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I used to be a big fan of this server.  The players in the server are active,are nice and helpful, and the admin are pretty awesome.  That said, the owner of the server is upsetting a lot of people lately.  As of recent, players feel they don't have a voice in the server.  The owner isn't afraid to make big and drastic game changing updates mid season.

Mid season last season, the owner decided to take away advanced automation.  A lot of people were okay with the this however he only gave players three 2-3 during the business day to prepare for this before removing the structures from the game.  A lot of gold and resources were lost.  What really upset most of the players was the attitude of the server owner after the structures were removed.  He was telling players "This is my server.  I'm going to run it the way I want to.  If you don't like it, there are other servers."  That day, several top donors to the server left.  

Soon after, ATLAS announced the Trade Wind update.  The server owner did the right thing asking if we wanted to do a wipe for it or not.  The players voted to do a wipe after the update.  After the wipe, players spent a lot of money to get tames by purchasing donor packages and points.  Some people even spent $99 on donor packages for this.  When people started buying and breeding tigers, they started to notice that the stats when leveled into wasn't as good as last season.  When someone posted this in the bugs section on the server Discord, the server owner was like, "We reduced the stats of tames by 80% for this season".  This update was not announced, and no players knew about this.  Only the admin and server owner knew about this.  Some people mentioned that if they would've know about this, that they wouldn't have bought the donor pack they did.  The same tiger that could once do alpha giraffes solo now gets hits three times before dieing because of this unknown update.  You are literally spending $30 in server points for something that can't even kill even an AB loot wolf.  

The server used to not always be like this.  It was fun and amazing with great people.  Save yourself the heartache and being told "This is my server, I'm going to run it the way I want to" bs.

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