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Help for my server please ;)

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Hello everyone !

I have a server for 1 month in PVE
And I have some questions ...

I would like to put myself in admin but I can not do it, I look everywhere but impossible to find ...
there are some who say that it is necessary to press on "TAB" but that does not do anything in games ...

So here are my questions:

1 / How to put Admin ?
--> I opened the console then " enablecheats pass " "
"cheat fly"
But that does not work

2 / How to open the console?

--> it s ok with key configuration

3 / How to change the speed of age?

4 / How to increase the number to harvest? (wood, fiber etc)

5 / How to change the taming time?

6 / how to reduce the time to reduce the time for a baby to grow up?

Thank you !

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hello.  so for starters, you open the console with ~




enablecheats yourpassword

cheat fly - to fly

cheat walk - to land


no quotes around your cheat command


here are some pages to show you the options




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