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    Why are we not able to log into any of the servers whether it’s an official server or an unofficial server on Atlas in Xbox? It’s been like this for almost 2 weeks. At one point none of the servers even showed up but they are back. But it still won’t let us log into it. When you try to log into a server, it says cannot retrieve address.
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    In the current state of the game, large dominant companies are able to utilize knowledge of exploits to complete content and have max level characters within days. They use the larger group as a crutch to then prevent small companies from advancing at all. Many, many, many players have experienced this and will never play the game again. People in the mega companies that do not generally even play with the larger "mega" group leverage this knowledge of exploits and the position of the company to play independently without fear of reprisal from their enemies, because only one of the 4-5 mega's can challenge another mega in a meaningful way. Players who are new, not in a mega, or not interested in being part of this process have a drastically different game to play. I think this problem can be solved by limiting the company size to 15 people. This would make being part of a company much more valuable, and company leaders will have to make decisions on who is actively contributing. This would also give players more opportunities to access features of the game, that would otherwise be block indefinitely by large "mega" companies, think MAW and Cursed Spawns. Players in mega's make up a minority of the game's players, but dominate the field and prevent new players from adopting the game. The fact being, you don't have to sacrifice the game to mega's, you can reduce the company limit, even it it make the mega's "mad", because they're the minority in the scheme of things. It would actually increase you player base by allowing more people to have positive and engaging interactions with the game. Here are some more benefits from a smaller company limit: 1. Mega's won't ruin the game for the majority of players (people who play in mega's are not the majority). 2. Creates a more enjoyable experience for new players learning the game, because no mega's dominating seas and land a week into a new wipe. 3. Server loads during fights are reduced due to less people in companies to zerg into a server, less lag means fights are more enjoyable. 4. Game content within companies is spanned out over more time because less people available to systematically run players through pve content, more challenging with a smaller group. 5. The game map becomes larger because companies are smaller and more effort is required to traverse and develop around the map. 6. Because companies are small, becomes harder to maintain huge swaths of islands, opening more land for groups to fight over and colonize. Generating more content for everyone. 7. Specialization within companies becomes more important, making it more important to engage and participate with your company. 8. Company positions are relative more meaningful, so recruiting become credential based and needs based. (I'd would challenge the most companies generally do not have more than 15 actives at any given time.) 9. You'll save the game from it's slow death back into the best seller list. Mega's don't run this game, take it back from them. 15 Person Company Limit.
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    Your so obnoxious go play something else if you don’t like atlas. All you do is complain.
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    You want to remove; Armored Docks BPs SoTD Peace time Freeports Stuns Feats for most melee weps level bonuses aging Ship customization Structures (or at least any remaining usefulness of them) Ownership of structures Rewarding players who prosper bar shots All gold sinks handcuffs Reload timers Player announcement for entering or leaving a server Ship weight penalty company size caps Did I miss anything? You want to have; Ships be equal in stats Players be equal in stats All gear and weps be equal in stats Ships be free No bases (proved by your wanting to tear them down so fast no one would bother building them) Very little PvE and a heavy focus on PvP @chukiki Dude, honestly, you are wanting to play "Sea of Thieves". You take ALL of this out and get what you want, you basically have a shitty version of Sea of Thieves.
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    Sounds like you should join a mega, mutineers are recruiting I heard.
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