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    Adjust your expectations. You shouldn't be able to sail around the globe in one game session, anyway. If you need to get 8 grids away, then plan some stops along the route. There is always a good reason to stop - discovery points, alternate materials for high end BPs, trading with the locals, finding a level 30 tame. Sail 3 zones, and make a stop for something. Log on the next day and sail a few more zones and do something else. Sailing needs some balance, but it's what the game's about. The trip IS the game.
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    if your destination is 14 grids away technically it would be one grid away
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    Factions - Make 4-8 factions (e.g. swashbucklers, corsairs, imperials) and make a small cluster of zones for each faction as starter zones and safe areas. Everything else is lawless, golden age ruins, etc PvP faction objectives, add garrison control points in Lawless and the faction that controls them get specialized quests from outposts (like obtain a cyclops eye or hydra blood) and can access specialized vendors there (for cosmetics) Rewards or at least some reason for PvP. Kill so many players of the Swashbuckler factions Combining PvP and PvE systems into the same game. This can be done by making factions! Freeports - This is where you can turn in quests from the special quests obtained from the control point garrisons above Centralized vendor systems - an auctioneer type system like WoW. Animals pens you can purchase bred animals from Quality of Life- Being able to move great quantities of resources from one container to another container without popcorning Fast travel - once you've been to a Freeport you can charter a guide to let you fast travel between them. Make Freeports every 15 zone square or so. That way you still have to sail but can save a crap ton of time.
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    I enjoy sea battles so much but with current ship render distance and low population its almost impossible to meet any ships. The map is too big to have such low render distance, you have to be so close to see someones ship. Out of 15 hours of sailing last couple of days we met maybe 3 ships. It's hard to keep people interested when they sail for hours and cant find anybody to fight with. This probably wouldnt be an issue if servers had 100+ players per server but rn sailin is so time consuming with almost no reward. I know u devs follow darksideRP closely and their mod that sees ships from so far away made that server 5x better with almost no performance cost.
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    Please ad Jib sails to the game! My suggestion on how to introduce Jib sails beyond the cosmetics. Once a Jib sail is crafted or looted, (maybe have the blueprint found only in sunken ships) ....the player adds it to a box on the ship like a saddle on an animal. You can have different abilities for different Jibs. - Stationary pivoting Jib - Backing Jib - Storm stabilization Jib (keep your ship going in a straight line in a typhoon) different tiers of these give better performance. And complete the look and feel of our ships.
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    Well, there is fasttravel in the game...….just not for ships (which makes sense, nobody would sail anymore to save time and don´t have to fight) They could give a a new ship type, a very fast one that can´t have cannons on it! Maybe that would help those People that don´t like sailing in a pirate game
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    ATLAS was never intended as an ARK DLC. Not at any point in its development. That's all.
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    For someone who has no interest in Atlas anymore you Seem quite active on the Forum. Whats so bad that the crabs Look simliar? I mean they are crabs, they have leg's And claws And Not much to Change anyway in the Looks. If you wanna compare all stuff devs Teams copied from their own Games You will spend years.
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    This game is getting more and more unplayable it's getting laggier and laggier day by day in and around our base. its also the same at most PC players bases a lot of them you just simply crash and you have to die so you can log back in. we can't even get involved in large ship battles because you guessed it we lag out. Will the Devs of this game please fix it instead of just looking at only crash spots of PC players when this is a way bigger problem
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    Best ideas I've come up with as far as offloading: 1. A cargo crane that can transfer storage boxes from a special platform on the ship to a cargo cart 2. Being able to "team" horses to increase speed and carry weight (allowing for them to take an entire ship's cargo in one trip). 3. A cargo elevator (like the one from ARK). 4. A wheelbarrow that works as a "saddle" for NPC crew members 5. Having and actual "pier" object that is anchor point specific. Basically each island has a selection of piers that can be placed (maybe like 12 or so anchor points per island). This pier could host a lot of options that assist with unloading ships, including some of those listed above.
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    what's the development time on updates, when is there going to be some type of DLC there needs to be more Ships I world like to see a barrage added to the game something I can build on are make a town out of it. Need more Ship Building pieces added, like Harpoon Guns that can pull in Flotsams and other smaller ships Floodlight that I can mount to the Gun stand More types of boat platforms and modulated panels Split Door Hatch ceiling panels A way to Tow a boat behind your Ship More Guns! More types of Furniture Skill tree Menus need new Graphics /layout Is there going to be trade routs ? there needs to be some zones that are PvP in the PvE server is there going to be Crew breeding? is there going to Be trade routs but having said all this the game is Awesome
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    i think currents and trade-winds should be top priority. for me. delete 90% of tames and use those resources to make more ships / real npc ships (not the silly ghost ship things)
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    It's utterly awful. The players run around and comical hyper-sonic speeds, ascending up inclines without a speed penalty at laughably ridiculous speeds, changing direction instantly without a speed penalty jumping like a fully leveled Oblivion character training for the Olypmics... Player movements kill any sort of fun PVP aspect. This should have been a priority after launch. Coming back nearly a year later to find that the movement speed seems to have almost increased from its already ludicrous level.
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    No - no PvP Zones on PvE Server - if you like to play PvP then go on to a PvP Server.
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    @op maybe try the newest call of duty? lots of us enjoy sailing in a sailing game. thanks. bye.
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    Something happened to him so now he’s deeply hurt or something. OT: As for the dinos and crabs and all that crap, you already knew they took shit from ARK in the announce trailer so to post this 11 months after that shows me how bad you want attention.
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    Given them a quick nudge on twitter but may be worth a member of staff nudging them directly? Looking at the amount of threads with no replies it seems the developers may have forgotten about this one. Yes, slightly sarcastic I know but had to be said.
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    Those are my Personal Most hated things i'd like to See changed this year. 1. the disappearing ceiling bug - this one feels like death watching over your shoulder everytime you build something Big. 2.the ladder bug - Nothing more annoying than claiming high Level Crew And get stuck on a ladder while watching your crew get eaten by sharks while thinking if you should just Stay on the ladder to Dont Share the same Fate. 3. the anchoring - guess Most if Not all had this beautiful bug. You get close to an Island And back up your gally for 3000 hours just to notice that even tho your backplanks got destroyed by a Sandbank And there isnt even Space for a Karl lagerfeld Model between your ship And the Island,yet you cant anchor. 4. fast travelling - guess this happens atleast once a day. You wanna do one Last thing before FT to imprint your tames or Doing a map And then you get 2 Million greenscreens before you are able to get to your destination while thinking that sailing there might have been faster in the First Place. 5. the Kraken - while this might be something personal After Hosting it twice a week for over 7 month now, there is Nothing More Time consuming than waiting for some Trolls to finish their kraken just to Hope You summon the right kraken Without having half of ships beeing Stuck in the wall or locked out.
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    It’s working as intended. You can name your ship when you launch it and even afterwards if you skip the first name, but, the idea is that ships develop an ‘identity’. If you steal a ship then you can’t rename it and people will know that’s their ship. I quite like it. It brings a great element to PvP and makes you think twice about things. Sounds like the issue is your buddy
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    I agree that the winds and current system are in need of a balancing patch. I don't want to see an instant fast-travel system though, I feel like doing anything like that would be way to exploitable in PvP and such. I would like to see some sort of system with trade winds and ocean currents creating some sort of "highway" between sectors and across portions of the map. Maybe ones that just give me a 50% speed bonus with a mild bumper system so I can sort of assisted-sail a bit at 30 knots instead of 15-20. I don't think they need to be super log and perfectly symmetrical either, perhaps each one is like 3-4 sectors and they travel in all kinds of random directions. So much so that I'd have to kind of pick and choose which ones I want to take to get to a destination, even if it means I end up traveling past the sector I'm aiming for and have to sail back a bit.
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    There was supposed to be a fix in the pipeline waiting on cert from a previous post last week but havent seen any updates on this issue. Certs usually dont take longer than a week. Empty promises, we should be use to it from dealing with wild card.
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    When tames start lagging behind the ship walk to where it was and punch. It forces an update and the tame reappears. Its a synch issue between the client and server. I do this regularly and have never once lost a tame at sea. I've had a few attack sharks because I forgot to put them on passive, but thats on me and I whistled them back to the boat or hopped on them and rode them back.
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    Yes i think the leader left also, its happened to me when i first started playing few weeks after release. I learned my lesson and always play in my own company unless you know people really well because arguments and squabbles happen and when that leader clicks the button then its goodnight everyone. I play 1 man company but in alliance with many others, best way.
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    no, its a product, one for wich we paid. thats factually wrong, they spent 6 of the last 10 months working on the console version of Atlas, not in content, not even in anything pc version related there is, is called polish, is called being professional, and how elements are defined to atach to eachother is something so fundamental that you dont even need to delay its improvement because of the development itself. thats like building a house with a poor base and saying is because you might want to remodelate the upper rooms in the future. yeah because lets work for free now? holy molly today's society... because it not about the game having 1 issue, is about the game itself being a compilation of unresolved issues that continue unresolved because the bastards decided to stop working on the pc version of atlas to ficus on the xbox version. what previous titles show is how companies abuse the patiece you talk about to deliver crapy half baked products.
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    Because MOST people work a 9-5 5 day a week job. The 2x is intended to encourage people to play when they have the most time available. It is not unfair at all. Even in the groups you listed most of them again are not working the weekends or working them all the time. If they did what you are saying then 2x are not special nor do they encourage people to play more in their free time. You are simply upping the amount we get permanently. Your title sounds a bit entitled. Implying that because you have to work it is unfair. As if you are somehow being screwed over because you have to work those hours. You are in the minority in general, and nothing is going to ever be completely fair. Welcome to the real world.