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Found 653 results

  1. snowmotion

    pve PVE EU Island

    Island for sell in K4 (23 points). PM me here or visit us in H4 (main island) See ya Dick & Doof Company
  2. bummerlunder

    pve Red Water Tier sale

    Hello, the first animals are for sale. These include bears, lions, bears, wolves, bears, monkeys and rabbits. And don't forget the bears. And oh yes, giraffes! We don't have the most mythical bears on the server, but from organic farming. Without genetic technology !! Greetings to all alpha bear breeders (experimenting with genetic engineering) Seriously, our bears are good and a little cheaper. come over and take a look at them. You can find us at Discord https://discord.gg/Na7XmZv
  3. hiddenftw

    pve Selling crabs / resources

    We sell resources and crabs let us know what you need we get it for you . https://discord.gg/cxC85DR We are on EU Pve
  4. Yoda

    pve pve na island

    i am looking for anyone who is selling a island for gold pm me please! my little company don't have one yet and its hard to get one :C
  5. Reeking cannonbait

    pve Reekings treasures NA PVE

    Tames, ships, materials, and supplies. Discord https://discord.gg/XcmSWU
  6. Server History ZZGaming has been around for years, we have been hosting several different survival MMOS, And Atlas is no Different. We strive to make this a better RP place with a splash of pvp if needed. We have a great community and hope to see you all with us soon. Foremost we are a RP server with conflict we are in the beta stages and inviting people to come make history with us. we need you the player to join us test with us report with us for our short beta Season 3-4 months will be the length of this run and then we will fix everything add whats needed and expand if needed. Server Info XP rate 3x Harvest 3x 5x5 server fully custom made Faster crafting speeds RP friendly Settlement Enforced Decent Decay timers Server Specs ZZGaming owns its equipment we do not rent nor do we ever plan to. Our servers will be here for ever. Duel Xeons 256gb of ram Fiber Dedicated 500D/500U DDOS Protection SSD Hardrives Dedicated Server on Windows 2019 Datacenter Server Mods Keep it simple stupid is ZZGaming RP Motto https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2002663191 WildNPCs-Pirates Atlas Architect Atlas Shipwright Atlas Beastmaster Atlas Overseer Atlas Harvester Editable Server UI Regenerating Ships Lanterns & Torches Galore ZZGaming RP Harbor Mod ZZGaming RP website: https://www.zzgaming.net Discord Server https://Discord.gg/SmUYuwG 3 Server Info ZZGaming RP Season 1 Official Start Date: 2/20/2020 Official Start Time:12 Noon Central Time Zone Current Jobs Available Modders, Moderators, Admins, Website designers apply here https://www.zzgaming.net/join-the-team/
  7. Hello, We are "Children of Aule" former Pink Fluffy Unicorns and Nessil, we are back with our animal families! For those who don't know us , we are animal tamers, breeders ( and color chasers ) and fine crafters. We will offer a wide variety of tames and breeds, suitable for everyones needs and budget. We will also hold auctions, and giveaways as well as host our famous gift channel. Discord link For crafting, we have player with level 136+ (RIP soon) and maxed out crow available. We assume we can provide the highest crafting bonus (up to 19%) on EU PVE right now For most of the tame lines we sell the highest level on the EU PVE server We are selling (up to) Wild Levels 90+ ( also level 55+ clean pair breedable (200%dmg, 2k7 weight, 660 stam)) Wild Levels 80+ ( also level 55+ clean breedable pair, 200% dmg, 2k2 weight) Wild Levels 100 Crow ( with 30 tame levels, they reach the cap of 60% intelligence ) Wild Levels 80+ (up to 230% melee) Wild Levels 75+ (some decent breedable options) Wild Levels 95+ (also level 95 clean breedable available) Wild Levels 75+ Wild Levels 80+ WIld Levels 60+ Ostichs (also breedable) Wild Levels 85+ Parrots , , and .... No sheeps Razortooth and shildhorns, neutered and breedable. We breed mostly for colors, so visit the shop for amazing combined ones. Useable razors soon, we got some stats together, they combining. We sell Crafted Items and Max ship level capable Mythical Shipyards in playershops in N6. We also build up to mythical ships: We sell from D6 and N6. In N6 we have a trading area with many tames not in discord. There are signs with the stats, so you can shop there even tho none of us is online. And we offer additional informations in several channels for: Makeing Gold Breeding Taming Sailing Colors Building Boss, Cave and Essence locations. So join now, Kumba https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU
  8. Welcome fellow Explorers! Discord Link 500+ Members on our discord https://discord.gg/GdVFN8r Ink Gaming is a relaxed and friendly community that primarily focuses on longevity. We offer a small variety of mods to improve quality of life game play but keep the game basics active. The server consists of active admins! We also at our community we love to do things together! We host events to bring everyone on all of our servers together! --Server Settings-- 5x XP 1.5x Harvest 5x Taming Baby Mature Speed/Mating 20x --Mods-- Eco's RP Decor Eco's Atlas Foliage Atlas Architect Atlas Shipwright Atlas Beastmaster Kwaka's Pirate Jukebox Editable Server Ui (WBUI) Blackwood Sub Unlock --Server Decay Rates-- Default Structures - 10 Days Tames - 8 Days --Server Link-- INK Gaming Atlas: Blackwood Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1941437104 Atlas: Blackwood steam://connect/ We hope to see you soon!
  9. OH MY GOLD!!! Hi fellow pirates! [OMG Brah] is a small company located in the middle island of B8. For now, we mainly sell cheap breedable bears and parrots. By the end of the week, we'll also set our shops with blueprints, crated tools and weapons, and resources ; so keep in touch! We'll also organize events: Krakens, ice caves, and arena fights! Please join our Discord to be aware of our next events and be informed of our last animals and goods in shops : https://discord.gg/mJ9jDyJ Our Breedable Bears Our bears are above average and we sell them breedable and cheap in comparison to other alphas bears from big companies. Yet, they are battle ready : we do blue maps with 2 of them and purple maps with 4 to 6 of them even if it sometimes needs some micro-management for really high level maps. Stats without imprint : Level 70 - HP (14 pts) : 813 / Stam (14 pts) : 1200 / Food (10pts) : 6000 / Melee damage (14pts) : 176% / Oxygen (6 pts) : 432 / Weight (11pts) : 1159 Prices : Male breedable : 20k Female breedable : 15k Couple breedable : 30k /!\ GET STARTED ON YOUR OWN BREEDLINE FOR ONLY 25K /!\ DON'T MISS OUR SPECIAL Valentine's weekend OFFER : 25k for a breedable couple until Friday 21st of February! Our Parrots : We have a lot of different colors so feel free to give our Discord a tour to see if some interest you ! We also have some stats on them to sell : 13pts HP or 12pts Stamina. Coming soon : we'll have full dark blue parrots available next weekend :) See ya then ! Matin Ohemjay, Oh My Gold, Brah.
  10. NoTown

    pve War Bear!

    Looking to buy some "war bears" (I think thats what people are calling them). Let me know! Thanks!
  11. HOUSE STURMBERG IS HAVING THE WORLD RECORD : We are happy to announce officialy that House Sturmberg is the first company in history of Atlas breeding natural bears on a official server to a Alpha level with over 306% Melee. Havin the Strongest natural Bears on the World is the result of unbelievable hard work! We are happy to share our success with our friends and customers and giving even less successfull players access to our Sturmberg Alphabears. Check our Shop for more informations! House Sturmberg is a 30 players strong international company, in which adult players playin together to have a good time. We are highly specialized animal breeders with over 10.000 selfbred animals and a couple hundred animals sold to our happy customers&friends , leading and ruling the bear market since the the last season with our unic and overpowered Ultimate Bears ! We are proud to say, that we achieved this success without any help or buying and reselling the work from other players/companys, because for us its not about profit, its about passion ! We are well known for building amazing Citys and intelligent construction solutions. We hunting all over the world to offer you magical tames and items. Much more Animals! Contact House Sturmberg on Discord: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs or in this forum. ATTENTION: THE LEVEL OF AN ANIMAL IS NOT HAVIN A EFFECT ON ITS STATS IF IS BRED!(WE RECOMMEND DONT WATCH FOR THE ANIMAL LEVEL ON BRED ANIMALS) Location: E11 - Bonacroft Archipelago -SHOP- BEARS(Panda,Rainbow,Demonic and Polar is for Ultimate Bears Avaiable too!) Sturmberg Alphabears - (World Record: Strongest Bears in the world)Lvl 80-100, +306% Melee/ +830-1.030 Health/ +1.500-1.600 Weight/ +1.000-1.150 Stamina 10.000 Gold(NewYears Sale 15.000gold normal) ULTIMATE BEAR - (Best Bears on the whole server) - Lvl +70-100, +232%-264% Melee/ +830-1000 Health/ +1500-1600 Weight/ +1000-1100 Stamina - Price Starts from 6.000gold POWER BEAR : - Lvl +60-70/ +200%-222% Melee/ 500-900 Health/ +1400 Weight/ +800 Stamina - Price Starts from 4.000gold TREASURE MAP/ TRANSPORT BEAR Lvl +40-70/ +150%-190% Melee, +300-900 Health/ +1000-1600 Weight/ +600-1050 Stamina Price Starts from 500gold sTURMBERG ALPHABEAR OF DARKNESS - 10.000Gold(NewYears Sale 15.000Gold normal) STURMBERG ALPHA ARMYBEAR - 11.000gold(NewYears SALE 15.000Gold Normal) sTURMBERG ALPHA pOLARBEAR- 11.000gold(NewYears SALE 15.000Gold Normal) Sturmberg Alphapanda - 11.000 Gold(NewYears Sale 15.000Gold normal) STURMBERG ALPHA RAINBOWBEAR - 11.000 GOLD(NewYears SALE 16.000Gold) RAINBOW BEAR - Legendary and Magical animal which is raised from the bloodline of the first Bear God Ursa. CRABS - FROM 3.000gold TORTUGARS STARTING FROM 1.000gold ELEPHANTS AND POWERPHANTS - STARTING FROM 8.000gold RHINOS AND POWERRHINOS - STARTING FROM 8.000gold POWERGRAFF - STARTING FROM 8.000gold And much more Animals! Contact House Sturmberg on Discord: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs or in this forum. STURMBERG CITY! - People from all over the world visited the Mega City to trade and gettin the deal of theire lifes. HOUSE STURMBERG'S WORLD RULING WAR FLEET - to keep the oceans safe for traders and hunt for rare items in the deeps of the ocean. FIGHTING EPIC SEA BATTLES AGAINST MONSTERS AND THE EVIL - to gather rare resources and offer them in our Mega City on the Market. BREEDING - Constantly working on improving our services and quality of Tames. ECONOMY - With our industrial fabrics, we make sure to offer you the best possible price and quality! Contact House Sturmberg on Discord: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs HOUSE STURMBERG, Nothing but the best!
  12. Happyslayerbunny

    Disappearing ship

    So i have encountered this issue twice. I am planning singleplayer, and on the occasion i save and quit then come back later my ship disappears. I am not it freeport or anywhere in that zone. Can we please get this fixed. First time i lost a brig, then send a schooner... idk what to do. I guess i will not play until my ships quit disappearing. Yes i am aware its early access but this is an issue nonetheless. Please help...
  13. Nassukat is selling Animals at K12 (lon 37,83 /lat -50,55) check animals we currently got on sale at discord : https://discord.gg/XKSknaw OR come to see our wares at our animal store, wooden structure next to pink lighthouse. Door is open Theres also shops (all seeds on sale, honey,sugarcane etc)
  14. want to buy a blueprint for large handling sails (122% or higher sail acceleration) with at least 5 crafts remaining. you find us on m5 most south island, our company is called Rumfriends. you also just can answer me here
  15. Black Harbour - Havre Noir / Marketplace - Place de marché Many animals to sell and FREE Discord : https://discord.gg/4eqH5Z6 Last bears available, Health 1401, Stam 1400, Melee 349, Weight 1527 Each levels give +2% minimum on Melee, or Weight +85 minimum, or Stam +140
  16. Bounty's Bastards is a DCA Gamers Server, this is modded, and a fresh custom map resource map here https://exploreatlas.co.uk/bountys-bastards - Auto Update - Additional Skill Points Community - Los Angeles based servers - Players and Admins from different timezones (North America, South Pacific, EU) Quests all Quests available Mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1660304273 - Cross Server Chat (linked to Discord) Rates Resouce: 40 x Tame: 10x XP: 10 x Mating: 0.5x Egg Hatch: 30x Baby Mature: 5 x Treasure Gold: 5x Connection C1 - steam://connect/ Discord https://discord.gg/6JqYBKq
  17. Arrrrgh, Avast you LAND LUBBERS! Welcome to the Post of Telvorock Cluster. Hi all!! we are a new cluster, just been playing with a few friends on this 3x3 map or 9 Maps combined. Our server is both PvE 90% with a few locations for PVP! Getting to the point We are looking for more dedicated players that are willing to join and be civil. What we are offering = - Full access to the 9 map cluster. Donations can and will give you a reserved slot to play. - 24\7 play Only down time is Wednesday evening for server resets and quick settings check - We have 4 admins Tiikiibob (Odin), Epik, Nordic, an Raven So comments and concerns can be voiced almost anytime! - In Game Shops Built by admins for players to use there gold for other things as well - Local discord Your Company will be given there own channel to post talk chat controlled by your company admins or leader - AND SO MUCH MORE EXC.....................................x100000 How to join !!! Please Reach out to me though one of the following! Xbox Gamer Tag - Tiikiibob aka (Odin) in game Discord - https://discord.gg/KN6dmSy Email - TelvorockServers@outlook.com! Facebook - Look for Telvorock Cluster/Servers In groups if this link doesnt work. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/157224729046687/)
  18. Server Name/Ports (IP Address is: or atlas.doubleegaming.com) Doublee Atlas 7x7 PvE (A1 Zone) Query Port: 47000 - Server Port: 4700 Connect: https://atlasserverlist.com/server/19926761 Servers will auto-restart at 6:00AM ET daily to refresh things (this is needed to ensure it runs fast for now). It will broadcast in game so you have warnings. Settings: XP Multiplier: 1.5x PlayerDefaultNoDiscoveriesMaxLevelUps: 150 Harvest Multiplier: 1.5x Taming Speed Multiplier: 2.0x Global Corpse Decomposition Time Multiplier: 2.0x Resources Respawn Period Multiplier: 0.5x Resource No Replenish Radius Players: 0.5x Resource No Replenish Radius Structures: 0.35x Breeding: Mating Interval Multiplier: 0.5x Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: 20.0x Baby Mature Speed Multiplier: 20.0x Baby Food Consumption Speed Multiplier: 0.5x Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier: 2.0x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.15x Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier: 3.0x Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed Multiplier: 0.10x Mods: Download Mods here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1907642407 Live Map: Doublee Gaming Atlas Live Map: http://atlas.doubleegaming.com:8900/ Discord: http://discord.doubleegaming.com/ or give them NeXDngC for the channel
  19. Pufferfi5h

    pve Wheatgrass

    Hey there lovely peeps... ... What food source would I need if I were to purchase some Wheatgrass from the Freeport? I got some from G12 the other day but it took forever to get there lol It's quicker for me to pop across to the Freeport and buy some but before I set off I was wondering what food source I'd need to take with me for exchange. Many thanks in advance for your advice and input.
  20. Yo Ho, we sale 3 large Mystic Shipyard 183 - 187% on PvE EU Official Server, already-made. For interest, please write me a message or come to our discord server: https://discord.gg/DQ6k7s Regards ---------- Wir verkaufen 3 Large Schiffswerften zwischen 183 und 187 %, bereits fertig gebaut, auf dem Offiziellen PvE EU Server. Wenn Du Interesse hast, schreibe mir eine nachricht oder komme einfach auf unseren Discord Server. https://discord.gg/DQ6k7s Immer ein Kiel voll Wasser unter dem Buk und eine volle Flasche Rum. Grüße Sea Devils
  21. kollymba

    pve pve-eu crabs for sale

    Good day. We want to put up for sale the first batch of crabs, a screen of stats here https://discord.gg/daUm2n
  22. Looking for people to join. Please be courteous and no stealing/greifing. I play on Xbox NA PVE solo currently and have a base in C8
  23. Hello, we sell crafts for a large mythical shipyard with 185%. Each craft costs 10k gold. Bring us the ressources and we will craft it for you. You will find us in E11. Have a nice day https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-1d4ae4-1579957259.jpg.html https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-75cbe7-1579957373.jpg.html
  24. Wildthing

    pve ........