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pve PVE EU WTS Animals and Blueprints by Noxx Aeterna

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We Selling Some Bears

Some Cheap ones  with some points spent  the price is in the list - Location is on J6 


the better ones has no points spent  - Location J6 or H2



Location is on the list 

Some bears with very low lvl (20-29 Wild lvl) with some points spent  are in j6 Aviable they are not in the list 100g each - Good for new player


The Bears are all Neutered


All Prices are not fix feel free to negotiate 🙂


Delivery is Possible 


we have Some Blueprints to sell :

Mythical large shipyard 151% x27crafts // 124% 68 crafts // 147% 29 crafts   // 

Mythical small shipyard 155% x49crafts  // 150% x12crafts // 

Legendary small shipyard 135% x 28crafts

and many others up to 118%

No fix Price - Location J6

over 300 Different Blueprints in Category Armor, tools, and Weapons in J6 - Too many to  list up - if u need anything - ask 

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Rhino and Crow now on the list Aviable  both not very high  but an cheap offer for low budget  lvl 35+   on discount.


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