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    You have banned half of the community unfairly, the damage from the mortars has killed the pvp land, you put me a cow pulling a cart and you say that a new season on a reduced map you are laughing at the community and as they have said there are only players left crybabies hugging a mortar and cheaters playing with secondary accounts. You only have to listen to the people who have played the 10 season and they can advise you, most of them are unfairly banned, start to solve that, for example.
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    you must have F'd something up really bad......wtg Grapeshot!
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    Are you realy want to kill the game DEV's? 10 different servers 3x3 that stand alone so can's travel to other regions? i think you gonna lose lot off players out of your player base. sad to see this happen
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    put down a few docks just in time to do it all over again. they clearly dont ready any of these comments lol, no wonder no one knows what this game is, who wants to talk about shitty games lol
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    RIP Atlas If U want to kill the game just shut it down, what are you doing devs?
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    By the time Atlas comes out of early access, humans will be living on the moon!
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    Really funny how this is still a early access game even though it seems like you killed your whole player base already... Came back to try it again and now I'm seeing you won't be able to do the quests on PvP? what the heck is that about.
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    I could play the game if I wasn't banned for no reason. And so your ARK reskin doesn't bother me anymore.
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    It's nice that tickets are no longer marked as "solved" when opened, but will they actually be addressed with valid responses that are not pre-scripted? Why do you have an appeal option if you are "unable to reverse any bans in game at this time”?
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    On both singleplayer and official servers I am forced to play on the lowest graphic settings despite the series x having hardware well above the recommended system requirements. I can't even read my own compass it's so low poly. However when I first got the game on my Xbox one, the graphics were perfectly fine, better than what we have to deal with on modern consoles. So I have no idea why this is happening, I'd love to be able to play this game but the playdough makes it unbearable.
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    You think it is rough now? You should have played on day 1, creatures bugged everywhere. Why people still play the game is beyond me, it is finished, finished a long time ago. I live in hope someone else comes along and makes a real pirate game but I won't hold my breath.
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    imagen.png.url la mitad de la comunidad es ban y son inocentes, solucionen esto
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    It's nice that tickets are no longer marked as "solved" when opened, but will they actually be addressed with valid responses that are not pre-scripted? Why do you have an appeal option if you are "unable to reverse any bans in game at this time”?
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    There are so many bugs in this game its often hard to know if what your doing is a feature or a bug that that could get your account banned. The total lack of published detailed information on the game features both aggravates this and puts new players wanting to learn to play Atlas at a huge disadvantage.
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    So I come back to see how things are and noticed nothing has changed, still making the same f**k ups. You would think they would learn after the first few times but the amount of mistakes is unbelievable.
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    For months now the compass will not load, making the game unplayable on Xbox.
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    Its not broken. Its what the Dev team did for Atlas but way to late. Same thing that is wrong with the ship wheel and graphics.. They lowered the graphics on Xbox so that Xbox One people can play... Xbox One people could not play well before because of crashing because to much on screen with the graphics they was running.. Also the compass you can still read the really UGLY wooden stick lookin think is the NORTH arrow I hate the new graphics they added to the game. Makes the game so so ugly now. There so many bugs I wish was fixed on this game that been around for ever. -Walking while swinging "SICKLE" bugging out the screen. -Water Clipping threw the boats and the de-sink bouncing of the boat. - Return of the old better graphics. - Tames falling off the boat while crossing borders. - Fixing name plates on some boats to show full name of boat. - Fix glitchyness of rubbing against wild animals and getting stuck on them every 5 seconds. I am sure there is more but yeah... - UPDATING the outdated TUTORIAL for the game with each season. PLEASE! - A tool guild to help know how to do everything in the game to some extent. SAD I HAVE TO QUESTION PEOPLE ABOUT NEW STUFF. THEY NEED XBOX SRIES X AND S version enhanced asap.. I got a new 4k TV and Xbox Series X and they lowered the graphics after the fact its been issues for years. They did something about it way way to late witch bugs me so much. Everyone is getting the new consoles now and they lowed graphics but it way to late.. NOW THEY NEED TO FIX THE GRAPHICS BACK THE WAY IT WAS!
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    build your character and get some docks down just so it can be wiped and do it all over again lol. maybe fix the bugs before you release it so we dont have to wipe over and over. this season was just sad. loads of bugs in this game. i love atlas but this is bs. stop making it easy for people too cheat so you dont have to kick half the players lmao
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    baahahahaha, now unban everyone and give them a debuff for the season, like "i've cheated in an alpha early access game" you must be pissed man haha
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    Just a few seconds after I log on, the majority of the game textures (storage box, crafting stations, ship planks etc) get blurry. is that a bug? or is a feature on Xbox series X? Does Someone else is having the same problem?
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    It's crazy this still hasn't been addressed. I've looked everywhere and these comments are all I can find on the subject. Wtf? This needs fixed. Unless I am missing something. Everything on my game looks like bad origami.
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    you are ban players without reason
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    It's nice that tickets are no longer marked as "solved" when opened, but will they actually be addressed with valid responses that are not pre-scripted?
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    I confirm the words of NAL0. I play on PC in low memory mode. After the update, all models and textures of animals, characters and objects were broken. They look angular and plasticine.
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    I am also on an Xbox Series X and playing on single player. Before the patch my graphics looks top notch and had me thinking of getting a 4K tv. After the patch, my compass is unreadable, weapons are like stick figures, and the game itself very blurry. Plays fine so far other than that. I hope y’all get it figured it and I love this game and believe in it and y’all! I’m gonna keep playing regardless to lend my support. :)
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    small companies, structure limit, balance ship speed... it's not that hard to fix this game
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    I am on Xbox one S and the graphics since the new development team took over have been honestly pitiful in detail and it feels like 2001 early game graphics. I hope to god this is fixed because the game just isn’t as enjoyable when your graphics are dog water.
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    Is there a way I could add the ferryman to my singleplayer game? I find it weird not being able to teleport between islands in freeports.
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