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    Or you guys could be appreciate that they're fixing it rather than let it stay broken and that they have to wait on Microsoft sometimes to push updates and fixes through. It's not just fix and release everytime...at the main menu they have a warning that it will have problems because it's a game preview...have some patience. Keep up the good work devs! And if you ask around the community you will find out that are responding on discards that they are in. I don't have one but my crew member does and he said that they're waiting on Microsoft so we'll see. I
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    A Christmas inspired post... Despite the bugs, what do you like about the game that keeps you coming back to play? For me, I love sandboxing/ building bases and boats. The creativity of it all. The sense of adventure of taking your newly built boat for a cruise and exploring new islands. On the whole, the world is quite beautiful and immersive. I think they've done a good job on the islands. Some of them are very interesting and make you want to explore them. The musical buffing is a really neat idea how you have to play music in real-time. As a musician I appreciate this. The skill trees can be quite interesting to try. Being able to custom build your ships makes it much more fun than pre-made ships compared to Sea of Thieves. The mechanics of ship piloting is fun, and I like that you can hire crew to help you pilot them if you prefer to solo. I just wish I could keep them from starving when I log off lol. Building mechanics has been significantly improved from ark, especially with the snap feature (Q). The sea is quite well done with the white caps/ swells etc. There's something soothing about sailing in this game. How about the rest of you?
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    Don't waste any time on this game. Been waiting for this wipe hoping QOL would be better for Xbox players, and surprise surprise, the devs hate their players and don't want them to have a working game. Schooners still cost 5k gold, single players still can't compete against zerging tribes, still no small tribes, still no anticheat protection, still not listening to their player base, still not communicating anything important, and, sadly, no longer a game with good potential. RIP atlas, it was the best survival game concept since ARK, and just like ARK, they blew it. Thanks for hating your players ❤
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    I personally feel Atlas is an abuse of early access - especially for the amount they charged. In this case, Grapeshot has used this program to "pay to develop" and "pay to alpha / beta test". They clearly had no idea what they were doing and should have had the game mechanics and networking more functional before releasing it to the public. To top it all off, they simply copied and pasted Ark in order to build the game which in my opinion should have put them much farther ahead than they are now. Early access isn't a good description of this game. It should be classified as "learn as we go". If you want a good example of what an early access game should be like, check out SCUM or Valheim. Both games have a polished foundation and at this point are simply adding more content. I can't remember a single instance of either crashing. Atlas is largely broken and yet they're still trying to add content on top of it causing it to break further. In my opinion an early access game should be in a "somewhat finished, and working state" before asking people to pay for it. Atlas has never been this and I don't think they've really had a proper direction. Mostly I think their creative vision for this game is wrong and continually going in the wrong direction. Catering to the hard-core gamer and forcing players to log on each and every day to protect their investments is morally wrong as it begs players to perpetuate unbalanced lifestyles. The land domination concept they insist upon is working completely against the game and causing new players to give up as they struggle to a place to find home. They need to focus on creating a great pirate sailing experience first and foremost. Hopefully the new devs can turn things around. In the last set of notes they said they were going to focus on fixing bugs and have marginally addressed issues such as gold for ships etc. This is somewhat promising and hey, I'll take whatever I can get at this point.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! To start 2022 right, as promised, we're doing a little house cleaning. We're addressing many of the issues that you, the community, have been asking for in our latest patch. We have a host of bug fixes and optimizations listed below that we hope will fix the lingering problems from previous iterations, so we can start fresh moving into the new year. Along with these changes, we're fully implementing our first wonder, the Great Temple. This structure is the pinnacle of glory for all pathfinders. Companies will have to plot, scheme, and pool all of their resources to be the first, and only, masters of this great Wonder. Not only will they go down in history as the first Pirate legends to complete this stunning achievement but they will also gain “wondrous” benefits that will persist into the next season. Finally, we also have a new transport ship, the Tramp Freighter. This cost-effective hauler will help ease the load of transporting cargo in the early stages of your pirate journey. Check out the details of all our changes below. While not complete, we are grateful for all the feedback we’ve received from the community and ask for your continued assistance in making Atlas the best it can be. As always, we appreciate your support and ‘til next time, may your skies be clear, waters calm, and sails full in whichever way you roam. Servers will be going down tonight, 1/12 at around 7:00 PM Pacific Time. Note: We are in the final stages of development for our public facing issue tracker to better address the community’s concerns in balance with ongoing development efforts, with hopes to have it available by the end of the month. Please join us on the Official ATLAS Discord http://discord.gg/playatlas for all the latest happenings! Released Patch Notes Patch v536.03 New Content: The Great Temple The Great Temple Monument has been fully released. Players have visited the structure on the wonder islands in H9, I9, J9, K9 in Africa, and it is now claimable/buildable. To build the Great Temple players will need to build the Monuments Studies Modular room at the Damned Smithy and place it into a Cursed Temple. At the Monuments Studies Modular room players can craft the Great Temple Exterior. Once the exterior has been crafted, bring it to the foundation locations on one of the four wonder islands. These are lawless claim, so be careful, your temple can be stolen. Once placed, the Great Temple have 6 stages of progression, which are viewable at the Progression Table located in the entryway of the Temple. To progress from stage to stage you will need a large amount of resources and at least one week of real life time. The first company to reach stage 6 completes The Great Pyramid Wonder, which gives a permanent buff to all company members of +20 Fortitude. This buff is persistent and will carry over to next season! Stage resource requirements: Stage 2 Strongwood: 50,000 Limestone:100,000 Flint: 10,000 Mythos: 2000 Stage 3 Strongwood: 150,000 Marble: 175,000 Flint: 15,000 Mythos: 3000 Stage 4 Strongwood: 200,000 Sandstone: 300,000 Flint: 50,000 Mythos: 5000 Stage 5 Strongwood: 100,000 Slate: 500,000 Flint: 100,000 Mythos: 2 Stage 6 Build and place Sarcophagus in the main courtyard. Sarcophagus New bed that is restricted to the Great Temple. This bed completes the Great Temple and allows for instant respawn and bed transfers. Cost: Wood: 25 Thatch: 125 Fibers: 30 Hide: 40 Tramp Freighter The Tramp Freighter is a low cost vessel great for early game transport. It is a 2 length ship and comes attached with multiple cargo racks attached to both sides. It would suit any pathfinder for transport reasons. Cost: Wood: 1000 Thatch: 800 Fiber: 800 Metal: 100 Max Level: 60 Sail Points: 5 Module Points: 12 Attached Sails: one large and one medium handling sail Bug Fixes: Fixed instances where activated fire visual effects were floating above the lumberyard Fixed instances where activated fire visual effects were floating above the quarry Fixed instances where the schooner and raft could disappear from a small shipyard after server restart Fixed instances where transient nodes would not change position after a week Fixed instances where quest markers were in the wrong grid Fixed instances where the interaction with the irrigation system and a grill would cause unintended effects Fixed instances where players were able to damage other players on some freeport islands in PVE Fixed instances when trying to replace a sail would not correctly subtract the amount of sail points to be reduced from the old sail Fixed instances where waves could allow or disallow sail placement Fixed instances of weight not being correctly calculated when placing items in dinghy hangar railings Fixed instances where using a portal to the kraken’s lair caused the player to spawn facing the incorrect direction Fixed instances where some grids have freeport island selection when respawning Fixed instances of holes in the ocean Fixed instances of game crashes where players would be stuck unable to reconnect Fixed instances where some modular rooms could be placed on pillars Fixed instances where the tutorial volume is not controlled by the options Fixed instances where the storage box could only be crafted at the smithy Fixed instances where using the transient tracker and activating the map the compass would cause the compass to be invisible Fixed instances of placing structures on pillars and allowing them to float Fixed instances of pathfinders losing proper movement after teleporting while crouching Fixed instances where structures would be placed on freeport islands Fixed instances of the Broadsider spawning too far back in shipyards. Fixed instances where players could replace sails disregarding collision Fixed instances of Quest markers being in incorrect locations Fixed instances where Dyes would not be highlighted when able to craft Fixed instances where the Damned Smithy could be built on ships Fixed instances where the Songstone could be built on ships Fixed instances where Monument studies room had the incorrect model Fixed instances where Altars of the Damned were spawning iridium ingots Fixed instances where Damned Smithy’s were not placeable near the C11 Altar of the Damned Fixed instances where NPC’s that are attached to cannons, puckles, and sails would not take damage Fixed instances where Unnatural Fog ritual would crash the server Fixed instances where blueprint ships would not be created with 100% durability Fixed instances where treasure maps found in Tortuga would lead players outside of Tortuga Fixed instances where multiple taxation banks can be spawned at sea forts Fixed instances where multiple small sails could be placed at the front of the Turtle Ship Fixed instances where AotD ships would ignore some modular ships Fixed instances where structure placer would incorrectly display available snap points Fixed instances where island claim points are reset to 0 after a server restart Fixed instances where blueprinted ship modules would not start at 100% durability Misc: Maximum stack size for most food/drink recipes in the grill and cooking pot increased from 5 to 30 Grenades can now be stored in the munitions Storage UI changes made for the chatbox when creating a pathfinder Added Tiny Shipyard back into the Basics of Sailing skill, and allowed it to be crafted in the player inventory Increased maximum durability found on shipyards Vegetables and herbs can now be stored in the silo Cows and lions have increased mating ranges Reduced effectiveness of small and medium sails on some modular ships Reduced max sail points available on Broadsider BPs Dragon's Tongue Delight is now categorized as a drink Cursed grog can now be stored in the keg Mace Stun duration has been reduced Additional changes coming in a future patch Mace Stun ability cooldowns has been increased Additional changes coming in a future patch Shield bash stun ability cooldown have been increased Additional changes coming in a future patch Shipyards will now give demolish rewards excluding gold Known Issues: Xbox memory leak causing crashes when loading large amounts of textures Sarcophagus icon shows the icon for a simple bed Sarcophagus crafting resources are incorrect The Known Issues pertaining to the previous releases has been omitted from this list. We are creating a public facing issue tracker to follow them. Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    Servers B2, B3, and B4 down for PvE Official. They've been down for me and several friends since at least 5pm CDT today.
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    They're hoping to have the servers up by tomorrow morning. Something with connection issues with Microsoft for Xbox players and no wipe for at least 4 more months. Is what I've just been told so we'll see..fingers crossed!
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    This was the last breath of this game. Let's take off our hats. Let's honor the memory. RIP
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    The "official" wiki is not supported for some years now. If you need detail resources I recommend to check out this side: https://atlas.antihax.net/
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    Totally agree with you. yes at start this game is really fun and always you gonna have an hope that ahh its EA at moment and soon all fixed but then time will pass like that was for me in official 1980 hours in private networks almost same more. So why we are here in forums and talking about how bad how broken ? that's why we have forums or im wrong ? And if we all gonna be like ahh its a game lets chill. Then developer sees only green light for going BS what they doing at moment. Again yes i'm agree game can be broken and full of bugs and if you have many friends to play that broken thing then it's fun But now think about what developer says if you read patch notes?!. There's like thons of fixes what you really never gonna see and mostly new season aka wipe is for money grabbing and alot more broken content. and that's why we so called bad people Black Knight's are here to cry and tell that something is wrong in this picture dear developer.
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    Amen. Early access is for a very important group of developers that are already close to being done with a game but need fine tuning. now, early access is we want to charge you and get your money first, that way if we fuck up we can walk away with your money later on. That is the exact definition of early access now vs then.
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    One of the things I like to do in this game is build on ships. Maybe some players aren't into that so give them the modular ship option. The modular ships should cost gold as they're pre-made. Non pre-made ships should be cheaper or not cost gold. I will admit due to the fact that I'm somewhat pedantic, that some custom ship builds aren't very realistic. A good example is that ship that has a massive array of cannons on the stern. One idea to combat this is to have a weight distribution mechanic. If you mass too much weight on one side it could cause the ship to tilt and have a reduced maximum speed, or affect its turning ability somehow. However this is a mechanic that given the games development to date, is probably too complicated.
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    You are right, I haven't considered PVP because I refuse to play it. It's far too much of a time commitment for me and the grieving is something I exclude from my life whenever possible. I didn't realize that a shipyard could be destroyed so easily, but I guess anyone could wander by with a ship full of cannons and destroy it. I remember when I first started playing Ark I didn't understand why my base was half destroyed each time I would log on. I hate the fact that you practically have to be on all the time to protect your builds so I simply stick with PVE.
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    hi I'm Rod, I am searching for a company I can join. ive played atlas off and on since launch. havent played much since the new update. i enjoy the grind and sailing, but this game is damn near impossible to play alone and enjoy. hit me here and it might be a minute before i notice. i play on pc and my steam name is Rawd-Dawg and have doberman as my photo. feel free to add me there or om discord. TheRod#4248 with an alien as my photo. Thanks.
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    Yeah it appears that I'm not going to be able to get a refund from Steam. Also Atlas hasn't responded to my ticket in 72 hours so apparently this isn't a game at all. It's a scam. Really pathetic, Atlas. Your game is bugged, unplayable trash. Your lack of support for your own game is criminal.
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    Temple Monument, Tramp Freighter and Combat Changes! What's your guys thoughts on the current direction of Atlas?
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    Yeah that's pretty useless. The mechanic is completely broken. Anything done to mitigate heat does not work. Devs should be working on dealing with all the stability issues instead of releasing new things to build.
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    Pretty sure the devs paid him to do it. The devs won’t be showing up here. They have never really been good at hyping even since they announced atlas at the game showcase There is definitely not a clear direction, but I think people like me and you have already known that. This new stuff is just more reinforcement for what we know. you add in their bad design along with the pre built aspect and I am not happy at all.
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    It's not about whining. Lot's of Players here did write done their suggestions and feedback here for the past 2-3 years playing easy 2000+ hours the game. We got by fact completely ignored here and there is no Dev who reads here or even answer to any topic. This is a serious issue. There was a time where they even announced some "fake" comunity managers. @Chismebeard@Nami. Now you might think well there is a Dev replaying on Discord... but who cares about that spam chat channels? I did write there several times feedback can be found at the official forums collected over 3 years... response = 0. This Comunity Manager has to read every day thousands of Discord(Twitter, reddit... etc bull shit) messages with 95% spam in Discord to get 5% relevant feedback. His time could be spent much better by simply checking this forum. I agree with your opinion simply because you are new and you have to discover a good game with a huge world easy worth 1000 hours game play. But after that time passed you will figure out while all others Players who passed this stage are "whining" here. Simply because it could be so much better. After Xbox Launch update there was about 1 complete year no progress in the game. All Devs left to work on Ark Genesis. Season 3 was nearly 1 year without wipe and update. After that we got "new" Devs with no navigation as whitehawk has written. So the term early access is fine for you, but we support the game for years now with no response and updates that destroyed ship combat(barrels), realy worse loot tables for SotD in regards of ship planks, gun ports and sails... balance issues and all that stuff that matters... but we get new content that is mostly not working or finalized like the market and trade routes. If you are happy to get buildings that make meat to rotten meat... well.... If you are happy with modular ships that fall appart if a green SotD Gally hits you with one broad side... it's a feature, not a bug of course... 500 resources for 1 repair kit to fix 1500 HP in 5 seconds looking on that module... on PVE lot's of Players play the Broadsider simply because with 4 large sails you can drive 25 knots... but nobody fights with those lol. Cog got nerfed because it was to fast with 1 small sail... holy crap... small sails are for sloops only... or to add the small second Sail on the Shooner... medium sails are completely ignored in the game. So this is the tip of the Ice rock you can see out of the water... so please tell again we are whinning when you do not know anything about the game and did not read this forum before.
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    Ah so the Devs were doing US! a favour when they released Atlas. Sorry I didn't realize. Usually games are released to make money as a business venture. Or to satisfy someones need for creativity. And hopefully make money too. I can't believe how naive I was when I first bought Atlas on steam, and then again on xbox (paying nearly 3 times the price of pc at the time) you see I thought that by buying and supporting an EA game that I was doing the game company a favour. I bet they only took my money so that I didn't get offended by thinking they were treating me as a charity case.How uninformed could I have been eh?
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    I love all the know it all and ungrateful players on here! I say take as long as possible to fix it instead of a million updates. Patience is a virtue. Great time to go find out what "outside" is in the meantime! Take your time dev's!
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    We apologize for the delay in communication, we have been doing everything we can to fix this Xbox connection issue. Two things went wrong. Something happened with our security certificates from Microsoft which made it so none of the Xbox players could connect. When putting in the new certificates they are not being recognized by our servers so we have been working with Microsoft all day to figure it out. Eta for fix is hopefully in a few hours, but more realistic due to the issues we have had all day is tomorrow morning.
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    Good to know it’s not just me getting that message. Seems to be an Xbox thing right now.
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    tames can stand it very very long... if you put farmed plants/fruits into the trough. If you are on PVE I asume you build a wall around your tames that they do not get stolen by other players... this is possible after some days.
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    Not played in MONTHS, came back and all the same fucking bugs are still here UTTERLY FUCKING INCOMPETENT when you going to fix it so i can get on the fucking ship using the FUCKING LADDER thats there? WHY the FUCK does a ladder stop working just because it is touching the fucking sea floor? TWO FUCKING HOURS ive been trying to get on mu FIUCKING SHIP. The FUCKING LADDER doesnt fucking work so i built a nFUCKING CAUSEWAY out to sea so I could fucking get on my ship buty the FUCKING CAUSEWAY IS TOO FUCKING HIGH TO GET ON So I put a FUCKING LADDER ON THE END OF THE FUCKING CAUSEWAY nope. ladder is not fucking recognized by the game... there is NO FUCKING ":CLIMB LADDER" available What the FUCK kind of utterly FUCKING INCOMPETENT bullshity is this hoy MOTHER FUICKERS dont fucking bother fixing this bug theres no fucking way im ever fucking playing this BULLSHIT fucking game ever again. You can actually delete my fucking subscrption for every fucking game. BUnch of FUCKING CUNTS developing this shit
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    Or just play some that are actually good lmao. There is a reason atlas is in the bottom 100 steam games of all time. They call it the hall of shame. And it is number 67 at that lmao.
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    Hello Devs, Hello Players. I am back, installed the game again due to christmas holidays to test the new patch. My target: Testing the new modular ships not using any of the old once. So I started on the official PVE Server in the Rookie Lawless. After maybe 8 or 9 hours I am done so far and just can't stand it... what a shame you did there Devs... time to bug fix the ships!! So the start was quite easy with 2500 hours expirience in the game. The Cog is a really nice starting ship... very cheap now and fast to build, you just need some level ups to get the skills. 9000 weight you can go every where not needing the sloop anymore. It's size is good, speed is decent - i couldn't find gem, so i couldn't check with sextant buff. Only stupid is the small single sail... why not make a medium at least? Hitbox of the ship is quite to large. Turning speed is very low... but ok, it's a starter merchant ship. If you place double cannon module the front cannons touch the stairs blocking the front deck or sometimes even get bugged and can't be used to fire.... fighting power is very bad with 2 cannons abviously. Not worse to farm resources for cannon balls. You can't place railings on that one, so you don't have a diving attachment. My monkey just died on my shoulder while i was on the cog - food fine... he may was under water and couldn't breath? Don't care about such little bugs. So, time for somthing bigger. Next one is the Carrack. Well you need 1k gold for the advanced shipyard(thank you for reducing the ship costs). I did this with the cog and some sunken treasures and a hand full of 0,5 treasures. Unfortunately you need about level 35 to skill ship building as well as taming 2 to make higher level Treasure maps(with a Bear, Bull etc.). Got Level 35 with killing and harvest elephants about 1 hour. So got 300 cannon balls, a carrack with 3 large handling sails ready to go and started my journey. As written by @George Catcher after every encounter you should drive to an island and let the crew repair the ship... because as I also written in my Majestic Kraken feedback one year ago the repair of modular ships is absolut garbage! Repair kit costs are insane as well... just make the modular repair like the old ships... or balance the kits.... don't let the players have to look 5 seconds on the modul for 1k HP refilled. There is still no leakage symbol like the old ships had... so still very complicated to search the destroyed module to repair it... again the old system works well -> every hit(player action) repairs an amount of HP, it only takes 1x resources, it repairs to full over time... why try to design a new wheel when the old one was already round? A Square may rolls better? First basics -> level up the ship for some crew and resistance. Now with some green and yellow Shooners and Brigs sunk we should go for some bigger fish... NPCs on 10 cannons one sided sounds like a good plan... what about encountering a lvl 29 SotD Brig? Well the Carrack is long and very bad to maneuver. so you go broadside, make two salves and escape, turn about 1 minute(fun is gone already) to make the next try. Unfortuntately the Brig always aims on the same 7,5k HP gun port in the center of the ship... so this one is quite fast destroyed. With this ship it's nearly impossible to shot the SotD without receiving some hits yourself. So you wonder how the story ends? The mentioned gun port got down to 0 HP while all other had still 5-6k HP. When reaching 0 HP unfortunately the Carrack gets completely destroyed with 90% total Hit points... greetings to the fishes... Here is already the end of my feedback to the actual patch. Modular ships do not work Devs... same issues like one year ago with the first one.... nothing changed, nothing fixed, all broken. I don't care about damned land structures for rotten meat or wonders... I want (working)ships as a Pirate.... I even did not make a grid change with the carrack... it already sunk before... PS to the Crrack some little issues: Did you even know if you put tames on the ship with wheel menu it always lands in the cabine below the steering wheel... but those doors are too small even for a pig... can't get it anywhere else on the ship. Besides using those modular ships as cheap transport ships they are useless in the current state. PVE Players lought at me when i tlaked about my test setting... they just said: Don't do it.... build a Shooner, or straight away a Brig. You can place railings but only in the shipyard... well i guess to avoid repair material abuses from the old ships with diving attachment? But you can't place cannon railings... well you don't need with those two decks of up to 24 cannons to one side. YOu only need to skill 20 levels into crew to use those... the feeling of this ship is very bad. Cog weight: 9000 -> Carrack weight -> 9000 ?????? the Carrack is twice as long with 6 module places instead of 1 and two decks... who of you does have this ideas - please think about some realistic balance between the ship classes?(not to mention the Cog has 1,0 sail points, the Carrack 8,0 = 3x large sail of 2,7 -> 2,666667 i don't get the math but it works). Also the third large sail can only be placed in front of the steering wheel into the stair case... so you barely can glitch around it to move around on the ship.... Btw. I found a blue print for a Broadsider in blue quality and wanted to test this one.... but my Carrack sunk because of one destroyed module.... what a shame. Feedback to portals: Did not reach any Portal so far... pictures of sunken Carrack: Only one module destroyed to 0 HP .... no other one leacking ... still under water instant... thank you for reducing the sink rate of the modulars... but this bug makes it still garbage. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2696483646 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2696483708
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    It's quite the same for me. I like the idea of survival game play with a harsh environment(snakes, tigers, lions - golden age etc.). I also like to stay alife in this game keeping the vitamins up. But for hardcore PvP this mechanics do not matter of course. The first maybe 1000 hours of this game is pure exploring of new stuff... many did not kill the kraken or Yeti Boss in their first 1000 hours. Thats insane and shows the variety of the game. Of course this feeling stops when you build your third harbor and base, your 10th mystic ship and so on. The SotD farming is quite interesting for a long time as well(ifthey had better loot table andrebalance the BPs)... or your first whale kills with a special build ship for this task. But after those exploring 1000 hours you may face the bugs, search the exploits and stress every feature of the game to it's limits. And that's the point where I always stopped on PvP Servers... when it makes you sick in real life to keep it going 24/7... in the night, when you are at work... What brings me back now is only the hope that new Devs may start fixing the game, fixing the new features like market, farmhouses, trading, modular ships... I just want to see if they further ignore community feedback or if they will make the game better. If they will change the Islands with reduced mountain heights or a natural harbor bay for every islands... or just make new "maps" with the same old islands. If they can improve the lawless claim system, add some lawless offline protection. I really don't want to get back to this game for the toxic griefers that where all around. I mean you even have ingame VoiP and chat but there is no roll play... no way somebody accepts your surrender or just want to play a fair fight. Red = Dead is something that is very bad for the Player amount. Kids that troll around because they can't stand a loss. The game should bring you out on the sea... but it's most time Land combat about griefing and trolling others.
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    This is a very good response hex. Though some come to rant it is very important to let the developers know when they are not doing a good job. You are right, if we don’t say anything and just deal with it like the other guy said then they devs will just get away with unprofessional behavior and continue off course and mess the game up even further. @Bootstrap hello, I am glad that you and your friends are having fun and basically implementing the serenity prayer of accepting the things you cannot change. Everyone has fun with atlas at some point and you are right that when the game makes you that mad it is probably time to go to another game. However I think of you just want to accept what is going to I would other to you that maybe the forums isn’t a place for you. this is a place to discuss the game and when the game is in bad shape and the developers are not doing a good job that is what gets talked about and it really doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t want to see it. So I feel for you but taking your own advice and not being here might be the better option for you if you don’t like the content. Just saying.
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    srry, i saw this meme and couldnt help it. https://9gag.com/gag/aAGdP0g
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    I can only agree Hexaron. Unfortunately this new developer "Redbeard" ist following 100% the path into nowhere, which was created by the dev team before. Take a huge axe, cut off all the trash from Atlas added during the last years and you will have a shining fantastic game again. Easy.
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    Dear Redbeard, please revert the game back to the original alpha release stage. All these millions of bucks that you have invested into manpower and improvements have proofed completely pointless. So you really could make your company investors happy, together with the remaining 0,000023% of the current player base compared to release, if you just stop breaking working stuff and introducing stuff never ever were asked for by anybody.
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    Dude, I know you are a white knight because I have been around since day one. It is more like if they take 5 minutes to look at your old posts they would easily see the white knighting. you are also a white knight because you complain about people that don’t like something about the game. I am not the only one you whine about. Plenty of other new people come on here and you still act the same way towards them. tou also don’t contribute anything. I agree with someone that has a complaint and you hijack their post by directing your comments to me instead of them. It is very rude to the OP of any thread they do. Maybe learn some manners? Heck you don’t even need manners, maybe stay on topic at least?
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    you mean 5 minutes looking at how you use the forums to vent all the anger you have bottled up inside you? all i see in your posts are insults and toxicity (now go ahead and make excuses to try to justify it... so predictable), what i dont see is any proper argumentation lines, most is just the opinion of an arrogant fool with hypersensitivity problems cause by his high intolerance towards a different opinion.
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    implementing gold costs when most activities give a shitty ammount of gold was indeed a stupid move, i dont mind a bit of gold farming but we should at least have access to a schooner before having go for the grind, also its incoherent that to play the main game content wich should be maritime content (SotDs) you are "ship-gated" for so long.
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    i dont mean to rain on your parade but the game's most basic bugs havent been fixed in 3 years, but i wish you the best of luck.
  37. 1 point
    It is simply not playable with claim towers in effect for other players than jobless 24/7 Corona kids who are not receiving enough love from their parents. Prior to claim towers the game was quite fun, the armored docks allowed to live on the ships. Yes, these armored docks could be destroyed. But for single troll kids too much effort. These want everything very quick, quick, quick ! And started their cry-baby system on the devs till they received the claim towers for maximum everything-in-30-minutes trolling. After alpha release it was quite challenging to claim an area. If you wanted to fight someone you had to anti-claim. Lots of efforts, took hours and days. Nothing for pew pew Call-of-Duty milliennial cry babys. So playing not in a huge mega company is completely pointless at the moment. Also the modular ships are trash. i am creative, i want to try concepts and build how i want. I am afraid, ATLAS will not find back onto the path of a shining fun game.
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    Very good description and I do agree with pretty much everything. Haven’t played some of the games on your good list so I reserve my decision on those. Wow was awesome. They would do well to add factions in atlas. some people don’t like the idea but my opinion is they are dumb. If would give the little guys a chance to survive and could easily make gold actually worth something like a currency instead of a gold sink like paying for shipyards smh.
  39. 1 point
    My list of horrible PVP games 1. The Atlas! (all what can be wrong is worng here) 2. Dark and Light (Really bad Ark copy) 3. Ark (only way to play are private servers or singleplayer) 4. Ark II (im sure it will be bad as Ark 1, only visual side can be little better cause unreal engine 5) And my list of good PVP games 1. WOW 2. Lineage II (this old game had karma based system, so more friendly you killed more karma you got so in end sity guards and all turned against you.) 3. ArcheAge (So this is game atlas must learn how to manage PVP so that all would be happy) 4. Runescape 5. No man sky (i guess i'm only one who liked pvp there :D) Atlas, Ark & Dark and Light are like same and looks like that Dark and light company is also wildcard's failed miracle project. So my good pvp list is really long, but i added games what are little bit similars with atlas. So cause PVP is BS in this game i like PVE and PVE can be really good if they add more NPC's, mission's on land and sea but as we see they only add useless broken content here.
  40. 1 point
    There are a lot of decisions that have been made that make me want to facepalm. If you were leading Grapeshot, what changes would you make to this game to point it in a proper direction? Here is my list: Firstly fix the bugs as the number one objective. You need to have a functioning infrastructure to build a game upon. Do all the testing on the PTR and wipe the PTR regularly instead of the main servers everyone plays on. Personally I would forget the land hoarding, land conquest aspect of the game and create a good pirate adventure game as the primary focus. Create a game that allows for healthy gaming practices. Negative things shouldn't happen to someone if they're not online. That being said there should be a mechanic to dissuade people from being offline for long periods of time tying up land, or logging off to avoid getting attacked. Slow down the aging process. You age far too fast. I have that experience already in RL. Stop catering to the mega companies. New players need a fair gaming experience if you want to grow this game. I think they should create factions in the game that a player could align with depending on their playing style: the Royal Navy (PCs), Pirate Outlaws (PCs), Wild Pirates (NPCs), Merchant Guilds (PCs) - if they want to perpetuate the land-claiming objective, and the Cursed/ Damned (NPCs?). As a player you can gain reputation with these PC groups which can gain you certain benefits either via skills, access to larger builds, quests, or ship cosmetics. Certain cells are "lawful/ crown governed" and thus easier to settle on (less dangers and less wild animals) but you have to pay tax, potentially on ships and shipyards. This could explain why you have to pay gold to build a ship/ shipyard. You could have a mechanic whereby if a player is attacked on lawful areas, the game could spawn some NPC naval ships that would attack the grieving player. This could be beneficial for starting players. If you join a faction and attack another faction, there could be a bounty put on your head. On PVP servers you could even spend gold to put a bounty on another players/ company's head. Any player can check the bounties and try to hunt down that player/ company. If they sink that player they get the bounty amount. A whole career can be made as a pirate "bounty hunter" or a Naval officer chasing down scoundrels. I think this would be a fun game mechanic. These are early ideas and after writing them, some ideas remind me of some elements of Sea of Thieves. However SoT is a functioning game with a decent amount of polish so it's not a bad idea to look to them for working examples.
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  42. 1 point
    cause new broken content is more important for developer than fixing bugs from start
  43. 1 point
    You can trade with server squares arround your market. All routes u see in market are server squares arround ur market.
  44. 1 point
    yes, but you havent considered this, in a pvp server that same shipyard can be destroyed in literally 30 seconds regardless of how many ships it have built. i dunno, i think they want to give gold a meaning but they overdid it by A FUCKING LOT if you consider that the average gold you get from 1 treasure map is around 200 gold (since map quality is random). ok, but then you go kill a high level SotD and you get trash, the nice part before was that you could just skip straight to brigg and do SotD hunt for fun only, and not only that, designing your ship to fit your play style was great, now i have to be stuck with a standar crappy ship for an eternity for what?? a once in a while SotD hunt?? they have been making lots of changes since 3 years ago, and all of them were terrible, i still remember when they nerfed the carbine and then nerfed the glider, at that time those were the 2 things i was having the most fun with, making changes for the sake of making changes is nota good idea.
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    The last time i played i did so in the desert biome, so yesterday i created my character and started working towards moving to africa, first kick in the nuts came when i went to free port with my bear, hired 3 sailors and instructed them to follow me to the boat, the moment the last sailor jump on the boat my bear simply stoped existing, banished without a trace, i took it like a man and altered all my plans since i had to retame my bear as you cannot find bears in the desert (unless you do now), while sailing around in the process of re-taming my bear the 2 unassigned sailors i hired also went puff, simply disappeared, when? i have no idea, i only know they were with me when i departed but at some point they simply werent anymore, i took that hit too and proceded with re-taming a bear, after a rather frustrating time finding one i manage to tame one, so back to the begging right?? lets go to africa i tought, so i did all the sailing needed and finally decided on an island to stablish my base, can you guess what happens next??? yes, my new bear was gone. i dont know why this game keeps existing tbh, they keep introducing content when this basic bugs still exist after 3 years as when you try to hide a dead body under a rug, the fundamental code of the game is absolute garbage, i imagine this new team is trying to build a game from scratch using as a fundation the same piece of shit coding the past team wrote and i just cannot comprehend how they cannot realize that you cannot build a castle in a swamp. i came back after not playing the game for 2 years, i expected NOTHING from the game, and yet it still managed to disappoint me, honestly just kill this monstruosity, discontinue the project and let it die in peace.
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    Nothing can save atlas at this point lol player count shows that.
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    Yeah it is a dumpster fire. Always has been to be honest. They haven’t actually supported the game for a long time. Don’t do anything to hackers, auto resolved tickets, bugs galore. pitiful.
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    They did that to my base before the wipe. I had recently titanic'd my brig and schooner and just got enough $$ to build another schooner...then claim towers came. Are we sure this game isn't all just a big experiment into how shitty people will be to each other given certain options?
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    You gain a set number of claim points based on the number of members in your company. Once you have enough points you can attempt to place a claim flag on an unclaimed island. This costs increasing amounts of gold based on the point total of the island. Whoever places the flag needs that gold in their inventory. You cannot claim lawless or freeports. This places the flag and then you have to wait an hour for the process to countdown. If someone decides to contest your claim on pve they need to drop a flag in the radius of control of your flag while claiming. This halts the timers on both flags. If you pull up your flag and move it, it costs the initial gold amount again. On pve this mostly does not happen except in the case of popular islands that may have people watching and waiting for the current owners to go into default. At the end of that hour you get a message and the island is yours. You need to place the initial claim amount of gold into the flag every 12 hours to keep maintenance on the flag. If you don't, you lose the claim and the process starts all over again. If the cost to claim was 50g, then you will need 100g every day to maintain that flag. Only people in your company can add/remove stuff from the flag, and you can admin lock the contents if needed. You, as the owner then can set the tax rate and message for the island. The current cap is 20%. This is an additive amount in the case of resources. Nothing is taken from the harvester. Those that do treasure maps on your island do however have gold taken from their total. You can destroy any NEW structure placed within 24 hours. You receive a message when someone "settles" on your island. If they place a foundation you receive a message, but other actions trigger that message too. You cannot remove structures that have been there longer than 24 hours, then the normal 10 day decay timers apply.
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