hope missed the bigger picture in the change and I hope I am wrong. Truely. Cheers.
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