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  1. Anyone else playing on a WiFi hotspot having issues loading into official servers? I can join unofficial and non dedicated but not official. I can go next door and use my neighbors internet and it works,fine. But the three hotspots I have at home will no longer work. All i get is failed to retrieve address. Both on Xbox and pc. It happened the day of the farmhouse patch. Game crashed about 4 pm and haven't been able to get on since. Lost everything i worked for the first few weeks. Anyone else having this issue? My internet provider says it has to be atlas that changed something.
  2. .. for this great Christmas LAG event. The servers run worse than ever, 3x gold with 10x LAG 3x taming ??? Taming with the LAG is not possible at all. I wonder what you were thinking? for example "We'll patch the game and piss off on Christmas Holydays" or "Let the players watch how you get along and the botched patch" PLEASE do us a favor and throw your Farms, Warehouse and the trading system in the trash can and let's farm with elephants, giraffes and rinos again. Then the servers should finally be playable again !!!! As a good resolution for 2021, you should first carefully test your new things on the PTR server before you overstrain our nerves. in this sense a healthy new 2021 the whole community here _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ In Deutsch: Vielen Dank an das Grapeshot Team .. für dieses tolle Weihnachts LAG Event. Die Server laufen schlechter den je, 3x Gold mit 10x LAG 3x taming ??? Tamen mit dem LAG ist garnicht möglich. Ich frage mich was Ihr euch dabei gedacht habt ? etwa " wir patchen das Spiel kaputt und verpissen uns ganz schnell in den Weihnachts Urlaub" oder " Sollen die Spieler doch zusehen wie Sie klar kommen und dem vermurksten Patch" BITTE tut Uns den Gefallen und schmeißt Eure Farmen, Warenhäuser und das Handelssystem in den Mülleimer und lasst uns wieder mit Elefanten, Giraffen und Rinos farmen. Dann sollten die Server endlich wieder Spielbar sein!!!! Als guten Vorsatz für 2021 solltet Ihre neue Sachen erstmal ausführlich auf dem PTR-Server testen bevor Ihr unsere Nerven überstrapaziert. in diesem Sinne ein gesundes neues 2021 der ganzen Gemeindschaft hier
  3. I've been playing atlas for just about 2 years now and it's never been this bad. I've played everything from PVP, PVE, single player and I've purchased servers in the past. However, the lag is so bad it deems this game unplayable. I have purchased this game for family and friends for Christmas but now they can't even play it without getting booted or lag so bad to the point of madness. Last night I was trying to get onto my ship. You would think no big deal going over to the ladder hit E or Y for the Xbox and your climbing the ladder. Tell me why I went down to the dock 4 times and got onto my ladder 3 times and died twice from a shark that all of a sudden was in my face. Something that typically takes 20 seconds became 15 min. When sailing my ship from. H6 to H5 (3 hours due to the lag) it randomly spawned me into a brig mid lag. I destroyed it somehow in between the lag. Never saw it get hit by my cannons but did see the inside of the hollowed out green ship. I thought maybe it was just an xbox issue until I was playing from my PC character and it was just as bad. I dont know of anyone has seen any mention of this issue or how or when they will be fixing this issue from the atlas development department. But everyone I know that plays this game have said they are done until the lag is fixed.
  4. My dedicated server stopped working today. It has been running perfectly for a lone time. When I updated and ran it today, I got a fatal error below, it it will not load. Its's a 2x2 and non of the 4 servers will load. Any suggestions?
  5. Since the update on 1-24-19 I have been unable to play. The story: Tamed my rabbit yesterday. The server went down for update. Come back and cannot move without extreme lag. Waited. Update for V16 came out. Hoping issue would be fixed.... Was not fixed. Still cannot play. Additionally I am now unable to view water. Not sure if this is related. What I have tried: First I checked my settings. To ensure they did not reset to epic everything. They are fine. Unchanged. Checked internet speed. Still sitting on 400Mbps. Decided that I was going to reset my pc. The only game I currently have installed is Atlas. All drivers are up to date. Attempted to run in Low Memory Mode. Changed nothing. All in all for the past 36 hours I have been unable to play. Super frustrated. Only game I care to play right now.
  6. This is completely game-breaking. Guys what is going on with your servers. I was playing at N9 tonight and about 45 mins ago RL the server jumped from the middle of the day to about 2AM. instantly. Everyone was asking what happened. Additionally, for the last 48 hours the Ping and latency has been hovering between 186-250. The game is completely unplayable at the moment.
  7. M4 server 255 ping, can't play, needs restart.
  8. hey since yesterday when I started watching your stream, battleeye is constantly kicking me out of the game because "client not responding". I am playing on EU-PVE and if I try to log in on EU-PVP it works fine without issues. I also don't have the option to rejoin Atlas on EU-PVE while on EU-PVP it works. However sometimes if I am logged in on EU-PVE, I can't interact with anything (doors, tames, boxes) and my inventory instantly disappears after opening. I tried all the fixes other users mentioned, reinstalled the game, deleted battleeye folder, checked the game files in steam, spawned at different freeports and my base to die (if it didn't kick me out) but nothing helped so far. It looks like a lot of people are having this issue on different servers, please fix this asap because right now a lot of people are unable to play your game.
  9. Bannik

    Fatal Error

    Before Fatal Error:-no "E menu"-tribe info totally gone-inventory close instant-no HUD/Info about buildingsother players, animals etc, -cant interact with anything(doors, controls etc) only ride animals After 20 game restarts it works for around 10 minutes before i get kicked from battleeye. And repeat.. Already tried to reinstal and low memory mode.
  10. After last patch , everytime i login to the game (D9 -EU PVE) cant interact with doors/invetory, text or options on objects not appear and after 5 min kick or crash is comming. Way to fix this was only to die, then i must change home server (not regognize the old) then spawn to new home server, die again and chooce my ship bed (to D9) and then the game works fine...until i die or relog again. So there is no way to play without the fear of die or kicked , becouse I will have to do the same again and lose all things (even the Ship if i am in trip). Same problem also have my wife with deferent pc (plays with "Nektaria El" name account) in same server. Please fix.
  11. So during the lagspikes on 21:00 (approx) GMT +1 I switched servers from K3 to K4 via bed-travel and crashed. Since the servers restarted then, I can't login anymore, neither with "Rejoin" as I don't have a region assigned to my character anymore, as well as the "Join New Atlas" and selecting a freeport throwing an error named "Connection Failure" with the message "You are currently travelling to another server, please join again later" Does anyone have experience with this kind of issue and could help me to fix it?
  12. 90% of the time I change grids my client crashes. Seems to happen mostly when I am on the steering wheel of a galleon, but it also happens off of it. Yesterday 8 out of 9 times I changed grids, my client crashed. Not only that it takes 2 minutes to be able to rejoin, since my character is still logged in the game. If our client is going to crash can you at least force logout them... It makes no sense I have to wait 2 minutes for my character's session to go offline once I crash.
  13. Whenever i start the Game and i try to join >ANY< Atlas Server my game crashes without any bugreport or crash message... just nothing... when i click join its stating that im joining the server, then after a few sec. my music stops and the game completely crashes... i tried so many thinks but i dont know wha i can join any server. pls help
  14. Good Day I try since my last login on Monday 7.00pm to log on to the The SIren's Call EU PVE server. But it will not work... When I rejoin I'm getting the loading screen, when I try to join another official server I will get a Connection Timeout. Nothing changed on my Setup since last login, I just logged out and a few hours later I tryed to login but it doesn't work anymore. I gave it a try and said after the patch it will work again but ....... no luck... Now I'm requesting your help, or I would like a refund. I played now for 5 hours and I can not login anymore....
  15. The game worked perfectly for me over the last several days, but I went to log in this morning and I'm constantly kicked with host connection timeout errors. Its to the point that every time I load into a server I don't even have a chance to move before I'm kicked. I've tried validating my files through steam, reinstalling the game, disabling firewalls, etc etc without any success. Is there a fix out there for this or do I need to wait for the next update in hopes that I may get lucky and its fixed?
  16. Logged in today my Schooner was was destroyed at a free port. My character seems to be bugged i can't pick anything up. NA PVE Server
  17. Hi after the patch hit today, I log in and my raft is gone and my character cannot die, doesn't get wet / suffocate, I cannot interact with any animals, stamina wont regenerate, hp wont drop below 5 and I cant delete my character? Anyone know a way to delete your pathfinder in the directories?
  18. Dear Dev. TeamWhenever we try to Zone with a Ship out of E14 there is a 90% chance to crash the Server.We tryed differente Ship typs. Dif. Setups, with and withut clothes, items, Crew Member Nothing makes a dif.Please fix this, this is game breaking!Thanks and if u need any more Info just ask.
  19. as says above was offline raided killed when I spawned in was just waves on my screen saying you where killed it didn't respawn me or anything so I quit tried to reconnect to get connection to host timed out and when I rejoin prev atlass it gets stuck on loading screen for ever after 30 mins I quit loading screen any known fixes ?
  20. Please fix it, lots of people cant play.
  21. So, ever since the 27th of december I am getting this error message: My setup: Intel i7 7th gen processor Nvidia gtx 1050 4GB 16 GB RAM I have tried the following options: launching in low memory mode launching with -maxMem=8192 and low memory mode launching with -LowMemoryMode clean reinstall of the game verify integrity of game files reset drivers Does anyone have a fix for this issue, because I don't know what else to try
  22. Many people are spawning in not able to hit anything, be attacked by anything, drown themselves, access anything or go below 5 health to suicide. The game needs a suicide button or command for players because I want to continue playing but don’t want to create a new character and lose everything.Fix this ASAP can’t play the game
  23. There are some stuck points i'll be updating here the points I find (You could do like a re spawn for stucked users command / button on menu) A11 Long -93.38 Lat .42.98 The new Atell
  24. I have friend who has made there own ATLAS server I joined it using the Steam server menu (not the Ingame menu) and It worked fine until I crossed in to a different server, do to the server having a password I needed to retype it but I cant my character is not in the server I originally logged in to how I see to fix this is by finding the server using the in-game filter but I just don't find it iv been at it for more than 2 days trying to find it using in-game server filter but as I see it Because I live in Latvia and the server is a dedicated server hosted in the Netherlands I cant finding it the in-game menu, If you have any solution any advice that can help me in this manner I would be very grateful.
  25. my connection is constantly lost and i also constantly timing out could by chance someone who reads this post let me know how i could fix this issue......
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