Did some testing this morning, and there is a serious problem with tames vs defences, and with tames vs players.  As it currently is dmg values against tames are very low.  All this testing was done with primitive 100% weapons.    Pistol, 23 dmg Carbine, 40 dmg Blunderbuss, 90 dmg Puckle gun, 25 dmg This is how much these damage tames Which, is not enough to threaten anything.  Flame swivels are the only thing that can put out out real damage to the tame and rider, however you can still ride strait past a flame swivel and live.  Canister shot, destroys any defence/artillery structure in one shot.    So I propose a rebalance, and I think the simplest thing to do about it would be increase gun and puckle damage to player owned tames.  I think you need a 300% increase for guns and a 400-500% increase from puckles.  This would keep tames in the combat as they would still be very powerful, but leave their usefulness up to player skill of the driver, and the defender shooting at them.  Also puckles have a tough time tracking them to shoot while tames move at full speed anyways, so a 500% increase would help, and they would still have to shoot most tames with all 5 shots to kill.  How it is now though, makes the combat shallow and your only good option is to use a bear or horse with swivel or cannon. The guns are useless vs this, their damage vs players is ok, but they are useless vs tames. A blackjack does dismount the rider, which could allow you to overwhelm it, with tames or other things, but that's about it for rider weakness or ways to disable them.  If we dont want all the land combat to be tames only though, some serious damage buffs like these need to be put in place.  Also remember that the heal takes 10 seconds to complete and is a min CD normally, or 20 seconds if you go with an intelligence build.  So these current gun damage values hardly do anything to the tame, the strongest thing is the blunderbuss and all 90 damage gets healed before you can reload.
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