Additional Update: We have managed to make already existing savefiles load with this change, however, you will be forced to create a new character and make a new company. Force-joining into the old company will not work. However, you can then reclaim all your structures, ships, and creatures again with the use of admin commands such as: - cheat takeallstructure This will transfer all the structures, boats, and claimflags of the previous company, to your own. - cheat takealldino This will transfer all the creatures of the previous company, to your own. - cheat giveallstructure This will transfer the structure you’re looking at, as well as anything snapped to it, to you. - cheat givetome This will transfer the individual object you’re looking at, to you (works with creatures too). With our upcoming update (v218.24), some critical changes were made to the way Unofficial Non-ATLAS (Blackwood) servers saves were handled. This was in order to resolve the following issues: Players were randomly removed from their company Companies being deleted Being unable to spawn on beds Beds not appearing on the map Ships not appearing on the map After some days of investigating ways in which we can push this update with no loss of data, we've had to acknowledge that it isn't possible to migrate existing saves to the new system for dedicated servers. Given the critical nature of these issues, we don't see putting this update on hold as a viable option. Unfortunately, Non-ATLAS (Blackwood) saves made prior to this patch on dedicated servers will no longer load. This means a new save file will need to be created. Please note that this change only impacts Non-ATLAS Dedicated servers, so Single Player and Non-Dedicated saves will be unaffected. We apologize to those affected, and we'll always look to avoid wiping or any data loss scenarios when and where possible. We have opted to push this update through quickly in order to allow players and dedicated server owners to get back into Blackwood with little pause.  Thank you for your understanding