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    So for months Mr know it all who has not played the game but gives advice to those that do, does not really know squat after all.
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    I'm so Tired of getting FUCKED Over by this damn game makers. This is the third time I have to restart after building my lvl/Tames/Ect.. up. Stop fucking the players over. You should have found a way to stop screwing over the people that have been loyal to your game. You could have at least given us our levels back.
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    Title says it all. I may take a break from this next EA edition as it's really hard to justify coming back for a 3rd grind fest for a few new islands and a biome. Maybe we put some effort into making the game feel more alive? One of the most frustrating things is finding a really cool looking NPC structure but it's just a piece of scenery with no ability to interact. You can't go inside at all or do anything with them. What the hell is the point then? Some of these places are put in spots that would be absolutely great to build at too and in this last go around we built a town around an existing small NPC town but even after building it that NPC parts just felt out of place. It would be nice if taverns felt like actual taverns. When you go inside you're greeted with some nice pirate shanty and a beautiful waitress and barkeep who sells grog. Or when you happen upon a farm house there are little NPC kids outside and a farmer and a wife who you can buy vegetables from. Would this be so difficult? I realize that does require quite a bit of work but are there any plans on the horizon to do this?
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    As a PVE player, this wipes all of the countless hours I have put into getting tames with good stats, breeding/imprints, etc. I have basically built my own Freeport at this point, and have regular travelers that stop by to check out my marketplace. Not to mention my fleet of painted boats. Ugh! It will be difficult for me to start over, and I am honestly unsure that I am willing to put in the time to recreate my own little place a third time. I value my time, have a consuming career, and while I understand that it is EA, this makes my stomach turn. You continue to make rash decisions catering to the fly-by players that stop by for a month to play, cry/whine/complain, and then quit. It is upsetting that you generally make all decisions based around PVP, and give little to no consideration to the PVE community. The game mechanics take days/weeks out of our lives. It is a commitment. I’ve been here since day 1, and I’ve rolled with the punches. What incentive do I have to continue supporting your product?
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    to avoid sotd ripping. there is sometimes horrible lag when new server is loading and Sotd already started figher when i can do anything. hit me three times today 15 sec immune after grid change would be ok to load everything and get ready for fight or kit sotd, what do you think?
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    What a bunch of bull... The guy doing the interview is obviously scripted to ask the specific questions the person that is being interviewed is prepared to answer!!! No useful information was shared here the only thing I see is the whole we need to make sailing a better experience "Company Line" And this guys initial thoughts on how to do it are so far off base its obvious why they can't make this a decent game! Make ships EASIER to aquire??? As if its not already stupid easy to build a ship??? More Events on the Sea's??? Because the SOTD and the Storms are NOT REASONS people have quit playing this game?!? They are not in touch with reality....
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    GOODNESS GRACIOUS even Jats post in the 'Can we get an update thread" is abysmal news my dude! "Sir your game is broken" "YES! And we have a plan to release it to the XBOX! WITH CROSS PLAY! It's gonna be UH MAY ZING! Also we have a roadmap for how we're going to do our future roadmap where we talk about actual updates and developments! The roadmaps roadmap is subject to change obviously, because EA. Also we are releasing a BRAND NEW LINE OF ATLAS THEMED APPAREL! Order your ATLAS Swag today! Show all your friends your support! We have Kraken bad dragon toys, Fire elemental beanie babies(super rare and worth a lot of money), our Arts and Craft department is also selling popsicle stick and macaroni ship artwork. t-shirts and infant onesies, Claim Flag Bumpstickers! So everyone knows your car belongs to YOU."
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    Hello, while waiting for the return of our little Show N Tell I will post some screenshots of my adventure on Atlas! I have said that I take a great pleasure to make them on those games with beautiful graphics and almost infinite positivity Screenshot (Buildings) Screenshot (Player) Screenshot (Ship) Screenshot (Environment)
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    OK, so I have talked with many players, and those who don't want to play, speak about two things keeping them from coming back. #1. 9 hour raid windows, EVERY FREAKIN DAY. That's more than a work shift, where they have to be on, every single day, to protect their work. #2. Imbalance in Company sizes, and some groups still acting as Megas, with their alliances. I know that isn't as much an issue right now, but there is likely to still be imbalances. And WOULD be a problem if many people came back to play. If they don't come back, then what's the point? So if you are a small company, you are just meat to the slaughter, if a large group come after you. What would fix this? Well, I have been playing some Conan. While I like the idea of Atlas more, Conan had some things I really liked. One that would work really well for Atlas, and would likely become the most popular game mode, is PvE-C. The C stands Conflict. Like PvE, the structures can't be damaged. However, just like PvP, you and your tames CAN be killed...during the conflict time. Much like Atlas, there is a window where conflict is allowed, but this game mode only allows it for things other than structures. I think that is what many people wanted. They want to fight with their ships. They don't want to fight against people, over their bases. That (current PvP rules) requires you to be on every night, during the raid times. PvE-C, you would not need to be on every night. Another thing they do, which is also cool, is the Purge. This would give you a reason to still throw up some defenses for your base.
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    As someone who has been here since day one, I have to say that while I give less than a wet noodle about Xbox players having this mythical level playing field they think they are entitled to, if they are going to do a wipe at all, they might as well have given you that. Wiping and giving PC players a head start seems like someone sat down in a conference room and said "Okay, we have two options here, either one will piss off some group. But let's not limit ourselves people. Come on, think outside the box! There's gotta be a way we can piss BOTH groups off at the same time." Welcome to the club, here's your gripe with GrapeCard™ scorecard. Please note the numbers go pretty high. Actually, give me that one back, mine is full and scribbled in the margins. We'll get you new ones Soon™ Have a hat while you wait.
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    You sound like someone who should wait until the game is actually launched....in other words, after development is over. They are still developing features, tweaking, and optimizing...wipes will happen. If you don't like that....wait for launch.
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    Give the players a console command/UI display or whatever to check the structure count in an area before they reach it.
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    Hey guys i thought I'd give you some info on the ptr. They have moved powerstone islands and freeports, there is about 500 more discoveries. Pirate encampments are in the game but are suprisingly pirateless. You crash 4 out of 5 grid swaps which almost cost me a galleon. They have added tutorials with video and audio to them. Change of fonts for more legible reading. The whole graphical design of the game seems to have improved with added textures and better looking seas. Cats are at freeports and take milk or fish to tame, they can hunt rodents bugs (gives keratinoid) and fish. I haven't been able to get to a trench yet so im unsure about sea horses. All in all the look of the game is alot better and i enjoy the new look. I would have loved to see pirates at the encampments to test that all out. Cats are a good addition if your looking for keratins easily (haven't got the to be able to get fish yet) i cannot say if this is going to bring people back to the game or not but it does look better in alot of ways.
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    *yawns* Oh look, Realist has hijacked his own thread to talk about something he's never brought up before. Man those Wild Pirate Encampments sound nice for pve, too bad we can't talk about them. Dude, this is starting to border on an unhealthy obsession. It will happen or it won't, either way pick up the pieces of life and move on.
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    Sure you and your 4 kids spent "days" building a boat. Next time show em how to build a hatchet instead of how to be a quitter.
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    so, let's go back to the op: Devs, did you take note of that thread now and did you noticed too, that most of the players like the x2 event and would love to see you enable the event on every weekend. Saying that you are busy don't works. To enable the event it takes 2 minutes and a klick in your "server restart" button. It's not a big deal. To inform your playerbase, if there is no event, is taking only 2 minutes too. Otherwise you can hire me for enable and disable the event. I run a company but for these 5minutes each week I surely would find the time. But it's not cheap at all if you want to hire swiss precision work.
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    I think it would be a great feature if you could hang shields and/or swords as well as lanterns on the wall hook it just seems a bit of a waste of a feature for it as it is and shields would look great round a ship.
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    Okay hold on. When Dollie says they want to cut time spent on tames and creatures by 80%, I think you may be misunderstanding her or taking her comments out of context. She means development time spent on tames and creatures. You may not like this because you enjoy tames and creatures, but I've been here since day one, and I'm here to tell you one of the most consistent and valid criticisms of Atlas, posted repeatedly by many different posters during that time has been some version of "Ark is about tames. We don't want more crittters. This is supposed to be a pirate game. Give us ships and other pirate stuff, we could care less about more tames. If people wanna do tames they can go play Ark." As someone who can take or leave tames, I'm of the opinion that the overemphasis on creatures and tames to the detriment of time spent developing the on the water part of Atlas's content is a significant contributing factor to Atlas's poor performance to date. You may like tames, you may love breeding them, but this game is not supposed to be tame focused and wasn't promoted that way. So going back to Dollie's comments, her point is that they have listened to a majority of the players expressing that they don't want the game to be tame focused. If you like taming and breeding, nothing is stopping you from continuing to pursue it. She meant they want to shift development time and focus away from tames because they realize that for Atlas that has been a mistake. Most players are not here complaining there aren't enough tames and they want more, they are here complaining there's not enough sailing based content like ships, and they want more of that. Saying "They don't care what we enjoy they know better" is substituting your own personal preferences for what the majority have expressed and unfairly paints the devs as going against overall player wishes. Focusing less on tames might not make you happy, but it IS being responsive to what a majority have said they would prefer.
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    So far we have Ark like stuctures for on land and boat like stuctures for the ships, but we lack any stuctures that serve to connect the two. I'm talking about docks. 1. a dock foundation, the ideal would something similar to Ark's 'Advanced Rafts' Mod Dock foundation, where the pillings automaticaly decend to the sea floor. 2. Pillings, a pillar that can snap to the corner of a foundation to make docks look like docks. (I know the workaround to get pillars in the corner position, but they are not connected and are so skinny that you need one every foundation to make it look realistic. have you ever looked up at the cargo racks on your galleon and thought would be nice if i can reach them from the dock. 3. Some method of unloading ships, whether it's a crane with a swinging boom that gives you access to any cargo rack it touches, or making the cargo racks actualy be able to be lowered and raised on thier already crane like fitting. 4. stantions, to tie ships to. Just for looks or give it the already in game ship harpoon feature any allow it to drag ships to it. 5. A rope fence to place on the docks. If GS just take a look at their own custom creations they show off so readily in thier previews, if we can build stuff like that, that would be nice. Your first stage of your roadmap is bug fixes, QoL and improving stuff already in game! I hope structures are included.
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    This is AWESOME news! Honestly the best option for the game in current state. For those of you who are complaining about the wipe, turn that frown upside down, buttercups!
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    I second this. Lord knows nobody knows better than me that Realist can drive you to distraction sometimes, but he has proven to me over time that he's a fundamentally decent person, even if he seems a bit misguided at times. None of us is perfect and the best example any of us can set is to help each other out, so good for you EC (I'm not typing that long thing out).
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    very nice, for the second time this week a cobra in the stall. all tames eaten, despite double walls. your beautiful announcements bring nothing, if such regressions cause frustration and ruin the pleasure of the game. I wonder if that's how many players feel, and then give up the game.
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    Wild Pirate Encampments and Megapatch Going Live to the Public Test Realm We will be launching our Public Test Realm again today in order to test all of our Megapatch content along with the much-awaited Wild pirate Encampments! Wild Pirate Encampments Wild Pirate Encampments (WPE) are collections of enemy NPC characters, defensive fleets, and fortifications which inhabit claimable islands. They have varying weapons (melee and ranged), defenses (various cannons/turret types), and live in pre-built forts. They’ll also have AI ships representing all 4 classes (Sloop through to Galleon) patrolling the shoreline of their islands. The placement of Encampments will be randomized along the islands, and they can also include inland encampments without ships. You’ll have to explore an island to discover all the encampments which inhabit it, and the number can vary based on the island size, with larger islands having bigger and more Encampments. In order to claim an island, Pathfinders must destroy the WPE that currently live on it. This includes their patrolling ships and any enemy NPC within range of the Encampment center. Players will be able to use the Encampment claimflag to reveal nearby enemy NPCs. After claiming an Encampment, all Encampment will be structures transferred to the new settlement owner. Once defeated, an Encampment will never respawn. However, if the Encampment has not been fully defeated, it will reset to full strength if sufficient time has transpired without it being rendered. Please note that Encampments will only spawn (and can respawn) on unsettled islands when no players/tames/structures are nearby at all, over a long period of time. An island can only have Claim Flags placed on it when no Encampments are present on the island, indicated on the HUD when the system is enabled. This will be available to play on single player and non-dedicated at the moment. The PTR will also have all of our latest content including: New Islands More new, unique Islands will be landing on the ATLAS giving you more opportunities to own land, explore and unlock new Discoveries. New Cosmetics: Sail Skins Unfurl new sails against the sky with new Sail Cosmetics. The new cosmetics for small and medium sails lend the appearance of a delicate Junk or Sampan rig with bamboo slats which harkens back to a Far Eastern inspired sail design preceding Western square sails. Opt for the new large sail cosmetic to imbibe your ship with a commanding battle galley aesthetic and make it stand out as the flagship of your fleet! Hydra Revolver The Hydra Six-shooter pistol allows for up to six shots before reloading! If you have multiple targets (or your aim sucks) this may be your weapon of choice. Cat Found on Freeports, the cat makes a purrfect pet for contaminating enemy pirates! It can be tamed by hand-feeding, but you better be sneaky, as they’re known to be quite skittish. After a cat has been tamed, order it to ‘hunt’ and wait for your tamed feline friend to catch a rodent, fish, or bugs. Also includes: Controls: Updated full gamepad support Font: Fully updated font How to join: Dive into the PTR and run everything through its paces with the benefit of 8x rates and increased engram points to unlock all slills to assist you in testing. We look forward to sharing more announcements including exciting Xbox news over the next week! Grapeshot Games
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    Hello and welcome to the Atlas general discussion forums. Unfortunately no one with any ini.file expertise is available to answer your post right now. Please listen carefully to the following options as our menu has changed: To have Boomer write a long winded screed philosophizing about some element of gameplay you may or may not care about, punctuated by Gen X in jokes, pop culture or historical references, please post 1. To have Realist get back to you with an answer to the same problem for console players once Atlas has been released to Xbox, please post 2 and wait for console release. To have @Winter Thorne arrange to have the answer delivered to you in game via Atlas mail, please post 3. To have Chucksteak give you a sharp snarky reply that would be the sort of thing George Carlin might have said, post 4 To have Whitehawk tell you how much he loves playing Atlas with or without the changes to your ini file, post 5 To have Doc Holiday tell you he has 2 ini files, one for each of you, post 6 To have @Dollie maybe actually get your question answered, send her chocolates and flowers, ask really nicely, and post 7. Please stay on the thread after your issue has (hopefully) been addressed for a brief customer satisfaction survey.
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    Wipe or No Wipe ATLAS has no heart, it's a concept rushed into a playable format, but has no heart. EVE Online has it right. It's heart is Money. You can grind away doing missions of all sorts to get money, blueprints, etc. You can mine away resources and sell em, or craft it into things you can sell. You can steal/pirate. Your incentive for fighting is Money, access to better resources for making better/bigger ships/weapons. Your incentive for staying alive and working as a well coordinated team and surviving, is so you can hold onto your money. Your ego costs money, potentially all of it. In ATLAS, all you have is an ego. I've got a great big pair of balls so I'm going to do this aggressive thing over here because I can, and if I fail, oh well I can have everything replaced easy peazy. There is no loss, special content is locked behind Boss Fights, blueprints are simply luck of the RNG gods, grinding away until you get lucky and finding white/green BP's that take the least amount of resources but have insanely high rolls, and then crafting those with your INT sets to build common/green ships that fight the plebs blue/purple/gold ships and mop the seabed with them. THERE IS NO INCENTIVE FOR ANYTHING IN ATLAS. Nothing has value in the game. The Driving force for any action is simply boredom. No Wipe can fix that.