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    So when are we gonna get a sorry for what you did to the community? I didn’t know ARK genesis was on the ATLAS roadmap. Dollie, the CM manager that ignores her community, nice one. I’m very disappointed.
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    i gonna tell you what gonna happen, 1. anounce new stuff 2. get some cash out of it 3. ignore the Community for month 4. Invest it on next Ark addon and this has nothing to do with salty, time has already shown that they gave up the game after seasson 1, its just a cashcow.
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    Does East and West mean something different in atlas then the real world???
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    How about you wipe the PvP servers as there's no true pvp there, its almost all offline pvp griefing. The pve servers at least have worked long and hard to build up everything they have. If you reset everyone to level 1 on the wipe you just killed what little player base Atlas has remaining. Heck, merge PvP and PvE into PvEvP by making "Laweless Zones" just that LAWLESS!! PvP auto enables when you zone into one. BuT: if you leave player level, discoveries, achievements, and skills alone that could be viable. And dont say you cant do it because we all know you can. Quite a lot of players have spent an ungodly amount of time on their character...and you're plan is to wipe all that work? export player files, import new world, import player files that have "location" modified to wherever your "starter" areas are. Players may have to rebuild bases, reclaim islands, etc...but the bulk of their gaming effort is still intact. A complete trashing of player loyalty again...might as well go play Oasis if we all have to start over.
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    i do not want to partake in any pvp whatsoever, nothing but griefing and toxicity, forcing people who literally dont want any part in pvp is just going to kill the game for them and then you loose a really big chunk of your player base that you wont get in return, learn from the mistakes like blizzard have made... deciding for the players how they should be playing the game is only going to lead to more backlash, and more people leaving. maybe take a dedicated PVP server since they are already doing both pve and pvp.. pvp players would be more open to a change like this, i get that this is "early access" but the way this is being handled right now seems like constructive criticism isnt welcomed, and devs dont actually care about how any of the pve players feel about this change because "it's not what they want to see players doing" when taming/breeding/building etc is EXACTLY what players want.. dont punish the players for playing your game the way they want to play..
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    Welcome aboard @Chismebeard, @Nami, and @Gortok! Your PVE community is feeling a little left out/betrayed. Can you share your plans for its future?
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    So screw us na pve player? This is some bs...
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    I will NOT be forced into PvP! Period! And I just dropped a couple hundred hours into building a new stone base. I think I'll just go enjoy New World. Good timing on your patch.
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    What a relief to see some progress being made and new ideas being worked on. This game has so much potential, even more than ark! ^^ I hope there will be a new PvPvE map system where (almost) pure PvE could be an option, but with PvP on the other hand being way more rewarding. (to make the PvE players try it out aswell) It would be awesome to have a thriving economy, with blueprints, rare items, cosmetics and so on. Fun achievements, rare ship parts and equipment to get as a reward for sinking ships, keeping control of certain outposts in the PvP areas and so on. And all that while still having a safezone to hang out in, aka your main base. Add more complete, usable structures and houses to replace the hundreds of floors, walls and ceilings to reduce lag and bring more immersion to the game as a whole. Reduce the powercreep of blueprints and weapons/armor, make 150% damage blueprints really rare or give them out as rewards for certain tasks. Make gold more valuable (so we dont pay 10s of thousands of gold for one tame or ship anymore, because everyone has so much). These are just some suggestions that I came up with. Im sure all of you have even better ideas and also a way to implement them. Dont be scared to try out new features, listen to the community, see what they are asking for, ignore all the hate and insults from these idiots and prove them wrong. I've been playing since day 1 and I had lots of fun ever since. (yes, we exist) :D We will stick along so hopefully you guys will too! ^^ We all want the game to succeed Hopes are high, Good luck :D
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    I really hope this is not as stupid as it looks and sounds on paper
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    No no no no!! I refuse to play PvP. And if we lose all our animals that we worked so hard to breed, I might as well uninstall the game.
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    Oh great, so I bought a game based on it being PVE for it only to be stripped. This whole thing smells bad.
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    Here is a question for the Dev's what are they going to do for the players that have spent months working on tame stats, gathering mats to build the higher tier ship and gear, as well as those who have worked to level their pathfinders up to do the end game quests? Why remove a server and have all those players lose everything that they have worked for is not how you build customer loyalty in fact in to how you lose customers.
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    Yeah this ain't it chief, these are definitely not the questions people are currently asking.
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    Hey depth. If you’re pointing a message towards me, make sure it is correct. When the game came out and it was complete shit, I defended it. When they implemented the new claim system people were still very critical but I defended it & when they did the SoTD change, everyone was bashing and I, again, defended it. After that last update, it went dark because they wanted to bring the game to xbox. And when they brought the game onto xbox, the two main people of Atlas, Jat and Dollie left this game to work on an ARK DLC without ANY notification towards the Atlas community. The project manager left aswel and to top it all off, the community manager did nothing but ignore the community for more than 7 months on end now. You think that it’s all rainbow and sunshines - but it definitely is not. If we look back to december 2018 and july 2020, what exactly has changed in a large perspective? Hmm, we’ve got different sizes of SoTD, another claiming system and trenches. Woohoo. That’s some progress in 19 months right there. Ever since the devs stopped working on this game (november-december) I’ve been critical. Am I allowed to? Yes. Does that make me an idiot? No. I have spent hundreds of hours in a game, reporting any bug there was to be found. Then finally we get something from the devs, and it is once again a huge disappointment for anyone that feels close to this game. The devs have lied to us, once again. A ‘new world’ would be here, which is nothing but a remake of a map which made it even harder for smaller pvp groups and even laggier for pve servers. All for the ‘sake of the game’ - aka their money pockets. Jeremy or Jat said in Nov 2019 that they would pull the plug if the Atlas project wouldn’t work out as planned. Having 2K players in population, abandoned by project managers and ignored by the community manager, it would surprise me if Jeremy or Jat would call that ‘as planned’. Don’t quote me as if I’m some new kid on the block, I’ve been here all along listening to the shit of the community because the devs were ‘failing this game’ - well, now that they’re actually are, I will damn sure open my mouth about it.
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    I agree with @AZ APOCALYPTIC on what he said about PVP vs PVE. I too will not be playing on the PVP servers. Working all day I prefer to login and have a more relaxing enjoyable play that is not just going to frustrate me. I get enough of that in the real world.
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    Hi Folks. I was brought on recently to help build a new team working exclusively on Atlas! I know there's been a lull in development lately, and we've actually got several things that are in development that we are going to be rolling out over the next couple months. I want to address a few design topics about this map. We wanted to get people moving around the world more. This map lays some of the groundwork for that, and aligns with some of the systems we're rolling out in the next couple months that we will have details on soon. What's shown here is the plant and weather biome layout, which dictates what type of plants an area contains. We've separated the mineral layer and the edges of those mineral biomes do not line up with the plant biomes. The areas in the middle of the map are densely populated with islands and are closest to the most diverse selections of plants and minerals. The outer areas of the map have less access to rich diversity of resources, and they also use the claim system. This is intentional. The outskirts are safer and less rewarding. In the short term, we expect more conflict in the center of the map around the Golden Age Islands. We're also introducing new systems for Trading that we will dive into soon. This should provide opportunities for both cooperation and conflict. What's a pirate game without the opportunity to pillage trade routes? More on that in the weeks to come.
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    This is the last straw for me. You guys promised last wipe that it wouldn't happen again so on that I spent hundreds of hours collecting gold maximizing my favorite ship all to have it wiped... This is a huge middle finger to everyone who doesn't want to do the PVP nonsense. Nothing that comes out of your mouth is believable at this point.
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    this is it? jesus takes you a whole year to do this much?
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    Pvp and pve are totally different play styles, I don't want to build ships that are wooden blocks loaded with cannons, and I wouldn't want forced conflict either. I am not alone by a long way in this view, please bear that in mind with the changes u make. Thx
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    I see everyone implying that NA PVE is being removed permanently, and replaced with another PvP server, based off a completely vague news release that lacks details, or any semblance of the roadmap previously communicated. The bottom line is that this news release does not include enough information to know or understand the future plans for the server being taken down. Was it taken down because it was the least populated, and it is now the test server for the new map and game structure? Will there be 100% PVP, 100% PVE, or PvEvP servers brought up on official in July? We simply don’t know, and writing comments implying facts based off this news release is not very useful. I think I can speak for the entire community when I say the developers should write a brief follow up news release with more information. We are left with more questions than answers, and the level of communication is piss poor at best. If you are going to make zero announcements for months while working on Ark, and return to wipe a server with 24 hour notice, it sure would be nice if you had a more concrete news release with higher levels of details. Player like me dump thousands of hours of gameplay into Atlas. Is it too much to ask for a news release that takes more than 15 minutes of your time? Show us that you care. Please.
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    Well whoever gave you dev guys your new update ideas I just hope for your sake they are a rothschild, cos you're gonna need a bail out. Moving more towards pvp now is a cop out cos u can skimp out on more content. But in the long run the servers will be deader than a one legged pig at a tramps barbeque. Seriously you wait this long to do anything and the best idea you have is to alienate half your remaining player base? And when there are a few new mmos coming out this year and people with less money to spend? Well at least your not in banking and shares eh? I've played since release, both platforms, supported you since day one, and I have this to say..."Goodbye and good luck" and "Bon Voyage"
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    #NA PvE Server lives matter!
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    People arent mad about the wipe folks are mad because they said fuck pve.
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    So does this mean map wipe after they said they were not going to need to wipe again? lol
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    One option is to wait until the game is finished and out of early access before playing. That way the chances of your progress being removed is severely reduced. Unfortunately, when early access is treated as it should be, a process of change and development for a game, then such things as wipes and lost progress do happen.
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    What are you gonna try out? Nothing changed in 3 months only a clean server because it costs too much money.
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    You’ve single-handedly managed to screw over the community (probably one last time). I mean I’ve got to hand it to you, it was a great troll. Making the community believe that you’ve actually implemented new content with a ‘new map’ which is the old map, just rearranged - with ARK berries in it though. This update once again made us 1 step closer to the complete downfall of this game, or what’s left of it. I sincerely hope that Jat and Dollie can still look themselves in the eyes in a mirror since they’re the ones threw Atlas in the toilet and then flushed a few times. For everyone enjoying the game: good. But please, do not get your hopes up. I’ve defended this games for months on end because I believed this was a game that could last a decade - sadly I was wrong. Some new ‘devs’ and a community manager won’t change that.
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    clearly cutting 60% of an alpha game in production is the best way to add content! but they added cats that fish for you...that for some reason will not eat the fish they catch and starve to death.
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    I entirely disagree with you, for me its a very welcome addition that i can focus on building my base and my ship instead of endless gathering, this is not farmville, if you like gathering so much farmville could satisfy you more than ATLAS.
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    this is a joke not only do you not manage to improve the gameplay but you also make the npc cheaper for spamw more in the island than bigger disappointment and I am not the only crazy person who thinks that it is not enough
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    All the snowflakes saying, "Is this it?" You all make my day . If you don't like it you can go play another game bb
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    Ahoy Pathfinders, News from the Cabin Major news! We have been working on our plans for some time and getting ready to give all you Pathfinders the details of our new ATLAS journey. We’re growing the development team and we’ll be starting to introduce those team members to you next week! Updates! Our first major change to the ATLAS will be a whole new World Map which is designed to intensify the fun at higher levels and make it a bit safer for lower level players. This is just the first step in the greater plan to shift gameplay from the land out on to the open seas! This new World Map drops in the first half of July for both PC and Xbox. Another piece of ATLAS’ grander plan is to focus on PVP play with an eye towards breaking out PVE play into something else. As part of this plan, we’ll be taking NA PVE offline and leaving the EU PVE server as the official PVE world for the time being. Bringing a new World Map online will require a complete reset of the system, something we don’t take lightly. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t feel that it was vital to the new experience we want to create for you all. We have new goals for supporting the game and delivering regular (dare we say monthly!) content updates that will bring joy and piracy back to the open seas, with plans for Trade Winds, Farms, Warehouses, and more! Stick with us on this ride and we’ll sail the high seas together! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame View full article
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    Why would you remove islands from the build when you clearly know it will force unofficial servers to wipe, what is there to be gained by removing them? Honestly this just seems like an attempt to force existing unofficial servers to wipe, and force the players (that have been responsible for a good number of the sales the game has generated) back to official maps because they'll have no choice while the unofficial admins rush to fix issues caused by this. An obvious insult to the unofficial community, and I suspect just so Grapeshot can shout about how awesome numbers were on the launch of the new map. I imagine alongside this we'll see a delay to the servergrid editor being updated so that unofficials have no choice but to wait, or produce custom mods using the old build to add islands back in. That'd be the icing on the cake.
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    Difference is you play with 8 people, not everyone plays in groups which is why we prefer PvE Where is the fun in not taking a hit? Where is the fun spending time on your own farming resources all day, building a ship then have it sunk 15mins later? We want to get into the pirate mood, you tell that to the devs though, they need to get into the pirate mood before we can.
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    idk who was asking for this. but i just hope it doesnt ruin the game.
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    Thank you for acknowledging my plight @Chucksteak. I will try to explain in just a few words why Atlas as PVE is so appealing. It’s gorgeous, you can sail and explore, it has risk with some challenges, it’s creative, it has other friendly people online and it can be played just an hour or two a day by a middle aged couple who just want a fun pastime. I know we aren’t the core driving the change but it sure fits everything we look for in a game. In fact, it’s so good at what it does for us, it’s hard to find an alternative. We have spent hours and hours collecting animals from players who quit only to give them away to new players just starting out. The joy you can get helping out other people in this game who don’t expect it is amazing. I hope there is a place for players like us in the new Atlas because to my wife and myself, it’s a great way to spend a dark winter evening. We have been married 26yrs and playing pc computer games together the whole time.
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    I am a player like everyone else. I use the discord and forums and ticket system the same as any other player. Im in no more of a favoured position than any of you. I certainly dont know anymore than the rest of the players either. The information I get comes from the same announcements as you get them. So I am no more help than other players when it comes to information. I know there are a lot of players that know more than me as well. The community is great at answering other players questions. I would be happy to post more here as I am very active on the discord and love helping answer questions. But having my motives questioned when I do makes it difficult. I too wish grapeshot communicated more with the community. Because I dont have the answers us players really want.
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    This is bullshit I don't mind server wipes but removing the North America pve server is fucked up so I would officially like to tell atlas thanks for fucking the people that don't do pvp because they don't want a ass wholes to destroy there stuff and for also fucking them because they were lead to believe that they hade a option on pvp or pve and taking there money like a fucking thief GOOD JOB THIEF'S
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    one would think a sailing game that uses maps would have figured out where east and west is, but then again.....I guess not. Still waiting to hear the why we've been sold a game that has PVE for it to be now removed. Maybe that we got new community managers we can get some answers to why NA PVE is removed and what sounds like EU PVE could be gone next.
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    the instant you become a PVP only or PVP centric game is the day I lose ALL interest in this game. NOT EVERYONE LIKES PVP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not that i think you give a damn about what your players want
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    Totally agreed , no one will force me to play pvp . "an eye towards breaking out PVE play into something else" sounds like forcing pve players out of Atlas for me , no worries , good to know this game will be dead for pve player , won't be wasting more my time here
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    You lost people. Because of all the bugs and not finishing or release it. You had No Advertisement out there . we have a great NA PVE community we enjoy the game when it works . its not fair we work hard and had fun for u to destroy it you will be losing customersif you fix the bugs and lag leave na pve alone go change pvp best of both worlds u will get ppl back
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    really tired of starting over, at least let us keep our levels, i like many other are already about to walk away from this game.
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    well thats gonna make alot of people quit since eu servers bouy off all the islands and make it to where you cant build there.. why not just add a 5th server, i dont play this game for the pvp... and alot of other people dont either.. pvp in this game is garbage and stressful.. time to find a new game i guess
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    This sucks all this work for it to be wiped why don’t keep the servers up like legacy like what’s point of playing now when all progress will be wiped people have lives you know they don’t just play atlas
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    Oh boy the 3rd wipe. How exciting. Wheee. Starting over for the 4th time then I guess.
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    When can we get the devkit updated? It hasn't been touched since last October and is missing many, many updates since the update that made cats availble. Now, with the Int32 mod id issue (Ark just resolved it), no new mods can be created and used on unofficial servers. So, it's really broken now for any new mod development. When can you fix custom mapping in the devkit and unofficial server? It just doesn't work. Some have tried to do part of the work in Ark and port it over but nearly everyone struggles with getting it to load into a custom map. Even the example map extension isn't even in the kit anymore. Just an empty folder. Are there any plans to improve communication with the modding community? If so, what can we expect? Are there any plans to offer a sponsored mod program similar to Ark? Are there any plans to improve communication with the unofficial server admin community? A significant % of active and loyal Atlas players in the community spend their time on unofficial servers. It's been more than official in the past 6 months. If so, what can we expect?
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    Actually they haven't said they are keeping the eu pve server either, they just said na would go offline first. And seriously i'd rather build cute little ships and houses than big square blocks with no windows, and ships that look like wooden pyramid shaped hedgehogs covered in canons.
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