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pvp Ullfabriken PVP, Grid 2 x 3, 2x rates WIPED 2019-01-01

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image.png.008c64f690a0c4623ef190a6e850d343.pngWelcome to a European server Ullfabriken! image.png.6dd5a4bdfd6e62e538af2a2e129f5ae6.png

Server Settings

  • Server is Dedicated hosted in Germany on 1GB internet connection.
  • The server automatically update to the latest version when there is updates to install.
  • The main server are at the moment at 50 slots but are getting bigger as we get more populated.
  • Server restart everyday at 6:00 AM Time European time.
  • Day 1 started on 2019-01-02.
  • Discord Channel https://discord.gg/dfzJrSH  

Server Rates

  • Experience 5.0x
  • Harvesting 2.0x
  • Taming 3x
  • Resources Respawning 2x faster
  • Increased Weight And Stamina
  • Breeding Animals is way faster
  • Crops grow faster

Server Map

  • The map is 2x3 grid, will grow bigger once our population rises.
  • We got Merchant Ships with goods to buy!
  • We got the Ghost Ship Boss.
  • The map contains all type of Freeports
  • The map contains All 9 PowerStone Islands and The Kraken Boss.
  • The map have all types of climates. 
  • In the end of the server map there is end game islands and bosses.
  • Treasure maps and maps are working.
  • Territory maps coming soon..

Join Today!

Add IP:  to your steam favorite servers and it will show up ingame favorites.



Admins and Owners,

  • OfficialStorken
  • Currently searching for more admins/devs
  • Got experience in Ark Dedicated servers? Contact me on this forum for more info.
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Posted (edited)

Great server. !!

perfect rates, lots of island to explore and settel on .

Not really any downtime and allways up to date




Come join and make the server grow 😄 .

the owner lives for his server

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