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    Congrats, posting 5 frames on your website is the first substantial FPS increase this game has received.
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    (sigh) Unfortunately this Star Butterfly Brig sunk due to internet issues : (
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    I wanted to wait a full week to give a new report but this is even worse than I thought. When I first wrote this last week they had lost 200 out of the 1,500 they gained but now they are at 500 lost of the 1,500 witching one week. That could be one of the sharpest declines since the literal launch where everyone was spawning in the ocean. they clearly made a big mistake and of course will not own up to it. The fat that they said “we aren’t worried about the numbers” really just shows how horrible of a dev company they are(don’t bother white knighting with the “ea” BS lol) 2 and 1/2 years is plenty, these guys just suck. really important to remember they are still 70 on the bottom 100 worst steam games. That will live on forever no matter what.
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    Have you thought about fixing "stuff" that is already broken instead of adding more dumb stuff?
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    So. With great help of @Kummba I bought this brand new Majestic Kraken and... well I wanna speak with DEVs. But before that I just wanna say to all other players reading this message. DO NOT BUY MAJESTIC KRAKEN if you plan to do some seas battles. I'm sorry to say that, but right now it's not suitable for naval battles. Now DEVs. Guys. Seriously. This is not gonna work. If you want to expand this modular ship concept, you should make these ships attractive and desirable for players. In this state the ships are right now - they are not! It's like players put hell lot of efforts and get some unplayable raw jest, which brings just doubts, question, and in some case disappointment. +++ + It looks really epic! + It rare. You'll get players attention from all around. - - - - Raw design. Very tight especially around ladders to 2nd and 3rd deck. Only emergency stern ladder to climb and sometimes tentacle-cosmetic just push you back to the ocean. - You can add there just 8 custom objects. - Handling is average. It's ok full speed and completely horrible while you stay. Totally not enough for boardside battle. - It has lack of payload. Equipped for battle it'll have more than 50% total weight. With opened 24 gunports the weight rises for more than 67%. - It has average speed, but in battle conditions (equipped for battle) it's slower than sloop. - Extremely expensive in maintenance. 200 patches requires more resources than it need for full Brig creation. - Player's POV is too close to the ship. Sails blocking most of the field of view. - Can't manually aim and shoot. Just automatic shooting. - Broken gunports hit area. Single volley of low level damned galleon takes out ALL gunports. - Broken sinking time. With 140% sturdiness and all skills increasing sinking time - ship sink it like 3 seconds (which making it not suitable for the battle). Broken: * Crew leaving sail's stations every time ship cross the border. Getting the ship. This time I've tried to sail to the shop with weight sail Sloop. Didn't work for me at all! With strongest rainy storm downwind it runs just 7 knots. I experienced upwind - and most of my time I sailed 3 knots. It's... well... eh... I mean, I hit freeport and then went for a walk with my corgi dog. After we back I was still on my way to grid center. So... non of any sails works. Best choice so far is mid speed sail. Also 22K gold. Devs do you realize how do player carry that many hah? For example my pathfinder can pick from the chest just 13K. If I wanna pick more I need to drop some gold to the ground then pick some from the box, then pick all I dropped from the ground. Now imagine I came to the shop, drop some golds to the ground and some troll-player appeared and while I was picking gold from my chest - he just steal my gold I dropped to the ground??? Seriously. Reduce goldweight a hundred times. Make it attached to player as it is in all other MMOs. It's just no point to make it as it is now. Raw design. First impression - those holes leads to 2nd and 3rd deck made totally wrong. I mean it's OK for a dwarf, but I play mid-sized pathfinder (around 60% tall) and to get to 2nd and 3rd deck I need to crouch. If pathfinder will be 100% tall he just wont make it. Imagine, I need to do emergency maintenance during the battle and... I stuck in the ladders. You allways do ladders through 2 block holes!!! Some textures were also broken. I guess this one is somehow connected to ship damage and just showing wrong textures set... this is the rear castle. Snap point for ladders would be great at boardside between gunports. And it's not just about every1 hates this emergency stern ladder. Majestic Kraken have those tentacles cosmetic and sometimes tentacles on stern just push you back to the ocean. It also might be critical in some cases. You need to climb onboard fast and tentacles pushing you back from the only ladder. Paint is fine, but front and back castle doesn't follow other parts regions. For example. You can paint railings to red and body to black. But front castle allows you to paint either body and railing to red, or both body and railing to black. Same within rear castle. Something strange with name of the parts. Like I have: - Rear castle with 15K hp. - Rear mid below which is undestroyable. - Another Rear mid below Rear mid with 10K hp. Oh, and if I look at ladders, it shows: "Hold E for additional options". I'm holding and nothing happens. Bad news. You can put on this ship just 8 objects. JUST EIGHT. So you can't put there all. Like in Brig I put there several boxes (to make all in order), all for food, cooking and storage, couple of beds, smithy and mortair-pestle for ammunition resupply, all those resources, munntion boxes. 5 wallhooks with lanterns. etc. Well. Not anymore. Just 8 objects through whole ship. Choose wisely. Crew issue. Yeah this ship CAN NOT handle all required crew by default. So if you wanna put 24 crew to cannons, 2 crew to sails and drive the ship yourself you need to raise crew capacity from 22 to 27, meaning, you need to spend 5 points for that. And you do know that all default ships are capable to carry all their basic needs. Sloop has 3 crew - 2 for sails and 1 for player. Schooner has 14 crew - 10 for cannons, 2 for sails, 1 for player and 1 for extra... for a friend or tame for example. Brig has 16 crew - 12 for cannons, 3 for sails, 1 for player and 1 for extra. Galleon has 59 crew - 52 - for cannons, 6 for sails, 1 for player. Sailing. Yet another bad news. Crew still leaving sails station after each border cross. This ship turns way slower than Ramming Galley. In fact. With full speed it turns more like schooner. So boardside fight with damned ships is questionable. Of course I'll try this later, and write my impressions. As for turning around with no speed... well... errr... It's slow. I mean it's S-L-O-W. It slower than Galleon. I just wanna say that it makes 360 degree turnaround in (you wait for it).... in approx 21 minutes. So when you visit tundra freeport with cliffs lagoon, you make sure you parked your ship right. Or you will do 180-turn departure within 11 minutes, just sittin and holding A (or D) key. I'll continue this thread later, so stay tuned. More screenshots and impressions to come.
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    We all know the whole playerbase being low discussion as well as the devs don’t care about numbers discussion, but in all reality the players themselves care about numbers. we won’t get too far into the past or anything but there were some people that thought this update/wipe would bring people back. Well if we consider that 1,500 people were going to change the state of the game that was just false. The downward trend is continuing and I wanted to give enough time for steam charts to actually show the trend so there wasn’t any reason for debate. This time there is already a rapid decline which means player numbers will drop far faster than last time or any other time. there has just been too many bad decisions that have been made over the past 2 1/2 years. People used to try to say the ship was sinking last year but it wasn’t really yet, it was just leaking. The sinking is happening now however. I wanted to pick a time of the day like right now where it isn’t fully peak but also not the middle of the night to show bias so I decided with right now. Out of the 2k players online around 800 are Unofficial servers and there is currently more pve players on than either of the pvp servers. No both pvp servers put together but that would just be sad to need to do that to prove a point. And in all reality if we co vine both pvp servers we really need to combine pve and Unofficials. Just saying. what we can clearly see is that the whole state of the game is in bad shape with no light at the end of the tunnel. They cater to Megas as well as pvpers but it hasn’t worked so far so yeah. don't worry this isn’t a pve/pvp thread, this is simple a “the devs haven’t made a good decision in years” thread. They have not to not lied at every corner but also betrayed everyone. quick tip for devs for the next wipe. Nobody wants a new map and nobody is going to give you and respect or credit for making a new map. Don’t pretend like you are good and no how to code. You simply and lazily copy and paste some crap with a tiny amount of alteration. You should definitely not be proud, but be ashamed. Total failures. There is a reason you have already lost 200 players of the 1500 you gained. Stop thinking of ideas, you are not good at it. Trying doing what you are told and things will go a lot better for you. Know your role.
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    Man, this was a really good review. It is a very terrible shame the devs will most definitely not do anything about it though unfortunately. But nevertheless, definitely a good review. I feel bad for how much time you must have put into this. even if they were competent enough to fix everything(which they are not in the slightest), I don’t think they would bother anymore because they already know they have screwed the playerbase over so bad nobody is going to bother coming back.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We hope you've been enjoying your sails on the Tradewinds and the other new changes we've brought into the game. In this post, we were able to take some time with the Dev team and have a few questions answered regarding the future plans of Atlas and what the rest of the year may hold. Again, we are in Early Access and the changes mentioned in the responses are subject to change. Although this may all just be speculation, we wanted to provide some transparency into the upcoming aspirations of the team. Once again, we'd like to thank you for your support and patience. On the Horizon: Dev Insights Regarding the Tradewinds patch, what were your goals and expectations for the strategic impact of the Tradewinds and new map layout? The Tradewinds in the latest update to go hand in hand with the recent map changes to help create more interesting strategic choices for players and companies. The new map layout is intended to provide spaces that are desirable to all different player types. New players are given better opportunities outside of the Freeport areas which allows for a more even spread of action. Islands with valuable resources are spread across the map to make sure no one area is perfectly suited to all needs. Islands with more valuable resources are in the North of the map, driving higher level players to that general area. The Tradewinds provide for faster sailing times across large areas of the map. Players interested in exploration, trade, or raiding will be able to find ways to use the Tradewinds to their advantage. This will also push player conflict towards these shipping lanes and the islands near them, adding more opportunities for pitched battles over valuable resources. What is the plan for PvP combat and balancing? Is there a philosophy that dictates what gets buffed, nerfed or removed? We feel that PVP conflict should consist of interesting challenges and opportunities for both sea and land combat. We want to drive the focus first towards fleet battles and provide ways to effectively defend your holdings with the ships you customize and build. The ships you build will be able to blockade your island, with your opponents first having to deal with those defenses before they can safely make landfall. Your fleet will also be your main weapon of attack – both to defeat your enemies blockade and to soften their land defenses. In general our PVP philosophy focus is on counterplay – to provide options that are deadly and effective but can be countered with the proper tactic. We want to see powerful options that players can use to attack their enemies, and equally powerful options the defender can access to counter them and fight back. Ideally this allows for and encourages players to have different tactics available to them instead of always relying on one mainstay ability that works best in every situation. What more are we going to see in the upcoming patches? Are we done with map/macro enhancements in favor of micro adjustments and additions? Is there new content that we can look forward to? Updates are on the horizon for the game map, such as separating the map into regions with different geographical theming. Piracy happens all over the world in Atlas, and players will be able to experience this more when they travel from an area of arid desert isles to a region of the world with tropical islands and crystal blue waters. There is a system in design to allow for the capture and control of strategic resource points placed in the world. These will unlock many capabilities for the companies who control them, such as structures which provide server-wide buffs you can share with all of your allies. Some of these structures will require monumental levels of materials and time. This all leads towards a long term goal of having large projects with huge collaborative efforts that companies compete over. In the upcoming patches there will also be many new ship options. Players will be able to customize more of their ship, starting with the midship portion of their modular ships – adding options such as gun ports, rowing banks, armor and more to the broadside sections of your vessel. In future updates there will be more options for other components of the ship, such as new sail types and front and rear castle varieties. There will be additional pre-built ships coming to the game, as well as a larger modular hull class that players can build. Players will have the ability to craft fleets that consist of vessels with different roles in combat and utility. When two enemy fleets clash there should be a variety of ships and tactics at play, each one effective unless properly countered. In the next major update we will see two new ship types – the Mortar Ship and the Turtle Ship. The Mortar Ship will add a long range artillery option to ship combat, while the Turtle Ship is armored up to break through blockades. You will be able to construct and customize these new classes of modular ships as well as the existing types in the shipyard. New BPs will drop in the world to allow the crafting of the railings, midship tiles, and ship types being added. We want Atlas to become known for large, collaborative fleet battles that require the coordination of multiple players and companies. Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame View full article
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    Sturdiness can be useful in certain builds, example when making a harbor run boat and know u gonna loose it but u wanna stay in harbor blasting as much as possible, and then people have more time to bucket and bucket. might be a situation, never tried thou
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    good review, i also made one last season and well, it was a seaweed farmer. but 1 thing i wanna point out. do not put points ever into sturdiness, only thing u want to put points in for defens is resistanse, and to even somewhow kill fleets of ghost ships u want 280-300% resistance. thats 3x time the hp then.and 20 points in weight and rest in damage, dont waste on crew points, just have less cannons, and this ship cant be used before leveled, so best is to make a catapult railings and go powerstone kill cyclops with boulders, then when its 45-50 u can start trying it out on ghost ships. And only large handling sails, prefer at leats 110%+ turning and 115% speed
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    Thanks alot for this report/review This is what we got in one years work from the devs. Something noone wants to speak about, bc it will hunt you in your dreams. Let it go back to concept limbo, right next to the physical trade ships And guys this is the path to their vision of the game.
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    I lost 1 character, it got auto solved reported hacker, it got auto solved they dont even look into it, it all just gets auto solved
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    Community Kreationen - Pfadfinder auf dem Schirm (2. Ed.) - Gemüse-Cluster Translation into german - Übersetzt ins Deutsche https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/59-community-kreationen-pfadfinder-auf-dem-schirm-2-ed/ @sailtheatlas #playATLAS
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We’re back again to feature the community and their amazing creations. Every image or video we receive, showcasing your incredible talents, amazes us and we can’t help but want to share your creativity to the world. If you’d like to see your content featured in a future post, tag us (@sailtheatlas) on twitter or drop your shots in the proper channels on the Atlas Community Discord. We want to thank you for all your support and we hope you continue to share your adventures with us. So ‘til next time, may your skies be clear, waters calm, and sails full in whichever way you roam. Fortify a New Future (courtesy of @DudeTheDude via Discord) Seaport Sanctuary (courtesy of @millfragger02 via Discord) XD (courtesy of George Catcher via Discord) No Place like Home(Courtesy of Spiro Spero via Discord) Sail with Pride (Courtesy of Absolver via Discord) Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame View full article
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    Empower large alliances to exterminate smaller groups with even greater efficiency and ease. They could have just gone with that one line in the dev blog and spent the rest of the day at Dave and Buster's.
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    1 other thing. large cannon railing dont work. and u cant make boulders in the catapult railing
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    In generall, server goes into stasis when its not rendered. Meaning it saves it current state and continue from there when someone is around again. Doing calculations from when it went to sleep up until current date. Everything happened while offline, will occur now when its rendered again. Tames that died in stasis will get reported to died current date too. So now you logged in again and rendered the server (part), the server will caculate the water coming into your ship from a leak, and if it would have sunk like 20 min ago, it will let it sink in the moment you render it. Thats also how the server let you jump to a decayed bed, but when you arrive your whole base is there, bc it decayed only when you rendered it. In your case there are some possibilities as to why your ship sunk. All will most likely happen while someone passed your ship and rendered the server for some time. Also when you DC, your char is still online for 3 minutes, and the server is active therefore. So maybe your char was triggering following events. - Storm ->cyclones ->leak - Sotd ->leak - normal decay ->leak - sailing over a whale -> leak This whole mechanic can be a pain for breeders, bc - meat get spoild first, babies are only allowed to eat afterwards. - tames / babies dont heal in stasis - stuff that dies in stasis dont get propperly reported (no course given) PS: Use tames for farming. A Rhino gets your flint way more easy, but i have to agree that the changes to hand farming are a pain. Eles and giraffes are actually usefull. Plus points for pink tools tho
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    First of all i think you play single player. On official online servers or even private server you can start on freeport and you will not spawn in the free ocean with a chance of 99,99%. But of course there are some bugs with the new map that you may spawn on a sea fort island instead of a lawless island if you choose starting in lawless directly. You may start on the official PVE server to learn the game without getting into combat and griefing of the PvP server. Yes the game says it has single player but the single player is like 80% bugs. If you play Blakwood map it's totally worse and was never in a full release state. It was a one person project that was "bought" by Grape Shot but never finalized. The start as solo is really jumping into a sandbox and not knwing what to do at all. You may like this expirience to discover this game world and all mechanics yourself. But if you want to learn about the game the best way is to find a company or having friends playing already. Heat waves in hot areas are quite frustrating and annoying. You can craft standard closes to gain heat resistance, jump in the water to get wet and cooled and try to go into shadow -> build a structure with a roof above you. There will be a grey symbol like an cave entrance that shows you are in a shadow place. This can also work versus cold. You may change the biome where you choose to live and go into temperate zone instead of equatorial or desert.
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    The issue is - even when they do run a sale, which is cool this is what happens, If a person joins the game, that does not have any pre-existing connections in the game, the experience is un-rewarding, If they are new, its tough to negotiate your way into the larger companies, not even necessarily mega;s, just dozen man companies so they don't even go into it for that mindset, They play for a weekend, maybe a week or so, might have otherwise loved the game, but leave. What i have found, is that when you band together as a few people, even just a few, the game is much more enjoyable, you want to stick around, there is banter, there is legitimate "fun" to be had, but as a new individual coming in, if you don't know anyone, feels very alienating. Now for those with a passion for the genre, they may stick around, and in time meet people, but for others, not so into the golden age of piracy as some of us are here, they just leave, get bored. Some people are very timid, i recall, one or two seasons ago, long story, but i ended up on a sloop with a bunch of new people from freeport, they literally had ramshackle, but after server wipe, they were like "were not coming back dont want to level up again" We have to make things appealing out of the gates, so that people want to stick around, without having to worry about the timesink of politics, or meeting people.
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    Don't even need to see the map, your statements contradict eachother. "High level areas w valuable resources in the North... Resources spread out so that nobody dominates valuable resources... Trade winds so that you can travel the map faster""... Soooo, um, basically, the top companies head North, gear up, then use the highway to return South and extend their advantage? Am i missing something? Did you create a small-tribe-invincibilty-platform-rabbit-hat that I missed in the notes? I'm usually not the type to slow down and gawk at a car accident but wow.
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    part of the reason i don't play official servers. I like to be able to talk to the admins
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    New map has some pros and cons. The trade winds make traveling much easier. There are only a few claimable islands left and a big part of lawless is away from Golden Age which causes less conflict between large companys and the small once. Also large companys are more close to each other so they can fight and find the others faster. The biggest issue is that there are two lawless areas. The prefered old area and the stupid new where others can simply claim your stuff. I suggest to add a Peacetime to claimed areas. This would be at least a offline protection for 70% of the (working)day and night. Well the 400k HP towers need some cannonballs to destroy but it is possible quite fast. On claimable islands you still have to place fence every where causing lags to prevent the enemy from building on the island. If this could be not allowed enemys would have to use swimming bases called ships to attack. As long the lawless stays that unfriendly to random players the game can't win a new Playerbase. And the old once as mentioned are already playing in larger groups and some megas manly on the NA PvP. On EU it's only one Mega that allied with lots of other medium companys to outnumber every fight. It does not help that NA PvP Players are bored on the more populated server and offer their raid service now to EU server. I expected from the new map that the islands themselves would be changed. But the Devs changed only the biome zones to match more of the first Ocean map Season 1-2-3 which i appreciate. THe tradewinds are working quite good even there are some dead areas without trade winds. Further changes should reduce the mountain height on islands drastically. It's not a solution to not allow puckles etc on high levels. Every islands should have a bay to build a harbor. There should be a water depth of about 15-25m max to also place a harbor defence structure without massive spam. Invisible rocks in water needs to be changed. The smallest size should be safe in the center from shooting there with large cannones from a ship. Pillar Rocks/mountains for natural safe Bases and Mortar positions should be on every islands. It must not be all round pillars like tropical but it should give some natural protection from cannon tame griefers at least. A raider should spend some time to get to the high quality loot like gold and BPs.
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    Ah lol i missunderstand this. You can see it from the good side: Compared to earlier Season you can level the Ship to 50 from common shipyard which was a mystical shipyard back in the days(cap was 42 common). So now you got Lvl 50 for free xD
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    I am sorry to here this one... it happened to me with a small common yard i placed... but the mystic one is very sad. But you learn for future to check it in the 30 seconds you can pick it up again. Just a question? Why do you need the generic resource? You can't craft the shipyard with this... and you only need to go to freeport to harvest it or you demolish some common shipyards to get it back in return.
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    - Fix the placing of docks and farms that you broke with the last patch...! - If you want to have sea battle before land battle (and you want to remove more spam - that we have to place) make it so that claims prohibit building for anyone else. Thereby we don't have to spam our islands to restrict enemy building on it. And the enemy has to use ships as FOBs to respawn, which then we can have sea fights over to stop the land invasion. The attacker has to defend his FOB ships thereby has to bring man-o-wars to do that. - You do understand that making global buff - strategic points that anything smaller than a big alliance will be cut out of it and has to deal with even more powerful player-enemies...?
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    I think ACTUAL Players of Atlas just would like bugs and issues fixed.. I understand some will take a while but whats the sense of developing more when there is a ton of existing that is still broken...?
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    The couple things I agree with are drowned in so much dumb.
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    New direction to be replaced by another new direction in a few months... again. Atlas pvp log on message: You have been killed by Snapperhead5, All your stuff has been destroyed. Enjoy your adventure.
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    I think maybe Roblox might be more your speed
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    That's fine. As long as cannonball fire rate is also reduced to one shot every 40 minutes.
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    I think he's "special". Anybody else would logically stop if they saw posts of this nature. This dude just posts more. But he is toxic and should go. You have my vote.
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    dude if you don't like everything in game just don't play it, gtfo, really, nobody likes you!
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    At least Chukiki you let us know what you update in your curious list with that much bull shit in it(my personal opinion) Considering you start naked and already have the skills(and hand harvesting maxed) to build this parts the time you show here is pretty much in game already. Maybe you are a little faster as currently is 2x harvesting active as well. thatch & wood: You need to hit trees to make stone axe and pick, farm for 17 parts(4 bottom, 8 walls, 4 celings and 1 Door) and maybe build some spears to hunt an wild animal for leather to craft a bed that your 2x2 has some functionality. I guess you are busy more than 10 minutes. To build this pieces if you have farmed already, can craft them directly and build next to you and not on a different island or far away on yours you are maybe busy less than 10 minutes. For stone structures you need a smithy which increases the farming time 5-10 minutes(if low metal)... but you may get it done in 20 minutes. So Chukiki? What the f**k are you talking about here? You want a restriction that you can place 1 stone structure every ~2 minutes (40minutes : 17 pieces)???????? So a harbor or base with 7000 structures would take 140000 minutes to build = 233 hours = about 10 days? And of every one pieces 2 minutes you wait 1:55 for the restriction to disapear? Please do us a favor Chukiki and just stop! Just STOP!
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    This is literally the only gaming company I know that continuously breaks their game with every major update. I swear, it's almost as if they're trying to drive their player base away. I've been patient with them since the beginning, but even with a game in early access, it should be somewhat playable. More stuff that used to work is broken now that they've wiped and reset with the Trade Winds update. Extremely amateurish gaming company. See you guys if and when they decide to actually be a professional gaming company and make a playable game.
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    In the Savedatlaslocal directory there is a small file (LastGridCoord) where you can set up the spawn region and the home region for your singleplayer character. Basicly it contains only two data, an X and an Y coordinate number. You need to modify these numbers (and only the numbers). Its important, the map has 11x11 grid, and the numbers start from the upper left corner, but the origo - the A1 grid - is 0,0 , not 1,1. So, if you wanna spawn in B8 (that is a freeport in the new map), the you need to change the coords to 1,7. If in G8, then the coords are 6,7. If in J9 grids, then change to 9,7 etc. So, change the coords in the file, then start your game and thats all, you will spawn wherever you wanted. Or, if you change only the home region with this method, then spawn in the old grid, die and respawn in the home region. Both works. As always, make backup first, just in case!
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    1. Download the Server Grid Editor (SGE) from here: 2. unzip then run the SGE (preferred as administrator) 3. "Load Project" and choose the standard servergrid.json (with the date 2021.04.26. - thats the new map. you can select the old ones too, or make a completly new one) 4. You can now see the world map and the 11x11 grid. Choose the export menu and click on "all". This will export everyting, big servermap, the servergrid.json file and the small grid maps. 5. The process will use almost 99-100% of your cpu, so make sure you dont wanna do anything else in the next 20-30ish minutes. 6. Now, you will have 121+ file in the destination directory, with .png extension, thats are the maps/grids (usually in the export folder) (for example: CellImg_X-Y.png (grid maps) and MapImg.png (world map)) 7. Make sure, you do backup of your \steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\ first!!!!! 8. Then copy the exported servergid folder into the Atlas\shootergame\Saved folder. 9. Copy the servergrid.json too, from the SGE directory to the Atlas\shooter\saved too (replace the old one there, but again make a backup first) Thats all. At this moment the taming in non-dedicated host and singleplayer is broken, with several another feature, so prepare for that. sidenote: in the SGE you can customize the word map, if you check the tradewinds, or grid lines or discovery zones, anything. Every extra visual you turn on in SGE, is what you will get in the servermap after the export. (sorry for my english, its not my native language, but i hope you can understand at least a little bit)
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    The game doesn't need to mold to what you need it to be so you don't get your shit pushed in. You need to be innovative and creative to overcome obstacles. Perseverance and intelligence to become this "hero" solo player. That's why you struggle, you have none of this. Ironically, sounds like pve is more for you.
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    Unfortunately, this game is lacking mods. They do put up rules and a Code of Conduct but do not have the resources to back them up. I have personally messaged the Mods in the Atlas Discord without ever getting a reply. The Discord channel seems to have been overtaken by a bunch of trolls who insult and taunt anyone who comes in looking for help. I have suggested that Grapeshot actually recruit some of us players who have been playing the game from the start to help out admin the servers for rule infraction. So far, no reply. If there were even just a few admins in the game to help answer the tickets it would help things run much smoother and stop many players from being forced out of the game by others.
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    How to proceed : It's not an exaustive list, just how i did it (or seen people) Boss mechanics are very simple : when in fight, it will follow closest people (like every enemies on this game...). When in fight, it will reset aggro and return on spawning spot if it is not hited for a few seconds (alone with a carbine and "normal" reload, you lost aggro). If some people, easier because all the time people on fight, refresh reset time with more hit. - Kill Hydra : Alone => you must know a minimum the mechanics of the game and be a seasoned player. Newbie alone => Sorry! (try an alliance, or find some people able to kill her and help you, or just manage to be on the area when people kill her) Some people => it's more pleasant to chain die with several people! Way 1 : pull and kitting to the ship (carbine/handgun/bow/wingsuit), then ship kitting with rear cannon/balist (when you know how to configure your cannons/npc on the ship, swivel with canister ammo> all. If not, medium cannon or balist are easier and safer). Alone it's a little bit hard, because you must refresh hit while running if you don't want she reset, when npc hit her => you got her! Way 2 : Old school alone survivor Grappling hook, bow, loooooooooooot of arrows. Climb on the city or montain, stuck her under, hit, hit hit, hit.... fuck, no wood to repair my bow! hit, hit, hit.... fuck, i'm hungry! ok, hit, hit, hit, hit, fuuuuuuuuuuuck, a pterodactyl! You must try this way one time on your life! Way 3 : Little wily one Stand by people kill her for you! - Kill Drake : More or less same thing, but you can kill him easier alone when he is stuck on his spawn area. Way 1 : some people with carbines on the ground, like Hydra, stuck him and hit, hit, hit... Way 2 : put on red clothes and play to be a fire-fighter ! The better way of all fights, but you must be several people. Pull and kitting to the ship, when someone on the ship hit him, the fun part begins! ps: be carefull, you must have buckets on your ship^^ He can't sunk your ship (we tried with schooner/brig and gally), but it's really fun. Another little thing : - Power stone on the island (Hydra, Drake, artifact, cave) => unlock the first quest (Kraken access) But you don't really need to finish the quest to participate to the fight against the Kraken. Finish the quest = Able to invocating Kraken. - Power stone underwater (dark area, submarine, don't need artifact) => unlock the second quest (V2 Kraken access). Same thing.
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    Crabs are OP, they should nerf them. Doing 6 damage with a carbine is not fun. Small tribes can't afford to stop that overpower tame. An average Joe should have tools to defend against that.
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    Incredibly stupid. Wtf are the devs even thinking. Retarded fuking mechanics. Such skilled gameplay. This is why players who enjoy pvp dont play this game.as soon as they see a vid of this kind of garbage it's a hard pass. Ark style garbage.
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    I too have many pics and vids. Showing what you are saying. Last season we seen the same thing with warehouses. This season we have had server restarts after defending and killing bears, server would restart and rollback 5 mins so the bears were alive. We have seen and have pics of people raiding in thatch building up in the air with no pillars support. The devs have no intention to balance the game against the dev supported cheating megas and them being in on it is the most logical analysis.
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